Fun Valentine’s Day Fashion

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Are you in your dream relationship, or are you the single gal in the city? No matter, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and no lady should view this holiday with an unhappy face. Whether you are going to a quiet dinner with your boyfriend, or having an ecstatic night with your girlfriends, you should always have the perfect outfit and have fun.

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Black is always a great option. Simple and stunning, you will walk into the restaurant or bar with poise. You will be the Queen of Class. College Lifestyles tm Writer, Natalie Raymond thinks basic black is the best way to go.

“Black! Resistance to commercial holidays/blending in! Ok, ok… if it comes down to the pink vs. red debate, I’m a red gal, but black does go with everything.”

-          Natalie Raymond, writer

Black does go with everything, and Raymond makes the point of staying away from the commercial Valentine’s look, so one does not blend in with the crowd. My entire closet is made of black with some basic colorful pieces. If you want to wear a black dress and a red scarf to make the outfit pop, that would be wonderful. Raymond is a red girl, and red is always a powerful colorful.

If you do not want to wear black, because it is too simple, and it doesn’t go with your personal preferences, that is perfectly fine. If you love the whole festive air of the day, go with reds and pinks and hearts galore. CL’s Editor-in-Chief, Shelly Marie Redmond adores the holiday’s staple color.

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“Red, red, and more red! I have to be very careful because I am a red head – but I love to combine a ‘coral red’ lip with a dress. I also go for a long dress or skirt. Very different, but very fun!”

-          Shelly Marie Redmond, Editor-in-Chief

Long dresses and skirts are an amazing pick for Valentine’s Day. If your skirt or dress is long, it will flow. When it flows, everyone’s heads will turn like they do in the movies. You will be the femme fatale of your own life. However, just as Shelly said, red can be dangerous for her as she is a red head. If you can’t do red, well pink is another option. Pink is a glorious color and it will make you look sassy.

If you want to just wear jeans and a sweater that is fine too. Just make it look as stylish as possible. Always be yourself in the clothes you wear. Stay classy readers.

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Valentine’s Dream Date

Valentine’s Day. It comes around once every February and serves as an excuse to celebrate the beauty of just being a couple. Whether you believe it was invented by Hallmark and the candy companies or you think it has a more traditional origin, no one can deny how nice it is to spend a special night with your loved one. Many couples opt to get dressed up and spend their night at a sophisticated dinner together, but what will you do this year?

CL asked some of the interns and readers what their Valentine’s Day dream date would be. Here is what we came up with:

“I would love to be whisked away to a beach somewhere, with dark chocolate covered strawberries, roses and my amazing boyfriend. A cute teddy bear and sappy card wouldn’t hurt either!” – Debra, Duquesne University alumni

“Having a nice home cooked meal made for me.” - Kaitlyn, Boston College

“I’m pretty low key I would love for him to make my favorite dinner, get a nice bottle of chianti and just enjoy each other’s company. I wouldn’t mind flowers, but they aren’t necessary.” – Alli, Penn State University alumni

“My perfect Valentine’s Day date is overly romantic: getting dressed up for dinner, going to a nice restaurant, having desert such as chocolate covered strawberries; I should get a dozen red roses as well!” – Priya, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

“This sounds SO cliché, but the typical Paris – city of love!” – Shelly, Duquesne University alumni

“I think my dream Valentine’s Day would be a weekend getaway with my boyfriend. I would love to spend an entire weekend together and escape our usual busy college routine. Something like a spa or a ski trip!” – Nicole, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“My dream date would simply be having dinner with my valentine. I love trying out new cuisines, so any opportunity to go to a fun restaurant with the person I care about is a great one. As long as the night ends with good food, good laughs and a heart-shaped box of chocolates, I’d have to say it would be the perfect Valentine’s Day.” – Casey, Marist College

I think the idea of a romantic dinner at a chic new restaurant sounds just perfect, but what girl wouldn’t love being whisked away for a fabulous evening including chocolate covered strawberries and rose petals?! However you choose to celebrate this year, remember what it’s all about: celebrating your relationship with a significant other, family, or even friends. Keep the spirit of Saint Valentine alive with a lovely evening!

DIY: Classy Couple’s Valentine’s Day Party

February 14th is a whole day dedicated to love and those you care about. Why not spread the love and celebrate with other couples as well?

First things first: the dress code. Are you looking for a casual get together or more of a semi-formal event? The attire sets the mood and atmosphere of the party. Although beauty can be pain, the more comfortable you are the more fun you can have! Try trading in the heels for some fabulous flats.

Giving out party favors to your guests is a great way to end the night. Miniature gift bags can be bought at the Dollar Store and filled with classic candy hearts. For a classy gal on a budget, DIY projects are perfect for party favors.

Last but not least are the decorations. Instead of streamers, sheer fabric can be draped along walls and over lights for a romantic theme. If you want to combine wall décor and party favors, here is a DIY project for you!

