Say Hello to Shelly Marie Redmond, Editor-in-Chief & CEO, College College Lifestyles™


With any successful organization, there has to be a founder—someone hard-working with the ambition and passion to make their dream come alive. Luckily for all of the members of the College Lifestyles™ team, we have the lovely Shelly Marie Redmond.

We got to sit down with editor in chief for a brief Q&A about where she pulls inspiration, her favorite recipes and life at CL.

Name: Shelly Marie Redmond

College Lifestyles™ position: Editor-in-Chief/CEO

Hometown: Houma, Louisiana

School: Nicholls State University

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s): B.S., Nutrition; M.S., Nutrition and Dietetics

Organizational involvement: In school, I was a member of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and an RA. I dabbled in student government and programming as well. Now, as a professional, I take a HUGE role in being involved in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I don’t hold an office, but I try to attend meetings, conferences and conventions so I can learn about the latest information on nutrition.

My absolute favorite thing about summer is: Well, where I live it reaches 100 degrees, so going to the pool is not on my top list! I do enjoy the idea of grilling, but it is typically done at night.

My dream vacation would be to: Can I have three? Moscow, India or Hong Kong. My family is planning for our next international trip to be Moscow, so we will see.


My number one recipe for this summer is: I have to give my own! I am HUGE on any of my shrimp on the grill recipes! Shrimp are incredibly easy to grill and sauté as well as an amazing source of protein.

My number one DIY project for this summer is: It’s more than a DIY, but organizing my necklaces—so Target may get a few visits from me!

My favorite movies are: “Office Space,” “Say Anything,” “Legally Blonde,” “Grandma’s Boy…” I really like offbeat humor.

My celebrity dream date is: John Cusack

I get my inspiration from: It’s really different for each topic! If I am writing a general article or segment, I look to see what the trends are. I will go to the bookstore and “people watch [to see which] books and magazines folks are reading. I then look to see the magazine covers—does anything pop? If I am cooking a Louisiana based dish, I dig into the food history of the land. Sounds odd, but for me, it is inspiring.


My friends would describe me as: Creative, an awesome cook (!) and funny

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: Debra’s philanthropy article!

My definition of a classy co-ed is: Any who can handle ANY situation with class.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ team member because: Well…I run the show! But it is always rewarding for me to see the excitement of our team.

While Redmond is busy creating “skinny” recipes and playing with babies, she still has a strong presence within the CL team. Make sure to follow CL on Twitter and Instagram @collegelifestyl and “like” us on Facebook to keep up to date with everything classy, confident and chic.

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Top photo courtesy of Jacquelyn Brooks.
Photos courtesy of Shelly Marie Redmond.

Meet Shelly Marie Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, College Lifestyles

Photo Credit:  Shelly Marie Redmond

Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

Name: Shelly Marie Redmond

College Lifestyles™ position: Editor-in-Chief/CEO

Hometown: Houma, LA (currently reside in Shreveport, LA)

School: Nicholls State University, Louisiana Tech University (alumna)

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s): BS, Nutrition; MS, Nutrition

Organizational involvement: Alpha Sigma Tau (alumna), American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

I am excited for summer because: The College Lifestyles office will have an NEW home!  Moving is not bad, its getting everything set up that is a bit of a hassle.

Photo Credit:  Shelly Marie Redmond

Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

My absolute favorite thing about summer is: the yummy fruits and vegetables available and taking my kiddos to the pool!

My dream vacation would be: to Moscow.

My number one recipe for this summer is: homemade chips.

My number one DIY project for this summer is: Decorating the new College Lifestyles office.


Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

The book I am looking forward to reading most this summer is: “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It.” by Lori Greiner.  Honestly, I have nothing to invent, I just love the show Shark Tank!

My favorite movies are: “Legally Blonde,” “Office Space” and “Say Anything”

My celebrity dream date is: John Cusack

I get my inspiration from: observing.  I am always keeping my eyes and ears open.  My husband says I have very keen intuition.  Works very well in this profession!

What is your summer bucket list?

1. Keep up with “Mad Men.”

2. Take Mireille and Christian (daughter and son) to the pool weekly.

3. Read.  Decompression time is so important.

My friends would describe me as: classy, creative, and goal-orientate

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: so difficult to say.  I still love Debra’s article on ‘Hosting a Huge Philanthropy Event.’

My definition of a classy co-ed is: a person who can handle themselves with grace and poise in ANY situation.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ team member because: CL is my baby!  I love watching it grow and grow!

Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

College Lifestyles™ Fun in the Sun Summer Survey + Giveaway!


It might only be the month of March, but we can’t help but let our minds drift toward thoughts of sun, beaches, grilling and flip flops. Kiss summertime sadness goodbye with the College Lifestyles™ fun in the sun summer survey!

We want to know what our classy readers want to read about during summer vacation and what they’ll be up to during the long-awaited break from school.

It only takes a few minutes to complete, and the best part is you could win two awesome prizes: “Eat Well and Be Fabulous” from CL’s very own Editor-in-Chief Shelly Marie Redmond AND the Colgate® Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen!**

Want to know more about Colgate® Optic White®? Read all about the Toothbrush + Whitening Pen here and follow them on Twitter @opticwhite:

“Clinical studies show that using the Colgate® Optic White TM Toothbrush + Whitening Pen twice daily will help users achieve whiter teeth in 2 days*. Use with new Colgate® Optic White® PLATINUM Whiten and Protect™ Toothpaste and Colgate® Optic White® WhiteSeal™ Mouthwash for whitening results even faster – brush, rinse, whiten and go!” – Colgate®

Update: read our review of the Colgate® Optic White TM Toothbrush + Whitening Pen here.

What else? You could help one of our fabulous interns win a copy of Shelly’s book as well by checking off their name at the end of the survey. Don’t know them personally? Pick one to help out!**

Click here to take the survey!**

**CL reader survey winner is chosen at random

**CL intern with the most reader recommendations wins internal contest. CL interns are not eligible for reader contest

**CL staff are not eligible for either contest

**Survey closes on 3/31 at 8 p.m. CST

Winners will be listed here contacted via email on 4/7 and also listed here. Winners will have until 4/10 at 8 p.m. CST to send shipping details to to receive their prizes. Prizes will be mailed out on 4/15.

Update: Kat Anthony was our intern winner with 45 participants – way to go Kat!

Update: Sydney Madrigal is the reader winner of our contest! Please contact to claim your prizes :)

Introducing our Editor-In-Chief, Shelly Marie Redmond

Photo Credit:  Shelly Marie Redmond

Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

Name: Shelly Marie Redmond

College Lifestyles™ position: Editor-in-Chief

Hometown: Houma, LA

Graduate of: Louisiana Tech University and Nicholls State University,

Major(s)/minor(s)/concentration(s): MS and BS in Nutrition

Organizational involvement: Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority

I LOVE summertime because:  Sounds a bit odd, but I love summer foods – from ice cream to snow cones to fresh fruit.  YUM!  I also enjoy the idea of shorts and sundresses.

This year, I am going on vacation to: I don’t have a bit summer trip planned, but I will be taking weekend trips to New Orleans and Houma to visit family.  My big vacation happens during Thanksgiving week, and yes, we go to the beach!

Shelly's Daughter and Husband.  Photo Credit:  Shelly Marie Redmond

Shelly’s Daughter and Husband. Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

But my dream vacation would be: Moscow (in the winter months) or Croatia (for summer)

My number one DIY craft for the summer is: Decorating Flip Flops

My favorite accessory this summer is: Big earrings

My favorite food is: Chocolate (hands down!)

My favorite summer T.V. shows are: ANYTHING on ID (Investigation Discovery) and Real Housewives of Orange County

My must-have beach read is: I don’t have one picked out, but I do prefer magazines at the beach or pool.

My favorite movies are: Legally Blonde, Office Space, Wedding Singer, Billy Madison

My celebrity dream date is: John Cusack

I get my inspiration from: Bookstores.  Sounds odd?  When I am in a slump, I walk around the book store for ideas.

My friends would describe me as: classy, creative, and humorous

My best friend Susan.  We have been friends for over 17 years.  Photo Credit:  Shelly Marie Redmond

My best friend Susan. We have been friends for over 17 years. Photo Credit: Shelly Marie Redmond

Three things I want to accomplish before the summer is over: Painting my bedroom AND setting up a new closet.

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: 6 DIY Summer Decor Ideas

My definition of a classy co-ed is: Someone who maintains wonderful composure in all situations – good or bad.

Mireille (Shelly's Daughter).

Mireille (Shelly’s Daughter).


