Tips for Boosting Your Self-Esteem Over Summer Break


According to psychologist John M. Grohol, self-esteem simply means appreciating yourself for who you are — faults, quirks and all.  Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself. People with a good and healthy self-esteem are able to feel good about themselves for who they are, appreciate their own worth and take pride in their abilities and accomplishments. Here are some tips on how to boost your self-esteem this summer.

Think Positive Thoughts

According to, a good place to start with raising your self-esteem is by learning how to handle and replace the voice of your own inner critic. This inner voice will often whisper destructive thoughts into your mind. You don’t have to accept them.

Minimize that critical voice and replace it with more helpful and constructive thoughts. According to, the way you feel affects your thoughts, memory and behavior. Changing how you view yourself begins with the way you think.  

Stop Comparing Yourself

Nothing can hurt our self-esteem more than unfair comparisons. When you compare your life and what you have to other people’s lives and what they have then you are being destructive to yourself. You can never win. There is always someone who has more or is better than you at something in the world.

So replace that habit with something better.

Look at how far you have come instead. Compare yourself to yourself. Focus on you, on your results and on how you can and have improved. This will both motivate you and raise your self-esteem.


Get to Know Yourself

Sometimes when we’re down on ourselves and our self-esteem has taken a big hit, we feel like we have nothing to offer the world or others. It may be that we simply haven’t found everything that we do have to offer — things we haven’t even considered or thought of yet.

Examine Your Circle

It will be hard to keep your self-esteem up if the people in your life constantly drag it down. Choose to spend less time with people who are perfectionists, unkind or unsupportive of your dreams or goals and spend more time with positive, uplifting people. Pay attention to what you read, listen to and watch as well.  

The difference between someone with good self-esteem and someone without it is the ability to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. When you love yourself more life simply becomes easier.

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Should You Move to Live Closer to Him After Graduation?


On top of all the other decisions that come with graduating from college, graduating students with significant others also have to decide what to do about their relationships. For all of you who are thinking about moving in with or near your boyfriend after getting your diploma, here are some things to consider before you make your final decision.

You don’t want to uproot your entire life to be with someone you could potentially see yourself breaking up with in the distant to near future. Considering the type of relationship you two have before committing to living in close proximity to each other is extremely important.

According to an article on about making the commitment to live close to your boyfriend after graduating, you need to evaluate what type of couple you are. Do you fight a lot about small, stupid things? Do you have a break-up/make-up dynamic? Moving to be with someone that you can’t picture being in a long-term relationship with is never a good idea. You need to be very sure of what you want with someone before making that sort of commitment.

The most important thing to remember before you decide to move close to be with your loved one after May is that you should not be sacrificing anything that you could be doing if he wasn’t in the picture. For example, if you got your dream job offer in New York City but turned it down to follow your boyfriend to Los Angeles, that would not be fair and you might regret it later.


According to Andrea Rogers of, you should only move to his city if it suits your career and personal goals. That way if your relationship doesn’t work out, you haven’t lost everything.

You should probably spend some good time thinking about the very real possibility that things might not work out. According to an article on, if that risk seems too great for you—if the idea of making such a big sacrifice without experiencing the payoff you’re hoping for leaves you feeling bitter and regretful—you probably aren’t quite ready to make the leap yet.

You are young and still have a lot of growing up to do as an individual. Don’t ever think that a particular guy is your last chance or the best you will ever get. In the end, trust your gut and do what’s right for you!

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What to Do if Your Friends Don’t Get Along with Your SO

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What to do if Your Friends Don’t Get Along with Your SO

You think you’re in love and you’ve found the perfect guy or girl for you. You want to share this great new person with your best friends, but they just don’t like him or her. So now what?

Here’s what to do if your friends don’t get along with your significant other.


Talk to your friends and see why they’re giving off these negative vibes. Sometimes your friends may just feel a little neglected or protective. Think about if you’ve been spending  less time together lately or generally talking less. This might be a sign that you’ve been too caught up in your new relationship to make time for your friends. If this is the case, ask them if you can work together to find a balance between spending time with the most important people in your life.

If it’s a case of your significant other not liking your friends, talk to them and ask  them of the exact, real reason why they don’t like your friends. Is it a valid answer? If they don’t like them because of the way they treat you, maybe there’s something going on there that you can’t see or don’t want to admit. But if they don’t like them because they just don’t get along with them, that’s not exactly something you can deal with easily.

Try to get them to get along

Unless something really bad happened between them, try to see if you can change their minds about each other. Maybe they just don’t know each other well enough. Plan a big group hang so they can get to know each other in a different setting and see what happens. Maybe they’ll all have a good time and change their minds or at least decide they can tolerate each other.


Don’t force it

According to an article titled “I Just Don’t Like You” on, there are certain behavioral reasons why people don’t like each other and that’s okay.

Sometimes you might have to accept that your significant other and your friends will never be close. You can’t force them to get along, and you shouldn’t try to.

Do some soul searching

We all have blind spots sometimes. If your friend brings up something to question your partner’s integrity or says that he or she is a bad influence on you, take a moment to step back and examine your relationship.

Your friends may be wrong, but if they’re good friends they wouldn’t bring the issue up if they weren’t genuinely concerned. Remember that they are your friends for a reason and try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Your friends are so important and they’re the people that will be there for you if your significant other isn’t. According to an article on about tips on what to do if your boyfriend doesn’t like your friends, you should never throw away your friends for a relationship unless it is genuinely what you want.

“The key to making a friendship work is holding on through the times of change. New romantic relationships do change the dynamic of your relationship,” friendship expert Cherie Burbach of said.

When the dynamics of a close friendship change, it can be hard on everyone involved. If your friendships are strong and you’re willing to communicate and address the issues, then your friends, your significant other and you will find a way to work things out.

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Must-Haves for Throwing a Goodbye Get-Together with Friends Before Graduation


Graduating from college is a huge milestone. You will definitely want to have a party with your college friends and other people you’ve formed relation aware of the legal risks involved, especially since you may have guests that are underage.


Great Music

Music is all you need to set the tone for a perfect party. Customize a playlist specifically for the occasion consisting of your and your friends’ favorite party jams and other songs that bring back great memories. It’s important to make sure that you have plenty of good music to last through the entire evening.

Great Friends

It’s not a party without the guests of course. The people attending your party are the most important part. You’ll want to make sure you invite every person who has had a significant impact on your life throughout your four years in college.

Planning a graduation party can be one of the most exciting and happiest parts about graduating. The preparations for a fun-filled party can be quite tiring but all of the stress will pay off as soon as you get everything together for the party. According to, when throwing a party, whether for your family or friends, it is important that you are guided by the basic goal – for everyone to have fun.

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Relationship Milestones Worth Celebrating


Far too often, couples forget to mark the milestones in their relationships. According to the dating website CoupleConnection, research shows that marking important anniversaries can actually help strengthen relationships. Here are some romantic relationship milestones that should be on your couple radar.

The First Kiss

The first kiss is one way to assess the future of a relationship. Psychology professor Pamela Regan explains in “The Very First Kiss: Momentous or Disastrous?” in Psychology Today that the first kiss often indicates a change in the intimacy of a relationship. Chemistry is an important factor in a romantic relationship and kissing is a major indicator of that connection.

Introducing Each Other as “Boyfriend” or “Girlfriend”

Up until this point you haven’t really known what to call each other. The first time your significant other introduces you as their boyfriend or girlfriend, you know your relationship has shifted.