DIY Paris-themed Photo Booth Back-drop


  • A white sheet
  • Red and white Streamers
  • Sheet music
  • Paint/Paintbrushes
  • Flowers
  • Clear jewelry string


  1. Pin the sheet on the wall that will serve as the background for the photos.
  2. Sketch a picture of the Eiffel Tower and paint the outline onto the sheet.
  3. Fold the streamers in a3” x 3” square . Cut out the shape of a heart, but make sure there is a space left uncut at the folds so the streamer  will stay in one piece! The streamers are perfect for adding color to the photo. If you want a vintage design, cut out hearts from the sheet music and poke tiny holes in the top and bottom. Lace the clear string through so the decoration hangs with the hearts vertically on top of one another.
  4. To add more romance, scatter rose petals or flowers over the floor (or strategically hot-glued to the back drop if the floor will not be seen in the photo). Flowers can also be used as props for couples to have.
  5. If you’re feeling extra crafty and looking for a challenge, try painting Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ as the back-drop; it’s artsy and sophisticated!

Whether you and your mate are attending a Valentine’s Day party or throwing one, it is important to keep two things in mind: stay classy and have fun!


CL’s Guide to Celebrate V-Day with your Single BFFs!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday known for exchanging chocolates, vibrant flowers, and even in some cases, a kiss. The one crucial necessity for this sequence of events is a date, or better yet a boyfriend. For those of you women who find yourself spending the holiday without a special someone, rest assured, College Lifestyles has consulted some of the classiest women to share their fabulous Valentine’s Day plans with their gal pals! These date ideas will keep your spirits high and help you forget about spending this day alone. Who needs a boyfriend when you have your best friends?

“Me and my friends are going to order in Insomnia Cookies, the best place for freshly baked cookies. Why not spend your Valentine’s Day eating your feelings? That’s acceptable isn’t it?”- Cori Nelson, Penn State University

“I know that my plans for Valentine’s Day this upcoming year are to order in Chinese food (sesame chicken and fried rice, my fave!) with my girls and watch the movie Valentine’s Day. I love that movie because I absolutely love every person in the cast, it is also so funny so it will keep my mind off the fact that I do not have a date.”- Chelsea Rose, Indiana University

“Me and my single friends are all planning on participating in a ‘Secret Valentine’ which is basically the same thing as ‘Secret Santa.’ We all have chosen names out of a bag and we are going to buy gifts like chocolates and cards for whoever we got. Everyone deserves to open up something sweet on Valentine’s Day!”-Erica Figliolia, Boston University

“The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Definitely a potluck. I know that I am going to do the baking portion for dessert. I plan on making chocolate chip cookies with Oreos in the middle. Squeezing around a tiny table with a ton of home cooked food and your best friends sounds like the perfect night to me.”- Rebecca Katz, University of Buffalo

“I will be spending my Valentine’s Day watching the Wisconsin Badger basketball team play a game! Every time there is a basketball game on television, my friends and I always eat dessert and watch the game. This Valentine’s Day will be no different then any other night for me.”- Jordyn Eisenpress, Wisconsin University

“It is so beautiful in Florida during this time of year, so I think that my friends and I are going to a nice barbecue dinner outside and a movie. As long as you are surrounded by good company, I don’t think the plans really matter.”-Sammy DeBello, University of Florida

“We have off from classes Monday on the weekend of Valentine’s Day, so my entire group of friends is road tripping to the city of Chicago for the weekend to go shopping and relax. I cant wait to go to Michigan Avenue, the stores are amazing! You also can’t forget the deep dish pizza!”- Molly Leopold, Indiana University

What are your plans on this lovely holiday?

Chic Style: 4 Formal Valentine’s Looks







Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, and you never know if your Valentine may decide to take you on a formal date for this special day.  It is important to be prepared with your best, brightest and classiest look.

1.  Roses are Red

Lady in Red

Trench: Modcloth  Dress: Modcloth  Pumps:  Modcloth  Bracelet:  Kate Spade

This look is so feminine with the flowy dress, bows on the heels and the pearl and bow bracelet.  Top it off with the cream trench and you’re ready for the winter weather, while still looking chic and classy.

2. Violets are Blue

Violets are Blue

Dress: Dorothy Perkins  Trench: Wallis Fashion  Shoes: Anne Klein Necklace:  Bauble Bar

The fit of this peplum dress is sure to accentuate your curves and give you a drop-dead look.  The pumps are just the right height to make your legs look long and lean.  The necklace is the perfect accessory for this single-colored dress. Your date won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.

3.  This Look is Sweet

Sugar is Sweet

Cape: Romwe  Dress:  Shoes: Target Earrings: Kate Spade

The sweetheart neckline and fitted waist of this dress just scream “sweet”.  Black shoes and cape allow you to complete the outfit with a traditional flare.  Don’t forget about the gold bow earrings, because they are just the right accessory for this sugary sweet look.

