Jersey Shore 3/8/12: Mike Spills the Beans

This week’s episode starts out with Mike secretly pulling Jionni outside and tells him that he (Mike) and Nicole hooked up before they went to Italy.  Jionni looks Mike in the eyes, shakes his hand, and thanks him for sharing.  Jionni then goes back to bed with Nicole, but first he tells her about the conversation he just had and that he doesn’t believe it’s true.  They fall back asleep.

Later that morning, Mike, Sam, and Ron are on the patio and Mike tells them about the conversation and Jionni barely reacted.  This made Sam question Jionni’s feelings for Nicole.

At breakfast, Nicole yells at Mike for making up rumors and trying to ruin her relationship.  She throws pickles at him, but it starts in good fun, even though she is angry.  Nicole and Jionni decide they should go out and get away from Mike, who is at the house.

Since Mike is at the house, he takes this opportunity to tell Vinny and Pauly about his conversation with Jionni.  The guys laugh and joke that Jionni took is so well because he is probably out cheating too.  They say Nicole and Jionni’s relationship is a joke (hmm…aren’t they engaged and expecting a child now?)

That night, the roommates are having dinner all together.  Nicole suggests they all go camping, exciting everyone but Pauly.  They plan the trip for that week.  Then, a food fight starts.  Everyone is throwing all the food at everyone and loving it…their hotdog and macaroni salad dinner is over everyone…the mood of the house quickly changes…the food fight turns personal- Mike and Nicole are outside throwing everything they get their hand on at the other.  Everyone else is watching, mostly in disbelief.  They all go in the living room to get away from Nicole and Mike.  In the living room, they discuss the situation at hand.  No one is really sure who is telling the truth, but Vinny predicts Mike is because of how angry Nicole is.  He says liars react when they get caught (isn’t is possible Nicole is mad because she doesn’t want her boyfriend to break up with her? Hmm…).

The next morning, Ron, Nicole, and Deena go to their last shift of the summer.  They are making a grocery list for their camping trip, which includes nail glue, bronzer, and extra toilet paper.

At home, Deena calls Joey and invites him to get dinner and hang out on the boardwalk.  He agrees.  Nicole tries to tell Deena this kid isn’t any good for her, but Deena doesn’t listen.  A few minutes later, Pauly and Vinny sit Deena down and say Joey is just using her for sex and she shouldn’t waste her time with him.  The message starts getting through, but she still wants to give him a chance.  When Joey arrives to pick her up, he calls the house and Pauly answers.  He tells Joey that Deena isn’t feeling well and she can’t go out with him tonight.  Joey is mad because he drove a long time to get her.  They hang up, but Joey calls back, hoping to talk to Deena, but on the other end is Jenni.  Jenni goes off on Joey, telling him that he should offer Deena soup or medicine if he cared about her.  She says she hates snakes and will call them out for their behavior and if that is what he is doing with her friend, he better move on.  I sure wouldn’t want to make Jenni mad!  The group goes out anyways, and has a good time at Aztec.  As usual, Nicole stays in with Jionni even though Deena really wants her to come out.

The next day, Pauly and Vinny stay home when everyone else leaves to go camping.  Pauly confesses he wouldn’t have minded going camping, except he has a plan since the house is now empty: They are going to turn the house inside out. The duo invites Danny and other Shore Store co-workers because they need some “man power.”

At the campsite, Mike pitches his tent with no problems.  Jenni and the meatballs get theirs up easily.  Ron is struggling with his and Sam’s, but they work together and get it up.

Meanwhile, Pauly and Vinny are drawing floor plans for each room in the house.  Danny and their co-workers come over, bringing with them astro-turf for the living room.  The house is completely flipped around: The porch furniture is in set up in the living room, the living room is set up outside, their bedrooms are completely empty and set up outside, there is even a kiddie pool inside to be the Jacuzzi.

At the campsite, Mike pulls down an entire branch of a small tree and lights it on fire.  He is starting to feel paranoid and searches the perimeter for bears and serial killers (If I didn’t know what Pauly and Vinny were up to, I’d think they were hiding in the trees as a prank).  Around the fire, the girls discuss the recent situation: their feelings about Nicole’s constant hanging out with Jionni.  She gets defensive, but understands where they are coming from, putting herself in Deena’s shoes.  In the morning, they decide to go home because of all the bugs and spiders.