“Being labeled as his girlfriend — or you calling him your boyfriend — is one way to learn that you are a solid item with your partner,” says Patti Britton, PhD, clinical sexologist, founder of and author of “The Art of Sex Coaching.”  “Once you both say those words out loud it makes it real. Having the pride to give what you two have going on a name is another level of intimacy. It’s an excellent way to go deeper into the next phase of your love bond.”


The First “I Love You”

This is one of the most meaningful phrases between couples and it shouldn’t be said or taken lightly. It’s a pretty big deal when either of you exchange your first “I love yous” as a couple and it’s worth acknowledging  because usually it’s a sign of commitment.

First Year

The first year in a relationship is often the most exciting and difficult combined. You have likely learned a lot about one another in this amount of time and are finally coming face-to-face with one another’s faults and weaknesses. You have become accustomed to nagging habits and have definitely laid the groundwork for what chances the two of you have making it as a couple. There are plenty of people that don’t make it a year. You definitely owe it to yourselves to celebrate your first year as a couple.

Remember that there aren’t many rules when it comes to dating. The reason that you are dating someone in the first place is to add something meaningful to your life. While things aren’t always perfect and never will be, celebrating your moments together can be one of the most important things the two of you do as a couple!

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Classy Lady Spotlight: Sophia Amoruso


California-born Sophia Amoruso is the former CEO of Nasty Gal, a retailer that sells modern and vintage fashion, shoes and accessories for young women. She recently published a book called “#GIRLBOSS.” According to the Huffington Post, the book is part memoir and part business guide and follows Amoruso’s unlikely path to success — from a dumpster-diving teenager to a CEO. Amoruso is inspiring a generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands.

Name: Sophia Amoruso

Birthday: April 20, 1984

Fun fact: The first ever object she sold on her online eBay shop was a stolen book.

Current Projects: Although she is no longer the CEO of NastyGal, Amoruso still has exciting developments coming in the future. According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix is creating a series based on her bestseller “#GIRLBOSS.”

The comedy series will follow Amoruso’s story of how she went from selling vintage clothing on eBay to founding the multimillion-dollar Nasty Gal fashion label by age 27.

Netflix is teaming with actress Charlize Theron and Kay Cannon, the writer of the “Pitch Perfect” franchise, to produce the series.

Community Outreach and Charities: Amoruso launched the #Girlboss™ Foundation, which is a nonprofit that supports creative entrepreneurs, specifically women, in furthering their interests and their dreams. Since its launch in 2014, according to its website, the #Girlboss™ Foundation has awarded over $75,000 in financial grants to women in the worlds of design, fashion, music and the arts to help fund them on their way to becoming a #Girlboss™ and owning their future. The foundation aims to empower creative women to take over the world.


Why Sophia Amoruso is a Classy Lady: The 31-year-old’s fashion empire began as a simple store on eBay. Despite her success, Amoruso has stated that it was never about having a big business for her. She has always been focused on doing the best job that she possibly could.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Amoruso stated that her work is more than just about fashion.

“We give girls a place to be themselves. And ‘#GIRLBOSS,’ as a book, gives girls permission to to be who they want to be, and to try new things, and to have an opinion, and to have an unpopular opinion and to do things differently. I think it’s important that everyone understands that there’s no real prescription to having an awesome life.”

Amoruso has her own definition of what it means to be successful.

“I think we’re all capable of creating successes in our life every day, and I think that’s a much healthier approach to your life and your career. If something doesn’t work out and you learn from it, you’ve still been successful.”

We at College Lifestyles™ love Sophia Amoruso because she is unapologetically exactly who she is, a quality that’s important for all classy women to have.

“I think it’s important that women live the life they want to live, and don’t live the life that the world has told them to live — unless they want to. That’s their life, that’s their choice, and that’s what they want.”

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CL Interviews: Amanda Kadykowski from Michigan State University

Amanda Kadykowski definitely has her hands full but she doesn’t mind. She is a marketing major, also minoring in entrepreneurship and innovation and she is also the editor-in-chief of VIM Magazine, the fashion magazine on Michigan State University’s campus. In her spare time the college senior enjoys biking, yoga and traveling. College Lifestyles™ caught up with Kadykowski and talked to her about her position at VIM.

College Lifestyles™: How did you become involved with VIM?

Amanda Kadykowski: I was the editor-in-chief of my high school’s yearbook, so when I got to MSU I was looking for another publication to work on. I came across VIM and was really intrigued by the design, so I went to a meeting with my friend Kelsey Parkinson, who is VIM’s current art director, and joined the graphic design team.

CL: What is your favorite thing about VIM?

AK: I love working with all the different students and seeing them take pride in their work. Our staff is extremely talented, so it’s amazing to see their work come together every semester. My favorite moment is when we release the issue to our staff in the fall and spring.

CL: When you joined, did you picture yourself being the editor of VIM in the future?

AK: Not at all. The first semester I was involved but I was very quiet and didn’t really know anyone.

CL:  What made you want to run for the position of editor-in-chief?

AK: I actually never thought about becoming VIM’s editor-in-chief or president. I was at the library studying and I received a phone call from the former EIC, Emily Ribick, and she asked me if I was interested in the position. It was totally unexpected, but I decided to give it a shot and I don’t regret it.

CL: What are your favorite parts about being editor-in-chief?

AK: Being involved on campus, working with creative people from different backgrounds, contributing to the growth of VIM and working with local businesses.

CL: What are some challenges that you face as editor-in-chief?

AK: Time management! It is a challenge to balance being a full-time student while being VIM’s EIC. I always have something to do or work on, so my schedule can become stressful at times.

CL:  How do you handle the duties of being editor-in-chief  and being a full-time student?

AK: I keep a detailed schedule and try to stay organized.

8I8A5257 (1)

CL: How has VIM influenced you as a person?

AK: VIM has developed my creativity and leadership skills. I have a great appreciation for the arts and creative process.

CL: How has VIM influenced what you want to do as a career and how do you think being editor-in-chief of VIM will help your career?

AK: I have always had an interest in fashion, but VIM has definitely strengthened that interest and has helped me get fashion-related internships throughout college. Being EIC of VIM has taught me how to work effectively with a large group of people on deadline, which will be very helpful for my future career.

CL: How do you take time to relax?

AK: Like every college student, I relax when I’m hanging out with friends and family. I also love to do spinning  and yoga classes on the weekends.

CL: What advice do you have for the future presidents of VIM?

AK: My advice would be to continue to push boundaries and don’t be afraid to do things differently.

Michigan State’s campus has definitely gotten more fashionable with Kadykowski ruling the fashion scene. With such a motivated personality, we at CL have no doubt she will be able to accomplish everything she sets her mind to in the future!

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Images courtesy of Amanda Kadykowski.  

Your Online Dating Profile Needs a Makeover


Dating is a science. It is a combination of chemistry and partially careful calculation. In the online dating world, there are so many people to choose from that it’s important to have an inviting, attractive and clear profile. Having a fun and positive profile is a key to online success.


According to, 90 percent of your online success is based on your photos. Your featured headshot is the most important photo you have. Its job is to instantly capture someone’s attention and make them want to learn more about you. The best results will come with a clear shot of you smiling and looking at the camera.  If your photos are not amazing, the right people may continue to pass you by.

Not only is it important to include natural, high-quality photos, but it is also essential to think about the message the photos are sending. For example, classy and non-suggestive photos help send the message that you are looking for a long-lasting relationship and not just a hook-up. The response to suggestive or revealing photos is usually equally suggestive. You want your photos to attract genuine and respectful attention, not attention that objectifies you.