4.  And This Dress’ll Love You


Dress:  She Inside  Coat:  Forever 21  Shoes:  Target  Necklace:  Etsy

Black and red have long been paired together for this special holiday.  This hint of red at the bottom of the dress is perfectly complimented with the red shoes.  The silver necklace brings out the silver toes of the shoes and the leopard jacket is just the sass needed to spice up this outfit.

Whether the look you are seeking is sweet, sassy, or a combination of the two, these outfits are sure to impress your date and make you feel like a million bucks!

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Out of the Mouth’s of Men: Valentine’s Day Dates

Love is in the air as co-eds return to their everyday lives after the holidays. Before you know it, candy hearts, roses and boxes of chocolate will surround us. What makes this Valentine’s Day different than any other year for you and your boyfriend? College Lifestyles has asked some of the finest college men to tell us what they consider to be the most amazing Valentine’s Day date. Pay attention classy women your beaus will be super impressed when you pitch these date ideas to them next month!

“If I were to have my perfect Valentine’s Day date, I would definitely go somewhere warm with my girlfriend. I am from Florida, so I think it would be awesome to go home with her and spend time on the beach or in Orlando. I know my girlfriend loves amusement parks, so I think it would be cool to spend the day riding the roller coasters together.”- Jonathan Blumenthal, Indiana University

“I am all about a sporting event. I would love to catch a game of some sort for Valentine’s Day followed by a nice dinner. It would be nice to do something different than our usual dates which are always dinner and a movie.”- Ian Samlin, Towson University

“The sickest date for me would be to go into New York City to see a Broadway show. I know it sounds cheesy but my girlfriend loves to sing and dance so I know it would be something that she would really enjoy. Getting out and doing something in the big city would be a really good time, especially if the show was followed by a delicious dinner and dessert!” -Matthew Kaufman, C.W. Post

“I think it would be awesome to go boarding and skiing as a Valentine’s Day date. I mean what could possibly be better and more romantic than a winter getaway up in the middle of nowhere with your girlfriend?”- Mitchell Kaplain, Indiana University

What are you plans for this upcoming Valentine’s Day?

DIY: Valentine’s Day Cards

A gift can hold much more sentimental value if it’s made from the heart. Making a lovely card is a perfect way to let that special someone know how much they mean to you. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not show some love with a quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day card project?

Craft supplies:

  • cardstock
  • doilies
  • black and white photographs
  • tacky glue
  • red and white string
  • thin black sharpie


  1. Decide the template of the card: simply fold the cardstock in half for a standard look or use a 5” x 8” piece.
  2. Place ¾ of one of the doilies in the front of the card and adhere with glue.
  3. Create a sophisticated “photo booth effect” by combining black and white photos for a vintage look and glue them in a pattern of your choosing. 
  4. You can decorate your card using a thin permanent marker with Valentine’s Day quotes or leave it plain and simple with a meaningful message inside.
  5. Twist the red and white string together to create a candy cane-esque look. Then wrap the combined string around the card and tie with a bow!

Looking for more fabulous DIY projects? Check out My DIY Bucket List Spring 2013.

Valentines Day Décor

Whether it’s store bought or your feeling creative and want some DIY craft projects for Valentines Day, decorating your space makes the holiday more fun. Small decorating projects are an inexpensive way to freshen up your room.

 Using pillows as statement pieces for Valentines Day décor is a way to add personality to a couch or bed. If the furniture has a pattern, go for a plain pillow. Too many patterns make a room too busy, but try not to match the fabrics either. For V-Day, use colors like red and pink; the style is all up to you.

Fill jars or vases with different, small V-Day items like candy hearts or red and pink beads to fill an empty space you have in your room!

 Mason jar lace candles are a great way to decorate a tabletop or desk for V-Day. They are incredibly easy to make and accent a table beautifully.

 Craft Supplies:

  • Mason jars (in the color of your choosing)
  • Red felt
  • Scissors
  • Lace
  • Spray adhesive
  • White yarn
  • Small white candle


  • First, cut out a heart with the red felt.
  • Next, measure out how you want to lace to fall on the jar. Get creative with this step!
  • Apply the adhesive to the lace and wrap it around the jar. It is important that you apply it firmly and quickly to avoid air bubbles.
  • Apply the adhesive to the felt heart and stick it anywhere you’d like on the jar.
  • Play with different ways to wrap and tie the ribbon around the jar.
  • Add the candle to the inside of the jar.

V-Day décor is great to have because it can be used year round! Hearts, fun jar crafts, and anything that’s red and pink can be used anytime to make a space classy and fabulous.

Beautiful You: Formal Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day is a day that almost every classy co-ed is guaranteed a date, whether it be with your man or with all of your single friends for a girls night out. With that in mind, many women want to look extra special and glowing for their date nights. Instead of following your regular make up routine, you might want to try something with a little more sparkle and a little more pink than you would usually incorporate, in order to embrace the love that is in the air!


