Top Five Fabulous Things About Girlfriends

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It’s hard to limit the many reasons why girlfriends are incredibly fabulous to just five. However, CL did our best to capture some of our favorite things about classy, sassy sisters in the following snapshot.

Can we all admit that our seven-year-old best friend was a daisy and butterfly covered diary with a cheesy little lock that didn’t actually work, but at least created the illusion of privacy? And that we would come home from school and pour our hearts into these little paper books? Because, after all, seven-year-olds do have quite dramatic lives, or at least active imaginations.

Reason number one why ever girl needs a soul sister: “dear diary” doesn’t talk back, but best friends do.

Our best girlfriends know everything about us and they love us anyway. They are there to listen to all of our secret confessions, silly obsessions and sincere reflections. They never tell our stories or betray our trust, but instead, become our real-life diaries that we share our lives with, and that share their lives with us. Best friends are the girlfriends that you cannot live without, and luckily, you don’t have to.

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We have all seen it happen. One of your closest friends gets caught up in the excitement of a new relationship and all of a sudden, she is bailing on girl’s night out and cancels last minute for your mani/pedi date. You, of course, vowed never to be this friend, but then Mr. tall, dark, and handsome sweeps you off your feet and you find yourself skipping out on that quality girl time you promised never to miss.

Reason number two why girlfriends are your constant companion: If/when the man of your dreams becomes a deadbeat in the distance, a heartless heartbreaker, or coldblooded cheater, your girlfriends are always there to help you pick up the pieces of your shattered heart.

To take advice from perhaps the most loving best friends and mother/daughter team ever, Lorelai Gilmore explains girlfriends are there to help you wallow after a breakup. Girlfriends are with you as you, “get back in your pajamas, go to bed, eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza, don’t take a shower or shave your legs or put on any kind of make up at all and just sit in the dark and watch a really sad movie and have a good long cry and just wallow.” Or perhaps you don’t want to wallow. Maybe you want to write a revenge song and post it on YouTube à la Taylor Swift, actively glare at the sorry lad all through chemistry lecture, or send love letters to his best friend or his worst enemy (whichever makes him more jealous). Who knows? But no matter what your coping method may be, and despite how you may have acted while you still found this man charming, your good girls are always there to help you move on with your life.

Ever been walking through the mall and spotted that girl wearing a dress that just does not flatter her figure? Or see someone walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper on her foot? Leave a lunch date with lettuce in between her teeth? Or worse yet, make those decisions you know she will latter regret?

Reason number three why you should always trust your girlfriends: a good girlfriend is always, always, always looking out for your best interests.

This means gently explaining that no, you’re not at all fat, it’s just that no one looks good in a tan, clingy, jersey dress and it really isn’t the best option for a first date. It takes the form of looking out for the silly things, the gum on the bottom of your shoe or the ketchup on your blouse. But it also means your girlfriends have your back when it comes to the big life decisions. They are there for you when you really need good, honest advice and council and when you need someone to speak the truth in love.

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When was the last time you went to a party alone? A dance? A social? Oh right, never, because no one likes to be alone.

Reason number four why you always need your girlfriends by your side: everyone needs a good wingman (woman). 

Whether you and your girlfriend are giggling in the corner at a party, tearing up the dance floor together because you share the same favorite songs and legendary moves, or plotting ways to get by the side of your current crush, every party is better with your best friend. Who else is going to self-sacrificially talk to your crush’s awkward cousin so that you can chat him up uninterrupted? Or slyly rescue you from the creepy guy who just doesn’t want to leave you alone on the dance floor? Or belt out Celine Dion karaoke with you even though you both know that no one else in the room wants to hear “My Heart Will Go On” ever again? Every good gathering needs a best friend.

Have you ever been in a social situation where you made a joke that only really suited your sense of humor and no one in the circle knew to laugh? Or has your favorite song ever come on the radio and all you want to do is belt it at the top of your lungs, but are driving with acquaintances that you don’t feel comfortable squealing in front of?

Reason number five why girlfriends let you be yourself: your girlfriends already know you’re crazy, and they are too.

We all have our quirks, our idiosyncrasies, and silly traits that might scare off those who don’t know us well, but they don’t bother our girlfriends. Good girlfriends are there to let loose with, to dance on tables with, to laugh until milk squirts out your nose with. They are the ones you can be completely carefree with, let down your hair and stick your head out a limousine sunroof with.  When in the company of the fabulous ladies that you really know and love, you never have to pretend to be anything but yourself. You get to embrace all of the little things that make you unique and make your girlfriends love you all the more.

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A CL Guide to Getting Healthy with Your Girls!