Next week, there is a special about Nicole’s pregnancy and engagement to Jionni.  It airs on MTV Thursday at 7:30.  See for more information!


Jersey Shore 2/16/12: Who Ate The Cake?

In the living room, the Meatballs are being encouraged to make an apologetic gesture to Danny for their recent behavior while on the clock, so they make him a delicious cake with a nice message on it.  They cover the cake and leave it on the counter overnight.

In the morning, Ron and Sam wake up early for work, but Ron has to wake up Deena.  They eventually migrate to the kitchen and notice there is a considerable piece missing from the corner of the cake.  Questioning who it is, they decide it must have been Mike.  Deena has to take the cake to Danny anyways, and she feels really bad because their gift is missing a piece, but Danny appreciates the snack still.

At the house, Nicole calls the doctor’s office because her UTI is hurting and she is starting to wonder if there is something else wrong.  She schedules an appointment and brings Jenni along.  The doctor puts her on medication and tells her she can only have one drink during each sitting while on the antibiotics.

Back at the store, Danny gives Deena a break, so she decides to get a sleeve of henna tattoos done.  When she gets back to the store, Danny shares the cake with all of the coworkers.  He asks Deena if the cake has an unusual odor, so she smells a piece, falling for his trick, and he shoves the cake in her face.  Deena was a good sport about it.  Ron, Sam, and Deena finish their shift with no further drama.

In the evening, Mike, Jenni, and Nicole are scheduled to work, however Mike is the only one who shows up on time because the girls are still at the doctor’s office.  Not knowing where they are, Danny calls the house and speaks to Vinny, who fills in the boss.  When the girls do show up (about an hour late), they have doctor’s excuses, but that doesn’t cut it.  Danny makes them do extra work and lifting heavy boxes.  Near the register, Danny asks Mike if he really ate the cake, but Mike swears it wasn’t him.

At home, everyone else is having a good time when Pauly confesses something to Deena.  He said that after everyone went to bed, he smelled the cake from his room, tried to resist (but failed), and ate a few forkfuls of cake.  Deena laughs it off, as do the other roommates.  Mike and Deena run into each other and she tells him about her cake-eater theories making Mike mad that she was accusing him.  Scanning the area for eavesdroppers, Mike calls a friend, looking for The Unit.  The friend says The Unit is still away but should be returning the next day.  This pushes off Mike’s plans to ruin Nicole and Jionni’s relationship.  The group decides to spend the night dancing at Karma.

When they get there, Mike runs into Paula, who says her birthday is the next day.  Hearing this, Jenni buys a round of shots to celebrate.  Nicole takes one, despite her doctor’s orders.  She then decides not drinking is too hard for her, so she drinks…and drinks…and drinks.  When the club closes, Mike invites Paula over for the night.  In his confessional, he says she is his “main squeeze” and that he “can’t find anything wrong with her.”

The next day, Pauly and Vinny complete their typical GTL and go to lunch.  At the restaurant, Vinny misplaces the car keys, but with the help of an employee, they find the missing keys.

That night, the group decides to check out Jenks.  Deena calls Joey to invite him to go.  He agrees to meet them there.  Nicole says Jenks will be boring, so she chooses to stay home, Jenni is sleeping, and Mike is napping as well.  The only ones to go to Jenks are Vinny, Pauly, Sam, Ron, and Deena.  There, Ron gets extremely intoxicated (have you missed drunk Ron?) and Sam is loving every minute of it.  Isn’t it refreshing to see those two lovebirds in a healthy relationship?

At the house, Mike wakes up and is smoking on the party deck.  Nicole brings the mask to her bunny suit to be Paula, so Mike has a companion.  She asks him to go out with her, but he isn’t in the mood…to go out.  He is in the mood for Nicole though.  He tries creeping on her, saying they should hook up and “have fun.”  There’s a situation, huh?  Nicole is completely turned off by her roommate’s offer and leaves him alone.

Pauly gets home earlier than the others who went out, so he plays a joke on Deena (who is having Joey over for the night).  He takes all the dirty dishes from the kitchen and puts them on her bed.  When Deena gets home and sees them all, she asks Joey to wait in the living room while she cleans.  In the living room, Jenni and Nicole keep Joey company.  Nicole continuously says, “merp.”  When Deena is done, she and Joey go to her room to have sex.  Still in the living room, Nicole says she is bored and goes to watch Deena and Joey.