Profile Content

Your online dating success also depends on the effectiveness of your profile. Stay away from stating what you do not want or describing that you are not a certain way. Descriptions filled with negative phrases can make you seem unappealing. Positive language helps bring out your personality and makes you more attractive to someone who is viewing your profile. Describe yourself accurately and honestly.

Buzzfeed contributor Ouiser Boudreaux in an article entitled “How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile” said, “Online dating is like advertising: Know your ideal audience and target them by positioning yourself to be as appealing as possible. Keep your product’s major flaws out of the commercial.”

General Tips

Poor spelling and grammar are big turn-offs. Of 1,000 people surveyed by online dating site, over 60 percent said they would not respond to someone with poor grammar. It’s also important to be concise. Your profile should be more than a couple sentences but it’s not the place to tell your entire life story.  

Your online photos and profile are your personal advertisement in the online dating world and they need to be amazing. Simply put, it’s important to have a fun, positive profile and great photos to attract the attention of high-quality people and potential dates.

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Classy Lady Spotlight: Shonda Rhimes



In Time magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” issue, Oprah recently endorsed Shonda Rhimes as a “storyteller of our times, [who] validates our story – the human story of faults and fears, loneliness and loss, triumphs and often short-lived joys. She gets us; all of us!”

Best known as the creator of some of our most beloved TV series, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice” and “Scandal,” this powerhouse runs Shondaland production company, which has over 550 employees, and holds down the job as a single mother.

Name: Shonda Lynn Rhimes

Birthday:  January 13, 1970

Fun fact: According to, Shonda Rhimes is the first African-American woman to create and executive produce a Top 10 network series—the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Current Projects: Rhimes is the creator and currently executive producer and head writer of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The series focuses on the surgical staff at a fictional hospital in Seattle, Washington. The show has received numerous awards each year since its conception as a highly popular drama.

Since then, she has had a multitude of other successes such as “Private Practice,” but the only other shows that continue to be on air are “Scandal,” the political drama starring Kerry Washington and the more recent “How to Get Away With Murder,” the mystery-thriller starring Viola Davis.

In 2015, Rhimes was in the process of developing a pilot called “The Catch,” based on the Kate Atkinson novel, which columnist Cindy Elavsky described as a “thriller … about a woman who is about to get married … and about to get conned.” The series starring Mireille Enos and Peter Krause is set to premiere March 24, 2016, on ABC.

Community Outreach and Charities: Although the mother of three does not have formal charity involvement, she has often been praised for featuring diverse casts on her shows.

Why Shonda Rhimes is a Classy Lady: After graduation, the writer found herself an unemployed scriptwriter in Hollywood. To make ends meet, Rhimes worked at a variety of day jobs, including as an office administrator, and then as a counselor at a job center that taught mentally ill and homeless people job skills. She never gave up and worked hard enough to have her own feature script picked up by a network.

Despite her success, Rhimes continues to stay true to herself as a writer in all of her projects. She’s never played by Hollywood’s traditional rules and is fearless in her approach to her work.

“I really try to make a show that I would want to watch,” Rhimes said to “If I don’t want to watch it… it doesn’t go in the show.”


In May 2007, Rhimes was named one of Time magazine’s 100 People Who Help Shape The World. Rhimes regularly receives recognition for her work. She has received several GLAAD Media and NAACP Image Awards for her tackling of important issues in terms of race and sexuality in her projects, but she insists that she is not a trailblazer.

“A dream job is not about dreaming,” she says. “It’s all job, all work, all reality, all blood, all sweat, no tears. I work a lot. For me my work is at all times… manning the troops, it is painting a canvas, it is hitting every high note, it is running a marathon, it is being Beyoncé.”

Rhimes’ unwavering commitment to her craft, her family and even herself has molded her into the person she is. These great qualities inspire others to recognize their own calling and follow their own path, no matter what it may be.

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How to Deal With Unwanted Flirting


Flirting is a common way to express interest in someone. It’s generally acceptable and usually fun for both parties involved. However, sometimes a line is crossed or interest isn’t returned and the flirting becomes unwanted and often uncomfortable. If this happens, follow these steps to stop undesirable flirting.

Don’t react

If you truly want the unwanted flirting and behavior to stop, never flirt back. Some people give out mixed signals which can confuse the pursuer into thinking that their behavior is fine. If you’re a naturally flirtatious person, try to tone it down around this person because they may be unable to distinguish the fact that you act this way toward everyone and not just toward them

Seek help

If the unwanted flirting is occurring at work, consult your company’s policy on sexual harassment. If your direct request to end the behavior is not successful after informing them of the workplace rules, follow the process as outlined in your company’s policy and file a formal sexual harassment complaint.

In rare cases, this behavior can turn dangerous if advances are not met. If the behavior ever turns from harmless flirting to stalking, consult with local law enforcement or the police immediately.

Be honest

Most of the time the best thing to do is communicate directly with the person doing the flirting. The person might not even realize that the flirting is unwelcome or that you’ve become uncomfortable. In this situation, it doesn’t hurt to just be direct and request that they stop but don’t joke about it. Laughing it off may seem like an easy way to diffuse the situation, but it can be hurtful for the other person.

“They’ve taken a risk in telling you how they feel,” says relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall. “At the very least, acknowledge this, and explain how flattered you are.” Ignoring the situation isn’t good for anyone.


Keep in mind that everybody gets rejected every now and then. If you are worried about hurting someone’s feelings, remember that it is more hurtful to lead someone on than to be honest and upfront about how you really feel.

In a study of more than 200 cases of unrequited love conducted by Florida State University’s Dr. Roy Baumeister, stronger feelings of frustration and guilt were recorded by the object of the crush than by the person who’s doing the crushing. Remember that you’re not to blame for how they feel.

While expressed interest from another person can be flattering, sometimes flirting directed at you can be uncomfortable or even just plain annoying. If you simply don’t desire the attention from another person who has set out to make their feelings known, you have a right to say so.

‘They’ve been honest about their feelings and you’re entitled to be honest about yours,” says psychologist Dr. Ceri Parsons.

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Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person


Is your current relationship really not all you’ve dreamed for yourself? Is there something inside of you telling you maybe the person you’ve been dating isn’t the best person for you to be with? If you’re possibly thinking yes, here are some signs that you might be dating the wrong person.

You’re not happy

This one might seem obvious but it’s the first place you should start. Someone dating the right person would be able to say they consistently enjoy the relationship. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t get into the occasional fight with their partner (even the healthiest couples do that), but generally speaking somebody in a good relationship would feel content a majority of the time.

So if you find yourself unhappy much of the time – and especially at times when you’re with your partner – then that’s a fairly clear sign that they may not be the best person for you. Although your partner shouldn’t be responsible for your happiness, they should certainly make each day a little brighter.

Other people aren’t happy

Not everyone is going to like your boyfriend or girlfriend as much as you do. However, if the people closest to you aren’t happy for you and try to discourage your relationship, there’s a good chance that you two may not belong together. According to M. Gary Neuman, licensed psychotherapist and author of “The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It,” “When all your friends and family are uncomfortable with the relationship, it’s time to take a good look at it. If you find yourself isolated from loved ones and telling yourself they just don’t know your significant other the way you do, chances are this won’t end well.”

Experts say that early in any relationship, we tend to overemphasize our partner’s good points, and downplay their faults. You might be deluded in love but your family and friends aren’t. The people who genuinely love you will always have high standards for the way you should be treated.


