The Perfect Swimwear for Every Body Type


Swim and bathing suit wear can be tricky based on our body types. Buying swimwear can be frustrating, stressful and sometimes even cause anxiety. We understand you want to feel as comfortable as possible this summer. Know that sometimes our discomfort has nothing to do with ourselves, but rather the bathing suit we are wearing.

“I always make sure my swimsuits are ones I do not have to worry about how I look in.” -Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

If you have short legs, always try a string bikini bottom so you are not cutting yourself off with a bulkier bottom. If you have a big booty try for a full-coverage bottom, unless you like to show off what you got, then make your bottom more skimpy!

If you have a rounder stomach and skinny legs try wearing a black one-piece bathing suit. Any one-piece of darker colors will look great on you. Many one pieces have gorgeous open-back styles that can be extremely flattering. Look for one-pieces that also include a belt or have an interesting neckline. If you have good arms you like to show off, aim for a strapless one-piece suit.



For those women who have a bigger chest, a halter-top or an underwire bikini top could be very good for you. The halter tops are great because you never have to worry about revealing too much cleavage or busting out- you will be secured and covered.

“Underwire tops keep me safe and lifted throughout the day.”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

Funnily enough, just like how halter tops work well if you have a big chest that you do not want to show, they are also good for women with small chests because these tops will hide what you do not have. Tops with ruffles are great for you as well! Love handles can be covered with a high-waisted bikini bottom, which actually look super trendy on almost everyone.

“I love high-waisted bottoms because so many celebrities wear them and they are so comfortable.” –Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland

Everyone has their own comfort level when wearing bathing suits. As a rule of thumb, cover what you do not like, and show off your favorite assets, and always focus on what you like more than what you dislike.

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Intern Kitchen: Grilled Peaches

Grilled Peaches TOP

With the arrival of the month of May, peaches are officially in season. These fuzzy fruits are one of the most precious treasures of summer time; they, of course, are perfect enough to enjoy by themselves, but they also add a juicy and refreshing twist to beverages and desserts. One of the simplest and tastiest ways to prepare a peach in the summer time is to just toss them on the grill and lather them up in a gooey glaze. So after you finish grilling up the burgers and dogs, clean up the grill and get the peaches ready for a classic summertime dessert.


Prep time: 15 minutes

Servings: 4


2 large peaches, halved and pitted

3 tbsp. brown sugar

½ cup honey

2 tbsp. cinnamon

Butter (optional)


Preheat on a grill pan or outdoor grill on medium heat.

Cut your two peaches in half so that you have four separate slices.

Lightly grease the grill grate with oil.

Place the peaches flat side down on the grill.

Heat the peaches for about five minutes or until the outer layer has been caramelized.

Turn the peaches over and glaze the flat sides with honey.

Cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Transfer the cooked peaches onto a serving dish.

Sprinkle on brown sugar and/or cinnamon to finish.

Butter in the center of the pit is also a nice touch.

Peach MID

Never doubt that the earth’s most natural treats would result in some of the most satisfying creations. Grilled peaches are guaranteed to change the way your taste buds think of dessert and fruit in general. When you get tired of the s’mores, give these a try.

Eating grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream, crushed graham crackers and a little caramel sauce is highly recommended. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a sweet summer time dessert during those beautiful, breezy nights.

To all, try your hardest on your final exams. Summer is so close; we can almost taste it, and finals are the last obstacle in our way!

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The Right Shoes for Graduation


Graduation has finally arrived; let’s walk into the ceremony on the right foot. College Lifestyles is here to share with you all the best shoes to pick for this occasion.

Keep in mind that graduation ceremonies are very long; often they go on for a few hours. Although a good portion of the time we are sitting, our shoes are very important. The one moment we are walking a bit is when we walk to receive our diploma. In this moment, people have their eyes on us, and we want to walk well with good posture and effortless comfort. This being said, do not wear heels that are too high or have a skinny heel.

“Knowing me I would be the girl to trip as she walks to get her diploma. Maybe I should wear flats to graduation!”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland


Consider wearing a wedged shoe because wedges and cork are thick therefore are much easier to walk in. Also consider wearing a heel an inch or two lower than you usually would for additional comfort. If you are tall you may even want to wear a cute flat or strappy sandal, so you can really be comfortable since you don’t need to worry about gaining extra height. Many sandals can be found with crystal embellishments or pretty stone details to make them look more formal. If you are having a party after graduation maybe you want to wear flats to the ceremony then change into a good heel for your party.

“I am not very tall, but I hate heels that are too high because I can barely walk then. I also dislike wearing the same shoes to two events that are close together so I always am looking for a new pair.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

The color of your shoe can be whatever you like. Most girls wear white dresses on graduation so you may want a pop of color in your shoe or continue with white and neutral tones. Be different and bold!

“My favorite color shoes are tan because they go with every outfit.”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College

Congratulations on your graduation. Our team wishes you all the success in your new chapter in life!

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Healthy Vegetarian Alternatives to Foods You Love


There is this stigma that vegetarian food could never measure up to the standard of non-vegetarian food. People believe that there is no way that alternatives to meat could ever have the same “wow” factor, be it as savory or as filling. But we challenge this belief.  Vegetarian options are not meant to taste exactly the same as non-vegetarian options; they’re meant to taste different. Instead of sacrificing flavor, let’s incorporate unconventional ones. Using some unique ingredients and even more creativity, we can certainly transform any of our favorite dishes into vegetarian ones.


Tofu is the typical vegetarian meat-substitute. But people tend to shy away from tofu or simply, find it to be too bland. This claim has some truth to it; if cooked improperly and when not seasoned enough, tofu is not nearly as satisfying as ground beef, for instance. So let’s ditch the idea of tofu and tofu burgers and let’s consider some other substitutes for ground beef.

Try using mushrooms when you want a meaty taste, especially for burgers. Giant portobello mushrooms are the ideal size and shape for placing in between two burger buns. One Green Planet suggests adding butter, thyme, black pepper and balsamic vinegar to the mushroom to give it a smoky and earthy taste.

Why not also try making a burger with oats and black beans? Just as you would mix together raw ground beef, eggs and breadcrumbs, mix together canned black beans and oats. The texture is surprisingly similar to that of a burger, and it even has that same pink and brown appearance as a burger done medium-well! This is also an excellent way to make meatballs for a classic spaghetti dish.

Chicken Parmesan

This solution may seem rather obvious to some, simply because the solution is so well-known already, but we’ll say it anyway. Instead of making a chicken parm, just make an eggplant parm! Eggplants also have a very meaty taste similar to mushrooms and they are also so versatile. Frying these babies up to a crisp using breadcrumbs is super delicious. You won’t feel like you’re missing out at all.