The next day, Mike calls The Unit.  The conversation is short and not much of anything important is said, but Mike wants it to be known that he is not a liar.  That night, Roger is coming to visit.  Jenni opens the door wearing a skimpy black dress with gold chains dangling on the sides and a small strip of fabric in the middle to connect the top and bottom halves.  She leaves little to the imagination, but Roger loves it.


When the group gets to Karma, fights are breaking out everywhere (not between anyone on the show).  A guy is messing with Jenni, touching her and trying to get her to come spend time with her.  Roger calmly asks the guy to back off, but the stranger does not and punches Roger in the side of the head.

How do you think Roger is going to handle the situation?  Is The Unit finally going to tell Jionni the “truth?”


Jersey Shore 2/9/12: Does Pauly Have Another Stalker?

The phone is ringing.  Mike scans the room to make sure no one is within earshot.  He is waiting for someone to answer on the other end.  Finally, The Unit says hello.  Mike asks Unit to do him a favor.  He wants Unit to come to the house and tell Jionni the truth about Snooki’s alleged cheating.  Unfortunately for Mike, Unit is in Miami, so the two continue to do some gossiping, when Unit reveals that Mike’s older brother, Frank, has gone on a date with Deena’s sister, Joanie and they smushed.

Then Snooki says goodbye to her Dad, outside, completely unaware of the conversation that just happened inside.

On the party deck, Jenni is upset about Roger and Deena tries to comfort her by telling her she has pretty hair.

The group gets to Aztec, but Mike chose to stay at the house.  At Aztec, the party is hopping.  There are tons of dancing people and the music is blasting.  Jenni is in a funk because of her suspected relationship problems, so decides to leave shortly after arriving.  At the club, Vinny meets a girl, Deanna, who he rates as a 5 or 6.  He decides to keep her as a backup, just in case he doesn’t spot someone higher on the scale.  Luckily for Vinny, he meets Nikki, a 7 or 8.  He ditches Deanna, but she shortly returns, seeing Vinny with another girl.  Deena takes Deanna to the dance floor so Vinny can be with Nikki.  Snooki is bored and confused with Jenni, so she walks home.

When everyone else leaves, Nikki and Deanna are with the group, along with a random blonde girl Pauly picked up.  At the front door of the house, Nikki says she is a lesbian and will not be going inside.  Deanna, though, is inside with Deena.  Vinny and Deanna spend some alone time together, as do Pauly and the blonde girl.  They share the room as they smush their girls.

Jenni finally gets ahold of Roger, who claims his friend broke his phone at the beach and he called off work the past few days because he didn’t have a phone.  Jenni does not believe this story at all and is furious with him.

In the morning, Snooki wakes up, still drunk, and tries to get on the hammock on the party deck.  In a confessional, she says she needs AA and that the sun is too bright outside, so she should go to Arkansas because it is always dark in Arkansas.  She goes inside and falls asleep in the smush room.

In the afternoon, Jenni gets a call from Roger who is supposed to be there at 4:00 for an afternoon at the beach.  He calls and says he won’t be there until close to 5:30.  He asks to reschedule, but that isn’t sitting well with his girlfriend.  She freaks out on him and says she does not feel like a priority in his life.

Pauly and Team Meatball head to the Shore Store for work.  Pauly is the only one actually doing his job.  Team Meatball is literally chasing each other and running around the store, like children.  They then decide to just leave work altogether, upsetting Danny.  In the store, Pauly notices a girl who he has been seeing lately.  She is sitting on a bench, just staring at him.  He said he first saw her a few days ago because she bought something from the store, but she did not speak to him at all.

When Team Meatball gets back to work, a woman approaches Snooki about bars on the boardwalk because she is celebrating her bachelorette party.  The meatballs sneak off with this woman to drink. For the second time in one shift, they have angered their boss.

At the house, Mike wakes up from a nap and is angry because everyone left without him.  He is feeling left out, so he crawls back in bed and falls asleep.  Snooki eventually wakes him up and asks him to go out with her and Deena, and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Pauly and Vinny are at a pool hall playing pool and chatting up a nice girl.  Out of nowhere, Pauly’s stalker comes up to him and introduces herself, her name is Vanessa.  Vinny takes the nice girl and they leave Pauly alone with Vanessa.  When Pauly makes an excuse to get away, he does, and goes to find Vinny.