Having girlfriends is useful in so many aspects of a college girls’ life: they always provide at least one shoulder to cry on, are willing to trade a night of partying for a night of movies, and will be there to tell you honestly about all of your fashion faux pas. Your girlfriends also have an influence on the foods you choose to eat and the drinks you decide to buy during the school year, which can be a good thing or take a turn for the worse. If your girls are hindering your healthy streak, don’t search for new besties — just learn to be healthy together!

Talk About It

Confronting your girlfriends about your aspirations of leading a healthier lifestyle is the easiest part. Approach them individually, confidently telling each of them that you’ve been thinking about making more health-conscious decisions. Your girls will know you mean business when you talk to them as a group, offering ideas of what you hope to change about your habits and what you hope to accomplish together this year, whether that’s drinking more water or eating less Cup Noodles.

Create A Simple Plan

Once your girlfriends have accepted the challenge, set some reasonable goals to attain. As a group, decide if you’d like to go the more dedicated route by developing a weekly meal plan, or take the simpler road by making a weekly checklist of what you’d like to achieve and things you’d like to stay away from. If you and your girls choose the latter, try making this list every Sunday with what you want to accomplish on the top (such as walking at least a mile on the track or incorporating a few fruits into your meals), and what you don’t want to do on the bottom (such as eating a whole row of Oreos or drinking any energy drinks) — crossing items off of a to-do list is such a motivating feeling.

As the goals become less of a chore, up the stakes and start challenging each other even more! Need a little inspiration? Check out a CL interview with SELF’s Eat Like Me blogger, Sarah Jane-Bedwell, and read how she sets health goals.

Chat with your girls while stretching before a run!

It’s okay to get a little sidetracked; it happens to the best of us. But making a week’s worth of wrong choices will result in a snowball effect of making more wrong choices. So don’t mess with a good thing! Keep up the hard work and keep your eyes on the prize, which is a healthier, more vibrant you! Consider Nicole C.’s article about food-intake suggestions and Debra S.’s article about staying  in shape on campus if you find yourself veering off track.

Celebrate The Progress

Keep in mind that healthy doesn’t mean seeing a drastically smaller number on the scale. You’re making progress when you start to feel rejuvenated inside and out, internally and mentally. You don’t want to celebrate too early, so after about a month of dedication, get dressed up and go out for a nice dinner for a job well done. Clap for yourself, you deserve it!

As a final thought, how do you and your savvy girlfriends keep healthy goals in mind? Do you put your brains together and figure out meal plans, do you grocery shop together, or schedule times to take fitness classes at your university gym? Leave a comment and let CL know!

Tiana Blue is an intern for College Lifestyles™ and is a print journalism major at Penn State. This sophomore is an avid blogger that loves to write, draw, roam the streets of Manhattan, and channel her inner chef by watching Food Network re-runs.

Back to School Bash #3: Slumber Party!

It’s here; fall semester has arrived for most, and is quickly approaching for others.  Although beginning a new load of courses isn’t always so great, reuniting with friends is.  Be creative with your hangout time, and throw a fun reunion that no one will forget.

Back to School Bash #3: Slumber Party!

Hanging out with close friends who you haven’t seen in months is one of the best perks to resuming classes.  Why not make the fun last all night by throwing a slumber party?  For some classy co-eds it may be years since your last sleepover, or if you are like me you may have had one just a matter of weeks ago.  Either way, what better time to throw one than now?  You’ll create a whole night of fun to spend with your closest friends.

Steps to having your own “Slumber Party”:

  1. Choose a date. Weekends typically work best.  Don’t plan your sleepover on a “school night;” chances are you won’t be getting much sleep!  Make sure to plan around any recruitment activities or socials; low key weekends are your best bet.

    Weekends usually work best!

  2. Call your closest girlfriends. Make sure to call at least 3 days in advance so that you can catch your friends before they make plans, and also so that you can make plans of your own for the party.  Ask each friend to bring her favorite snack and/ or candy.  Also remind them to bring their pillows, and a sleeping bag and/ or blankets.  Make a rule that they must come wearing their cutest pair of pajamas!

    Cute pajamas make a slumber party complete!

  3. Stock up on “staple sleepover snacks”… without crushing your daily diet. Get a feel for what your girlfriends are bringing and fill in the gaps.  Sleepovers are typically a time to bring out the junk food, and while this can be fun, it can also create a challenge when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  When buying popcorn, choose a “smart pop.”  Popcorn can now be bought in bags that contain 100 calories each.  If you choose to grab some candy, try choosing one from the sugar-free section.  Hershey’s® Sugar-free York Peppermint Patties taste almost identical to the original.  If you want to buy ice cream, try substituting with frozen yogurt or sherbet.  Edy’s® also offers a great solution.  As they state on their website, “With Edy’s® Slow Churned® Light Ice Cream, you get 1/2 the fat, 1/3 fewer calories, and all the taste you expect from regular.”  They currently offer a 26-flavor variety.