You can’t be yourself

If it feels like the person you’re with is trying to change you into someone you’re not or if you feel as if you always have to try to impress them, you might be dating the wrong person. Licensed marriage and family therapist Virginia Gilbert stated that although people might change  a bit when they’re exposed to a new partner and their individual tastes, it only becomes a real issue when they feel the need to change who they are at their core to satisfy their partner.  Your partner should love you completely as you are. You should be dating each other for who you are, not for who you want each other to be.

You have nothing in common

It is true that sometimes opposites do attract, but you should be compatible in terms of sharing the same views on life and such. If your lifestyles are at opposite ends of the spectrum, this isn’t just a sign that you’re dating the wrong person; it’s also a sign that your relationship doesn’t have a future.

“Having shared interests is important. You want a partner you can experience life with and create memories with, as well as other important elements of a good relationship, including communication, intimacy, respect and love,” said relationship and intimacy coach Rachel Lay.

Looking for love can be a long and complicated process. When you find that someone special and your heart truly knows it, you’ll never have to ask yourself if you’re dating the wrong person.

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Our Favorite 2016 Oscar Nominees


The 2016 Academy Awards, AKA, The Oscars are on their way. Comedian Chris Rock is set to host the 88th Academy Awards to help honor the best films, actors and actresses of 2015. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite nominees this year.

Tom Hardy

English actor Tom Hardy is a Best Supporting Actor nominee for his performance alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant.” As John Fitzgerald, the first time nominee plays an early 19th-century trapper who goes against orders and abandons a severely injured companion in the wilderness.

According to sites such as, Hardy deserved an Oscar, or at least a nomination, years ago for his iconic roles in films such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Inception.” We’re just happy the talented actor is finally getting some recognition for his work in 2016.

Rachel McAdams

Another first-time nominee is Canadian actress Rachel McAdams. She’s received her nominee for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Spotlight” as Sacha Pfeiffer, a reporter for The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team during their inquiry into the Catholic Church’s clergy sex abuse scandal.

According to, the “Mean Girls” actress deserves the Oscar nomination for her incredible performance in this film which required obtaining the right balance between journalist, investigative reporter, sensitive interviewer and an overall force to be reckoned with.

Mark Ruffalo

A nomination is nothing new when it comes to this veteran actor. Mark Ruffalo was nominated for Best Supporting Actor twice previously. In 2010 it was for the comedy-drama “The Kids Are All Right,” and in 2014, “Foxcatcher.” This year he is nominated for the award for his portrayal of Mike Rezendes, a reporter investigating the conspiracy surrounding sexual abuse committed by priests in “Spotlight” alongside another one of our favorite nominees, Rachel McAdams.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “Now You See Me” actor was not set to be in attendance to this year’s award show. Standing in solidarity with the “Oscar ban movement” and the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement, he was considering not attending due to the lack of diversity among the nominees in the acting categories. In statements released via Twitter, the activist announced he will be in attendance “in support of the victims of clergy sexual abuse and good journalism.”  We’re excited to see you there, Mark.


Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is a six-time nominee and a one-time winner. Her performance  in “Steve Jobs” is what has earned her her first nomination since 2008. Winslet portrays Joanna Hoffman, the marketing executive who helps to steer Steve Jobs’s computer companies to success in the biographical drama film.

When asked about her nomination in an interview, Kate mostly brushed off the questioning in favor of gushing about her support this year for her closest friend Leonardo DiCaprio (he’s also on our list). Hopefully they both win big this year.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Last, but certainly not least is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. The King of Hollywood is receiving his sixth nomination for his lead role in “The Revenant.” DiCaprio plays  Hugh Glass, a 19th-century American frontiersman who is left for dead by his comrades after being mauled by a bear during a winter expedition in this novel-inspired film.

The 41-year-old actor is the front-runner in this year’s category for Best Actor. He has already picked up a Golden Globe, a SAG Award and a Critics’ Choice Award for his role in the film and the Oscars are highly anticipated. This is Leo’s year and he definitely deserves it.

Be sure to tune in Sunday, February 28 for a star-studded night of surprises,  entertainment and big wins!

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CL Interviews: Nicolas Antaya from Michigan State University


Standing at over six feet tall, Nicolas Antaya from White Lake, Michigan, who prefers to go by Nic, cannot be more excited to have found his true passion in life. Antaya is a sophomore at Michigan State University, majoring in journalism with a focus in visual communication.

College Lifestyles™ was thrilled to get the opportunity to sit down with the budding photographer and to have had the opportunity to get to know Nic Antaya on a more personal level. In this interview, Antaya shares with College Lifestyles™ how his love of photography grew, the big plans he has for the future and inspiring words for others.

College Lifestyles™: How did you choose your major?

Nic Antaya: I got a camera last year in May and since then I’ve loved photography and then I figured out that I like shooting photojournalism as well.

CL: What other interests do you have outside of photography?

NA: Outside of photography I am a skateboarder. I like to hike and when I go hiking I always bring my camera.

CL: What are your favorite things to take pictures of or what is your favorite thing you have ever photographed?

NA: I’m into a bunch of different styles of photography I guess. The most fun moment was probably when I went to the Cedar Village riots. It was pretty cool and I brought my camera for that. Breaking news is pretty cool-breaking news situations that aren’t necessarily planned for. Landscape wise, waterfalls are always cool.


CL: How do you balance your personal life with school work and building your portfolio?

NA: I think when it comes to any hobby and or passion, you can’t not do it. Every weekend I try to do something photo related. I carry my camera with me everywhere. So basically I don’t separate myself from my camera so that if I see something that intrigues me I can capture the moment.

CL: What do you see yourself doing after you graduate?

NA: I want to have an internship through a newspaper as a photojournalist. To be able to work at a newspaper as a photojournalist is my goal. My dream job would be working as a foreign correspondent and being able to shoot photos and get paid for it. If I had unlimited amounts of money I would travel the world and shoot photos everywhere.

CL: What inspires you the most?

NA: People. At first it was mostly landscapes but for the past couple of months I’ve [focused] on portraits. Especially when it’s someone you’re close to, or just the fact that you can become closer to someone just by having a portrait session.

CL: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

NA: Have fun but not too much fun. Stay focused and follow your passion.

CL: What do you think the secret to a good life is?

NA: Smiling. Being happy and choosing happiness.

CL: In your opinion, is a picture really worth a thousand words?

NA: Depends on the photo. A photo is worth a thousand words in newsworthy situations. It’s definitely more valuable than writing about something.

Although Antaya has only truly been into photography for about a year, his work has already attracted a following of over 1,000 people on his blog. We on the College Lifestyles™ team will be following his Instagram, @nicstah, closely and cannot be more excited to see all of his future work. We wish him the best of luck!

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Classy Interview: Meet Brandy Gonzalez from Iona College

Classy Gentleman (1)

Images courtesy of Nicolas Antaya.

Graphic by College Lifestyles.™


Five Grammy-Nominated Songs You Should Add to Your Valentine’s Day Playlist This Year


The month of February hosts two of the most important events of the year. This year, Valentine’s Day and the Grammy Awards ceremony occur within one day of each other. Seemingly on different spectrums, there is one thing these celebrations have in common: music.  Here are five Grammy-nominated songs to make your Valentine’s Day a little sweeter-with or without a significant other.

“Thinking Out Loud”-Ed Sheeran:

According to MTV, the singer-songwriter was not expecting three nominations for his song but we definitely were. Referred to by Sheeran himself as a “walking down the aisle song,” lyrics such as “And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70/ And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23″ don’t fail to hit listeners in the musical feels. Reminiscent of the chart-topping single “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye, this song will definitely get you in the mood for romance.  If you ask me, Ed, this song was destined for a Grammy nomination from the very first word.