At the bar, Mike says he is keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.  Team Meatball does not realize what Mike is doing.

In the morning, Pauly tells Deena that Danny is really mad at them for running off a few times.  Ronnie suggests that she goes to the store and apologize, but Deena decides to cowardly call him instead.  She apologizes and asks if he is going to fire her (meaning she would have to leave the house).  Danny says, “We’ll see what happens.”

At dinner (they are having Chinese food), it is brought up that Frank and Joanie have gone on a second date.  No one really knows the scoop, but they joke about Mike and Deena being sister and brother in law.

Mike sneaks off to call Unit again.  This time, he wants info about Frank and Joanie.  According to the Unit, Frank is planning to hit and quit Joanie.

Almost immediately after, Joanie calls the house.  She asks Mike about Frank, where he says he may have his guard up because he recently got out of a nine year relationship.  Mike also asks Joanie to deliver a message to Deena the next time she talks to her: He is a nice guy because Deena think he is the devil.

While working out, the guys run in to Roger, who is discussing his recent phone call with Jenni.  Vinny agrees that Jenni is being immature about it and that she needs to man up and call her boyfriend to apologize.  At home, Vinny casually slips in that she should be the bigger person with Roger, so she called him.  He tells her that he didn’t do anything and isn’t going to apologize for it and that she needs to learn to trust him because he hasn’t done anything to disobey her.

Jersey Shore Recap: 2/2/12

To kick off this episode, the roommates got back to the shore, Vinny included.  At the house, Pauly fills in Vinny, making a point to comment on the strange niceness coming from Mike.  Deena suggests that they all go out to Karma that night to celebrate the eight of them being together again.  Before going out, Jenni thinks there is something wrong with her and Rodger.  She gives him a quick phone call, but he does not answer.

On the party deck, Mike says he wants to get a tattoo that says, “Loyalty & Betrayal.”  Ronnie jokes about how Mike knows everything about Betrayal and nothing about Loyalty.

As soon as the group arrives at Karma, Mike goes off and does his own thing while Pauly and Vinny play wingmen for each other.  Later at Karma, Snooki pees her pants.  She goes to the bathroom to, “freshen up,” which actually means spraying incredible amounts of perfume on her, to mask the smell.  This is, apparently, called a “shore shower.”  When they get home, Deena says goodnight to all the boys.  She then says, “I love you,” to Pauly and Vinny and asks that they return the favor.  The guys laugh and don’t reciprocate.  This upsets Deena.

In the morning, Snooki wakes up before everyone else, still in her red dress and black heels from the night before, walks to the kitchen, and takes off the dirty underwear and throws it away.  When Deena wakes up, she realizes her fused extensions and her clip-in extensions have gotten tangled overnight.  She goes to the bathroom to try to solve her problem and ends up wetting the extensions and blow drying them to help untangle them.  Using the blow dryer, Deena accidentally electrocutes herself.  She was fine.  She told Sammi she just felt the current running through her arm.  The two girls discuss their theories on electricity, which of course, are brilliant.

During the day, everyone wants to go to Jenks, an outdoor restaurant and bar.  Before going, Jenni tries to call Rodger again, but he ignores the call.  While getting ready, Snooki decides to wear two pairs of underwear, “just in case.”  When the groups gets to Jenks, Mike runs into two random friends, which makes the other guys wonder if they are actually friends or just people Mike met at a club before.  At the bar, Snooki says she needs to go to the bathroom again and it really hurts, so she says she has another UTI.  In order to stop the pain, her solution is to take shots of tequila.  She gets a number of shots for herself and Deena.  After spending a few hours at Jenks, the group decides to go to batting cages, but Mike says he is having a good time and chooses to stay.

After the batting cages, the group meets up with him again and Snooki, Deena, and Mike ride in the cab together.  In the cab, Mike alludes to how nice he has been lately but he still feels like he is the odd man out.  The girls say that may be because he rarely hangs out with them; He prefers to do his own thing.

When they get back, all of the bathrooms in the house are occupied, so Snooki urinates on the back porch.  She covers it with shorts.  On the party deck, Snooki, Deena, and Mike are together, where Mike tells them he does not have a hidden agenda for his sudden niceness, pursuing the topic yet again.  Snooki tells him that the roommates don’t really trust him.  This upsets Mike, leading him to want to confront the rest of the roommates.  Asking the guys to be honest with him, Mike asks if he has done anything to make them angry.  They say no.  Pauly speculates that Mike was just intoxicated.