    Healthier, but still delicious, ice cream

  4. Hit up the movie store. Try renting a popular new-release, or do my favorite and rent an “oldie but goodie.”  The biggest rule when picking out a movie is to make sure it is a chick-flick.

    One of my personal favorites!

  5. Set up for your big night. Clear out the room you will be using, and make it 100% girl proof.  Set out fun things, like nail polish or spa masques.  Be sure to charge your camera.  Want to be really adventurous?  Set up a camping tent in your yard, instead of setting up a room inside.  Some of my favorite sleepovers have been in the “great outdoors”.  Just make sure to check the weather first!

    Close friend, and former CL Intern Kayla and I enjoying a campout sleepover

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to feel like a kid again.  It’s only so often that we get to spend a night like this, so why not go all out?  For more great girls’ night ideas, check out Christine’s “Improve Your Sisterhood with a CL’s Girls’ Night In!”  Make memories that you will never forget, and most of all, enjoy!

Abby Bryant is an intern with College Lifestyles™.  She is a senior marketing major at Georgia College & State University® and is the president of her sorority, Sigma Alpha Omega®.  She loves spending time with friends and is always looking for creative new ideas of ways to spend time with them.

This Classy Coed’s Favorite Chick Flicks

So, this summer I’ve been watching a lot of movies since I don’t like really hot weather and yes, most of them are chick flicks. That’s just how I am, I like them a lot. I started thinking about the greatest chick flicks, in my opinion, and have decided to compile a Top 15 list for you, the fabulous coed to check out. It was going to be a Top 10, but…there were just too many good ones. We’ll start in descending order to add to the suspense of numero uno. I start this list with a kind of ridiculous choice:


Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

Josie and the Pussycats is GREAT for many reasons. Firstly, in terms of actual plot, it is an awesomely bad movie. Let’s be realistic: Josie, Val, and Melody have their  band, The Pussycats and magically they are discovered and made popular, thanks to subliminal messaging. However, this movie is HILARIOUS, the soundtrack is really good, and it’s actually a pretty accurate satire on our obsession with material things. It’s like a walk down memory lane, with the product placement and the pop-culture references. Also, there are times where the movie makes fun of itself, which are just perfect. One of my favorite quotes from the film: Alexander: I still don’t understand why you’re here. Alexandra: I’m here because I was in the comic book.


10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

10 Things I Hate About You is one of the best movies of all time. Heath Ledger is absolutely charming in this movie and I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with him. This movie as a whole is pretty funny and it’s quite clever. It’s a modern adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew (good play, check it out) and it stays true to the plot of the play (initially) and updates it without seeming too tired or hokey. Kat’s poem/sonnet at the end (where the title comes from) is wonderful and kudos to the writers for that one. One of my favorite quotes is: “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” as said by Chastity.


He's Just Not That into You (2009)

He’s Just Not That into You was like the chick flick of my dorm this past year. It is a great movie and I especially like it because it’s not all about getting together, but about the reality of relationships. Some couples split up, some get (back) together. Hands down, my favorite scene is when Jennifer Aniston’s character goes into the kitchen of her parents’ house and sees Ben Affleck washing the dishes. Melts my heart every. single. time. It really is a great movie whether you just started dating someone or just broke up with someone. Plus, the cast is phenomenal. It’s fun to watch and pick out who you are with your friends. I’m Mary (Drew Barrymore). Favorite quote: “That’s a lot of prepositions,” as said by Javier. It was a totally understated remark, but it cracked me up. It was hard to pick just one quote.


Sex and the City (2008)

Sex and the City: The Movie was impossibly satisfying. I did not like the second one as much as I liked the first, which made me cry really hard and laugh really hard and appreciate my girlfriends so much more. The end of a relationship can really bring you closer to your girls as both Miranda and Carrie (and in the end, Samantha) realize in this film. The soundtrack is phenomenal. The girls are back for the first time in four years. It was just everything I could’ve wanted. This film makes me even more excited to (hopefully) relocate to NYC in the next couple of years. Favorite quote: “Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York in search of the two L’s: labels and love,” said by Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself.