“Love Me Like You Do”-Ellie Goulding

Pop star Ellie Goulding is another Brit surprised at being nominated for the prestigious award. Her track, which appears on the soundtrack of the romantic drama film “50 Shades of Grey,” is up for a Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy. 

Lyrically, in keeping pace with the theme of the film it was written for, the songs speaks about the uncontrollable feeling of falling in love. In the second verse she sings “You’re the cure/ you’re the pain/ you’re the only thing I want to touch,” which mirrors the relationship of the novel and film’s central characters, and will be perfect to set this year’s Valentine’s Day mood with a sense of romantic longing.

“Bad Blood”-Taylor Swift

Valentine’s Day is about love, but it can also be about heartbreak. That’s why Taylor Swift’s pop anthem makes the list for the playlist of the brokenhearted. With lyrics like “Now we got bad blood/ You know it used to be mad love,” this song can provide the background for celebrating being single. Swift is notorious for writing songs about falling in love but her songs about falling out of it are some of her best.


“Earned It”-The Weeknd

The lead single from the soundtrack to “Fifty Shades of Grey” has also received nominations for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. According to, The Weeknd “praises the girl in the song for her beauty and charm with lyrics like ‘Girl you’re perfect/ You’re always worth it/ And you deserve it.’” That’s a way of being treated that every girl’s earned this year for Valentine’s Day.

“Sugar”-Maroon 5

Sung by the band’s popular frontman Adam Levine, the song features emotional lyrics such as “When I’m without you/I’m something weak/You got me begging, begging/ I’m on my knees.” Inspired by the 2005 romantic comedy “Wedding Crashers,” the music video for the song features the band crashing actual weddings in Los Angeles and serenading the couples. The thought of Adam Levine singing to you is enough to make this Valentine’s Day special.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, people listen to music to regulate mood, achieve self-awareness and relate to each other socially. Love languages are spoken in many ways but nothing really kindles the emotions like a good love song. Thanks to 2015 being a year filled with great music, fill your Valentine’s Day with a playlist sure to pull on your heartstrings.

Top image courtesy of SalvatoreVuono/freedigitalphotos.Net.

Middle image courtesy of SuraNualpradid/freedigitalphotos.Net.


Classy Lady Spotlight: Adele

adeleofficialdotcom London-born Adele has been killing it in the music business since her first album, “19,” hit the musical airways in 2008. Worldwide hits such as “Chasing Pavements,” “Rolling in the Deep” and “Skyfall” have secured her role as one of the most popular artists in modern music. Besides her trademark soulful vocals, Adele holds many other qualities that make her unique and classy.

Name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

Birthday: May 5, 1988

Fun fact: According to, Adele was nominated for a CMT Music Award even though she’s not even a country singer!

Current Projects: “Adele Live 2016” is the upcoming concert tour in support of her studio album “25” which was released November 20, 2015, and features chart-topping lead single “Hello.” The tour is set to begin February 29 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and will continue throughout Europe and North America before finishing off in Mexico City, Mexico on November 15. There’s a planned 105 shows. Community Outreach and Charities: Adele has performed in a variety of charity concerts throughout her career. In 2007 and 2008 she performed at the Little Noise Sessions and donated the proceeds from the concert to Mencap, a UK-based charity that works with people with learning disabilities. She has also worked with Keep A Child Alive, an organization that brings treatment, care and support to children and families affected by HIV; Save The Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating change in the American public school system by restoring music programs and raising public awareness about the importance of music as part of every child’s complete education; and Pride London, a charity that arranges LGBT events in London. She has also been a significant contributor to MusiCares, an organization founded by the Grammys for musicians in need.

According to the Huffington Post, while on tour Adele requires all backstage visitors to donate a minimum of $20 to the UK charity SANDS, an organization that dedicates itself to “supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.” During the UK and European legs of her Adele Live tour, she collected $13,000 for the cause.

Why Adele is a Classy Lady: In a world where celebrities (especially females) are criticized to everything from their hair color to how much they weigh, Adele stands firm and true to herself. In “Adele: The Biography” by Chas Newkey-Burden, the singer is quoted as saying she would only lose weight if it affected her health-which it doesn’t.

Despite negative comments from many people in the media, Adele’s fans support her because of her strength and ability to do what she loves without giving in to harsh criticism as well as her desire to give back to the communities.  She’s truly impressive because she’s an influential star able to bring soulful love ballads to millions while still being a down-to-earth mom to her son Angelo.

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CL Chats: “Grease: Live”


Everybody’s seen (or at least heard of) the 1978 cult classic musical “Grease.” Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the romantic musical film centered around the friend groups of bad boy Danny Zuko and sweet and preppy Sandy Dumbrowski. Set in 1959, the leather-clad T-Birds and sassy Pink Ladies take on themes such as love, pregnancy and what to do about college while singing and dancing to notoriously catchy tunes.

Almost 40 years later, the timeless love story is getting revamped and taking on the small screen – and the stage. Featuring a young ensemble cast, Fox is broadcasting a live T.V. musical adaption on January 31, 2016 at 7 p.m. Unlike the past productions of the showings of “The Sound of Music Live!,” the 2013 adaptation that attracted 18.6 million viewers and the more recent “The Wiz Live!,” the performance will have a live studio audience that will be incorporated into the show.

The star-studded cast, led by Aaron Tveit as Danny and Julianne Hough as Sandy, has been one of the leading factors in creating buzz for the show. Sean Mulcahy, a freshman at Michigan State University, remarked that the cast looks promising and will hopefully get the younger generations interested in the older classic movies.

The production also features Vanessa Anne Hudgens as bad girl Rizzo and Carlos PenaVega as tough guy Kenickie. The other Pink Ladies will be played by Keke Palmer (Marty) and Carly Rae Jepsen (Frenchy), and David Del Rio, Jordan Fisher and Andrew Call hold the roles of Putzie, Doody and Sonny, respectively.  Didi Conn and Barry Pearl, who played Frenchy and Doody, respectively, in the 1978 film were excited to join the cast as well.

Original film stars Travolta and Newton-John will not take part in the production’s revival but they have lent their support to the cast as they take on the story that was an iconic part of both of their careers.


According to the New York Times, the show is sticking heavily to the original storyline, combining elements from the movie and stage version while adding two new songs and updating others. Additionally, the production will also get a soundtrack release on iTunes which will come with an Internet-based behind-the-scenes experience to be paired with the broadcasted show.

When asked about her thoughts on Fox redoing “Grease” as a live musical production, 70s born Errica Washington of Canton, Michigan was excited but cautious.

“If they are going to air ‘Grease’ as a made-for-T.V. play, they better capture the final scene of the last day of school with all the excitement and hoopla. Who can forget the made-over Sandra Dee!”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Marc Platt promises a show delivering what “Grease” is all about: exuberance, energy, music, dance and joy. Tune in on January 31 to see what is sure to be the musical experience of a lifetime!

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Five Snow Day Date Ideas


Winter has completely hit with a vengeance and it’s inevitable many of us are going to find ourselves snowed in- preferably with a cutie who’s caught our eye. An unexpected snowstorm can be the perfect chance to create long lasting memories with that significant other in your life. If you’re someone looking for some romantic but low-key date ideas for some snowier days around campus, here are five to choose from that will keep you warm indoors or entertained if you choose to embark on a journey outside.