That night, the group decides to hang out at their house.  They are hanging out on the party deck when Team Meatball decides to play a prank.  They go inside, while everyone slowly migrates back inside as well.  Snooki dresses in the bunny costume and one at a time, she ransacks her roommates.  With Pauly, she pins him down and makes suggestive gestures.

Back outside, they play a game called, “Warm Beer,” which is actually not a game, but a joke to be played on Snooki.  In the “game,” they tell Snooki that it is a memory game and involves drawing pictures on the face of the person to your left.  What is really happening is that Ronnie is putting soot on Snooki’s face.  She has no idea until she goes inside to go to the bathroom.  Though she finds the prank funny, she wants revenge.

Mike goes to bed early because he has a headache.  Snooki puts on the bunny mask, climbs on Mike (in his bed), and wakes him up, scaring him.

At work in the morning, Deena makes a pair of underwear that say, “I Jersey Turnpike,” so that when she Jersey turnpikes, they are visible.

At the house, Jenni and Snooki are getting their hair done when Snooki’s dad shows up.  She forgot he was coming today, but doesn’t mind sending him to the store for cranberry juice.

Mike is on the boardwalk after work one day when he runs into Rodger.  When he gets home, Jenni is talking to Snooki’s dad about her suspected relationship problems, and Mike informs her that he just ran into Rodger and that he was going to the beach with some buddies.

While Snooki and her dad are spending time together, Mike says he thinks Snooki is the real trouble maker of the house, not him.  He also admits that he is going to call the Unit to finish the “unfinished business.”

What do you think is going to happen with the Snooki-Mike-Jionni-Unit frenzy?

Jersey Shore- 1/26/12

The beginning of the most recent episode of Jersey Shore was with Danny, the gang’s landlord and boss, coming to the house giving them some bad news: He had a deal that there would be eight people living in the house and working for him and because Mike did the dip, no one works very hard, and Vinny is gone, he is going to find two new people to live there.  Not one person was ok with it.  Shortly after, Mike comes back and gets filled in by JWOWW.

Mike admits that he isolates himself on purpose every year on his birthday just to see who will go out of their way to make sure he ok and to say happy birthday.

Next, Pauly, Deena, and Snooki are at work, and actually working hard, hoping to avoid new roommates.  After work, they all get fake tattoos.

At home, Deena calls Vinny to invite him to the surprise party being planned for Pauly and Mike and to tell him about Danny’s visit.  Vinny says he is “working on” coming back to the house and won’t be up for the party, but he is appreciative of the invite.  Later in the day, the girls go to Karma (where the party is being held) and discusses the strippers with an employee.  The male employee creeps all the girls out because of the way he talks to them and the things he asks about for the party (at one point, one of the girls comments that they aren’t trying to direct a porn film, just want something for their party).  The girls decorate Karma for the party, that night.

Later that day, JWOWW shows up for work on time, while Ron and Mike are late.  The boys know they are running late and they feel like jerks for it, especially because of the talk they had with Danny.  Danny is really angry that they are late, and decided to post “Help Wanted” signs throughout the store.  The signs receive a lot of attention.  There are a lot of women who approach Danny about the signs.  Shortly after, JWOWW sees the signs and rips them down.  Danny notices his signs are down and makes JWOWW make him a new one.  JWOWW is livid about the possibly of having someone new come in.  Ronnie chimes in, saying that if they get a new roommate, he or she will not be welcome and will never feel comfortable in the house because the roommates have been through so much together.

At the same time, the meatballs decide to go get more supplies and decorations for the surprise party.  They end up with balloons and bunny suits.

Rodger arrives for the party and soon they are right out the door for the surprise party.  When they get to Karma, Pauly and Mike are surprised as heck.  Neither of them had any idea and assumed they were going out for “a regular Thursday night.”  Snooki and Deena handcuff the birthday boys into wheelchairs and watch the strippers put on a show.  After the show, everyone is dancing and having a good time.  Mike is spending time with one of the strippers and Pauly met a brunette girl who was just at the party.  Both women spend the night at the house.

At home, Ronnie and Deena call Vinny and he ignores the call.  The two decide to just sit outside instead.  When they are on the porch, Ronnie gets emotional about Vinny.  It looks like his eyes are filling with tears.  Deena, sounding defeated, says she doesn’t think Vinny is going to return.