Buffalo Wings

A tasty recipe for vegetarian Buffalo wings might be a little bit harder to believe; we get it. But trust us, just because it isn’t the real thing, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! The Edgy Veg recommends using nutritional wheat, a common ingredient used in vegan cooking, mixed with vital wheat gluten, poultry seasoning and other ingredients to create an authentic vegetarian chicken wing. They look, smell and taste almost exactly like the real thing.

Chicken Pot Pie

No need for actual poultry in this pot pie- instead, this recipe from Food Network suggests using big russet potatoes and loads of veggies to fill you up. The addition of fennel and mushrooms truly gives this dish that extra flavor needed to compensate for the absence of meat.

Don’t be afraid to give these vegetarian alternatives a try! Who knows, maybe you’ll even like them more than the originals…

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Five Fabulous Plus-size Graduation Dresses Under $50


Graduation day is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to search for the dress you will be ending your college career and starting your new professional chapter in, and look back at for years to come. Although this dress will have major importance for your life, it does not mean you have to spend a fortune on it.

White is the go-to color everyone wears for graduation and is the traditional graduation dress color. It is clean, classic and symbolizes a fresh, clean slate. Nordstrom Rack offers a fabulous selection such as the lace piece shown above for $50. Another wonderful fact about Nordstrom Rack is that you can try these dresses on in the store rather than dealing with the uncertainty when ordering online.

“Whenever I shop at Nordstrom Rack I see the cutest things and they have a great selection!”- Alexa Carone, junior, Iona College


Not looking to wear white like everyone else? We love a daredevil! Try a dress with white as the base with a colorful pattern like the chiffon dress shown above also from Nordstrom Rack for only $45.

If you’re looking for full pattern and want to ditch the white completely, pick a gorgeous statement color with an elaborate pattern. The dress we have selected is a tropical paisley dress from Nordstrom Rack, once again, coming in at only $40.

“Everyone always wears white to graduation, but I think I want to be a little different and wear something with a pretty pattern.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

plussize3A pale pastel color will always look gorgeous in photos and looks very appealing on anyone. Maurices is a great spot to look at pretty spring dress for your special day. Both of these dresses come from Maurices at $49. Another great clothing spot to check out for plus size pieces is ASOS.

“Pastels are my favorite shades. They are so playful, classy and perfect for beautiful graduation photos.”- Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

Congratulations on your graduation! We know you will look stunning and wish you the best of luck on your future career path and further success.Your graduation dress may be the last dress you will wear in your educational career, but the first you will wear in your professional career- make it a memorable one.

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What Would Happen If You Stopped Eating Sugar?


We all remember drawing food pyramids in elementary school. We were being educated at a young age as to which foods were the best and the worst for our bodies. Desserts and sweets were among the worst. So yeah, it’s pretty well understood that sugar is bad for our bodies. But what about those good sugars found in fruits and veggies?

So let’s get this straight. There are good sugars and bad sugars, just like there are good carbs and bad carbs. If we plan on dieting and eating healthier, we need to be aware which type of sugars we are eliminating from our diets.

What would happen if…

We eliminate bad sugar

According to Shape Magazine, Americans consume 4 lbs. of refined, unnatural sugar every 20 days. Refined sugars are the ones found in soda, candy and other processed foods. So yeah, the food pyramid from back in the day was right. Eating brownies and gummy bears every day would definitely not be the best things for our bodies.

Then, if we stopped eating all this refined sugar, what changes would we expect to see? Well for one, you’ll lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. The excess sugar we consume daily can add up to about 100 calories- over time, this can raise insulin levels and increase heart rate and blood pressure, according to Prevention Online. Once you stop eating these refined sugars, you can expect to see your cholesterol decrease by almost 10 percent in just a few weeks.

Not only will it drastically improve the state of your physical health by eliminating sugars, your mental health will love you for it too! At Columbia University, it was found that women who ate a higher diet of sugars were more likely to experience anxiety and irritability. The first few days after you stop drinking your usual Diet Coke or stop eating entire boxes of cookies, you surely will feel a little cranky. But once you hop over those barricades, you will feel immensely better.

Along with this added boost of happiness, you’ll also get a better night’s sleep after you ditch the bad sugars. Typically, a sugar rush will result you in a sugar crash. If you give up sugar, you’re more likely to be energized during the day and properly catch up on sleep at nighttime.


We eliminate good sugar

We shouldn’t let all this anti-refined sugar talk convince us that sugar has a bad reputation all together! We can allow our bodies to have that sugar we so crave by eating whole foods like fruits and vegetables. These foods are packed with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants as well, which gives us even more reasons to stock up on good sugar. One cup of cherries, according to Shape Magazine, contains 17 grams of sugar but also Vitamin A. This is the type of sugar we want to indulge in.

If we quit this type of sugar, we can see a decrease in muscle performance, especially in those who work out a lot. Consuming sugar after a workout is imperative for restoring muscle memory. According to Men’s Fitness, though none of the sugar you consume 1 hour post-work out will be used to create fat, it will be used to repair muscles.

But not only do you need sugars to repair your muscles post workout, you need sugars to enhance your performance pre-work out as well. High glycemic foods will help you burn unwanted fat.

Overall, we need to maintain a balanced diet so our bodies perform to their highest potential. We should focus on eating foods that are natural in sugar as well as carbohydrates, fats and protein. Eat a donut, sure, but only every once in a while!

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Which Perfume Scent Is Right for You?


Sometimes choosing a perfume scent is tricky and frustrating. Often after purchasing a perfume, we get bored of it shortly after, feel it smells differently at home than in the store or just is not a scent we truly love.

“I am constantly changing my perfume scents and looking for something new. I never have found one signature scent for myself.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

Perfumes can be really expensive, and the scent we wear can say a lot about us. Notice how when you smell a certain scent you automatically associate that smell with someone you know. Smells register and click into our memories. We psychologically remember people through our sense of smell. Needless to say, not only is choosing the correct scent important for our own pleasure, but also so we are being registered well by others.

perfume3“Whenever I smell sandalwood I think of my aunt because that’s how she smells.”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

First step to picking the right scent is thinking about yourself and your own personality. Are you sweet and bubbly? Are you quiet and reserved? Our own characteristics can help depict a scent that is right for us. If you have an edgy personality you may want to try musky scent. If you are shy, try a powdery or light floral scent.

Bring home a variety of essential oils and test out which scent feels right for you if you are unsure where to begin. Not sure what you like? Combine scents and create one uniquely for yourself. You can always switch up scents as the season changes if you like a good change here and there.


“For the winter I wear a perfume that smells like lavender and for the summer I wear one that smells of gardenia.”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland University

At the very end of your scent search you should have a perfume that makes you happy whenever you spray it, a scent that brings about good memories.

