How to Incorporate Rose Quartz and Serenity into Your Dorm Decor

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Moving into unknown places where you have no idea what to expect can be hard. Classes and extracurriculars can be even more difficult and stressful, but coming back to your dorm should help relieve these feelings. When you lay down in your bed it should feel like home, because it is your home.

To make your dorm feel more like home, consider adding rose quartz and serenity into your room. Rose quartz is the crystal of love—not only the kind of love you feel when you’re with your significant other—but every kind of love you can experience. You might say rose quartz and serenity go hand-in-hand, but serenity is the sense of relaxation.

Pantone says rose quartz and serenity are the colors of the year. The pale blue and powder pink balance each other out for a timeless look. This look provides the perfect combination of comfort and energy, which is great for a new room.

Here are some ways to get the look:

Noise Concealing Rug

Add a light blue plush noise concealing rug. A sheepskin throw rug is a spa’s secret to keeping sounds from echoing. Not only are these rugs noise concealing, but also the plush material feels great against your toes after a long day.

Accent Furniture

A dorm room isn’t big enough to add a couch or anything of that size, but you have some space to add a chair. Oprah suggests adding a powder pink chair about the size of a butterfly chair to go with your light blue rug.

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Bed and Pillows

On your twin bed, add a pink duvet bed cover with some light blue accent pillows.  This adds serenity with the light blue and rose quartz with the pink.


The best thing to do with rose quartz in a room is to add a lot of contrast. This way it stands out. This is also why the pale blue goes so well with the powder pink—it adds just enough contrast without being too harsh.

Wall Decor

It’s hard to decorate your dorm, especially since you can’t paint or nail anything to the walls. Instead, buy a 5×7 canvas and paint supplies. Stylecaster recommends some whimsical prints with the powder pink as the pattern and the light blue as the background. When you hang it up, be sure to use adhesive strips rather than hanging it with nails.

Here at College LifestylesTM , we hope these helpful tips make you feel more at home in your dorm. These balancing colors will light up your room and your mood!

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