Netflix and cuddle

We can start off with the basics: The classic Netflix binge-watching day. If you’re similar to me and and the cold and the snow really isn’t your thing, stay indoors with your date and have a movie marathon. You can stock up on great snacks and cuddle under a pile of thick blankets on the couch together. You can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of films they prefer.

Early holiday

If this snow day falls before Christmas, why not get yourselves in the holiday spirit a little early? Put on some holiday tunes and throw on your best Christmas sweater. You can pass the time sharing your favorite holiday memories with each other. This could lead to a date night full of Christmas-themed cheer.


Enjoy nature

It’s a safe bet to say that most college campuses are beautiful. No matter where you attend school, there are always notable spots on campus that are great places to hang out. You could go to your favorite park or someplace else that has beautiful scenery. Take thermoses filled with hot chocolate or another warm drink and find a comfortable spot to enjoy nature. This is a great opportunity to talk and get to know someone more with minimal distractions.

Hit the rink

Providing that your school allows for this, it would definitely be an adventure to take your date ice skating. If it’s either of your’s first time out on the rink, this is an opportunity to get closer. You can hold hands and pull each other along. This date will probably lead to you laughing with each other and getting rid of some awkwardness in your relationship. Gabriella Washington, a junior at Northwestern University, remarked that the time she went on an ice skating date was really fun and mostly because the guy she was with was really supportive and there was lots of hand holding and cuddling because it was so freezing outside. Falling won’t be so bad as long as there is someone to catch you after!

Serve it up

Why not pretend to be chefs for a day? According to “Three Reasons Why Couples Who Cook Together, Stay Together” by Mariel Elizabeth Co,  “Cooking is an activity that allows a couple to connect on an intimate level, to be creative and strengthen their relationship.” Spending time in the kitchen with someone can definitely help strengthen the bond between you two. Not to mention the fact that you can get some delicious holiday treats out of the process as well.

For some people, individuals or couples, the promise of a snowy day provides the backdrop for the opportunity to find fun ways to spend time with someone that you already love or a way to get to know someone new. According to “Top 10: Stay-Home Date Ideas,” “Stay-home dates are a wonderful, comfortable way to spend time together and get to know each other or to get reacquainted.”  The snow-covered ground can provide for a pretty romantic scene.

With these ideas, you and your date will now have the opportunity to embrace the snow instead of fight against it!

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Middle image courtesy of africa/


CL Chats: “The 5th Wave”


People everywhere are excited to see the highly anticipated science-fiction based, action-packed adventure “The 5th Wave” starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson and Ron Livingston. Arriving in theaters January 22, 2016, the film features 16-year-old Cassie, played by Moretz, as she prepares for a fifth alien attack to hit planet Earth. As she braces herself for the inevitable and extremely devastating fifth wave attack, she meets a young soldier in the war named Evan (Robinson) who she has to place her trust in to aid her in the journey to save her younger brother.

According to IMDB, this film will be sure to rival other similar films with its action-packed survival scenes. Moretz holding down the role of the big female lead will also be a compelling factor for the film to do well in the box office. Some of her biggest roles includes playing the telekinetic teen Carrie in the film remake of the popular Stephen King novel and “The Equalizer” where she had the opportunity to star alongside Denzel Washington. If there’s one thing Moretz has proved it’s that she can definitely hold her own on the big screen.

Development for the film began in March of 2012 when American film production and distribution studio Columbia Pictures obtained the film rights to the popular trilogy. The entirety of the filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia, beginning on October 18, 2014 and officially ending on January 17, 2015. According to the movie website We Are Movie Geeks, English composer Henry Jackman, best known for composing for major hit films such as “X-Men: First Class,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Captain Phillips,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,”“Big Hero 6” and “The Interview” lent his talents to the construction of the film’s soundtrack.

Popular fiction novels have increasingly become more and more popular in Hollywood. The upcoming American thriller is based on the trilogy written by suspense, fantasy and science fiction author Richard “Rick” Yancey. The first book in the series, which holds the same name as the film, was criticized for not heralding a highly original plotline. Hope Sheffield, a freshman at Lawrence Tech University, remarked that the book appears to be strikingly similar to “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host.”

Despite the negative critique, the book proved to sell fairly well. It spent 20 weeks on The New York Times Best Sellers list, sold 240,000 hardcover copies and 55,000 e-books and gained notable attention for The New York Times listing it as one of the best young adult books of 2013.

The book gained notoriety for its broad audience appeal and with the international release of the trailer of the film on Sony Pictures’ official YouTube account on September 1, 2015 people have openly expressed their excitement for the film. Fans of the series have not been disappointed and can only hope this film and the other two to come can rise to meet their high expectations.

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Real College Students Speak: Proposing in Public


It’s no secret that getting engaged is a huge milestone in a relationship. Once a guy (or girl) has worked up the courage to pop the question to their significant other, the new question is how to do it the “right way.” These days more and more people are opting for embarking upon the next big chapters of their life in a more grandiose way with public proposals. There are definitely some opinions on whether or not proposing in this way is a major “do” or a major “don’t.”

Hopeless romantics would argue that public proposals allow people to tell and show the world how much love they feel for their partner. It’s the best way to share your bliss with the people around you while creating a memorable and exciting experience for your future betrothed.

According to an article entitled “What’s with public marriage proposals?” posted on, “Public proposals are no doubt done with the very best of intentions; an engaged couple is ideally a beacon of happiness in a cynical and uncertain world — a flame from which others might catch a spark to brighten and warm their own lives.” If you like the idea of having people present while you’re declaring your love then this is definitely the way to go.


Although they may be cute to some, completely public proposals have started to gain a sour reputation. Many people argue that proposals that occur in flashy ways aren’t personal enough for a supposed-to-be intimate moment such as this. Gabriella Washington, a junior at Northwestern University, argued that a showy proposal isn’t private enough for the occasion. “I personally would just want to share that moment with my future husband alone somewhere. Why does it have to be some huge thing with fireworks?”

While Miss Washington is strictly against the idea, Sean Mulcahy, a freshman at Michigan State University, has mixed feelings about it.

“Going big is a good way to trick the girl into getting caught up in the moment but may ultimately take away from the specialness of the moment in the end. That’s why people make it big though. To prevent hearing a ‘no.”

The definition of a public proposal doesn’t necessarily have to be a flashmob in New York’s Times Square or a halftime show at a major sporting event. They can mean many different things and if this method is something that you or someone you know is considering, there are many different levels of “publicness” to choose from that are sure to elicit pure joy from your significant other to be. Mulcahy offered up some helpful advice that really captures the essence of what proposing is all about.

“Don’t embarrass the girl. Be cute not costly. The proposal is more than likely going to be remembered by the girl more than the guy anyways so make sure she especially loves it even if you don’t.”

And who says that romance is dead?  To read more about spring weddings be sure to check out these articles at the bottom! Who knows; maybe you’ll be getting your ring by spring!

Guy Talk: Spring Weddings 

Five Looks Under $50 for a Spring Wedding

Image courtesy of Tanatat/

Image courtesy of photostock/


Introducing the Spring 2016 Dating/Relationships/Entertainment Team


Spring can bring the start of many things: A new relationship (or the next stage of a current one), a movie premiere or even a new obsession with a musician. Whether you’re looking for cool date ideas or you’re on the fence about a new T.V. show, College Lifestyles™ has you covered with our classy new team of dating/relationships/entertainment writers!

Iyana Edouard, Writer

School and year: University of North Texas, senior.

Major/minor/concentration: Journalism/double minor in political science and communications/online & print writing concentration.

Favorite movie: “West Side Story” and “The Lion King.”