College Lifestyles™ Announces Summer/Fall 2013 Internship Openings


You could spend your Summer sitting in front of the T.V. while drinking way too much chilled coffee.


You would spend your Summer writing for an online magazine, developing social media promotions for a student-first business, speaking about the classiest brand in the U.S., or taking photographs of the classiest co-eds and their campuses. No time in the Summer? We’re open for Fall, too. Sounds awesome, right? You’re in the right place for all of the above.

College Lifestyles Team 2013

College Lifestyles™ is thrilled to announce its Summer/Fall 2013 internship openings to all classy co-eds interested in working on bringing the best in fashion, nutrition, campus life, DIY, entertainment and dorm life to their peers:

  • Writing Intern
  • Social Media Intern
  • Advertising/PR/Marketing Intern
  • Photography/Graphic Design Intern

Interested? Email and request our Intern Responsibilities & Expectations Packet and a Summer 2013 Virtual Internship Application. You must submit a complete application in order to be considered for the College Lifestyles™ Summer/Fall 2013 Internship. Completed applications are due no later than 4/15/2013. Qualified applicants will be contacted via email to schedule a phone interview for both Summer and Fall internships.

No time to intern, but want to contribute to College Lifestyles™?

Check out our Campus Correspondent program.


3 Ways to Stay Warm Without Adding Bulk

While we may be longing for the warm, sun kissed days of summer, Mother Nature is continuing to throw in our mix a bit of snow, ice, and grey days.  We may see a few brave souls and fierce fashionistas brave the cold and walk to class in heels for the simple fear of looking ‘bulky’ in winter clothes, but most of us ‘throw away’ of sense of fashion and rather stay nice and toasty.  Side effect of feeling toasty: Looking like the Michelin Man’s child.

Who could forget the classic scene in ‘A Christmas Story’ where the mom is ‘wrapping up’ Randy in a sweater, jacket, and two scarves.  We have been taught since childhood to ‘layer’ and this transitions our winter wardrobe looking more like the Michelin Man than a chic co-ed.

Is it possible to look chic and fashion forward during the winter without wearing heels and going coat-less?  Absolutely!

We had to opportunity to not only browse women’s The North Face winter apparel, vest, and fleece look book of but style their looks into three ways stay warm adding bulk.


12ObermeyerKassiVestPoppy copy

Obermeyer W11 Womens’ Kassi Down Vest in Poppy c/o

We love this Obermeyer W11 Women’s Kassi Down Vest in Poppy ($88.76).  Shown styled with black yoga pants, black long sleeve shirt, and black gloves/hat, this is a perfect look for class, out and about on a weekend, and at an outdoor intramural event.

Vest Look 1:  Winter Nautical


We gave the poppy vest an updated look we like to call ‘Winter Nautical.’  Styled with a striped long sleeve tee, dark skinny jeans, and black riding boots, attend class, study session, and coffee chats channeling a bit of summer in the winter months.

Vest Look 2:  Date Night

We can’t always wear our jeans on dates and winter throws us a bit of a curve ball on styling for a date.  Embrace the cold with a black sweater dress, black opaque tights, and black riding boots.  Use the poppy vest as your ‘pop of color’ on a cold winter night.


The North Face Jacket c/o

While the thought of our most comfy fleece has us reaching for an oversized boyfriend fleece and sweat pants, we can pair a fleece with our basics and look class appropriate.

The North Face has an amazing line of comfy fleece, and we the winter white will stand out in the crowd of black jackets.  Shown styled in a traditional winter look – jeans and snow boots.

Fleece Look 1:  Class Chic

Bring a little ‘wild side’ into with your fleece with black leggings, black riding boots, grey fitted tunic sweater, and animal print scarf.

What are your tips on staying warm without the added bulk?


The Dos And Don’ts of Getting to Know Your Co-workers

‘Nice to meet you.  We will be sharing this cubicle.’

Our favorite movies and TV shows often show the great relationships of our co-workers.  From grabbing a coffee with our best work gal pal and office mates may seem like a dream (and the latest Lifetime movie script), many of us will have the experience of The Office or Parks and Recreation.

With the truth of the matter being we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our best friends and family, it is important to respect one another.  While we don’t have to be best friends with our co-workers, we do need to be cordial and classy (even if they are the ones behaving badly). Need a little guidance?  Follow our tips on ‘The Dos and Don’ts of Getting to Know Your Co-Workers.’

Getting to Know Your Co-Worker Do’s:

1 – ‘Light’ conversation.

Stick to ‘light’ or ‘light trending’ conversation.  The easiest is current TV Shows, music, and movies.  While these topics are least likely to cause any issues, avoid saying ‘I hate Twilight’ to the co-worker sporting the Robert Pattinson Trapper Keeper.  ‘I am big on keeping work and personal life separate.  I have seen way too many office fights and bad rumors over mis-behavior.  Talk with co-workers on light subjects.’ ~Shelly, Editor in Chief

2 – Lunch and coffee over dinner.

Lunch and coffee typically have time limits where you have to return to office.  Dinner can lead to drinks which can lead to misbehavior in the wee hours of the night.  ‘The wonderful thing about lunch is lunch time is over.  Lunch time is long enough for fun chit chat and is great if someone says something inappropriate, you can excuse yourself to get back to work.’ ~Shelly, EIC

If you have an office that is friendly and all get along, suggest a monthly pot luck or birthday club where folks either bring a dish or pitch in to purchase a cake for a co-worker.

3 – If going to dinner.

Limit any type of alcohol consumption.  ‘While I am not here to tell anyone how to run their life, I have witnessed professional co-workers misuse liquor worse than a ‘get in free’ Spring Break bar.  Dealing with a drunk co-worker is the worse because of the next day consequences.  I had a situation where a co-worker, who was much older, could not handle her alcohol and proceeded to call all her friends to meet us at dinner.  It was quite awkward.  Nothing, and I mean nothing is worse than witnessing ‘buzzed’ 40 and 50 year olds dancing on a restaurant table. From that moment, I excuse myself from any type dinners once the ‘rounds’ start.’  ~Shelly, EIC

4 – Participate in office-based functions (picnics, etc).

Don’t be a Debby Downer.  Attend and participate in office picnics, holiday lunches, and birthday celebrations.

‘I think it’s great to get involved with bonding events or activities outside of work, but always remember to keep work and personal life separate i.e. no petty gossip, drinking, boyfriend drama, etc.’  ~Natalie, Writer

Debra S and Emily L of College Lifestyles attending lunch.

5 – Flying the friendly skies

While occasionally, we may be asked to travel with our co-workers to conferences and events.  Before the event, meet with the staff traveling and the boss to cover the events of the conference and who should attend what.  ‘You learn a lot about folks when you travel with them.  When traveling with co-workers and sharing hotel rooms, discuss time schedules, sleeping habits, and events to make sure everything is planned out.  The last thing you want is you and your roommate to love a morning and you are left waiting to shower while your roommate is belting Beyonce.

Getting to Know Your Co-Worker Don’ts

1 – Immediately friend everyone on Facebook

While friending is fine, immediate friending may receive a few eye brow raises.  Simply ask if folks are on Facebook and if you can friend them.  ‘Facebook is a great thing, but remember, your co-workers may pull a Michael Scott a la Office and snoop away.  I personally love Facebook, but I have seen where co-workers ‘tattle’ on folks who play on Facebook on their phones while on the clock.’ ~Shelly, EIC

2 – Become immediate BFFs with one co-worker

While you may bond immediately with one person, get to know other co-workers.  Sit at lunch with a variety of co-workers, not just one.

3 – Immediately fall into gossip

One of the easiest ways to get into a group is to join in on the ‘Mean Girl’ talk.  While Bobby may be weird or Susie may be awkward, these are folks you may need to call on or work with in a group project.

What are your ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts?’

Thirsty for more professionalism:

Professional Protocol:  Can Do Attitude

How to Be Classy When You Dislike a Co-Worker

How to Ask for Time Off

College Lifestyles Team Out and About


Spring Break Travel Online Savings Guide

For some, Mother Nature is bringing in the cold and snow, while for others, Mother Nature is in the ‘in-between’ stages of ‘do I wear a sweater today or not?’  Spring Break may be a long awaited thought in our minds, but we are getting teased with swimsuit displays at our favorite stores.

To some, a stay cation sounds great, for others, the sun and sand is their calling, and for some, the city is a prime destination.  Whether you decide to drive, fly, or stay home, one of the first steps in determining if a Spring Break destination is in your cards is a spending plan.  While the gorgeous beaches may seem like a dream, your dream can become a reality by doing proper research, planning, and taking advantage of online coupon sites.