For eye makeup, try a shimmery tan or light pink color and add some deeper pink to the crease, with some brown shadowing on the corners of the lids. The mix of shimmer and shades of pink is a combination that is made for Valentine’s Day! Add some brown eyeliner to the top lid to add some warmth to the eye makeup and to make it look a bit sultrier. Finish the look with your favorite black volumizing mascara to make your lashes look super flirtatious.


For blush, try a color that matches the natural flush of your skin tone. Your eyes are already popping with shades of pink and shimmer, so it’s important to try to keep your blush toned down, so that you look classy and not too overdone! Opt for a peachier tone, or even one that is more bronze than pink.


Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, red lipstick is a must for any date because it adds that sophisticated pop of color. Pick out your favorite shade of red and be sure to include it in your makeup to make your look extra Valentine’s Day special.

What are your favorite looks for Valentine’s Day? Tweet us at @CollegeLifestyl!

Chic Style: 3 Valentine’s Day Dresses






So often as the Valentine’s season rolls around, women see the standard themed clothing, detailed with heart cut-outs or printed in an array of pink and red, which can only be worn together during this time of year.  Unfortunately, those items can only be worn once a year.  So ladies, it’s time to invest in a dress that can not only be worn on this special night, but can also be worn throughout the year!

1.  Classy Cut-Out

The cut-outs in the neckline give this Modcloth dress a very feminine look.  Fitted through the waist, your curves are sure to be complimented by this classy number.  Pair it with statement earrings, bangles, a trench and your favorite pumps and you’re ready for date night!





2.  LBD

The “little black dress” is a classic go to for many women, and it never fails to look stunning.  Black is such a flattering color that it’s sure to make you look radiant, no matter how cold it is outside.  Wear your favorite statement and shoes and you’re ready for a night out.  This look from J.Crew is a dress you can wear again and again and no one will ever know!



3.  Radiant in Red

This dress from Asos would be perfect paired with a sassy pair of heels and a statement necklace.  The simplicity of this dress compliments feminine curves and focuses the attention on the woman wearing it.  Simple items are often the most elegant.





Don’t ever feel like you need to buy a dress you’re only going to wear once.  Get creative with accessories and a simple dress can be made fabulous many times over. You will be surprised how many looks you can create with one piece.  Have a happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy pampering yourself for this special holiday.

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Valentine’s Day Fashion: CLassy vs. CLiche

Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone, whether you have a special someone or a few—your girlfriends! A private dinner doesn’t always have to be for two, so if you and a couple good friends want to celebrate but don’t have a beau to celebrate with, look up one of the classiest restaurants on campus and make reservations for the group. After all, everyone needs an excuse for a classy night out with the ones you love most! Now that the “What should I do on Valentine’s Day” question is out of the way, let’s focus on the best part…what to wear!

An example of a VDAY CLiche

Everyone’s first instinct is to raid their closet (or quickly sift through their ROYGBIV organized closet) and head for the reds and pinks. STOP right there. Do not do this. As hard as it is, resist the temptation to go with the CLiche colors, and instead be CL CLassy. If volunteering at a children’s Valentine’s Day party or celebrating at a friend’s Valentine’s Day themed party, dressing up in the traditional red and pink may be a fun choice; but for a classy private dinner, drop the candy cane dress or the pink Forever21 shirt that’s raining hearts and instead go with a sophisticated, elegant color.

An example of a VDAY CLassy Dress

Stand-out colors for a fabulous Valentine’s Day date are deeper shades like navy, burgundy, emerald, or the classic LBD. If you want to add a touch of color, throw on a vibrant pair of heels—mustard or peach for example. To achieve the poised princess look, check out my example below. I am wearing a navy dress from TopShop that has a graceful look, but has a fresh fun twist to it with the rhinestone embellishments and poncho-style sleeves. If you don’t want to shop through your closet, check out TopShop, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, or H&M for some great last minute deals. And remember, the best thing a classy co-ed can wear is her confidence!

Happy Valentine’s Day sweethearts! Xoxo — Sunny

Have the perfect outfit, but need help with your makeup? Check out CL’s first beauty tutorial on how to get the smokey eye in 5 minutes and 9 easy steps!

Sana Ashraf is a fashion writer and fashion show intern and is a junior at the University of Michigan. Sana loves reading fashion magazines, shopping sprees, city lights, color coordinated closets, and all four seasons.

2 Different Ways to Wear Lace on Valentine’s Day

Every CLassy CL reader wants to look their best when going out this Valentine’s Day. Why not try a new look this year? There are many ways to incorporate lace into your  outfit. We are going to explore the black lace with red accents and red lace with tan and gold accents.


The little black dress has been transformed! Wear a one-shouldered black lace dress and you’ll have guys lining up to be your V-Day date. Pair it with either black or red heels and an oversized red clutch. Keep the jewelry simple but visible: a silver heart necklace and some dangle earrings should do.