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Intern Kitchen: Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta


It’s April and that means this semester is coming to an abrupt end. It seems as if there is virtually no time to get all of the things done on our to do lists. We’re busy with final exams, projects and searching for summer internships. Do we have time to think, breathe or eat?

Whether you’re running low on time, energy or money, using just a few simple ingredients can create a healthy and delicious meal that comforts you during this stressful time.


Prep time: 20 minutes

Servings: 4


1 package of pasta of your choice, preferably whole grain

½ cup of sour cream

2 cups of baby spinach leaves

1 can of diced tomatoes


1 tbsp. of pesto (optional)



Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

Once boiling, add the pasta to the water and about a tbsp. of salt.

While you’re waiting for the pasta to cook, begin your creamy tomato and spinach sauce.

In a separate saucepan, combine the can of tomatoes, baby spinach and one clove of diced garlic.

The spinach will begin to wilt and shrink a bit- that’s okay. Once this happens, add the sour cream.

Stir until the sour cream is evenly distributed over the tomatoes and spinach.

Add in pesto and salt to taste.

At this point your pasta should be about finished. Check to see if it’s cooked to your liking.

Before you strain the pasta water, add about ¼ cup of pasta water to the creamy sauce mixture.

Then, once the rest of the pasta is separated from the water, toss the pasta in the sauce.

Serve and enjoy!

(Recipe courtesy of AllRecipes.)

midpicThis is definitely one of those meals that will make you feel right at home. Among all the stress and time crunches, we all need some comfort food to wind down to.

This dish is also so easy to customize. If you prefer spicier foods, try adding some red pepper flakes to give this dish a kick. You can also add chicken or shrimp to the mix- it’s all up to you. It’s so simple to make and it makes 4 whole servings. That means you can save it for other days during the week when you don’t have the time to cook. This really is one of those win-win dishes.

Try this creamy tomato spinach pasta this week and let us know what you think! Oh yeah, and good luck with the remainder of the semester!

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Workout Outfits You Won’t Mind Wearing All Day


No time to change out of your gym clothes before heading to class? As college students we have busy days and sometimes it makes the most sense to wear the same clothes throughout the day. Wear your workout clothes all day so you don’t have an excuse to not work out. Gym clothes do not have to be ugly. If styled correctly, they can become a trendy outfit of their own.

“I wear gym clothes all day often because I babysit, have class and then go straight to yoga.”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College

When putting together your gym-ready outfit, aim for similar colors throughout. However, you want your gym outfit to resemble an outfit you wear any other day, so keep away from bright neon colors since these will scream “gym attire.” Usually subtle colors are what we wear on our day-to-day basis, so stick with these hues.

Nonetheless, gym outfits can give you license to have a little more fun than you typically would, so feel free to rock a tribal-print legging, or add a little flair of color in your sneaker laces.


Buy gym clothes you actually love. Just because you’re going to be sweating and moving around a lot in them, doesn’t mean they should be any old thing in the closet. Typically, when we like our gym clothes, we get a better work out too. Feeling good about yourself while working out is a plus.

“You will always find me walking around in my gym clothes, but I never wear a sweatshirt while doing so; I wear the same jacket or sweater I do with all my other clothes.”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

A lot of people assume they should wear zip-ups or pullover sweaters with their gym clothes. These items make your gym outfit ugly and appear that you just rolled out of bed. When you pair the gym clothes with a leather jacket or sweater, it makes the outfit look like a regular one!

Do not worry about throwing away your bank on gym clothes. So many stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Target carry great, trendy gym clothes for a reasonable price. Have fun styling and working out!

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How to Spend Less Money on Healthy Food at the Grocery Store




Doing our own grocery shopping gives us the opportunity to decide what exactly we want to put in our bodies. It gives us the chance to incorporate some fruit, vegetables and other sources of nutrition into our diet. But there is one big turn off when trying to buy healthy foods: price.

One of the most common reasons people choose not to eat healthily is because of the price. The food that is best for our health is not always what’s best for our wallets, forcing many of us to choose the cheaper, and unfortunately, less healthy option. But there are ways out of this predicament. There are various ways to avoid spending an arm and a leg on healthy food at the grocery store.

Keep your focus

Don’t blow all your money on every healthy thing you see. The organic sections of supermarkets are very appealing; the section is separate from the other food and sports very appealing packaging. Don’t let that distract you. Not everything in that section is worth buying. Health magazine suggests staying away from these separate organic displays. Buying store brand organic items are more worthwhile, as they are just as good, but “less expensive than brand named goods.”

Along with this, you should plan out exactly what you want to purchase before going to the grocery store. Know exactly what you want and make a list of the items you typically eat during a week and then buy only those items. Don’t get suckered into buying something that you “might eat” because, more often than not, you won’t get around to it and it’ll just go to waste. Fitness Magazine is a huge proponent of never buying anything in mass quantities. This will save you loads of money in the long run.

If your dining hall has it, don’t buy it

Don’t feel like you have to change your diet with one trip to the grocery store. When you are shopping for instance, buy fruits and vegetables that don’t push you over the edge of your budget. Find some healthy things in your dining hall in addition to what you buy at the grocery store. If your dining hall has mixed lettuce, buy ingredients from the grocery store that you can add to the lettuce to jazz it up. Don’t buy the lettuce too.

That’s just one example. Your dining hall may have many other healthy foods that you don’t have to buy exclusively at the grocery store, like bananas for instance. The overall message here is that if your dining hall has it, then don’t buy it at the grocery store- especially if you have a meal card provided to you by your school.



Buy only what is in season

You can tell which fruits and vegetables are in season based on their prices.  When certain kinds of fruits and vegetables aren’t in season, their price goes up. Eating Well suggests never buying asparagus in January; you will pay “big bucks” for it and it won’t taste as good as it would when it’s in season. Fruits like apples are in season in the fall, so that’s the time when you will get the best deals on them. In winter, cauliflower is a great option.

Remember that eating healthily is a journey. It is definitely going to be great in the long run, but there are going to be some obstacles. In this case, price is one of them. But never let anything get in the way of you and your healthy eating goals.

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How to Stop Biting Your Nails


Have bad habits you’re trying to quit such as biting your nails? Nail biting is a common habit caused from stress. Often, those biting their nails are unaware they are doing so until a few moments after the fact or when someone else points it out. Vicious habits like these are hard to break because our brains automatically click right into the habit without us having to think much about it.

“I never bite my nails because I would not want to ruin my perfect manicures!”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College

An amazing way to stop biting your nails is to dip your fingers in nail polish remover each morning. Whenever you go to bite your nails the taste will be unbearable and the scent will also be unpleasant near your nose.

