CL’s Guide to Feeling Homesick

Being on your own and independent is such a fabulous feeling! …Until you start to miss your mother’s home cooked meals or teasing your little brother. Oh no! You’re starting to get homesick – you’re not alone! Whether you’re an hour away or eight, being away from home for too long can really affect you.

My Story – I go to a school eight hours away from my home in New Jersey. I went to a university where I didn’t know a single person! My roommate went home a lot and every time she left I’d get to thinking about how much I wish I could just hop in my car and go home. It was such a hard adjustment, but I overcame it! I got involved on campus and joined a sorority and my undesirable feelings went away! Now I’m a junior and I love being at school! Being away from home really helped me become much more independent and confident. I still miss home at times, but it’s easier to deal with now. I call my family all the time to keep in touch, but hearing their voices makes me happy not down. If you’re feeling lonely and sad the way I did check out these helpful tips!

How to deal with getting homesick:

  • Keep Busy! If you are occupied, you won’t have time to think so much. Read a book, get a jump start on your test next week, and grab dinner with your friends.
  • Bring home to you – with your school friends! Home is where you’re loved ones are, your college friends become your family, embrace it! Meet as many people as possible while you’re in college and create bonds with them! They probably know how you feel.
  • Get Involved! Join a club or organization! I joined a sorority my freshman year and they have become my family and helped college feel like a second home to me.
  • K.I.T. – Keep in touch with your family and friends from home! Shoot them an email every once and a while and call them on the phone. Don’t overdo it so much that it takes out your life though!
  • Decorate! Put up pictures of you and your friends and family. Surround yourself with memories of good times that will put a smile on your face!
  • Hang in there! It can be hard sometimes, you need to stay positive and relish your college experience! It will go fast so enjoy it while you can! Live in the moment and enjoy it! Don’t go home every weekend or you’ll surely miss out on some great times!

Have you ever been homesick? How did you overcome it? Share your story!

Sharon Tendler is a junior at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She is majoring in business marketing and minoring in graphic design. Sharon is a proud sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family, scrapbooking, texting, and watching movies!