Black Lace & Red Accents




Since it IS Valentine’s Day, you are allowed to bring out your foxiest red heels. They are a staple color and just seem to go with the occasion. Make sure they match your bag- you don’t want any clashing reds!


Keeping up with the one-shouldered theme that is so popular this year, try this red lace look. Your accessories should be gold and tan to allow the red to pop.


red lace with tan&gold accents




Be creative with your accessories- they should complement, but not outshine, your dress.


This night is all about you, and wearing lace will make you feel 100% bombshell.

Enjoy your V-Day!



Looking for new makeup tricks? Check out Sana A’s how-to video on the smokey eye and be sure to check out CL’s Youtube Channel!


Morgan DeBoest is an intern for College Lifestyles (TM), and is a freshman Magazine Journalism major at Drake University. She is a proud sister and the Education Chair of Kappa Kappa Gamma and loves her friends, family, shopping, working out, a good book, and traveling. 

Valentine’s Day Fashion: Coffee Shop Looks

Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the people you love, whether it be your significant other, your friends, or your family.  There are so many options and places to go, and if you’re not up for a fancy restaurant date or an outing to a posh night club, gather up your group of friends and relax at the local coffee shop.  It’s a great spot to take your family or even your sweetheart.  It’s an ideal first date spot because the laid-back setting takes the pressure off. So, when you’re raiding your wardrobe trying to find the perfect outfit, remember comfort is key. Here are four looks to help you turn heads when you’re walking up to the barista.

1. Parisian Mod

Topshop Magenta Contrast Bow Beret-$10; Forever 21 Mod Dress with Leatherette Appliques-$19.80; Topshop 50 Denier Magenta Tights-$8

This cute LBD goes perfectly with a magenta beret and matching bright pink tights. Pair it with simple ballet flats, and you will be café ready.

2. Just a Little Bit of Blush

Old Navy Women's Rib-Knit Crochet Sweater-$20; Claire's All in a Row Headband-$7.50; Dorothy Perkins Blush Pleat Maxi Skirt-$21

A maxi skirt presents a perfect blend of casual yet dressy.  Pairing it with a chunky sweater plays up the comfort factor, and a floral headband adds an extra touch of sweetness.

3. Comfy All Over

Piperlime Over-sized Aztec Print Sweater Jacket-$39.97; Aerie Loose Embroidered Cami-$29.99; Delia's Morgan Military Green Low-Rise Skinny Jeans-$19.99

If 100 percent comfort is your mantra, then this is the outfit for you. Layer an over-sized cardigan on top of a simple camisole, and pair it with skinny jeans for an effortless look.

4. Sleek and Chic

Forever 21 Penguin Vest-$19.80; Piperlime Ruched Sleeve Top-$14.97; Old Navy Women's "The Diva" Skinny Jeans-$29.50

This outfit screams sophistication. Pair a simple long-sleeved knit top with a two-tone blazer for an unexpected element of style, and finish off the polished ensemble with dark skinny jeans.



Monica Maldonado is a journalism and fashion merchandising student at the University of North Texas, and a member of Phi Kappa Phi.  When she’s not running around campus trying to find her next story, you can find her attached to her laptop, feeding her addiction to pop culture and fashion.

CL’s Top Five V-Day Movies

Romantic comedy? Full-out chick flick? Drama? Whether you’re celebrating the day with your friends, sorority sisters, or special someone, CL has the perfect movie for your Valentine’s Day.


The Vow. A real life inspired drama starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, this beautiful love story comes out February 10. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend, this is the movie to see.

Courtesy of

A Walk to Remember. The classic Valentine’s Day movie (and this CL intern’s favorite!). Released in 2002, the movie stars Mandy Moore and Shane West as young opposites attracting. It will have you tearing up, so have tissues at hand!


Valentine’s Day. This chick-flick, released in 2010, entertains with not only a wide variety of stars, but story lines as well. Can you guess the ending?

Lady and the Tramp. Another beautiful Disney movie is coming out of the vault! The Diamond edition will  be available on Blu-ray/DVD combo February 7.

Courtesy of

This Means War. A new spy-versus-spy/romantic comedy mash-up. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, the battle for Witherspoon’s affections begins this Valentine’s Day.

Have a favorite Valentine’s Day movie that didn’t make it into our top five? Let us know in the comment box below.

Debra Schreiber is a CL Senior Writer and studies journalism and Spanish at Duquesne University. She loves A Walk to Remember and cries everytime she sees it.

V-Day DIY Apartment Decor: Book Page Heart Wreath

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, it’s time for crafty co-eds to spice up their apartment walls with some fun holiday decorations. For an easy and classy DIY project with great results, try this wreath made out of book pages, inspired by Flower Patch Farmgirl. Use this wreath to brighten up your front door, make a romantic centerpiece on a table, or give to your favorite bookworm!