Coupon Chief Coupon Codes is a savings site offering a variety of online deals from clothing to travel one can use for Spring Break budget planning.

Stores we have found great deals specifically related to Spring Break travel include:

Jet Blue.  Planning on flying to your destination and Jet Blue flies out of your home airport, view this section for any discounts on booking your flight.

Expedia.  Jet Blue doesn’t fly out of your home airport?  In addition to searching for flights, use Expedia to check hotel prices on your Spring Break destinations.

SuperShuttle.  Taxi’s can be outrageous and some hotels do not offer a specific shuttle to and from the airport.  A SuperShuttle stops at various hotels to and from the airport, so be sure to plan extra time for this ride; but the savings can outweigh a taxi.  Call your hotel to determine if a SuperShuttle is available.

With a proper budget and use of available online savings, you may be able to afford your dream Spring Break!

College Lifestyles Spring Survey: Love, Travel, and Career!

Love, travel, and career!

While mother nature is still bringing us snow and wind, soon (yes soon) she will be bringing a bit of ‘love’ and the most coveted ‘Spring Break!’

Our fabulous red-headed Editor-in-Chief will be bringing love in the air with a home cooked meal and heavenly dark chocolate dessert, and we know some of you will be out on the town with girlfriends or on a special date with someone special.

Immediately following the feelings of ‘love,’ we come to the time where we pack our clothes (and way too many shoes) to head out to our spring break destinations for well deserved relaxation.

Our writers, social media team and PR team have fun festivities planned and we want to know how YOU will celebrate and prepare for all things Spring:  Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, and upcoming career fairs.

Click the link to take our survey:

The survey starts now and ends at midnight on February 2!

Need a little motivation? Individuals who take our readers survey have a chance to win a copy of ‘Eat Well and Be Fabulous,’ written by our Editor-in-Chief, Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN.

Need a little more? Help out our fabulous interns and indicate who told you about the survey. The winning intern (ie – the intern with the most referrals) and one of her ‘classy survey takers’ will each receive a Single Charm Bangle Bracelet from Alex and Ani. (NOTE – If you don’t know our interns personally, indicate none.  You can still win!)

Took our last survey?  Check to see if you won:

2012 Holiday Survey Winners

**Winners and results will be posted by 3/1.
***2013 Interns are not eligible for winning the book, however one will win an Alex and Ani bracelet.
  • Our intern winner is Katie Keene
  • Our reader winner is Jacklyn Boekello.


  • Alexandra Patterson
  • Emily Rehm
  • Laura Beth Stricker
  • Mallory Miller
  • Francesca Sallinger
  • Tyronza Crusaw
  • Katie Oeltgen
  • Alexajo Hanna
  • Kaitlin Quinn
  • Rachel Korykora
  • Cali Hallinin
  • Darlene Korykora
  • Julia Chappell
  • Gabrielle Tomasko
  • Samantha Clarkson
  • Jessica Ross
  • Victoria Bohme
  • Gabrielle Viddivo
  • Lauren Nevidomsky
  • Cait Stoizenberg

All winners have till 3/11/13 to contact College Lifestyles at to claim winnings.  In subject line, please the word ‘WINNER.’

January Letter from Editor in Chief



Spring semester is in full gear, and some of you all may be thinking, ‘Am I in the right major?’

Most folks are shocked to know I did not major in journalism.  Strange?  Not necessarily.  My dream was to be a famous health reporter and work in media, so I focused my studies on nutrition and dietetics.  I figured, if I have a degree in nutrition, I would be a ‘shoe-in’ as a health anchor.

Seven years and a dietetic internship later, I started my work in an outpatient clinic.  My first goal, ‘Let’s get on TV.’  I called up the local station (yes, out of the blue) and landed a segment (what were they thinking?).  I was so excited I ‘taped it’ (using a VCR) and shared with anyone and everyone.  (You can say I spammed folks with my segment!).  For the next six years, I continued my work in the outpatient setting, filming TV segments, and during the night, developed a ‘new media’ outlet, College Lifestyles.  College Lifestyles started simply as a blog focused on health and nutrition, and it has evolved into a full fledge on-line magazine for the classy college student. Today I run the operation of College Lifestyles, and I have no regrets on majoring in nutrition.  Nutrition is how I started my career in media.

Moral of the story?  While you may not aspire for the ‘traditional’ career route of your classmates with your degree or online accredited degree, you can use your major to branch of into other avenues.

Happy 2013!

CL xo,


Spring Break Health 101

While spring break is supposed to be a relaxing time, free of classes and studying, for many college students, it means rethinking your body image and wondering if you are bikini ready. I’ve checked in with CL’s Editor in Chief/CEO, Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN-Registered Dietitian, and Brianna Larson, BS, ACSM/HFS. They provide classy co-eds with advice on looking good for spring break while doing it the healthy way.

College Lifestyles: What do you suggest students should do in preparation for spring break if they are looking to shed a couple pounds?

Shelly Marie Redmond: Since many of us don’t have a say in what is served to us (dining hall), the most useful tip is to cut down on portions and replace with high fiber vegetables.  Literally, cut in half what you place on your plate.  If you have two scoops of spaghetti, cut down to one scoop and fill in the empty space with any vegetable/salad available in the dining hall.  The second tip is to carry water with you at all times. Snack on protein – carry around Greek yogurt cups or have in your refrigerator and eat those if you get a hunger craving.

CL: What do you believe is one of the biggest food mistakes students make in trying to lose weight for spring break?

SR: Skipping meals.  Many of us think if I skip breakfast, I will cut down on calories, but the truth is you will be starving at lunch (or before) and overeat without realizing it.

CL: What do you think is the healthiest way to lose weight in a short amount of time?

SR: Portion control.  Sounds silly, but it is true.  A regular bagel equals three bread servings.  Cut that in half and you are set!

CL: Why is it so unhealthy to go on a crash diet or starve yourself?

SR: Simply, you cannot stay on these diets or this ‘skip meal’ pattern forever.  When you ‘go back’ to eating regular, you will gain any weight loss back and become discouraged.

CL: How can students eat healthy while away on spring break?

SR: While it is difficult to plan ahead when traveling with friends, have a goal to make one grocery trip when you arrive to your destination.  Fill the refrigerator with Greek yogurt and one of your favorite fruit (be it apple, oranges, banana, etc).  Aim to have the yogurt and fruit daily (ideally for breakfast).  In packing, throw in your suitcase a box of Kashi or Luna bars.  Have these as a snack or while getting ready to go out on the town.

For more helpful tips on eating healthy this spring, check out intern, Meg Dowell’s guide on starting a spring nutrition plan.

CL: What kind of exercise plan do you recommend students do to shed weight in a small amount of time?

Brianna Larson: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is my go-to exercise program when you need to maximize your workout in a minimum amount of time. HIIT sessions consist of a warm up period of exercise, followed by six to ten cycles of high intensity exercise, separated by medium intensity exercise, and ending with a period of cool down exercise. The high intensity exercise should be done at near maximum intensity. The medium exercise should be about half of the intensity of your maximum intensity. The beauty of HIIT is the entire session lasts at most fifteen minutes and not more than twenty. The original protocol of HIIT is set at a 2:1 ratio of work to recovery periods, for example, 30–40 seconds of hard sprinting alternated with 15–20 seconds of jogging or walking. You can perform HIIT in your dorm room, bedroom, at the park and with absolutely no equipment. This excuse-free, express route to fitness is the best for those who want results!

CL: How can students stay active while away on spring break?

BL: Engage in exciting and active things. It’s not fun to be tied down to the gym on your break, however if you attend a Zumba class or bootcamp class, you get the best of both worlds. Keep your body slim and wallet plump, by inquiring about a student discount at local gyms. If you are away on vacation, book a hike or explore the city with friends. Walking is an excellent way to burn calories and enjoy the sights and sounds of fun new places, and not to mention the resistance training you’ll get from toting the heavy bags from shopping!

Try CL’s 30 day workout plan by intern, Kathleen Hansen, so you can look fabulous and feel confident in your bathing suit. Whether you’re going away for spring break or just relaxing at home, Meg Dowell’s article on starting a spring workout plan can help you get fit and healthy this spring.

Meet Our Classy Editor in Chief, Shelly Marie Redmond

Shelly and her daughter Mireille ‘Meems’

Name: Shelly Marie Redmond

College Lifestyles ™ Position:  Editor in Chief, Founder, CEO

Hometown:  Houma, LA

School: Nicholls State University, Louisiana Tech University

Year in studies: Graduated a long time ago!