“I think about all the dirt that are in my nails whenever I go to bite them.”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland University


Think about all the negative defects that come from nail biting: mouth sores, dirty bacteria entering your mouth and chipped, unkempt nails. Our hands touch everything! To put your hands right into your mouth allows all the germs you have touched inside. Sometimes knowing the ugly side of our habit can knock it right out.

“I have tips which prevent me from biting my nails.”-Alexa Carone, junior, Iona College

Anxiety and stress are symptoms of nail biting. Perhaps consulting the real issues and getting to the root of the problem can eliminate your habit. Get deep within yourself and think past trivial nail biting. What is really bothering you? Coming face to face with your demons will alleviate and vanish stress, which will probably swipe away the habit that comes along with your stress. Try talking out your issues with a trusted friend or relative. Meditation and yoga can truly clear and distress the mind as well.

We have faith you will stop your habit because you want to. Be healthy and kind to yourself over everything else.

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Small Changes You Can Make to Start Eating Healthier This Week


Implementing huge changes in our lives isn’t always the most beneficial. Doing so can often be too abrupt and, therefore, short-lived. In order to really absorb new habits and routines effectively, we must ease ourselves into things one day at a time.

One of the most common life changes we want to make is eating healthier. We constantly tell ourselves “I’ll start that diet tomorrow” and expect ourselves to go from eating fries and burgers to eating salad in a heartbeat. And you don’t need any scientific evidence to know that doing that never works. So instead of taking a big jump into healthy eating, let’s start with some small changes that will lead you to long-lasting results.

Eat breakfast

Busy lives necessitate busy mornings and, unfortunately, can lead us to forfeit our most important meal of the day. We should always eat something in the morning to fuel our bodies for the long day ahead; we especially want to do this if we are considering a healthy lifestyle change. According to Eating Well, research has shown that those who eat breakfast are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off. Eating the same, or similar, breakfasts each day will encourage a healthy metabolism and proper source of energy for your body.

Try to implement simple breakfast options to begin this lifestyle change. Grab a granola bar or a banana, just so you have something in your system. As busy as we are, we certainly have a minute or so to nourish our bodies in the morning.

Incorporate healthy ingredients into meals

Many of us are not interested in meals solely of salad and vegetables; we often crave something more indulgent and filling. If you are one of these people who enjoy meals like pasta and meat, try to add healthier ingredients to these dishes to boost the nutrition level. For instance, add a salad with light dressing, or a handful of cherry tomatoes on the side. Simply adding these extra vitamins and nutrients to your daily meals can change the way you want to eat in the long run.


Don’t stop snacking, snack better

Out of habit and, most frequently, out of boredom, we reach for a bag of chips or cookies to munch on. We all are guilty of doing this, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop! Let’s just snack better.

Resist buying unhealthy snacks from your dining hall or the local grocery store. Instead, stock up on fruits like strawberries, apples and bananas. Simply not having the junk food in your room will eliminate the temptation to snack poorly. Snack instead on strawberries and whipped cream, or the grade school classic, apples and peanut butter. Better Health suggests keeping a stocked fruit bowl in plain sight will encourage and remind you to choose healthy options throughout the day.

Cooking Light is a great resource to find snacks that satisfy those late-night cravings, like cherries and cottage cheese.

Don’t call it a diet

The word “diet” has taken on a whole new meaning in this day and age. It no longer just refers to the food you eat during the day, but can be perceived as quasi-drastic measures taken by those who feel as if they are unhappy with their bodies. This perception has the power to steer you away from the true meaning of eating healthier and, not to mention, long-term results. Don’t get sucked into this phenomenon.

Eating healthier is not always about correcting “mistakes” or “imperfections” about your body. Eating healthier is about taking small steps to improve our overall well-being using safe and moderate methods. Don’t call this lifestyle change a “diet” if you are not comfortable with the connotation and implications it holds.

Always remember that healthy has many names, many body types and many stories. Eat healthier for you and do it safely.

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How to Break Out of Your Style Comfort Zone


Fashion can be daunting. Sometimes we catch ourselves repeating the same outfits time and time again. We get comfortable with our day-to-day clothing, and begin to lose a sense of risk-taking and variety. Expressing your personality through your clothing is wonderful. Although sometimes we may be afraid to try new things, the benefits are so rewarding.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for avoiding certain clothing items. Here at College Lifestyles TM we understand these reasons and want to help!

“I always wear loose things and feel weird wearing crop tops. I think crop tops are hard to pull off and look classy.”-Brittany McHugh, senior, Berkeley College

Some people have a sensitive area of their body they are not thrilled about showing. Whether it is your legs, stomach, back or arms, try not to concentrate on the part of your body you do not like, rather concentrate on the area you do like. For example, if you do not like your legs, but like your back, try a maxi dress with an open back cut out.

“Jeans that are more distinctive with patterns or add-ons are really loud and I never know what to wear with them.”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland University


Flare jeans are in style at the moment, but they are so not your typical everyday pair of jeans. Trying new styles currently “in” is frustrating at times. Usually the new style is expensive and we may fear spending the money because of the style going out just as quickly as it came in.

Our advice is to find the style in the cheapest store you can find it. Wear it with other items of yours you are comfortable with so the new style will not feel completely foreign. For instance, get the pair of trendy flare jeans, but for your first time wearing them, pair them with your favorite cardigan sweater you always wear. The more you feel comfortable in the new style, the more willing you will be to venture out in the future.

“I always dress comfortable and stay away from revealing clothes!”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

Crop tops and shirts with a lot of cleavage showing can make some feel awkward, which is totally understandable and normal. Perhaps wear a lace bralette under a deep-cut shirt. While still showing skin, you are also playing it safe and not going too far. Maybe one day you will feel the bralette is not necessary!

Take your time with trying new styles-no need to pressure yourself into wearing things you do not love. Change is nice though and can bring about positive effects, especially in the fashion world.

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Images are courtesy Toni Dawn Grimaldi.


Dealing with That Pain in Your Side When You Run

Dealing with that painTOP

We’ve all experienced that “stitch” in our sides while running. We slow our pace and squeeze our sides and wonder what exactly has caused our bodies to react this way. We consider the possibilities: maybe I was pushing myself too hard, maybe I have to run more often or maybe I have to run less. But as the pain subsides, we begin to disregard that sensation as an issue, only for it to happen again some other time.

So how exactly should we deal with that pain in our side when we run? And, is it something to be seriously concerned about?

Watch what you eat/drink before you run

People who have consumed a large meal or sugary beverages before running have been more likely to develop a side stitch, reports John Davis, running researcher and expert running coach of Digesting certain foods that are rich in fat, sodium and sugar require more blood for the stomach to digest. This causes decreased blood flow to the diaphragm, which then causes the irritating side pain, according to Davis.