Favorite T.V. show: “How to Get Away with Murder” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Malcolm Lenore, Writer

School and year: James Madison University, senior.

Major/minor/concentration: English/writing, rhetoric technical communications (WRTC).

Favorite T.V. show: Right now, my favorite shows are absolutely “Fargo” and “Hannibal.”

Favorite book: My favorite book at the moment is “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, for sure.

Hannah Washington, Writer

School and year: Michigan State University, first year.

Major/minor/concentration: Journalism with a focus in editorial writing and minor in public relations.

Favorite song: “Roses” by The Chainsmokers.

Favorite band or musician: Twenty One Pilots.


Nora Hurchick, Writer

School and year: Duquesne University, junior.

Major/minor/concentration: Journalism and public relations majors.

Favorite song: One of my favorite songs is “Work” by Jimmy Eat World.

Favorite band or musician: My favorite band is The Wonder Years.

Victoria Lind, Editor

School and year: Kent State University at Stark, senior.

Major/minor/concentration: Applied communication with a minor in writing.

Favorite T.V. show: “Orange is the New Black” and “Project Runway.”

Favorite band or musician: Angel Haze.

Stay tuned for some great articles about dating, entertainment and everything in-between!

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Top image and middle center image courtesy of Victoria Lind.

Middle far left image courtesy of Nora Hurchick.

Middle middle left image courtesy of Malcolm Lenore.

Middle top right image courtesy of Hannah Washington.

Middle bottom right image courtesy of Iyana Edouard.

Introducing Hannah Washington, CL’s Spring 2016 Intern and Relationship and Entertainment Writer

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.54.49 PM

Hannah Washington is a journalism student at Michigan State University, with a focus in editorial writing and minoring in public relations and now one of College Lifestyle’s  newest spring 2016 interns. She enjoys writing for her campus’ fashion magazine and is looking forward to sharing her work with CL readers. Read her interview below to learn more about her: 

Name: Hannah Nicole Washington 

College Lifestyles™ position: Dating/relationships contributing writer

Hometown: Murrieta, California 

School: Michigan State University 

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s): Journalism major with a focus in editorial writing, minor in public relations

Organizational involvement: Contributing writer for VIM Magazine 

Washington is excited for this semester because: This will conclude my very first year in college and I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished so far. I’m really looking forward to these classes because I have a great schedule. 

Washington’s absolute favorite thing about spring is: I don’t like to be outside in the rain but I like to sleep while it’s raining.

Washington’s dream study abroad trip would be to: Italy to do a lot of shopping and eating.

Washington’s No. 1 recipe for this semester is: I don’t really cook but I made cookie in a cup once that was pretty good.

Washington’s No. 1 DIY project for this semester is: I don’t have anything I’m working on at the moment I’m trying to turn my iPod into the perfect playlist if that counts.

Washington favorite movies are: I love romantic comedies, horror films, independent films and foreign films.

Washington celebrity dream date is: Harry Styles

Washington gets her inspiration from: Demi Lovato because she has an incredible story and she’s an amazing singer.

Organizational involvement: Contributing writer for VIM Magazine 

Hannah’s friends would describe her as: A people person. I’ll talk to anyone and I love having a good time.

Washington’s favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: Check Up On Mental Health, because it’s an important topic of discussion. I advocate strongly for mental health

Washington’s definition of a classy co-ed is: To be classy means to respect yourself, understand yourself and have high standards for your behavior no matter the situation

Washington is excited to be a College Lifestyles™ team member because: I get to write about incredibly interesting topics, learn more about my writing skills and share my writing with others.

Washington will be a contributing  writer for the relationships and entertainment section of CL. She clearly possesses the qualities of a classy co-ed and I’m sure she will have plenty of great tips to advice to be published on CL in the near future.  

Check out CL’s most popular dating advice article, Seven Ways for a Classy Co-ed to Deal with a Breakup and the most recent relationship advice, How to Stay In Touch With Your SO Over Holiday Break. Don’t forget to keep a lookout for her future articles. 

Images Courtesy of Hannah Washington.





Meet Iyana Edouard, CL’s New Dating/Relationship Writer from University of North Texas


final image

We could not be more excited to introduce Iyana Edouard, a senior at University of North Texas, to this year’s College Lifestyles™ team! In addition to being the special events coordinator for the University of North Texas’ National Association of Black Journalists and holding the position of media and public relations head for UNT Live!, Iyana will be composing inspiring articles about dating and relationships. We had the pleasure of asking Edouard some questions to learn more about her.

Name: Iyana Edouard

College Lifestyles™ position: I am a spring 2016 intern and contributing writer for dating and relationships.

Hometown: Houston, Texas.

School: University of North Texas

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s): I’m a double major in online and print journalism and political science and I am double minoring in political science and communications.

Organizational involvement: I am the special events coordinator for University of North Texas’ National Association of Black Journalists. I am also the media and public relations head for a new organization at my school called UNT Live!.

Edouard is excited for this semester because: I am super excited for this semester because it’s the last one before I graduate in May of 2016. It has been a long journey and I’m ready to see what the last chapter of college has in store.

Edouard’s absolute favorite thing about spring is: My favorite thing about spring is the weather. I hate the cold so when it starts to get warm again I’m a happy camper!

Edouard’s dream study abroad trip would be to: My dream study abroad trip would be Cape Town, South Africa.

Edouard’s No. 1 recipe for this semester is: My favorite type of food to make (and eat) is breakfast foods, especially omelettes, waffles and french toast grilled cheese.

Edouard’s No. 1 DIY project for this semester is: My number one DIY project this semester is finishing up a book that I’m writing. I’ve been working on it for a while and I’m ready to finish it so I can have it finished and published by the time I graduate.

Edouard’s favorite movies are: My favorite movies are “West Side Story”, “Horrible Bosses”, and “The Lion King.”

Edouard’s celebrity dream date is: My celebrity dream date is Michael B. Jordan. He’s an amazing actor and of course incredibly handsome!

Edouard gets her inspiration from: I get inspiration from other female writers such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Shonda Rhimes, Brene Brown, Issa Rae, Jen Sincero…the list goes on and on but they all write on a level that I hope to be at one day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.34.02 AM

Edouard’s friends would describe her as: My friends describe me as free spirited, because I’m very honest and spontaneous. I always have an open mind so I understand why when they think of me they think of free spirit.

Edouard’s favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: My favorite CL article was Fitness Tips For College Students. I’m a big fan of working out so I love finding new tips!

Edouard’s definition of a classy co-ed is: To me, a classy co-ed is someone who is both respectful and respectable. They respect themselves and others as well as being respected by others.

Edouard is excited to be a College Lifestyles™ team member because: I’m excited to be a College Lifestyles™ team member because it’s outside of my comfort zone. I’ve done a lot of writing but not like this so I’m looking forward to all the new things I’m going to learn from this experience!

You definitely don’t want to miss a single one of Edouard’s future incredible articles on dating and relationships!

Images courtesy of Iyana Edouard.



CL Interviews: Classy Co-ed Kristen Kenny


From the Personal Photo Collection of Kristen Kenny

Kristen Kenny is entering her fourth year at Michigan State University with a major in human biology, a minor in Spanish and a specialization in bioethics, humanity and sociology. This intelligent co-ed has big plans for her future and is aiming to go to medical school at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Kristen has had an interest in science from a young age and has always aspired to someday become a doctor. She is attracted to the osteopathic field because the philosophy views patients as human beings with a disease as opposed to viewing them as a disease with symptoms to be eliminated. She wants to treat her future patients with the utmost respect and care that they deserve, further proving she would make an excellent doctor.