Major(s)/minor(s)/concentration(s): Nutrition and Dietetics

Organizational involvement: Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae

I am excited for second semester because:   Well, I am excited for Spring 2013 because we have a lot of fresh faces on our team, as well as some amazing projects we are working on!

My favorite thing about the Spring is: Easter!

My dream Spring break is: Relaxing on a white sand beach.  I prefer to be the ‘lazy’ one and sit in a chair and read, while others can play sports.

My number one DIY craft for this semester is: I am a DIY’er!  I am sure I will DIY for Easter.  I completed my last DIY project yesterday which was a Christmas Card Yard Sign.

My latest DIY Project

My fashion and accessory favorites for this Spring are: A simple sun dress and metallic sandals.

My dream job is: I am in my dream job!  But, I would love to ‘morph’ CL into a talk show.

My favorite food is: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.

My favorite movies/T.V. shows are: Office Space, Legally Blonde, Xanadu, Chopped, and the Real Housewives

My favorite book is: Freaking Fabulous by Clinton Kelly

My celebrity dream date is/with: It changes!  Some days it is Bradley Cooper; others, it is Geoffrey Zakarian, sometimes Aaron Sanchez.

I get my inspiration from: I get my best inspiration from walking around a book store.  I love to look and observe.

My secret get-away during the semester is:  Exchange semester with work and it is Barnes and Noble.

My friends would describe me as:  Goal Driven, Classy, Creative, and Funny

Three things I want to accomplish before the Summer:  DIY project a week, Get back to reading nightly, and cook more!

Working on a DIY Project with Meems

My favorite College Lifestyles ™ article was: College Lifestyles Announces Feeding America as Philanthropy

My definition of a classy co-ed is:  Someone who can handle all the pressures of school, work, and personal life with poise and grace.

A Day in the Office!



CL Contest: Stylish Bid Day Shirt

Calling all Classy sorority ladies! College Lifestyles is excited to announce our Stylish Bid Day T-shirt Contest. Starting August 24th through the 31st, send College Lifestyles your bid day t-shirt pictures to info@ When emailing us, simply use the subject heading ‘Bid Day Contest – (insert sorority/chapter)’ and in your message area include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Sorority/Chapter
  • University

We will upload all pictures to our Facebook page for all to vote starting Sunday, September 2nd.  Voting will end on midnight Saturday, September 8th. The winning chapter* will be determined by the picture with the most likes and will have their sorority and bid day picture  featured on College Lifestyles. The 3 pictures with the most votes will receive a 20% off their next T-Shirt order from Adam Block Design and the winning chapter will receive 25 copies of ‘Eat Well and Be Fabulous‘ by Shelly Marie Redmond, Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles.

We can’t wait to see all of your fabulous t-shirt designs!

*Winning chapter and top 3 chapters will be announced on both our Facebook AND in a blog post on College Lifestyles at 9pm CST on Sunday, September 9th.  Winners have 7 days to reach College Lifestyles (info@ to claim prizes.

Get to Know Shelly Marie Redmond, Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles

Name: Shelly Marie Redmond

Position: Editor in Chief/CEO

College/University: Nicholls State University (BS – Nutrition); Louisiana Tech University (MS – Nutrition)

Year in studies: Graduated!

Major/minor:  BS and MS in Nutrition

Organizational involvement:  Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority (Alumnae), PRAL

My favorite thing about Fall is: Smores, Soup, and Boots

For Halloween I will be: Secret!  I always have the best costumes!

Halloween 2009

Neon pants – I’ll pass.

Twitter : @shellymarierd

I love Pinterest because: It is SO inspiring!  I have already made some fabulous DIY and cooked delicious recipes.

My favorite color is: Yellow

My favorite store is: Target

My favorite food is: Italian

My favorite movies/TV shows are: RHONY, RHOC, Toddlers and Tiaras (guilty), What Not to Wear

Halloween 2010

My favorite book is: Freakin Fabulous by Clinton Kelly

My favorite magazine is: InStyle

My pets are: Theodore Roosevelt and Gizmo (2 kitties!)

My favorite quote is, because: Good things happen to those who work hard!  Hard work pays off.  I am doing what I love, but worked very hard to get College Lifestyles where it is today!

I spend my weekends: Family time with my husband Greg and daughter Mireille (Meems!)!  Going to Target.  Church.  Cooking!

I take a break from studying (work) by: Search Pinterest!

I de-stress by: Doing pure barre.

My secret talent is: Chirping like a dolphin and seal.

My friends describe me as:  Classy, confident, creative, and witty.

My favorite College Lifestyles article is: Hosting a Huge Philanthropy Event by Debra Schreiber.  I love that this article not only displays a sorority in a positive light, but it gives actual suggestions AND timelines to a sorority on planning a successful event.

Why I am excited to be EIC/CEO for College Lifestyles: I love College Lifestyles.  It is amazing to see the growth of our organization, and I have no thoughts of stopping our growth.

My definition of a classy co-ed:  A classy co-ed (and woman) is someone who is confident, not cocky and handles all situations with grace and poise.

Shelly Marie Redmond is the Editor in Chief/CEO of College Lifestyles.  For more articles on classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

How To Maintain A Healthy Diet While Living At College

Healthy eating while living at college can be extremely difficult. Selecting healthy foods can be a struggle due to:

– expensive pricing for healthy food choices

– limited time, forcing you to grab something quick and unhealthy

– no kitchens in dorms

– limited healthy selections in your school’s cafeteria

– being unaware of healthy recipes

If any of these apply to you, you’re in the right place! Health coaches Nicole DiMartino and Jennifer Hirsh are here on camera to give you the secrets to maintaining a healthy diet while living at college.

Health Coaches, Jennifer Hirsch and Nicole DiMartino

In this video, they’ll give you the top five best foods to eat, the top five foods to avoid, and why!  To access the video, all you have to do is click.

To recap:

Top five best choices:

-          the salad bar

-          fruit/ vegetable smoothies

-          fish

-          oatmeal

-          frozen yogurt

Top five foods to avoid:

-          fried foods

-          white bread

-          pizza

-          sweets

-          cheese

To find healthy, easy recipes, visit Nicole and Jennifer’s websites. These girls are ready and willing to answer your questions!


Tatiana Flowers is entering her junior year at Penn State with a Broadcast Journalism major and an English minor. She identifies as a funny, driven, and outgoing classy-co-ed whose favorite thing to do is WRITE! This summer, she is excited to spend lots of time writing specifically about Relationships, High School, and Music.





Top 45 Songs To Play At Epic College Dance Parties

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what to play at a college dance party?  Do you only like to hear music that you can dance to at a party? Are you lacking a party playlist?  If so, you’re in the right place!

This week, I’ve created a playlist with the top 45 best songs for classy co-eds to play at a college dance party.  This playlist is great for sorority parties and even sports team parties.  No matter the occasion, all you need is your dancing feet!  To play each song on the playlist, all you have to do is click on each link!

Starships- Nicki Minaj

Back In Time- Pitbull

We Are Young- Fun (ALVIN RISK REMIX)


Drop It Low- Kat DeLuna

LSD- Bassnectar

Hot Hot Hot- Crossfire ft. Elephant Man

The Cha Cha Slide- DJ Casper

Where Have You Been- Rihanna

Stupidfacedd- Wallpaper (CLEAN)

Get Me Bodied- Beyonce

Reggae Bump, Bump- R. Kelly

Cupid Shuffle- Cupid

Get Low- Lil John

Rap Des Armas- Cidinho & Doca

Empire State Of Mind- Jay Z (SPED UP)

Chillin- Wale ft. Lady Gaga

1 2

Top 10 Things To Look For On A College Visit

College visits are without a doubt, one of the most exciting/important events that takes place during a high school student’s life.  All high school students should ensure they visit AT LEAST their top 3 choices.  Many high school students’ list of schools changes once they have visited each college.  Maybe the food wasn’t good, maybe the other students seemed unfamiliar and distant, or maybe the dorms were too small for your liking.  Whatever it may be, you won’t know until you visit, so to help you, I have come up with the top 10 things you should pay attention to when you visit each of your colleges. 

1.      Vibe (Atmosphere)

This is the most important thing to pay attention to on a college visit.  Despite the other things you have seen, it is important to go with your “gut feeling.”  If you generally and holistically feel like you’ve got to be there, then you should acknowledge this feeling over all the other things you’ve seen!  After all, they do say, “Always go with your gut!”