The next day, the group decides to do a “couples night.”  Deena calls Joey, her friend from last episode, and he agrees and will meet her at the house around 7:30.  Deena goes to find Snooki.  They try on their bunny costumes and then decide it would be funny to play a practical joke on JWOWW.  Deena tells her that she needs help getting something from underneath her bed and Snooki hides in the bathroom, dressed as a rabbit.  When JWOWW is in the bedroom, Snooki jumps out and they all have a good laugh, and JWOWW has a scream.

At some point that day, Jionni comes to visit, bring his girlfriend a dozen long-stemmed red roses.  The two decide to occupy the smoosh room and then fall asleep.  Everyone else goes out for couples night.  In the car, the girls raise concerns that when Jionni is there, Snooki never wants to go out.  Within five minutes of being at the club, there is a fight.  A girl fight.  Sam is involved.  Sam got kicked out of the club, along with the other women who were fighting.  Sam told her friends that someone came up behind her and pulled her new weave.  Deena wore fairy wings out.  They all went home.

Deena and Joey were trying to “spend time together,” but couldn’t because of an alarm clock that kept going off, even after Deena unplugged it from the wall.  Paula is over, and Mike had her stay the night.  He admits in a confessional that is really into her and hasn’t found anything wrong with her yet.

Pauly is just kind of walking around , not doing much, and says he is getting in a funk without Vinny around.  The roommates decide the only thing to do is to drive to Staten Island to kidnap Vinny.  First, they stop at the shore store to make shirts that all have “Vinny” sayings on them.  Mike’s says, “Vinning,” and Pauly’s said, “Free Vinny.”  Danny is really excited for them to get Vinny and bring him back.  When they get to Staten Island, they go crazy pounding on the doors and windows.  They barge in “like a S.W.A.T. team.”  Vinny is upstairs and they all hug him and show him love and affection.  He shows them a new tattoo he got across the top of his chest.  It reads, “Let Go, Let God,” in fancy cursive writing.  They ask him to come back, and he agrees.  In a confessional, he says he isn’t 100% better, but he thinks he can do the rest of his recovery at the shore.  He throws some belongings in a garbage bag and is on his way, but not without saying goodbye to his very upset mother.  The roommates are all together and going back to the shore.

Next week we can expect more bunny costumes and some unfinished business from Mike.

What do you think his unfinished business will be?

Jersey Shore: 1/19/12

Thursday’s episode picked up right where last week’s left off: Vinny was in a cab heading back to Staten Island, leaving Pauly D to head to the club to inform the roommates of what just happened.  When he got there, he told the girls, leaving Deena in tears and JWOWW to console her in the bathroom.  Early into the night (early as far as the roommates are concerned), Mike and Pauly bring girls back to the house.  The rest of the roommates follow.

We then switch over to Vinny, the only time he is in the episode, and see him getting comforted by his mother.  This lasts about 30 seconds.

Back at the shore, Deena and JWOWW are sitting outside, where JWOWW is still comforting a crying Deena.

The next morning, Deena seems to be doing fine because she and Snooki decided to go day drinking at Aztec.  When they are there, the meatballs run into Deena’s sister, Joanie and a few of her guy friends.  They all take shots and Snooki takes more than the rest of the group, leaving in Snooki having to be held up by the men as they walk across the boardwalk.  There are cops around, but they don’t say anything about Snooki’s condition.  At some point, Snooki and Deena (who seem to have sobered up enough to be able to walk unsupported) return to Aztec where they have a mini dance off with some random guys.  Everyone is having a good time, but then the girls fall and decide “there’s no coming back from that now” so they return to the house.  At the house, Deena has a problem.  Her weave/hair gets tangled into a huge knot, because of all the dancing.  Pauly rips the weave from her head.  As usual, JWOWW is to the rescue.

After that, they all go to Aztec again.  This time, Jionni joins them.  In honor of Vinny, Ronnie wears skinny jeans.  When they are there, the group runs into the Unit, which sends Snooki into panic.  At the bar, Pauly meets a woman with a lot of tattoos and they go home early, much earlier than the group.  Also in honor of Vinny, Pauly and the tattooed woman occupy his bed (seriously).   Back at Aztec, Mike wants to confront Snooki, but when he is on his way to her, a brawl breaks out in front of him, causing the Unit to be kicked out of the bar.  Bummer.