From the Personal Photo Collection of Kristen Kenny

Kristen also demonstrated her selflessness when earlier this month she took a two-week volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic to help kids learn English. She wanted to spend part of her summer in a developing country so she could experience serving a community and also practice her Spanish skills. Learning English is very important to the people of the Dominican Republic because tourism is one of their main industries; it’s hard to get a job without knowing the language. She felt the trip was very fulfilling and loved learning about another culture.


From the Personal Photo Collection of Kristen Kenny

For the rest of the summer, Kristen is working two jobs—one in a research lab and the other as a behavioral aid at an adult group home for clients with traumatic brain injuries. When she is not helping others or working toward her fabulous future, she enjoys going to cardio kickboxing class, hiking, spending time with her friends and boyfriend and cooking her favorite food—steak.

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Frozen Foods: Healthy or Not?

It’s hard to imagine college life without frozen foods! Every classy co-ed knows that quick meals can be produced in seconds thanks to freezers and microwaves after a long day of classes, sorority life, extracurricular activities and work. But have you ever really considered the frozen foods that you’re consuming between studying and social life? How are they made, what ingredients are in them, and are they healthy or not? Below, College Lifestyles chills out by taking a look inside the freezer…

                How long have frozen foods been around? Believe it or not, ladies, frozen foods (and other methods of preservation) have been around for quite some time.  Consider colder ancient climates or icy winters in more varied climates- it would be convenient to store meats on ice in order to avoid spoilage and preserve food for later consumption.

               How are foods frozen?  It wasn’t until around the late 1800s and early 1900s that foods were flash frozen- the method by which most frozen foods are chilled today. This method preserves flavor and nutrients much better than historical freezing techniques, mainly because the freezing process is so rapid. Another common method is individual quick freezing (IQF), which is often used with berries. With the IQF method, food pieces are flash frozen individually, and then stored together. Often, extra ingredients are added to aid in the preservation process.

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              What added ingredients are most common? Sugar and salt, of course! Sugar is often added to frozen fruits and salt to meats and even vegetables. These added ingredients attach unwanted calories and sodium.

               So, are frozen foods healthy or not? Historically, frozen foods are not unhealthy. In fact, by storing out of season foods, people had (and have!) access to nutrients year-round that they would normally only have had access to at one time of the year. Even today, not every food is in season everywhere, at all times.  It’s fabulous to be able to eat blueberries in December!  In fact, your school’s dining hall  relies heavily on frozen foods to keep everyone fed! Frozen foods can also be preferable to canned foods for some people since freezing may preserve textures better.

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      HOWEVER, it all comes down to WHAT frozen foods you’re eating. This article has largely been about frozen fruits, vegetables, and meats, while we all know that there are also frozen pizza rolls, “TV dinners,” chicken pot pies and waffles. Freezing food is not inherently bad: if it’s healthy fresh, it most likely will be when it’s frozen as well. But freezing an unhealthy food won’t make it healthy, so follow the same health rules with frozen food you would follow with fresh food!

      Hannah Borland, a senior in Dietetics at Michigan State University, is a Health and High School Writer for College Lifestyles. This is her last article of the summer and she wants everyone to know that she thoroughly enjoyed her time as a College Lifestyles intern!

CL Interviews: Freelance Journalist and Blogger Dana Damato

From appetizers to hiking in Malibu, freelance journalist Dana Damato covers entertainment, celebrities, travel, fashion, and dining with the kind of talent and sophistication that we admire at College Lifestyles! Below, we catch up with this University of Central Florida graduate…

Courtesy of Dana Damato


College Lifestyles: Your website mentions your passion for writing beginning at a very young age. How did you develop your talent for writing and realize your passion before attending college for English- Creative Writing?

Dana Damato: I actually always knew I loved writing, but never thought of making it a career. So therefore, I actually spent most of college with a focus on going to law school. I realized my sophomore year that to go to law school, there isn’t a specified degree you need so I went ahead and declared my major as English-Creative Writing. I loved it a lot, got an internship with a fashion magazine and the rest is history. As you can see, I didn’t end up going to law school and followed my dream of being a writer.

CL: How did you cultivate your passion and talent for writing while in college, outside of class?

 DD: Intern, intern, intern. As much as I possibly could. I did two semesters at a magazine and they brought me on as a contributing writer after. Then I started my blog, traveled, met the right people and hustled every bit of the way.

CL: How did you choose freelance journalism as your career? Did you consider or are you still considering other paths?

DD: I chose freelance journalism because I really love being eclectic in my writing. I don’t like to feel like I have to write about a certain topic for a certain publication just because I work there. Freelancing gives you the freedom to pick and choose what you want to write about. I like that. I am actually looking to get into working in Public Relations. Freelancing is great and I did it for a while, but there came a time recently where I wanted to settle down with a steady job that provided a steady income and freelance on the side.

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 CL: As a freelance journalist, you’ve written on a lot of topics, including fashion, entertainment, restaurants, and travel. Why did you choose these areas? Is there anything in particular that you love to write about more than anything else?

 DD: My favorite thing about writing is putting an experience into words. I love re-creating a destination I went to or something delicious I ate and crafting it a certain way to make the readers feel like they are at the destination or that they can taste that remarkable meal. I live in a fantasy world of story telling and when I get inspired by one of those topics, I want to turn it into a story. It’s all about what inspires you to be creative.

CL: As a fashion writer, what current styles or trends are your favorites?

 DD: The funny thing is, I really love fashion and find it to be such an art form but my own personal style is so simple. I really love maxi dresses (HYPERLINK TO CL ARTICLE), maxi skirts, and anything that is sophisticated and chic. I never really have a trend favorite, it’s always what catches my eye and it’s usually pretty random. I do have to say though that I do like these gypsy inspired clothes, which is an upcoming trend. It’s unique.

 CL: You’ve also interviewed a lot of celebrities, athletes, and designers. Which of these interviews would you say was the best, and why? Do you have any advice on interviewing for aspiring journalists?

 DD: I have interviewed quite a few people but my favorite was Giuliana Rancic. I say that because I admire her for so many reasons and she is just as lovely in person as she appears to be. I have so much respect for her and all that she has brought herself to become and all that she has been through. She is just an all around amazing person.

For aspiring journalists, when you’re interviewing a celebrity just remember they are just people. When you have them right in front of you, it’s like they are just another person you are having a conversation with. Make it fun, be risky and ask questions that no one will expect. Stay away from what media has already covered about them. Do some digging!

 CL: Can you tell us a bit about your family’s restaurant business? Did this influence your decision to write about restaurants and chefs?

 DD: Yes! I come from a very large Italian family and Italian restaurant entrepreneurs, nonetheless. So I have been around food my whole life. I never had the itch to work in a restaurant (outside of the family business), but I loved food. So therefore I started expanding my palette with different flavors and really enjoyed talking to chefs about what inspires their menus and recipes.

 CL: Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring journalists and writers?

 DD: Follow your passion. Work as hard as you can. Intern as much as you can. Never ever give up because one day you WILL get a phone call from a magazine that will change your life. I remember when I got the phone call from a national magazine to be their online editor. It was like a dream come true and all that hard work and struggle paid off. Just stick with it, it’s all about persistency.

     For more on Dana Damato, and to check out her blog, visit!

Hannah Borland, a senior in Dietetics at Michigan State University, is a Health and High School Writer for College Lifestyles. Road trips and hiking are her two favorite parts of summer!