2.      Cost/ Finances

While your first choice may be the most expensive on your list, you must remain true to yourself while on your college tours.  If your first choice is WAY out of your league financially, then it’s probably best to ask questions on the tour about scholarships.  Find out what percentage of students receives scholarships, how and where you should apply for them, etc.  If it doesn’t seem as if you can afford it after the tour, you should re-evaluate your options.

3.      Academia

Academia will be the most important aspects in your daily life while you’re in college.  With that being said, you should pay close attention to how your major is ranked at each college, what students say about the course work and also the faculty.  If students say the work is easy, that means it’s not rigorous.  You want the best education you can get!

4.      Faculty

While you’re on your visit, ask students what their teachers are like.  Specifically focus on students who are already in the major that you plan to study.  Most students will be truthful, but if you have a feeling they are hiding something, go onto this website to find out for yourself!  I encourage you to do this for every college you plan to attend!  Your teachers will be some of the most influential people during your college career.  With that being said, go after the best of the best! 

 5.      Other students

It’s important that you get a good vibe from the current students at each school.  After all, these will be your future friends!  As a current college student, I can easily say that having good friends make your college experience 10 times better than it would be without friends.

 6.      Food

Nobody enjoys eating gross food, so pay attention to what’s in the cafeteria when you visit!  You may also want to ask for a list of what’s being served on the week of your visit, just as an example. 

 7.      Housing

Your house is where you will be spending most of your time.  Therefore, there isn’t much to say.  If the dorm is unappealing to you, you may want to reconsider this choice.

 8.      Distance from Home

Be careful about how far away your plan to travel.  You must remember that you may want to travel home every so often to visit your family, get your hair done close to home, etc.  IF you’re too far away, you may get homesick, and it will be too far away to visit!

 9.      Extra Curricular Activities- Study Abroad, Sports, Clubs, Sororities, etc.

While you’re on each visit, ask about the extracurricular activities.  Check out your school’s sports teams, clubs, study abroad options, sororities, music groups, or whatever else you wish to find out about.  Remember, academia is your main priority, but not your only priority.  You need to have a life, too!

 10.  Facility

Although your campus’s facility isn’t the most important thing to acknowledge, it is important to notice while you’re visiting.  Are the computers up to date?  Are things falling apart around campus?  Is everything neat and clean?  If not, this could cause you to get sick, and it could definitely hinder your educational growth.  Remember, you want the best of the best!

Want another CL intern’s perspective? Check out Ariana Romero’s article here!


Tatiana Flowers is entering her junior year at Penn State with a Broadcast Journalism major and an English minor.  She identifies as a funny, driven, and outgoing classy-co-ed whose favorite thing to do is WRITE!   This summer, she is excited to spend lots of time writing, specifically about Relationships, High School, and Music.

Product Review: Simple Ways to Combat Allergy Face with Zyrtec

Zyrtec Allergy Face Beauty Survival Kit

Red nose, itchy-watery eyes, and sniffles can mean only one thing – allergy season.  Like many of you, I am an allergy sufferer.  Every so often, my tote is stuffed with tissues and eye drops to deal with the fun days of a ‘stuffy nose‘ and ‘watery eyes.’  My morning polished face turns to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer by lunchtime.  Having a fair complexion, I combat my ‘Allergy Face’ with lots of consealer, eye shadow, and foundation.  However, my remedy of ‘under eye consealer’ is a no-no according to Make Up Artist Rebekah George.

‘Avoid using tons of eye shadow.  Instead, try a blue-based mascara to help brighten your eyes’ states George.  George offers additional tips in her Zyrtec Allergy Face webcast where she discuss with actress Kate Walsh of ABC’s Private Practice the challenges of covering up watery eyes, red nose, and puffy face.

Streaming live video by Ustream

The video offers incredible beauty secrets (not to mention I adore her yellow dress) with 2 additional secrets I took to note:

  • Use a shimmer/highlight shadow above the cupid bow to look more awake.
  • Use a copper bronzer and pink blush combination to reduce redness.

 Tell us how you combat ‘Allergy Face?’

Disclaimer:  I have received information and products from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC,-Inc, the makers of Zyrtec including an Allergy Face Beauty Survival Kit with cosmetic and skin care products.  As always, opinions are of our own.

Top 5 Healthiest Ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety


Since stress is literally a killer, I’ve asked psychotherapist/documentary creator, Diane Israel, to give classy co-eds the top 5 best techniques for stress/anxiety relief.  If you find yourself extremely stressed or anxious from time to time, if you’re looking for simple, fun, inexpensive, quick relief techniques, this article is for you!




Quiet time is extremely vital for stress/anxiety relief because it allows you to step away from whatever is bothering you.  If you are feeling stressed or anxious, it is important to remove yourself from (a) certain situation/(s) that are causing uneasiness.  Maybe take a quiet stroll in the park, or take some time out to visit your favorite place, or practice your favorite talent.  Being quiet, alone, and focusing on what you love will surely reduce your stress and anxiety, and hopefully also make you forget about what’s aggravating you.

 2. MEDITATION (Breathing)

Whether it’s simple stretching, yoga, or just sitting cross-legged in a quiet place, focusing on your breathing can rapidly decrease stress/anxiety.  Make sure to place yourself in a quiet, peaceful place where nobody is able to disrupt your practice.  While meditating, focus on keeping your breathing even and also cyclic.  While you focus on breathing, you can also focus on beauty.  Diane has shared some wonderful directions on how to heighten self-esteem.  Here’s a short and simple exercise that you can practice every day in order to stay in touch with the beautiful inner energy that lives inside you.

“Sit quietly.  Close your eyes and allow your attention to come to your breath.  Follow the inhale, the exhale and the pause.  As you allow your energy to drop and ground, start to scan your body.  Where does it feel beautiful to you?  Where do you feel love? It may be a place that feels relaxing or warm and inviting.  Stay with this space.  Just notice and explore it.  This beautiful space is you.  You can return to this feeling any time you want.”


I’m sure you’ve all heard it before!  Exercise is good for your health, but more importantly, it is great for stress/anxiety relief.  If you are stressed or anxious, take your mind off what is bothering you and get moving!  Whether it be dancing, yoga, meditation, running, aerobic exercise, walking, or earthing, make sure to practice something at least once a day!  Raising your heart rate, sweating, and burning calories should all be incorporated into your daily life, especially if you are stressed or anxious.  Diane enjoys turning on funky Michael Jackson songs, and dancing around her house to relieve stress.  Find what works for you!

4.    SLEEP

As we all know, a good night of sleep is extremely important.  Think about the times when you have been EXTREMELY tired at work or in school.  No fun, right?  This is why sleep is vital for good health and function.  Diane recommends at least 6 hours of sleep each night to remain healthy.  Teenagers are known to require more sleep than the average adult.  So give your body what it needs and sleep at least 6 hours per night.  This will eliminate some of your potential stress, anxiety, and crankiness!


Last but not least, incorporate gratitude into your daily life.  This will create balance and happiness in the long-run and can also heighten self-esteem.  Every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up, give thanks for all the good in your life.  Focus on all the good (NOT THE BAD) things that have happened to you thus far.  Remain positive and if you’re ever feeling glum, give yourself a positive pep talk, and remember, nobody can love you more than you can!

 If you have more questions about self-image or self-esteem, you can purchase /check out Diane’s website


If you’d like to add some relaxation music to any of these practices, you can access my CL playlist!

If you have other questions for Diane, you can email her at!


Tatiana Flowers is entering her junior year at Penn State with a Broadcast Journalism major and an English minor.  She identifies as a funny, driven, and outgoing classy-co-ed whose favorite thing to do is WRITE!   This summer, she is excited to spend lots of time writing, specifically about Relationships, High School, and Music.

Major Of The Month: Zoology And The Major Switch

Courtesy of

Are you considering going to medical school? Do you want a job like the guys and gals of “CSI”? Ever thought about switching majors to pursue what you really love? Natalie Ricci, 21, from Miami University has done all three. Read on to learn why…and what you should take to heart when you pick your college major.

When it came to college, Ricci had a plan.

“…I picked Miami for the research opportunities in the science department as a whole, as well as their strong support team and resources for pre-med students, as well as their high acceptance rate into medical school,” she said. She chose a Chemistry major, but decided to switch.

“I originally was a Chemistry major, but I changed to Zoology in fall of my sophomore year,” Ricci said. “…after taking intro chemistry classes I realized I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, and a lot of other students who were pre-med were zoology majors because there are a lot of classes that are required for the major that are really beneficial for medical students and the MCAT exam… as I moved through the intro level science classes, I realized a lot of people who had my goal of attending medical school were all zoology majors, so I started looking at the requirements, and realized there were a lot of classes that I wanted to take anyway and would be beneficial for my career goal.”