Therefore, if you plan on going for a run or working out, make sure that you eat a light meal about 30 minutes to an hour beforehand. This is a good preventative measure to take so that you don’t even have to deal with the side stitch.

Warm up

This is another great preventative measure. Don’t just jump right into it; take your time to warm up before that 5k. Stretch and get your muscles limber before you push it to the limit. Runners’ World reports that going quickly from resting position to running speed can create “irregular breathing patterns” that can send you into a cramping episode.

pain MID


Slow down

Once you begin to experience side pain, you should not continue to push yourself as hard. You should slow down and breathe deeply. Exhaling is important in releasing the stitch, as it will utilize the muscles in your diaphragm, according to Runner’s World.

Adjust your posture

The Huffington Post claims that runners, in order to be effective, should maintain good posture. Standing up straight will allow your diaphragm to spread out evenly and prevent it from spasms. However, if you find yourself with a stitch, bend over. Bending forward will “tight [en] the core,” which will help to ease pain.

As far as health concerns go, side stitches aren’t a huge one. They happen to all of us, but they can be easily prevented. So why not prevent it?

Experiencing side pain is a way your body tells you to take a step back. It’s reacting to the physical activity to let you know that something can be done to better prepare for it. Next time you get a stitch in your side, take a breather and take these preventative measures. This way, you’ll never have to be interrupted on a run.

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Top photo courtesy of Ohmega1982/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.

Middle photo courtesy of marcolm/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.


Five Simple Outfits for Getting Dressed in a Hurry 


Planned on staying in then all of a sudden plans popped up or overslept and are running late to class? Do not pass a great opportunity for a fabulous night out because of the fear you do not have enough time to get ready. College LifestylesTM has arranged five go-to outfits you can throw on in a hurry while still looking incredible.


Rompers are easy because all you have to do is slip it on and you’re done- no other effort necessary. It is always good to have a simple romper that can be worn in any scenario. For getting dressed in a hurry for a night out, make the romper more nighttime appropriate with two simple accessories: a gold chain necklace and stockings. For class wear your romper with a pair of converse or leather jacket.

Our model Gianna Cuomo, a senior from Iona College said, “I love the romper stocking outfit so much. It took a minute to put together, but looks so classy. I want to wear it out when I go to London and Paris.”


Flannel and Leather Skirt

Everyone owns a flannel, but not everyone envisions it to be a nighttime piece of clothing. Nonetheless, they certainly can be with the right accents! A leather skirt or leather leggings are the perfect combination to transform a casual flannel into something more sophisticated.

T-Shirt Dress

Not only are t-shirt dresses comfy, but they are also very accessible and easy to make outfits out of. In fact, you could wear a t-shirt dress twice in the same week without anyone noticing, if you accessorize it differently each time. Our favorite ways to wear a t-shirt dress is with stockings, a long statement necklace or fur vest. If you are looking to wear your t-shirt dress to class all you need is a cute hairstyle such as a braid or messy bun and comfy flats.

“I am always making plans last minute so I never have enough time to plan my outfits. It is always good to know what go-to pieces are in your closet.”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland University

hurry3Black Jeans and Any Old Shirt

If you do not own a good pair of black jeans, get a pair now. Black jeans are amazing. They make the legs look skinny and can be worn anywhere: interviews, dinners, work, class, nights out- you name it. On top of it all, black jeans have the power to make any old shirt dressy.

“Black jeans are my stable clothing item. I wear them almost every night I go out!”-Brittany McHugh, senior, Berkeley College


Maybe a risky item, but always a fashionable one, a jumpsuit is an easy, slip-on item that every girl should own. I suggest owning two jumpers; have one jumper in a classic black color, and the other in a fun, colorful print.

We hope you never turn down another night out due to the dread of getting ready in a pinch. Make getting ready in a hurry a fun challenge and have a little pride when saying, “Yeah, I just threw this on,” after earning an outfit compliment.

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Images courtesy of Toni Dawn Grimaldi.



Reasons to Head to the Gym that Have Nothing to Do with Losing Weight


Going to the gym does not always have to mean you want to shed a couple pounds. Often times, some people truly enjoy working out, as it is something that makes them feel energized and productive. But even if you are not a person looking to lose weight or one that enjoys working out, there are still many reasons to make the trip.

You’ll feel less stressed

Working out is a great stress reliever. Taking the time to sweat out any toxins and clear your mind on a jog or brisk walk can truly defog your brain. According to Elite Daily, the endorphins produced while working out react with your brain to result in a euphoric, uplifting feeling.

You’ll sleep better

Going to sleep can be a challenge for some, mainly due to the unfathomable number of thoughts we have as soon as our heads hit the pillow. We’ve all been there; we lie down in our beds and immediately, we think about every trial and tribulation in our lives. Going to the gym can help ameliorate this constant struggle by decreasing your brain’s stress response levels. According to the New York Times, our psychological arousal is “dialed down” enough after working out so that our bodies (and brains) will accept sleep more willingly.

However, this is not something that will happen over night, no pun intended. Remain consistent and you will see results.

Pass the time

On our free days, we often resort to lounging about and looking for ways to drain a couple hours before we see our friends or pursue other plans. In the meantime, maybe we can go to the gym!

Having the mindset of going to the gym for fun will make it seem like less of a chore and less demanding.


You can watch your favorite T.V. shows

Being cramped in a small dorm room or apartment with a handful of roommates never is easy, especially when deciding what to watch on T.V. If you can’t seem to watch your favorite shows in the comfort of your own room, head to the gym. Most treadmills in college gyms are equipped with T.Vs. You can enjoy your shows and get a workout in at the same time- much better for you than just sitting on the couch!

It’s in our DNA

According to NPR (National Public Radio) our DNA is covered in chemical tags or carbon groups that contribute to the function of our DNA. A workout can modify the way proteins- the building blocks of our cells- interact with DNA. This is how your muscles grow and stay healthy. It is in our nature as humans to move our bodies and to contribute to improved muscle function. If we remain stagnant, our bodies will become less reliable and our DNA can suffer in turn.

For many, going to the gym is last on our long list of priorities. We all have internships, jobs and piles of homework, so we understand how difficult it can be to squeeze the gym in there. It is important to consider, however, that without our health, we would not be able to do any of the above listed activities. We should care for ourselves as best as we can and treat our bodies as machines that need constant check-ups and toner. Even going to the gym every so often can have immense benefits.

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Top photo courtesy of thephotoholic/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.

Middle photo courtesy of nenetus/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.