The next morning, Mike is working when he meets a Bosnian woman who eagerly gives him her phone number and tells him she wants a grilled cheese the next morning.

That afternoon, the group calls Vinny.  He says he is taking it day by day but doesn’t plan to return soon.  Everyone is really sad without him, but they are giving him their support and hoping for the best.  JWOWW says they are being selfish if they are not doing that.

That night, the group goes to Aztec to celebrate Pauly’s birthday, which is the next day.  There, Mike runs into the Bosnian woman and is dancing and spending time with her.  Then, he sees Paula.  Forced to decide between the women, Mike passes the Bosnian woman to Pauly and keeps Paula to himself.  On the other side of the club, Deena runs into an old friend, Joey.  Joey goes home with Deena, Paula goes home with Mike, and the Bosnian woman goes home with Pauly.  The other couples are having some alone time (this is around 4:00 a.m.) when the Bosnian woman asks Pauly if they can just talk in his room.  Pauly says he doesn’t have time to talk to a girl at 4:00 in the morning so he calls her a cab.  The woman then returns to the house (a few minutes later) and says she wants to hang out with Mike, who is busy with Paula.  Eventually, Mike goes outside with the Bosnian woman (Paula is taking a shower) and she asks him why he is with Paula.  Mike says they connect really well and always get along.  Mike also says he loves to have a girlfriend and thinks he could get wifed up.  Eventually, the Bosnian woman leaves.

The next day is Pauly’s actual birthday.  His whole family surprises him at the house.  His gift was his hometown barber who gave him a haircut.  Pauly has not been this happy since Vinny left.  They make plans to go out for dinner and Pauly invites the rest of the guys.  Pauly is 31.  Mike, who is also celebrating his birthday, misses his family and wishes they had come to see him too.

Meanwhile, Snooki and Deena want to plan a surprise party for Pauly.

At dinner, Mike is sulking because he thinks Pauly’s family should be making an equally big deal about his birthday, which they are not.  Mike excuses himself from the table and falls asleep on a couch near the table.  Ron takes icing from the cake and puts it on Mike’s face, which wakes him up.  Mike didn’t receive the joke the way Ron hoped he would.

The girls are home and baking a cake for Pauly, but not one for Mike.  When the boys get home and see that there is only one cake, Mike gets upset again.  In a confessional, he admits that he is jealous and starting to realize he is usually the bad guy of the house and rarely the good guy.  The roommates are starting to get suspicious of Mike’s behavior.  Mike leaves the house and doesn’t say where he is going.

The episode ends with Mike’s departure.

So what do you think?  Was Mike in the right for being upset about the lack of celebration for his birthday?  The girls said he is such a jerk that they didn’t want to celebrate his birthday.  Should they have done something for Mike?


Jersey Shore Recap: 1/12/12

Last night during MTV’s Jersey Shore, the show continued to be nothing short of dramatic, and at times, emotional.

The episode started with more celebrations of being back in Seaside Heights for most, but Vinny continued having feelings of homesick and anxiety.  Ronnie and Pauly D did their best to make Vinny feel better, like taking him to the boardwalk for some arcade games, or a boys’ day at the salon for pedicures (seriously).  Their attempts were definitely recognized and appreciated by Vinny, but his feelings weren’t cured.

Meanwhile, at Aztec, Snooki and Deena acted like Snooki and Deena (you know, wholesome and sober), while Mike “The Situation,” ran into a familiar face.  Paula…she fell down the outdoor stairs at the house in season one.  Paula and Situation spent the night together.  Coming home from the club, it started to pour.  Not a light rain, a downpour.  When they all got home and clothes were soaking wet, poor Jionni didn’t have an alternative outfit, so Situation slyly offered him something to wear.  I’m sure he had the best of intentions.  As a further attempt to seem like a nice, genuine friend, Situation cooked an egg muffin sandwich and bacon and brought it to Jionni, who was upstairs with Snooki.

In case you have missed the recent episodes, rumor has it Snooki cheated on Jionni with Mike while the show wasn’t filming.

The next morning, JWOWW and Sammi went to work (at the Shore Store), while Vinny skipped out on his shift…at least for the first few hours.  He was hoping that being at work would help him feel better, but Danny noticed Vinny wasn’t being himself and they went for a walk.