Warning: the Zoology major is not for the squeamish.

Courtesy or

“Biology, ecology, human physiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, genetics, and cell biology, among other upper level science classes,” were just a few of the courses Ricci took.

“Most of these classes were big lecture halls so I mostly was just taking notes, but a lot of them come with very involved hands on labs that were really interesting, and helped you understand the material being covered in class a lot more,” she said. “I really enjoy dissections, so for me the human physiology lab was really interesting and fun.”

“I enjoyed most of them because they are in a subject that I really enjoy, specifically I liked genetics, biology, and human physiology,” she added. “I don’t like biology at the cellular level as much, so cell biology was really difficult for me to get through.  There were also surprises, though.  For example, I had no interest in ecology, but I ended up really enjoying the class.

As Ricci moved through the Zoology major, she picked up a gig with a medical examiner.

“I did not have an official internship, but I worked with my county medical examiner for a summer and the sections of biology involving the systems of the body were right in front of my eyes all summer, as well as work done in the histology department (tissue) and up in the crime lab, chemistry, biology, and physics drive everything that is done,” she said.

Her advice for students considering Zoology as a major?

“If it is a subject area you know you enjoy, then go for it,” said Ricci. “Zoology is a more specific field of biology, and if that is what you enjoy studying then you will enjoy this major.  It’s a really relevant field as science and medicine continue to evolve.  Just know that it is a lot of hard work and studying,” she added.

Ricci switched majors again during her junior year.

“My goal was to get into medical school and pursue a career as a forensic pathologist, which requires schooling as a general M.D., specialization as a pathologist, and further specialization as a forensic pathologist  (yes, like the medical examiner in “CSI”).  However, that all changed in the spring of my junior year, when I realized medical school wasn’t for me.”

Courtesy of

“I ended up changing my major to History before I changed to Zoology, and at one point was a double major in the two of them.  Eventually I ended up dropping the Zoology because I realized I was stressing myself out so much over the more difficult upper level classes and it was really negatively impacting my life,” said Ricci.

“I have always been passionate about history, even when I was little, so I figured why not major in something that I love, compared to something that just holds my interest and is a stepping stone,” she said.  “I really enjoyed a lot of the classes I took for the Zoology degree, but in the end I realized I wanted to pursue a different career path and it didn’t involve breaking my back over difficult classes that were not going to be as relevant for me anymore.”

It was one class that made Ricci change her mind.

“A class in health care economics that I took for fun really inspired my change, so I encourage people to dabble in classes that sound interesting, even if they don’t fit a requirement for something you need, you may just find your passion, I did,”

Ricci’s advice to all college students is, “…look at your major for the skills it gives you, not just the title.  History lends itself to good written communication skills, research capabilities, the ability to thoroughly analyze something, greater understanding of previous events, how they relate to current events, and how they will influence the future, and the ability to read with a purpose and find information in an array of sources,” she said. “These are the things that make you marketable as an employee, not the title of your major. “

Ricci currently has in internship with Highmark, Inc. where she works in the informatics department. She plans on pursuing her master’s degree in Public Health.

Have more questions about a Chemistry, Pre-Med, Zoology or History major? Ask away in the comments below.

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 Debra Schreiber is an Editor/Features Writer for College Lifestyles. She is a graduate of Duquesne University with a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Spanish.

DIY Cookies And Cakes: Fourth Of July Edition

Courtesy of


Are you a savvy co-ed looking for a Fourth of July DIY food project? Look no further as College Lifestyles presents DIY cookies and cakes – 4th style.

Courtesy of

Brownie ‘n Berries Dessert Pizza, by Betty Crocker.

This recipe combines the sweetness of your favorite summertime fruits and the rich, delicious taste of chocolate brownies – perfect for your Fourth of July pool party.


  • 1 box (1 lb 2.4 oz) Betty Crocker® Original Supreme Premium brownie mix
  • Water, vegetable oil and egg called for on brownie mix box
  • 1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
  •  1/3  cup sugar
  •  1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  •  2 cups sliced fresh strawberries
  •  1 cup fresh blueberries
  •  1 cup fresh raspberries
  •  1/2 cup apple jelly
  1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Grease bottom only of 12-inch pizza pan with cooking spray or shortening.
  2. Make batter as directed on brownie mix box. Spread in pan.
  3. Bake 26 to 30 minutes or until toothpick inserted 2 inches from side of pan comes out almost clean. Cool completely, about 1 hour.
  4. In small bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Carefully spread mixture evenly over brownie base. Arrange berries over cream cheese mixture. Stir jelly until smooth; brush over berries. Refrigerate about 1 hour or until chilled. Cut into wedges. Store covered in refrigerator.
  5. Makes 16 servings

Courtesy of

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches, by Betty Crocker

Who needs store-bought ice cream sandwiches when you can make them yourself? You and your friends will have no trouble beating the heat with these tasty DIY treats.


  • 1 box (1 lb 2.4 oz) Betty Crocker® Original Supreme Premium brownie mix
  • Water, vegetable oil and egg called for on brownie mix box
  •  12  scoops ice cream, any flavor (3 cups)
  •  Betty Crocker® red, white and blue candy sprinkles, if desired
  1.  Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Place paper baking cup in each of 12 regular-size muffin cups, or spray muffin cups with baking spray with flour. 
  2.  In medium bowl, mix brownie mix, water, oil and egg until well blended. Spoon into muffin cups. 
  3.  Bake 26 to 28 minutes or until toothpick inserted near edges comes out almost clean. Cool completely, about 30 minutes.
  4. Remove paper baking cups. Cut brownies in half horizontally. Place 1 scoop (about 1/4 cup) ice cream between brownie halves. Sprinkle sides with jimmies. Freeze until ready to serve.
  5. Makes 12 sandwiches

Courtesy of

Red, White and Blue Layered Flag Cake, by Betty Crocker

Nothing screams Fourth of July celebration louder than an American flag. Amp up your cake with the red, white and blue.


Red Cake Layers

  • 1 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® white cake mix
  • 1 pint (2 cups) strawberries, stems removed, pureed in blender or food processor to about 1 1/4 cups
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  •  3 egg whites
  •  1 teaspoon Betty Crocker® red gel paste food color

Blue Cake Layer

  • 1/2 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® white cake mix (about 1 2/3 cups dry mix)
  •  1/2 cup blueberries, pureed in blender or food processor
  •  3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  •  2 whole eggs
  •  1/2 teaspoon Betty Crocker® blue gel paste food color

White Cake Layer

  •  1/2 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® white cake mix (about 1 2/3 cups dry mix)
  •  1/2 cup water
  •  2 tblespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 egg whites

Frosting and Sprinkles

  • 3 containers Betty Crocker® Whipped fluffy white frosting
  •  Betty Crocker® red, white and blue sprinkles, as desired
  1.  To make red cake layers: Heat oven to 350°F. Grease or spray two 8-inch round pans; place 8-inch round piece cooking parchment paper in bottom of each pan. Grease or spray parchment paper. In large bowl, beat red cake layer ingredients with electric mixer on low speed 30 seconds, then on high speed about 2 minutes or until smooth. Spread in pans. Bake 29 to 34 minutes or until top springs back when lightly touched. Cool 10 minutes; run knife around sides of pans to loosen cakes. Gently remove from pans to cooling rack; remove parchment paper. Cool completely, about 30 minutes. Flatten cake layers by trimming off rounded tops. Cut layers in half horizontally to make 4 thin red layers. In 1 layer, cut small round out of center, using 4-inch biscuit cutter. Wrap and freeze 1 thin layer and the layer that was cut out of; save for another use.
  2. To make blue cake layer: Heat oven to 350°F. Grease or spray 8-inch round pan; place 8-inch round piece cooking parchment paper in bottom of pan. Grease or spray parchment paper. In medium bowl, beat blue cake layer ingredients with electric mixer on low speed 30 seconds, then on high speed about 2 minutes or until smooth. Spread in pan. Bake 29 to 34 minutes or until top springs back when lightly touched. Cool 10 minutes; run knife around side of pan to loosen cake. Gently remove from pan to cooling rack; remove parchment paper. Cool completely, about 30 minutes. Flatten cake layer by trimming off rounded top. Do not cut in half horizontally. Cut small round out of center, using 4-inch round biscuit cutter. Wrap and freeze 4-inch round; save for another use.
  3. To make white cake layer: Heat oven to 350°F. Grease or spray 8-inch round pan; place 8-inch round piece cooking parchment paper in bottom of pan. Grease or spray parchment paper. In medium bowl, beat white cake layer ingredients with electric mixer on high speed about 2 minutes or until smooth. Spread in pan. Bake 29 to 34 minutes or until top springs back when lightly touched. Cool 10 minutes; run knife around side of pan to loosen cake. Gently remove from pan to cooling rack; remove parchment paper. Cool completely, about 30 minutes. Flatten cake layer by trimming off rounded top. Cut layer in half horizontally to make 2 thin white layers. In 1 layer, cut small round out of center, using 4-inch biscuit cutter. Wrap and freeze the layer that was cut out of; save for another use.
  4. To assemble cake: Place 1 red cake layer on cake stand or serving platter; spread 1/3 cup frosting on top. Top with 1 white cake layer; spread 1/3 cup frosting on top. Top with second red cake layer; spread 1/3 cup frosting on top. Gently top with blue layer. Carefully spread thin layer of frosting on cut edge inside of blue cake layer. Gently insert white 4-inch cake round; top with frosting and then red 4-inch cake round; press slightly. Frost side and top of cake using remaining frosting. Top with sprinkles. Store loosely covered in refrigerator.
  5. Makes 18 servings