An old book with thick pages (I got mine at Goodwill for $1.50)


A Styrofoam wreath

Loaded hot glue gun

A heart-shaped paper punch (you can also cut out the hearts by hand, but this will take a lot more time)

Red or pink ribbon



1. Cut enough strips of the book pages to wrap around the wreath completely.

2. Wrap the strips around the wreath, slightly overlapping. Fasten with hot glue in the back of the wreath.

3. Use the paper punch to punch hearts out of the book pages. The book I used had some black-and-white illustrations in it, which made really pretty hearts and added dimension to the wreath.

4. Lightly fold hearts in half to create a 3-D effect.

5. Glue the hearts to the wreath in different directions to get that shabby-chic look.

6. Cut a foot of ribbon and tie in a tight bow.

7. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of the wreath. Allow glue to dry and hang.

You can also make this wreath with hearts cut out of red or pink paper, magazine pages or newspaper. For more V-Day DIY ideas, try Debra’s dorm décor projects and be sure to check out CL’s V-Day Challenge!

Alexandra Esposito is an intern at College Lifestyles ™ and is excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day eating sushi with her boyfriend, Drew! She is senior studying journalism and film at the University of Kansas, a Copy Chief for the University Daily Kansan and the Secretary of Omega Phi Alpha at KU. In summer 2011, she interned with the editorial staff at Martha Stewart Weddings in New York City. 

Day 6: What is Your Dream Date?

Photo Credit -

I can remember sitting in my junior high school class dreaming the best date in the world would be if Jared (the popular boy) would ask me to 8th grade dance.  He never did :(.  (NOTE – Although I now consider myself pretty hip and fashionable, I was not at all growing up.  I sported glasses and a perm).

Fast forward to 2012.  My thoughts of the 8th grade dance long gone (as well as the perm) and replaced with the fabulous position of Editor in Chief, now married, and mom to an incredible 10 month old.  A dream date now?

My dream date is a 9 course meal!  I LOVE food, but most of all, I LOVE company.  Bring on the hors d’oeuvres, soup, salad, fish, chicken with veggies, beef and duck with veggies and potatoes, wine and cheese, granita/sorbet, AND dessert!

Do tell…

What is your dream date?

CL’s V-Day Dorm Decor

Halloween, Christmas…those holidays are both easy to decorate. How can a co-ed dress up her dorm for Valentine’s Day? Let CL gives you a few ideas!


For a classy theme, use the classic colors: pink, purple, black, white, and anything sparkly!

Hearts – Cut hearts out of construction paper. You can hang these hearts up, but what you really want is the paper you cut out. Layer it over another piece, and soon you’ll have a classy cut-out to hang or tape to your dorm wall, cover your dorm door, similar to how you wrap your door with wrapping paper at Christmas, or  wrap a present for your special someone!

Debra Schreiber - Photo Credit

Cupids – Cut two little cupids out of construction paper. When you glue the paper cut-outs onto another piece of construction paper, place the cupids’ arrows so they face inward, and write a message in between them.

Debra Schreiber - Photo Credit

CL Quick Tip – red roses add always add touch of class – buy fake ones from your local dollar store!


For this theme, use bright, popping colors!

Hearts – Cut out hearts from bright colored paper. On each one, write a saying, just like one you would read on an actual candy heart! Use the cut-out paper to decorate your desk.

Debra Schreiber - Photo Credit

CL Quick Tip – for colors that really pop, use neon flash cards!

Cupids – Cut out two cupids and glue them, but have them point their arrows in the same direction. On the paper, write “Cupid Crossing!”


For a spicier theme, use dramatic colors, like red and black, and dramatic shapes!

Hearts – Attach hearts to long strips of paper, so they look similar to music notes. Tape them your door along with a sign that reads “Heartbreak Hotel” – like the Elvis song!

V-Day Tic-Tac-Toe – Use classic V-Day shapes (hearts, lips, Xs, and Os) and turn them into a fun tic-tac-toe board! Use the cut-out paper to decorate your desk.

CL Quick Tip – challenge your friends to V-Day Tic-Tac-Toe. Winner gets all of the candy!

Debra Schreiber is a Senior CL Writer, and a senior at Duquesne University where she studies journalism and Spanish. She loves the cute theme – especially the candy hearts!

Day 1: Who, What, And Where Are Your Crushes?

In preparation for writing this post, I consulted Mr. Webster for an exact definition of a crush.  Disappointed in my finds, I am providing you all with my own definition.

Crush (n.) – ‘An object of desire.  This particular object, whether a person, place, or thing gives the individual a feeling of warm fuzzies and smiles.’

My past days of crushing included the popular boy (where my lovely friends would sing the infamous Sitting in the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G) and of Kurt Cameron on Growing Pains (my cousins and I formed the I Love Kurt Cameron Club).

It doesn’t take much to give me the ‘warm fuzzy‘ feeling and listed below are my crushes!

Celeb Crush – John Cusack

How can anyone not love the defining moment in Say Anything with ‘In Your Eyes’ playing on his boom box?  Major crush.