How to Give Yourself a Manicure the Right Way


Ever notice whenever you paint your nails yourself, they usually chip the very next day or just do not have the same salon quality? College Lifestyles TM totally understands your stress. You are probably missing just a step or two needed to ensure a perfect self-manicure, so we will lay out everything for you step-by-step.

“I hate how whenever I give myself my own manicure it will all chip the next day.”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College


Step 1: Remove old polish.

Step 2: Lotion hands and nail beds. Make sure to get in your cuticles (this will make painting your nails easier and prevent the polish from surpassing your nail or touching your skin.)

“After applying lotion before actually painting my nails, I noticed all the paint stayed in place and did not spread beyond my nail bed.”-Brittany McHugh, senior, Berkeley College


Step 3: Cut overgrown nails with nail clipper. Make sure all nails are cut to the same length. If your nails are not too overgrown and you prefer not to use a nail clipper, you can opt for a nail file in this step. When filing your nails, be precise and file each nail in the same shape to get the salon quality look.

Step 4: Cut and touch up your cuticles if needed.

Step 5: Remove all dirt from underneath your nails.


Step 6: First layer of paint- base coat. After applying your base coat wait five minutes until next step.

Step 7: Second layer of paint- color of choice (or clear). Apply a very thin layer of nail polish. Remember, thick coats plus too many coats causes chipping and/or a gloopy appearance to your manicure. Wait another five minutes until next step.

Step 8: Third layer of paint (optional)- second coat of color. Only use this step if first layer came out streaky or not to full liking. Make sure this second coat is also a thin layer and is only needed to touch up previous coat. Wait five minutes until next step.

Step 9: Final layer- top coat. This is a needed clear polish to ensure shine and protection for your manicure as a finishing touch.

“My favorite color nail polishes are reds and nudes because they are classic and look good in every season!”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland University

We hope this step-by-step guide was helpful for you. Please remember to wait five minutes before each coat; this is probably the most vital step in order to prevent chipping and a well-applied manicure. Enjoy!

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Images courtesy of Toni Dawn Grimaldi.


CL Interviews: Kim Mulder from Iona College

kim tip

Iona College is a school renowned, not only for its impressive curriculum for mass communication majors, but also for the talented and ambitious students within the program. Junior public relations major Kim Mulder is one of these upstanding students who has shown true Iona spirit through her dedication to on-campus activities. She has flown all the way from California to New York to pursue her dreams and take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities Iona College and the city have to offer her.

College LifestylesTM was certainly pleased to have gotten to know more about Mulder and public relations through this campus president interview.

College LifestylesTM: What made you choose Iona?

Kim Mulder: I had the help of my high school academic adviser to find schools in the west and east coast. I asked her for help if we can split finding colleges/universities that had excellent public relations programs. Then, she showed me Iona College and it had public relations as a concentrated major. I researched into the school more, applied and got in. I am from LA and had never been to New York, but I went with my gut feeling and chose Iona. Once orientation came, campus felt like home.

CL: What is your favorite part about Iona?

KM: Definitely the people I’ve met and being close to the city.

CL: Why did you choose your major?

KM: When I was younger, I had seen the MTV show, “The Hills” and two of the main characters worked for this fashion PR company called People’s Revolution. I thought to myself, “Wait, I love fashion, but what is PR?” I researched more into the company and found one of the founders, Kelly Cutrone. I adored Cutrone’s job as the liaison between the public and the fashion houses. I’ve been in love with PR ever since.

CL: What is your favorite part about your major?

KM: I am extremely grateful to be participating in the five-year program here at Iona to get my master’s in PR. Being able to learn with my classmates and professors is priceless. When we all get together, we feed off each other- you can experience the passions each of us have, even though we are looking to go into different fields in the industry.


CL: What are your career goals?

KM: I hope to own my own fashion/art PR firm one day and be a mentor to future PR practitioners.

CL: What is your campus president position?

KM: I am currently the President of Iona College/Westchester’s Public Relations Student Society of America. We are a national student organization under Public Relations Society of America and help other students learn more about the business of PR.

CL: What are the responsibilities of being President of PRSSA?

KM: I overlook the chapter and remain in contact with the national organization. I attend Student Government Association meetings, leadership programs and seminars. Also, I lead club and executive meetings and update advisers with chapter activities.

CL: Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

KM: I hope to work for a major fashion house and travel around the world.

We hope you’ve learned a bit more about public relations and have enjoyed getting to know Kim Mulder as much as we did here at CL! We wish Mulder much success in her future endeavors!

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Images courtesy of Kim Mulder.

Intern Kitchen: Easter Bunny Cake


With Easter right upon us, there is no stopping ourselves from daydreaming about all of our favorite holiday treats. Traditional egg breads to be purchased from local bakeries, homemade baskets from the Easter Bunny filled will holiday staples like Peeps and chocolate bunnies- these are just few among many of the goodies we have to look forward to this holiday.

But why stop at the small treats? What about something big to feed the whole family? After all, Easter dinner is never complete without Easter dessert. Impress your whole family this Easter by making this adorable Bunny Cake. It’s simple, delicious and sure to feed a crowd!


Prep time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Servings: 12


1 package of yellow cake mix

3 ¾ cups flaked, sweetened coconut

1 package of vanilla frosting

Food coloring

1 package of jellybeans

Black licorice

Two cake pans, 1 round and 1 rectangular


Begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or the indicated temperature on your package of cake mix.

Prepare cake batter and divide it evenly between the round and rectangular cake pans.

Bake and cool according to the packaged directions.

Once your cakes have cooled, remove the cake from the round tin onto a serving tray.

This circular cake will act as the bunny’s head.

Then, remove the rectangular cake from its baking tin and use a knife to carve out two ears and a bowtie.

Place the ears above the circular head, and place the bowtie below it.

Frost the entire bunny using vanilla icing, covering the sides as well.

You can take liberty in creating whatever color you would like to frost the bowtie by mixing some vanilla icing with food coloring.

Pat the coconut flakes on the white parts of the bunny, like its head and ears, in order to give the illusion of fluffy fur.

Decorate the rest of the bunny with black licorice for the whiskers and jellybeans as the eyes.

Serve and amaze!

(Recipe courtesy of AllRecipes.)



If you want to make this recipe vegan, replace the eggs with bananas. The coconut and banana flavors compliment each other very well, exuding the essence of spring. For a more indulgent egg replacement, try cream cheese. The yellow cake mix combined with the cream cheese is reminiscent of cake pops and truffles, sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

We hope you and your family enjoy this recipe this Easter!

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Top image courtesy of everydayplus/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.

Middle image courtesy of arcadante/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.


How to Wear a Denim Vest


Looking to get your denim vest out of the closet? College Lifestyles TM is excited to give you some denim vest style inspiration. With two cool and very different ways to pull off this accent piece, the denim vest will become a versatile, go-to item for every woman.