Courtesy of

Star Piñata Sugar Cookies, by

Bursting with American pride? So are these deliciously crafty cookies.


  • 3 tubes 16.5 oz Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough
  • Red and blue gel food coloring
  • 3/4 cup all purpose flour
  • White frosting, or a mixture of 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and two teaspoons of milk
  • Red and blue mini m&ms – I bought a bag of mixed and separated out the colors
  1. Open one package of cookie dough, add a bit of red gel food coloring to the dough. I found that it’s easiest to mix the coloring in with your hands, kneading it gently, like bread dough. Add the food coloring a little at a time, until you have a vibrant red dough.
  2. Next place the dough ball in a bowl, and add 1/4 cup flour and mix until combined. It seems a little backward, but I found the food coloring mixed smoother this way. Repeat with another tube of dough and the blue gel food coloring. For the last tube, just add the flour. (I added flour because the Pillsbury dough is so chewy and delicious – a slightly firmer dough is needed for these little guys.)
  3. Split each of the colors into three equal parts. Layer in alternating fashion, placing into a plastic wrap lined loaf pan, and patting each layer out until the dough evenly fills the the pan. Top with another layer, again patting until even. Repeat with remaining dough. Cover tightly and freeze for four hours or overnight.
  4.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove the dough from the pan and unwrap. Cut thin slices, approximately 1/4-inch wide. Place on a baking sheet lined with a Silpat or parchment paper. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 to 14 minutes.
  5.  Immediately after the cookies are removed from the oven, use the star cookie cutter to cut the cookie shapes. You will need two side pieces, and one middle for each. Cut a round out of the center of 1/3 of the cookies. Try to work quickly, as the cookies set up very quickly and will be difficult to cut as they cool. Also, I used a tiny cookie cutter to make adorable little stars from the xxxxxx. Once you’ve cut all the shapes, allow the cookies to cool completely on the baking sheet before moving.
  6. To assemble, take the first star cookie and lay it upside down so that the baked bottom is facing up. Take the middle cookie (with the hole) and dot some frosting on the center of each point. I used leftover white cake frosting because I had it on hand, but you could also use a mixture of 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and two teaspoons of milk.
  7. Place the middle cookie on top of the frosting glue and add about a teaspoon of mini M&Ms to the open center. Put another outline of frosting glue on the middle cookie and place another star cookie on top (so that top side side is facing out). Let the cookies harden for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Need some food to serve first? Check out these Fourth of July recipes.

Need a star-spangled outfit to go with your Fourth of July food? Find it here.

Debra Schreiber is an Editor/Features writer for College Lifestyles. She is a recent graduate from Duquesne University with a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Spanish. She loves to bake and can’t wait to try these recipes!

What Guys Really Want

This week, I decided to write an article for ladies who constantly wonder what guys look for in the perfect girl.  I was fortunate enough to get 14 college-aged guys (17-22) to tell me exactly what they look for in an ideal partner.  If you’re curious, read on!

Adam C., 20, Bethlehem, PA. Penn State

 “I look for a girl I can be best friends with… a girl who is beautiful, athletic, and intelligent.”  


Brandon C., 20, White Plains, NY. Berkeley College

“My perfect girl doesn’t have to be super good-looking, she just has to be someone I can be myself with.  She needs to be adventurous, funny, and like a best friend. She also has to get along with my whole family.”  


Chris B., 19. Denver, CO. University of California Berkeley

“I want an intelligent, driven, communicative, and loving woman who enjoys traveling, sports, outdoors, movies, and living a healthy lifestyle.  Ideally, she would be taller, older, and probably non-white.” 


David N., 20. White Plains, NY. Manhattanville College

 “My perfect girl would be someone who is God fearing and loves herself unconditionally. We all have our insecurities, but a real love and respect for yourself is essential to any worthwhile relationship.”


 Eric S., 22. Broomball, PA

“The perfect girl has dinner ready when I get home.  She knows how to change the oil in my car and can also kick butt in a game of Call of Duty.  My perfect girl would be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.”


 Jeff M., 22, White Plains, NY. University of Delaware

“The perfect girl is athletic, and dresses well.  She knows how to hold herself with composure and is philanthropic.  A good time for her isn’t just going out to dinner, but going hiking, or doing something outdoors.  She isn’t indecisive, has interest, and is involved in activities.  No matter what the activity is, I would support her because she’s ‘the perfect girl.’”


Jordon C., 20, Reading, PA. Penn State

“She would have to be intelligent, independent, physically attractive to me, open-minded, and down to earth.”

Martin O., 19, White Plains, NY. Penn State

 “She has to be independent with goals of her own.  She has to give me space so I can be myself at all times.  Lots of girls try to change guys once they start dating.  I don’t want that.  We also have to have some things in common.”


 Michael V., 20. White Plains, NY. University of Miami

“My idea of the perfect girl is someone that has it all!  She has to be outgoing, funny, independent, and smart.  I like a girl that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.  It wouldn’t hurt if she’s drop-dead gorgeous, as well.”


 Nick D., 21, White Plains, NY. SUNY Purchase

“I look for enthusiasm toward our relationship.  She has to be just as interested in seeing me, as I am in seeing her.  She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but she also wouldn’t be upset if we disagree on something.”


 Ryan C., 20. Gilbertsville, PA. Penn State

“I like that perfection doesn’t exist.  I’d like a down to earth girl who likes to be independent, but also mysterious at the same time.  Anyone who likes me, for me, is perfect in my book.” 


Ryan H., 20, Bay Ridge, BK. Penn State

“My perfect girl is someone who is athletic, but likes playing video games.  She would be caring and be willing to spend time with me when I’m sick.  I would want her to be intelligent and able to have a decent, head-ache-less conversation with me.  Last but not least, she would be funny because laughing makes everything so much better.” 


Sean R. 22., Liverpool, UK. Liverpool John Moores University  

“My perfect girl is someone who is open- minded and willing to try things other than just what she is interested in. There’s nothing worse than someone who wants to stay pigeonholed in their comfort zone all the time. She would be willing to give something a try that may not immediately appeal to her, because, who knows, she could potentially find a new interest that could bring us closer together.”


 Xavier G., 17, Lancaster, PA. Penn State

“My ideal partner would be dorky, yet classy.  They would be unconventionally beautiful and also intelligent.  I’d want someone who would choose to look at the stars, amongst any other choice for activities.”


In my opinion, all of these guys seem extremely intelligent and decisive!  But most importantly, notice that not EVERY guy mentioned looks.  With that being said, it’s not ALL about appearance, ladies!

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Tatiana Flowers is entering her junior year at Penn State with a Broadcast Journalism major and an English minor.  She identifies as a funny, driven, and outgoing classy-co-ed whose favorite thing to do is WRITE!   This summer, she is excited to spend lots of time writing specifically about Relationships, High School, and Music.

Top Relaxation/ Chillout Songs

In today’s society, music means everything.  So, I’ve put together an epic “chillout” music playlist that’s great if you’re looking for a day of relaxation at the pool, beach, or maybe even while you’re in the bath tub. Kick back, relax, and scroll down if you’re looking for groovy music to listen to while you relax. 