Photo Credit Palzoo

City Crush – Buenos Aires

From the romantic tango to the delicious Malbec, foodies and artist crush this city, and B.A. holds a forever place in my heart since it was my honeymoon destination.

Buenos Aires

Food Crush – Chocolate Cake

Yum.  Enough said :)

Photo Credit

Tell us:

-Who is your celebrity crush?

-What is your city crush?

-What is your food crush?

Shelly Marie Redmond is the Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles.  She loves the feeling of a crush.

How to Celebrate Long-Distance Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, and since it falls on a Tuesday this year, if you don’t go to the same college as your significant other, chances are you won’t be able to be together on the big day. I’m in the same boat, and being five hours away from my man definitely is not going to stop me from celebrating. Here are five ideas to keeping Valentine’s Day extra special for you and your significant other, even when you are miles apart.

  1. Set a video chat date for Tuesday night. If you have class, work, or another engagement, it doesn’t have to be right on V-Day. Don’t be afraid to be cheesy. Dress up, settle in front of your computer screen and tell your man how much you miss and love him over video chat. It’s of course not the same, but it is a way to connect with your other half when you’re not there. Especially if you don’t get to video chat much, this will be extra special. (Suggestion: download Skype, it’s easy!)
  2. Use snail-mail. Everyone likes getting mail, especially when it’s love letters. Spend some time and write a letter telling him why you love him, how special he is to you, or the little things you miss the most about him. Make sure you send it early enough for him to get it by Valentine’s Day. You can either keep it a secret and surprise him with the card, or tell him to write one too, and that you both have to read it ON the big day.
  3. Surprise him. Now, I know this isn’t possible for most. My other half is in New York City, while I’m in Upstate NY, and I have classes during the week. However, I am planning a trip for the weekend after, that way we will celebrate later. If you can afford it, make that your gift. Road trip to see your man, show up with a bow on your head, and bam: Happy Valentine’s Day to him!
  4. Simple is okay. Don’t be stressed with expensive gifts. He knows you’re a college student, and can’t afford to buy him an iPhone. The simple things mean more to most men, just like women. Like stated above, sending a card or video chatting is cute, and not too overwhelming for the man either.
  5. Have fun with it. Let your man know you don’t need the cliché flowers and chocolates. Have fun with your gifts. This way, you can get each other silly gifts and save money. If you do decide to go visit, make dinner together. It saves money and keeps you cozy!

Got tips? Leave them below! If you need more advice, send us an email at!


Emily Longeretta is an editorial and social media intern for College Lifestyles (TM). When she’s not video chatting with her NYC boyfriend, she is working four internships and going to school full time, graduating in May.

College Lifestyles Presents the 14-Day Valentine’s Challenge!

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Sugar is sweet,

And so are you!

Remember the carefree days of love?  Where simple poems (similar to the one above) and a checked Yes or No on a handwritten crush note symbolized our relationship status with a significant other.

Photo Credit - Lafoutz

College Lifestyles is going back to the carefree days of love!  Starting on February 1st, we will post, tweet, tumble, and pin various topics related to love.  Our 14 day challenge will bring back the ‘warm fuzzy‘ we had from our first crush, our first sent flower, and our first dance (even if we were sporting pigtails and braces!).

We encourage you to comment on all our post, follow us using the hashtag #CLlove, RT our ‘sweet’ quotes, and of course, share the love with not just your significant other, but with your family, sisters, and best friends.

At the end of our 14 days, you will not only feel love, but you will also have shared love with others.

Five Reasons Being Single is Fabulous

With Valentine’s Day quickly creeping up on us, it’s hard to walk through a store without feeling a little bit of loneliness if your status is single. Suddenly boxed chocolates, flowers and everything red becomes unattractive for a month. But being happy doesn’t mean having a significant other to give you those things. After meeting loser after loser (losers with secret girlfriends, losers with commitment issues, losers who are immature), I decided to stop looking for happiness in someone else and start finding it within myself.  Being single in college can undoubtedly be one of the best statuses because you can figure out what you want without the baggage of someone else’s influence.

If you’re feeling a bit grim knowing this year Feb. 14 will be spent alone, here’s why being “lonely” isn’t all that bad:

1. Friends come first 

The friends I have made in the past six months while being single are ones I can always count on. I guarantee if I was in a relationship, these friends wouldn’t be ones I now consider family. Being single gives me the time to make them a first priority.

2. Endless possibilities

Internship in New York? Last minute vacation with a friend? No problem when you’re the only person you have to worry about.

3. Independence is attractive

Who run the world? Girls! Beyonce says it all when it comes to independent women being confident and appealing. I’m not talking about being appealing to guys but exhibiting an independent confidence is attractive in all walks of life especially when applying for jobs.

4. You learn about yourself 

You have to love yourself first before you can love someone else. Being single forces you to be comfortable being alone.  Through spending time with just yourself, you learn your real needs, wants, and desires without someone else influencing your decisions.

