LWD for Sorority Recruitment and your Co-Ed Wardrobe!

Every classy co-ed should own a ‘LWD’ or Little White Dress!  The LWD can be dressed up for a night on the town AND dressed down for a casual date/Saturday afternoon fun.

We found these great LWDs at your local Dillard’s.

  • Flatter your figure with this lovely LWD (B.Darlin V-Neck Dress).  Offering a wide waist band, this dress flatters all curvy ladies.  The wide shoulder straps and v-neck offers support for a curvy upper body while cinching the waist to create an hour glass figure.

B. Darlin V-Neck Dress $49.00 via Dillard's

  • Bring out your ‘romantic’ side with this lovely LWD (B. Darlin Flutter-Sleeve Lace Dress).  The lovely lace lighting draping over the shoulders is perfect for ladies who feel a bit concerned with showing arms.

B. Darlin Flutter-Sleeve Lace Dress $69.00

An LWD can be worn again following these simple tips:

  1. Casual Saturday – top either dress with a jean jacket, metallic sandles, gold hoops, and plenty of bangles.
  2. Brunch – top with pearls, a fitted cardigan, and dressy wedge sandles.
  3. Date night – add black tights, black heels, and a great clutch.

Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is the Executive Director/CEO of College Lifestyles.  She is the proud owner of 2 LWD’s as well as a Tide Pen for any spills.

Another Great White Dress (LWD!) for Sorority Pinning/Recruitment!

We found yet another great little white dress (LWD) for sorority ladies and PNMs!

As stated in an earlier post, every lady should have an LBD and LWD!

We found this great Audrey inspired white dress at  Fashion Junkee for $45.00!

LWD From Fashion Junkee for $45.00

LWD From Fashion Junkee for $45.00

Wear again:

1. Casual – Top with a denim jacket and embellished sandals.

2.  A bit cooler outside – wear over a black turtleneck, black tights, and silver or gold ‘cris-cross style’ heels.

3.  Saturday afternoon – burgundy tights, brown flat boots, knit scarf, denim jacket.

Enjoy your LWD!

Shelly A Marie, MS, RD, LDN is the Executive Director of College Lifestyles.  She is the proud owner of a LBD, LWD, and did we mention an LGD (little green dress!)!

2 Great LWDs (Little White Dress) for Sorority Recruitment!


Many of us know of the LBD – Little Black Dress; but how many of us have a LWD – Little White Dress? Ask any sorority sister and most will say this is a staple in their closet.

Many of us ‘frown‘ at the thought of a LWD.  If you are like me, the main fear is the ‘fear of spilling something/anything’ on a LWD.  Others are concerned weight and often think that white will make one ‘look bigger.’

Not true!  An all white dress can be quite flattering if the fit is correct!

Perfect fit for an LWD:

1.  Fits at the waist (creates an hourglass shape).

2.  If you are looking to conseal a tummy, look for an empire waist (under the chest).

3.  A-line style skirt (slight flare from the hips) is universally flattering.

4.  Lenght should be just above the knee are at the knee.

Choice #1 – Jessica Howard from Dillards, $48.00


Choice #2 – Fashion Junkee (www.fashionjunkee.com), $36.00


How to wear an LWD again?

1.  Casual – top with a denim jacket, gold hoops, and metallic sandals.

2.  Date night – wear with metallic heals, animal print clutch, gold bangles.

3.  Winter – wear with black tights, black boots or black booties, black turtleneck under dress.

4.  Fall – wear with a denim jacket, wine or dark green tights, flat boots, scarf.

Do I have an LWD?  You bet!  Do I carry around a Tide Pen?  Yes!

tide_to_go1Shelly A Marie, MS, RD, LDN is the Executive Director of College Lifestyles(TM).  She is the proud owner of a LWD and LBD, as well as 6 Tide Pens!