Get Free- Major Lazer

Baths- Animal

Appletree- Erykah Badu

Walking On Air- Kerli

Back In The Day- Erykah Badu

One Love- Bob Marley

2 AM- Slightly Stoopid

Summer Time- Sublime

Unbelievable (CLEAN)- Biggie Smalls

Pumped Up Kicks- Cris Cab  

Fire On The Mountain- The Grateful Dead

Hurricane Drunk- Florence And The Machine

Calling Me- Adriana Evans

I’m A Thug (CLEAN)- Trick Daddy

Pretty Lights- Finally Moving

Santeria- Sublime

Unpretty- TLC

The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars

Virtual Insanity- Jamiroquai

LDN- Lily Allen

Don’t Worry Be Happy- Bobby Mc Ferrin

We Are Young- Fun

So Real (OUTRO)- Black Eyed Peas

Collie Man- Slightly Stoopid

There’s Nothin’ Else I Can Say (Eh, Eh)- Lady Gaga

Woo- Erykah Badu


Harlem Nocturne- Aclicia Keys

Liquor Store Blues- Bruno Mars

Catamaran- Candy Claws

Happy- Ashanti

Gin And Juice (CLEAN)- Snoop Dogg

If you liked this playlist, there are plenty more on the CL website!

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Tatiana Flowers is entering her junior year at Penn State with a Broadcast Journalism major and an English minor.  She identifies as a funny, driven, and outgoing classy-co-ed whose favorite thing to do is WRITE!   This summer, she is excited to spend lots of time writing specifically about Relationships, High School, and Music.

Major Of The Month: Digital Media Arts

Are you artistically inclined? Do you consider yourself computer geek chic? Then the Digital Media Arts major just may be for you.

Gabrielle Tomasko (C) 2012

This month, College Lifestyles spoke to Gabrielle Tomasko, 22, a 2012 graduate of Duquesne University, via messaging about Digital Media Arts, which her degree is in.

Tomasko did not come to Duquesne with Digital Media Arts in mind, but decided that it was for her during her sophomore year.

“I picked Duquesne largely for its Integrated Marketing Communication program. I ended up double majoring with the Digital Media Arts degree later,” Tomasko said.

What drew her to Digital Media Arts?

“I initially wanted to work in advertising as a copywriter until I realized that I was more interested in the design aspect of advertising rather than the conceptual,” Tomasko said. It was an elective course that helped her solidify her decision.

“I took an intro design course as an elective and realized that I enjoyed learning about graphic design,” she said. “It helped that my teacher was very interested in the subject matter and earnestly answered many of my questions about the field. Sometimes when I have a question, I still email him.”

Gabrielle Tomasko (C) 2012

Classes Tomasko took for her Digital Media Arts degree included, “Graphic Design Process, Introduction to Flash, and Media Ethics to name a few,” she said, and then elaborated:

“While Graphic Design Process specifically taught principles, Intro to Flash taught the technical aspects of the Adobe program Flash. Media Ethics concentrated on theory and discussed the ethical dilemmas that can occur when working in media … Overall, I enjoyed my classes. I liked how with many of the courses, the quality of my work depended on my own effort. While I had specific guidelines to fulfill, my own creativity and effort allowed projects to become portfolio quality work.”

Gabrielle Tomasko (C) 2012

As with every major, there were pros and cons.

“I like this major a lot because it is based on a creative discipline,” Tomasko said. “Other majors grade solely on test results, but the Digital Media Arts major grades mostly on projects or papers. Classes are also very hands-on. Oftentimes you are in a computer lab and can design while learning from the professor.“

“My only critique with this type of education is that the classes are geared towards teaching basics,” she added. “If you rely on learning solely through coursework, then you may be in for a surprise after graduation. I suggest using online tutorials and designing outside of school. This will only strengthen your skills and make you a better designer.”

Tomasko gained experience outside of the classroom through an internship.

I had multiple internships, but my last one was geared towards graphic design,” she said. “It was helpful because I gained a lot of experience. I designed a logo, brochure, and website for a startup company.”

Her advice to anyone considering this major?

“I would say that you should figure out what aspect of digital media you are interested in as soon as possible,” Tomasko said. “This major has both multimedia and web design concentrations. Once you have an interest in a particular type of media, your course selection will become more personalized to your career goals.”

Gabrielle Tomasko (C) 2012

Tomasko’s current goal, “is to continually learn new things—with graphic design, the technology is always changing. The only way to succeed in this field is to adapt to the changes,” she said. She is currently looking at freelance assignments while searching for full-time employment.

Have more questions about Digital Media Arts? Let us know in the comments below!

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Debra Schreiber is a recent alum of Duquesne University where she studied Journalism and Spanish. She took a long time picking a major (just ask Tomasko) but was happy with her choice. She interns for College Lifestyles as an Editor/Features Writer.

How To: Become A Successful DJ/ Record Label Owner

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a DJ/ record label owner? Have you ever wished you could hear the tricks of the trade from someone in the business? If so, the answers are here!

This week, I was privileged enough to have a face-to-face interview with DJ/Record Label Owner, DJ Juan Coon. Coon has been a DJ for 27 years, and has been the CEO of his own record label, Phoenix Music and Media for 7 years. He is booked solid Wednesday-Sunday every week of the year. On average, he turns down at least 4 bookings per week, due to being over-booked! Coon has rocked the house all over the U.S., and also internationally. He has worked with countless amounts of celebrities, yet he is still grounded and nowhere near cocky!

Now that, is success! Fasten your seat belts people, you’re about the experience what it’s like to be one of the best DJ’s/Record Label Owners:

“How did you get started in the business?”

When I was 11, I was the MC in a rap group with my friends. We would perform for people all the time, but I had always been more interested in the turntables. I would practice, practice, and practice behind closed doors, and one day my friends caught me. They asked if I’d rather be the DJ in the group, and I was a little apprehensive at first. Surprisingly, the next time we performed, they threw me out there, as DJ Juan Coon… and of course, I rocked the house. From then on, I had been the DJ, not the MC. After that, I secured an internship with WBLS, I went on tours, built my own studio, and learned how to work my own equipment. I started producing my own songs and playing them at clubs and parties, and eventually, I started playing them on radio stations.” 



What age should I start looking into the profession?”

I would tell anyone to start looking as soon as possible. It’s never too early, and it’s also never too late.”

Is a mentor necessary for success?”

I wouldn’t say a mentor is a necessity, but a mentor is good to have because they tell you the tricks of the trade, they introduce you to people who are already in the business, and they build a great contact list for you. My mentors were Frankie Crocker, Hal Jackson, Percy and Chuck Sutton. They made me who I am today. They changed my life.”

Is it more about who you know or what you know?”

As bad as this sounds, it’s more about who you know. People who have no clue about the industry get hired all the time if they know the right people. For example, I’m the CEO of a record label. If I like you, I’m giving you a job. But on the other hand, knowing a lot about the profession is important because when times get rough, you still need to produce on your own.”

Do I need a college degree? What should my major be?”

Not necessarily, but a degree helps you maintain financial stability and versatility while you’re on the path to becoming a DJ. A degree also allows you to find a job in another field, if need be. I graduated from UCONN with a double major in Communications and Business and I think it has helped me.”

How long does it take to become successful?”

I’m optimistic, so I’d like to say over night. You can own a record label tomorrow if you really go for it.”

“What is an average salary like?”

There’s no such thing because you set your own price. However, your price is determined by your worth: your resume/ years of experience. I’d say a DJ could make a range from $250-$15,000 per night. If you’re a super star, you could make up to $100,000 per night.”

“How do I get started!?”

Know your music: You need to play music that will please EVERYONE. You should make yourself familiar with current music and also the latest hits. You also need to know your audience’s taste, prior to the event. The trick is, play the hits closer to the end of the party. No one wants to hear the same thing twice.”

Purchase up-to-date equipment: Do your research and find out what equipment you need. Some include: speakers, head phones, a laptop, a microphone, turntables. Become familiar with serato because it helps if you don’t use turntables.”

Make connections: Since it’s more about who you know than what you know, attend seminars, conventions, and international conferences. That’s how you become world-renowned.”

Be nice: Try not to let your head swell, regardless of how many fans you have or how many celebrities you know. If people like you, they’ll always support you!”




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**Want to know more about DJ Juan Coon?  Visit his website or twitter page: @juancoon.**







Tatiana Flowers is entering her junior year at Penn State with a Broadcast Journalism major and an English minor. She identifies as a funny, driven, and outgoing classy-co-ed whose favorite thing to do is WRITE! This summer, she is excited to spend lots of time writing specifically about Relationships, High School, and Music.