5. Expressing yourself in your own way

When I had a boyfriend, there were numerous times he would go, ‘You’re wearing that?’ Some guys just don’t understand women’s fashion! From wedges to leggings, go ahead and wear what you want to make yourself happy without worrying about someone else’s opinion.


Next time your friend is being all cute with her boyfriend, don’t get jealous. Be happy with the relationship you have with the most important person in your life: you!

If you’re feeling confident enough to move on from being single and are looking for a significant other, read Meaghan’s guide on When to Make the First Move. 


Jessica Fecteau is a  senior fashion, etiquette and apartment/dorm life writer and is a sophomore at Central Michigan University. Jessica loves fashion magazines, listening to indie/folk music and traveling to big cities.


“CL-tini”: Valentine’s Day Edition

Roses are red, violets are blue. Drinks are great, and so are you! Cheers to the pink and red holiday that every co-ed can enjoy, whether your relationship status reads “single,” “dating,” or “it’s complicated.” Make this delicious drink  to compliment your Dove chocolates and homemade Valentine cards.

1. 1/3 cranberry juice

2. 1/3 orange juice

3. 1/3 sprite

4. Use frozen cranberries as ice cubes

5. Pour into a red or pink glass

6. Use a fun heart-shaped straw

Erica Avesian is an intern at College Lifestyles (TM). She is a sophomore communications major at the University of Michigan. Erica misses the days of exchanging glittery Valentine cards with her best friends and elementary school crushes.

The Other V-Day

It seems like almost as soon as New Year’s Day is over, stores immediately begin decorating everything in pink and red, with hearts and cherubic cupids abounding from every display. Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful way to celebrate romance and relations (or it can be a somewhat harsh reminder of the lack thereof, depending on the circumstance), but it’s not the only V-Day in February. The lesser known V-Day is a movement to end violence against women that I think every classy co-ed should know more about. This semester, I am participating in my campus’s annual production of The Vagina Monologues, and as part of the process of putting on the show, speakers are brought in to teach the cast about issues related to women.

What I’ve learned:

1. Violence against women is a lot more prevalent than I realized.- Even here, in the United States, about five hundred thousand women are raped each year. I couldn’t believe all the different kinds of violent atrocities occurring in the world without my knowledge.

2. The way society portrays female issues affects how we feel about them.- As a young woman who considers herself to be a classy co-ed, I always feel a little guilty being explicit about things related to sex and just vaginas in general (it’s literally hard for me to type out these words knowing that people will be reading them). However, being in The Vagina Monologues has taught me that it isn’t a negative thing for a woman to express her sexuality. That you don’t have to be conservative about sex and women’s issues to be classy. The media portrays things like getting a period or being a girl who enjoys sex as dirty and unusual and wrong and something to be ashamed of, but as classy co-eds coming from a world of opportunities, we should not allow society to continue to shame us into silence about ourselves, our feelings, and our bodies. On that note, it’s always classy to know your options so maybe you should check out Jessica S’s article on Birth Control Options-

3. That finding “The One” isn’t the secret to happiness.- You probably don’t know me very well, and, even if you did, I don’t come across as the kind of girl who thinks she needs to be in a relationship to be happy, but, in the spirit of full disclosure, it’s always there in the back of my mind that if I want to have the life I dreamed of as a little girl, with the husband and the kids and the dog and the white picket fence, I’ve got to find a guy (and get him to commit) in a certain amount of time (stupid biological clock :p). The monologues don’t expressly discuss this topic, and nothing specific has ever been said about not needing a man to be happy, but in hearing about the struggles of women in different situations than me, I have come to realize I have so so much to be thankful for and to be happy about. We are college students. We are women who are being educated at some of the finest institutions in the world. We are women with vast opportunities and the ability to be honest and open about love and sex and being women and that, in and of itself, is amazing.

How to Get Involved:

1. Go see or audition to be a part of a local Vagina Monologues production: Tickets are often inexpensive and most, if not all proceeds, usually go to benefit local women’s charities.

2. Donate to or volunteer with your local women’s shelter: Women’s shelters help women escape violent situations and cope with the aftermath of these traumatic experiences, eventually helping many of them into happier lives. Many of these shelters are underfunded and understaffed and could use your help. offers a list of women’s shelters in various areas.

3. Learn more about the issues facing women today: So many people are unaware of the tragic circumstances that many women face around the world and raising awareness can start with you. V-Day has a website that features a Get Involved section that has a good Get the Facts section in it.

4. Be safe and help keep your friends and sisters safe: As women in college, there are specific risks of violence that we face in our campus communities. I know you’ve heard it all before, but don’t be an easy target. While assaults are never, ever, the fault of the victim, there are steps you can take to prevent situations that put you, your friends, or your sisters in danger. Don’t go to parties alone, watch your drinks, watch each other’s backs.

Women are strong, amazing people too, and we deserve to be safe on campus and around the world. Let’s be a part of making the world a better place for women.