CL’s Guide to: National School Breakfast Week

nsbw“Be a Star with School Breakfast,” is this year’s National School Breakfast Week theme which falls on March 4 through the 8. The school breakfast program was founded by the Child Nutrition Act of 1966.  It provides nutritious meals to students at participating schools.  Be a Star this week and make time for breakfast every morning. Whether its breakfast on the go, something pre made or an extravagant meal in the morning you are sure to feel better throughout the day when including this meal in your day.

College life may seem too difficult to squeeze in breakfast, but this should never be the case. The benefits of eating breakfast are substantial.


  • Improved energy: Common breakfast foods pack nutritious vitamins, calcium and protein to keep you energized throughout the day.  A healthy breakfast will also help you stay focused throughout your classes.
  • Metabolism boost: When you sleep your metabolism slows down.  The only way to jump start your metabolism is to begin the day with a healthy breakfast.
  • Fight Health Problems: Women ages 20 to 39 who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight, have high blood pressure or have high cholesterol.

Classy coeds can plan a healthy well-rounded breakfast in just a few minutes.  The following are healthy and nutritious options for your daily breakfast this week:


  • Oatmeal: Quick oats in the morning take less than 2 minutes to make.  Add your favorite fruit and spice with some cinnamon.  You can also use steel cut oats and make oatmeal the night before.
  • Eggs and Toast: Cook your eggs however you like and pair it with a piece of toast.  You can also combine the two together by cutting a hole in your toast and frying your egg inside the hole.
  • Greek Yogurt and Fruit: Pair a 6z container of Greek Yogurt with your favorite fruit.  If you want a chewy texture add in ¼ cup of rolled oats.
  • Cereal: Cereals are rich in complex carbohydrates, iron, minerals and fiber.  The healthiest cereals contain one serving of whole grains, less than 10 grams of sugar and at least 3 grams of fiber.
  • Fresh Fruit Salad: Combine all of your favorite fruits in one bowl.  Add a little lime or lemon juice for added flavor.
  • Cottage Cheese and Fruit: Pair low-fat cottage cheese with your favorite fruit. Pack this the night before and grab the container on the go the next morning.

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CL Presents National Nutrition Month

Every March The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics honors National Nutrition Month.  It is a nutrition and education information based campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to educate others on the importance of food making decisions, developing solid eating habits, and physical activity habits.  Will you adjust your eating habits this month in honor of National Nutrition Month?

This years theme is “Get Your Plate in Shape.”  Learn the basics and you can fall into a lifestyle change.  You will feel healthier and more energized once you begin eating the right things.  Explore the Get Your Plate In Shape tip sheet.  Tips include eating more fruits and vegetables, which can be fresh, frozen, and canned.  Another tip includes varying your proteins.  Try different proteins and you will never get sick of what you are eating.  There are many options out there, utilize them.

If you are unsure on how to cook healthy or need some ideas, National Nutrition Month, NNM, has provided a list of recipes.  Plan out your week with some of these recipes and head to the grocery store to stock up.  Remember it takes time to make these recipes but you are getting one step closer to a new and healthier you!  Don’t feel like you need to make these every day.  Try out a few recipes and find what you like.

Every week this month the NNM is focusing on 1 healthy change we can make in our lives.  What will your changes be this month?  Try cutting out salt for a week or soda.  You may realize you don’t need certain things as much as you rely on them.

Stephanie Coppola is a recent graduate of Quinnipiac University and a proud alumni of Kappa Alpha Theta. She is working on her masters in Interactive Media. When shes not writing shes playing with shoes at her shoe store!  Challenge yourself this month to become a healthier person.