On this walk, we get to see a side of Vinny that not only have we not seen before, but makes him seem more relatable to those of us who don’t party until 5 a.m. most nights.  Vinny admits to having been diagnosed with clinical anxiety when he was 16 and that he is suffering from another episode.  He told Danny that being away from home for such a long time and the late night partying and nonstop drinking has proved to be too much for him right now.

Because there were no tanning beds in Italy, Pauly decided to tan over and over again.  First, his face was sunburnt and peeling.  Then, he exfoliated and burnt the skin that was sunburnt.  Pauly was in clear pain.  This was so bad that Snooki suggested he lay off the tanning for a while.  Yep.  Snooki.

Everyone was prepping for their first night at Karma since arriving at Seaside Heights.  Almost immediately after arriving there, Deena ran into her old friend, Damian, and asked if she could kiss him.  He said yes.  Snooki had a little too much to drink, fell off of a table or bar that she was sitting on, and Jionni got mad at her again.  He knows he is dating Snooki, right?  Vinny, who did go out, walked around alone most of the night.  At home, he and JWOWW were the only ones sleeping alone.

Pauly and his girl took the smoosh room so Vinny could get some sleep.  Pauly left to call her a cab after they were finished, and the girl was caught on camera stealing his diamond gold chain and putting it in her shorts.  When her cab was there, she couldn’t find her shoes anywhere, so Pauly said they were in the cab.  The girl left.  Pauly was upset about its disappearance and tore the house apart looking for the chain.  Snooki insisted the girl took it on purpose and wanted to use it to her advantage so she had an excuse to see Pauly the next day.  For once, Snooki said something intelligent.  The next morning, the girl showed up at the house with the chain around her neck.  She gave it back, pretending she didn’t realize she took it.  She asked for her shoes, but she and Pauly still couldn’t find them.

That night, Pauly and Vinny stayed at home while everyone else went to Karma.  At the house, Vinny called his sister for a ride, but then decided to just take a cab back to Staten Island.  The sadness in Pauly’s face was truly heartbreaking.  He wanted Vinny to stay more than anything, but he was helping him pack his belongings.  What a good friend…

The final scene of the episode showed Vinny getting in a cab, with all of his belongings, and Pauly not knowing what to do next.

Do you think Vinny will return this season?  Did Snooki cheat on her boyfriend with The Situation?


2011 Fashion Trends to Lose!

2011 gave us looks we love!  The classic red lips, the 60s inspired looks of Mad Men, and soft, romantic lace!  But, 2011 gave us some looks that made us cringe.  Here is our list of trends we wish will stay in 2011!

Multiple violator – Snookie. Photo courtesy NYDailyNews.

Uggs and shorts. You look like you’re confused about the season, plus, if it’s warm or cold enough to wear one, you definitely shouldn’t be wearing the other! ~ Alex E

Shirts with quotes/sayings: No girl needs to own a shirt that says “I love my boyfriend” or “Hottie” across the chest. Especially if you’re older than 13. Hello, Snooki! ~Jessica F

Platform boots. I just don’t understand them–they make a woman’s feet look clunky and weighed down.  ~Tiana B

The sloppy look. The overly baggy clothes just don’t look good. Being comfortable is one thing, but when you look like something is way too big and sloppy, it isn’t cute and classy. ~Kwegyibra C

Harem pants. i don’t think the wide top and skinny bottom is flattering on anyone.  ~Alex L

Clothes that have been ripped to pieces. ~Monica M

Giant flower rings.  ~Britney T

Fruit Prints. ~Alli H

Gaudy necklaces. A simple ring or a pair of big earrings makes an outfit cute, but big necklaces are a little too much! ~Kendra S

The tight, short dresses like they wear on Jersey Shore. I just think they’re really trashy and not very flattering. ~Rachel

The Hippie Band. Although Mad Men-ish 60′s inspiration is fab, the hippie band does not fall under that category. Leave somethings in the past.  ~Ariana R

Mixing and matching of patterns – it’s just to distracting when you’re trying to talk to someone. ~Debra S

Leather pants/leggings. ~Amber F

Leggings as pants. I’ve never liked this trend and I continue to dislike it. I equate leggings to tights and no one would walk around just wearing tights. ~Ellen R

 Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is the Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles.  The fashion trend she wishes would stay in 2011 is shirts with ‘egocentric’ expressions saying ‘Sexy’ or ‘Your boyfriend wants me.’