Paired with T-Shirt Dress

Spring is just around the corner. Many people save their denim vests for the “biker chick” Halloween costume and overlook it to be an excellent addition to their spring wardrobe. A light blue denim vest paired with any casual t-shirt dress is a comfortable, but automatic well-put-together look.

“I like to pair my denim vest with a crop-top in the spring and summer seasons.”- Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

Your denim vest paired with your t-shirt dress is already a great everyday outfit, but when the correct accessories are added, the outfit gains major notches up in style. A tote bag with a pop of color and converse sneakers will scream spring in all the right ways. Perhaps styling your hair in a unique braid or half-up/ half-down style with oversized sunglasses are all the finishing touches needed.

vest2 Paired with All-Black Pieces

Nonetheless, we still are in the chilly months so let’s consider how to work with the denim vest for our current season. Any all-black outfit is chic and flattering on all body types because black slims the body. If you own a dark-washed denim vest, you are in luck because it will make your all-black outfit even more edgy. Studs, ripped jeans, leather booties and a denim vest combined into one outfit will turn you into an effortless fashionista with incredible personality and spunk.

“I basically only wear black, so if I want to add something to my outfits I can always add a denim vest.”-Brittany McHugh, senior, Berkeley College

If you are looking to bring a little color into this outfit, add a gold-chained necklace, watch or earring. Gold will not be an overt color, so it will keep the outfit dark and sleek. Gold accessories will also not overshadow or take away from the look you’re going for, but will just add some additional drama.

“My mom always told me a good outfit is good because of its accessories!”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

Do not let your denim vest gather dust in your closet! This piece of clothing has so much potential for bringing any outfit in all seasons to the next level.

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Polyvore sets by Toni Dawn Grimaldi.





The Best Tips for Taking Naps

nap TOP

After long hours of classes, traveling for internships and studying for exams, it seems like the only time we college students get to rest are in these sporadic, short periods of time called naps. We can’t wait to get out of class to go rest before our next one. We tell ourselves we should nap before evening festivities to prepare us for the long night ahead. And most frequently, we plan on only resting our eyes for a minute while studying, and then wake up hours later with our heads resting on our textbooks.

Often times it can feel like the thought of a nap is much more pleasant than the feeling of waking up from one. This is because we can awake feeling groggier and grumpier if we don’t nap properly. Here are some tips for taking the best nap possible.

Nap in shorter increments

Typically, a nap should only last from 20-30 minutes. Health Magazine claims that a 2008 study found that 45- minute daytime naps can improve your memory. Anything more than 45 minutes may not have the same affect. Don’t trick your body into thinking that you are ready to go into a deep sleep, because that is going to be harder to wake up from, says The Huffington Post. However, if you are feeling particularly jetlagged or sleep-deprived, take a 90-minute nap to get a full cycle of REM sleep. Ninety minutes is the recommended time because that is the average span of a human’s sleep cycle.

Don’t nap if you have trouble sleeping at night

If you have any medical conditions, like insomnia or sleep apnea, napping is not going to be the best idea. Health Magazine claims that a nap will trick your body into thinking that it again is being forced into another period of fragmented sleep, perpetuating the medical condition.

Nap at the right time

Napping later in the day means that you are going to be awake later into the night. The Huffington Post claims that napping after 4 p.m. will not supplement your body with true energy. You’re most likely to fall asleep during the afternoon because that is the lowest point in the human’s circadian cycle- the physiological rhythm we thrive on.


Set an alarm

The sound of your phone buzzing at 8 a.m. is never the most joyful sound. Just thinking about that tone we use for our alarms is enough to make us cringe. But in the case of napping, setting an alarm to wake you up at a proper time is vital to how you will feel afterwards. This prevents you from napping longer than you expect to, which could throw off your entire sleep schedule and put you behind in your daily plans.

Fuel your body

Try taking a caffeine nap. Or try going for a walk. A change in pace and some fresh air can really help your body adjust and refresh. Drink lots of water as well; that will give you the hydration you need to keep going.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affirms that insufficient sleep is linked to conditions like depression, diabetes and obesity. Getting enough sleep should not be an option; it is vital to your well-being. So college kids, make sure that getting enough sleep is as much of a top priority as all of your other commitments.

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Top image courtesy of Alexa Filipe.

Middle image courtesy of StuartMiles/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.


CL Interviews: Rebecca Koshy from Iona College


Rebecca Koshy is a junior at Iona College, majoring in business marketing. Not only does Koshy excel in her academic studies and involve herself in on-campus activities, she also prides herself on being a Division 1 student athlete. Playing for Iona’s nationally ranked women’s water polo team, Koshy has found herself juggling many commitments in her college career, and rather successfully at that.

She has mastered the art of balancing school, sports and her social life; making time for the ones that matter most in life is very important to Koshy.  College LifestylesTM was honored to get to know this upstanding student through this interview, as she has given us a glimpse at the life of a student athlete.

College LifestylesTM: How long have you been playing water polo?

Rebecca Koshy: I started playing at the age of 13.

CL: Why did you choose Iona?

RK: I got recruited to come play water polo here and Iona being in close proximity to Manhattan, it was an easy decision. I always wanted to experience the east coast for my college years to experience a radical change compared to sunny California.

CL: What is your favorite thing about Iona?

RK: Undoubtedly the community feel on this campus is one of the most amazing things that I can say about Iona. I have met some amazing people here that have made me feel like New York is my new home. That is something I can never be thankful enough for, especially coming from all the way across the country.


CL: What is your favorite part about playing water polo?

RK: There really is no better feeling than being on the same page with your teammates and winning games together. But win or lose we do it together!

CL: How do you find time to balance school with athletics?

RK: I will not say it is an easy task but with good time management I am able to find the balance between my education, athletics and social life. Luckily I have had years of practice so it really isn’t a new challenge.

CL: What are your biggest accomplishments (either in school or in the pool)?

RK: I used to play with Stanford club before I came to school here and my last year, as a senior, we got the bronze medal at Junior Olympics. That still remains to be my favorite memory of success. Now my current team at Iona is trying to win the entire MAAC and I hope that is my next biggest athletic accomplishment.

CL: What other activities do you participate in on campus?

RK: I love to volunteer for mission and ministries whether that may be Project Bro, Midnight run, Soup Kitchen or Habitat for Humanity. Also, I’m a part of Marketing club.

CL: Where do you see yourself in five years?

RK: If things go as planned, I hope to move back to Silicon Valley to work for a tech company under the marketing department. Whether things go as planned or not, I just hope to be happy doing whatever that may be.

