Product Review: Moleskine® Le Petit Prince Planner

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If failing to plan truly is planning to fail, you won’t want to start off the new semester without the contents of your entire life stored in one 5.1×8.2 in. notebook.

Google Calendars and iPhone reminders are fabulous tools, until your Wi-Fi stops working or you drop your phone into a puddle on the way to class. Sometimes, going back to pen and paper is the best way to ensure all your plans remain accessible, no matter where you are on or off campus.

Moleskine® products have won the creative hearts of co-eds since the late 1990s, combining the comfort and security of a place to plan out and document the events of your life with the old-fashioned familiarity of literally putting pen to paper.

The Le Petit Prince Weekly Notebook Planner leaves each owner with 18 months of blank space to fill with notes, reminders, important dates and more. Its small size makes for easy transport in a purse or backpack. Its hardcover exterior won’t bend or tear if it spends all day hidden in the bottom of your favorite tote.

Le Petit Prince lets you plan your days, weeks and months to fit your personal needs. Its front pages leave room to write a short note for each day of the year. The pages that follow include space for each day of the week on the left, and lined pages on the right for those devoted list-makers.

Whether you keep track of events by the day or by the hour, the Le Petit Prince Weekly Notebook Planner allows you to gather your classy college life into one book and organize it accordingly.

Start your semester off planning to succeed. You won’t regret a single well-planned moment.

Image courtesy of Meg Dowell.