We wish Koshy the best of luck in her future endeavors and that she continues to show the world that she is ready for any challenge!

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All images courtesy of Rebecca Koshy.


Nicole Avitablie from Iona College, President of the Council for Greek Governance


Our latest campus president interview at College Lifestyles TM is on a smart and classy lady you will want to know about! Nicole Avitabile from Iona College gave us some of her time to tell us all about herself and her amazing duties as the president of the Council for Greek Governance for the 2015-2016 term. This woman is going to prove it takes a lot of time and work to carry such important responsibilities as president.

College Lifestyles TM : Hi Nicole! Can you start by you telling us what grade and major you are in?

Nicole Avitabile: I am a senior at Iona College and I major in business management.

CL: We are aware that you are the campus president of Council for Greek Governance, but do you have an internship currently?

NA: Currently I am working as a spring intern for Indeed and I am a part of their client services department.

CL: After graduating from Iona College what are your future career goals or plans?

NA: After graduation my plan is to go to graduate school for healthcare management. My goal there is to get a full-time entry-level position in the healthcare industry.

CL: Can you explain to us the exact role of the Council for Greek Governance on campus?

NA: The council acts as an umbrella of the organizations at Iona College, meaning the council oversees all of the sororities and fraternities on campus.  We are the main resource for all of the Greek life members and ensure that all members follow all of Iona College’s rules and mandatory regulations.


CL: Describe your role as president. Tell us about some of your jobs and responsibilities.

NA: As president, I organize and run weekly meetings for all Greek members and monitor the status of all other executive board members.  I serve on campus-wide committees such as Student Life Committee. I am responsible for planning all events and community service projects the Greek community participates in.

CL: Do you enjoy your position and how did you come to be the president?

NA: I really enjoy being a part of CGG. We have elections every year. I ran for the position and by running I had to give a speech to the council members. Thankfully, after delivering the speech I won my position as president!

CL: Did you have to work your way up to becoming the president?

NA: Last year, I was recruitment chair so I basically worked my way up by going higher in position this year. Every year the position I held got higher and higher.

CL: What is your favorite part of being a part of this organization?

NA: I would say I am thankful to have worked with such great people the past two years. I have learned so much from everyone I worked with and am really going to miss them after graduation.

CL: What sorority are you a member of on campus?

NA: I am a member of Psi Kappa Theta sorority.

CL: What are some of the activities Psi Kappa Theta does on campus?

NA: Some of the things we do on campus are breast cancer awareness. We are a part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and do plenty of animal drives. We are very helpful with the community and conduct fundraisers as philanthropy.

CL: With all your activities and memberships on campus how do you keep up with everything?

NA: I am very good at time management; I am a very organized person. I know how to prioritize my time well. For me, it is all about balancing all the memberships and responsibilities I have the correct way.

Avitablie is clearly a very busy girl. She proves that being actively involved with campus organizations can allow you to meet wonderful people and make all the hard work worth it. Avitablie is totally a woman to look up to as a role model!

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 Images courtesy of Nicole Avitablie.





How to Wear Fringe


Are you loving the look of fringe, but are not too sure how to go about pulling it off? Our College Lifestyles TM team is obsessed with the fringe look and are going to give you countless options on how to wear this trend of 2016!

“I got my fringe leather jacket at Ruby and Jenna and I love it!”-Lauren Nizinski, junior, Pace University

If you have a piece with fringe incorporated, your outfit instantly becomes super trendy and stylish. Statement pieces with fringe such as jackets, sweaters and tops will make for a show-stopping outfit. A true fashionista will have no fear going for this look! If you do choose to go big with the fringe, make the rest of the outfit understated. Basic tees and black jeans pair well with fringe jackets. Baggy tanks with leggings and high-boots compliment a fringe cardigan or sweater well.

Fringe does not have to be what the whole outfit is about. You can certainly wear it as an accessory rather than a statement piece. Less is more, right?


“I have so many scarfs with fringe tassels. They make the scarf look more bohemian and stylish.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

 Almost every accessory can be found made with fringe: scarfs, clutches, totes, shoes, even chocker necklaces- you name it. We love seeing little hints of fringe here and there in an outfit. The little details are what make an outfit look whole and polished.


Lately, so many shorts and skirts have fringe incorporated into the design. These kinds of shorts and skirts are so stylish. Even in chilly months you can wear these pieces and pair stockings with them for a winter-appropriate look.

“I went shopping the other week and noticed so many skirts and shorts were made with fringe details. These pieces of clothing were untraditional to see with fringe, but it looks great.” –Brittany McHugh, senior, Berkeley College

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What to (and Not to) Eat and Drink When You Have an Upset Stomach


In a college setting, it is often times difficult to find the time and resources to eat a well-balanced meal. As a result, college students can, unfortunately, run the risk of nausea and an upset stomach.

It is important to pay attention to what you are putting into your body and at what time of the day so you can identify if there is something upsetting your immune system and overall well-being, for you do not want to reach the point in which you have to cope with stomachaches or nausea, an uncomfortable and often immobilizing bug. But in the event that you do have to deal with it, there are lists of foods and drinks you should and should not eat during this time. We sought out Iona College’s nurse practitioner, Jackie Vazquez for some professional advice and information on this subject.


Nurse practitioner Vazquez states that in the case of upset stomachs, she will always recommend the “clear diet.” From the archives of her office, Vazquez revealed to us a list of items on the clear diet, consisting of essentially anything that is transparent or clear. In the case of nausea/vomiting, cracked ice chips are recommended and to be followed by clear liquids like apple or cranberry juice, gelatin, popsicles, broth and tea. A common household remedy, and also recommended on Vazquez’s clear diet, is clear sodas like ginger ale, Sprite and Seven Up. Make sure to sip the liquids, not gulp. Vazquez states that this diet should be upheld for at least 24 hours or until discomfort stops.

The main foods and drinks you want to avoid are milk and orange juice. Vazquez states that “milk is mucus forming and heavy and orange juice is too acidic” for the stomach to handle in this state. In fact, all dairy products should be avoided during this time as well as fried and processed foods.

The day after, your upset stomach may begin to subside, but you should continue to monitor what you are consuming. Vazquez now recommends the “BRATY diet,” an acronym for bananas, rice, apples, toast and yogurt (preferably plain). All of these items will assist in strengthening your immune system, but are not too rich and heavy so that it will upset your stomach even further. For instance, yogurt, a dairy product, can now be consumed at this stage due to the acidophilus and live culture within the product. The probiotic nature of yogurt will help with digestion.

Thanks to nurse practitioner Jackie Vazquez for all her advice on this article as well as the other workers at Iona College’s Wellness Center. We hope you all have learned something useful from this interview and that you remain well and healthy!

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