One Fine Day (1996)

One Fine Day is a little slice of understated heaven. Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney (ah, Clooney) star in this movie about complete opposites that depend on each other to make an awful day a little more bearable. It’s a fluffy little romantic comedy and it’s one of those movies that you just need sometimes. George Clooney is dry and witty in this (typical Clooney, handsome as always), which is funny. The two kids are hilarious. Michelle Pfeiffer is great as the stressed out, Type A mom. My favorite quote from this flick actually comes from Natalie Merchant’s cover of the song One Fine Day from this film: “One fine day, we’ll meet once more and then you’ll want the love you threw away before.”


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are one of my all-time favorite movie couples ever. I wanted them to be together in real life so bad after this movie was released. This is another movie where the writing is really smart and the actors are perfection. Kate Hudson really shines in this movie, and careful attention must be paid to her throughout the film, even when she’s not speaking because her facial expressions are priceless.  Also hilarious? Ben’s friends! They’re so quick and sharp and add a lot to the movie. For example, one of my favorite quotes: Ben: How about ‘glitter?’ Tony: Thayer’s favorite movie. Thayer: It was underrated!


Pretty in Pink (1986)

This is hands down my favorite Molly Ringwald movie. Duckie makes this movie for me. He’s in love with his best friend, Andie, who starts dating a “richie.” Her friends (mostly Duckie) don’t approve and neither do his. James Spader is an excellent villain in this movie, one of Blane’s friends who has a thing for Andie. It’s a great movie, lovely and sweet and simple, just as a good chick flick should be. It’s a tie in my favorite quotes, both said by Duckie, the first: “I’m off like a dirty shirt,” and “I’m not particularly concerned with whether or not you like me, because I live to like you and…and I can’t like you anymore. So…so when you’re feeling real low and…and dirty, and your heart is splattered all over hell, don’t look at me to pump you back up ’cause…’cause…’cause maybe for the first time in your life I WON’T BE THERE.”


Clueless (1995)

Clueless is one of those great movies that I definitely watched way younger than I should of, with really smart subtle humor trickled in. Surprisingly, this is based on the Jane Austen book Emma, and it’s one of the movies that I think Brittany Murphy really, truly shines in. This movie introduced me to Paul Rudd, also, who would later be the love of my life :) This movie about seemingly vapid Beverly Hills rich kids, has really sophisticated humor. My favorite quote was really hard to pick. I know one of my favorite scenes is when Brittany Murphy is singing along to the Mentos ad, but I think Cher takes the cake in her description of the opposite sex, “So, okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all, but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed, and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair (ew) and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to soon? I don’t think so.”


Legally Blonde (2001)

This movie, besides inspiring a GREAT musical (seriously, it was fab and under appreciated), made me really consider going to law school for three years or so. This is one of the ultimate female empowerment movies. It makes me think that I can do anything, moreso than my mom telling me so, and it really makes me want to prove people wrong . My favorite quote is when Elle sasses back the salesgirl trying to rip her off, “It’s impossible to use a half-loop stitch on low-viscosity rayon; it would snag the fabric, and you didn’t just get it in – I saw it in the June Vogue a year ago. So if you’re trying to sell it to me for full price, you’ve picked the wrong girl.”


Mean Girls (2004)

This list wouldn’t be complete WITHOUT Mean Girls. This movie is still quoted more than anything else amongst my friends and I. I miss this Lindsay Lohan so much! I thought she was beautiful and really talented in this movie and I thought her career was really going to take off. Damien completely steals this movie for me, as I’m pretty sure we are the same person and the quote I love the most comes from one of my favorite scenes involving him, Damien screeches, “And I want my pink shirt back! I WANT MY PINK SHIRT BACK!!!!!” It’s definitely hard to choose just one, though.


The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Like Legally Blonde, The Devil Wears Prada is one of those movies that motivates me to do what I want and get what I want out of life. Andy (third Andy of this list!) wants to be a journalist and ends up the assistant to a fashion magazine editor. This movie has FABULOUS clothes and great style. I love Anne Hathaway, especially in this movie, and I am shocked to see how she’s grown from The Princess Diaries, which I loved. Stanley Tucci also kind of steals this movie and this cemented him in my mind as one of my favorite actors. My favorite quote is a snippet of a longer speech said by Nigel (Tucci) to Andy, “You have no idea how many legends have walked these halls and what’s worse, you don’t care. Because this place, where so many people would die to work, you only deign to work. And you want to know why she doesn’t kiss you on the forehead and give you a gold star on your homework at the end of the day. Wake up, sweetheart.”


Pride & Prejudice (2005)

HOW could this movie NOT be on the list? The tumultuous love story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is one of the most romantic stories of all time and this adaptation from 2005 was excellent. It was no Colin Firth miniseries (so I hear), but this is perfect.  Pride & Prejudice is beautiful in every single way; the story is lovely, the film is visually stunning, and the adaptation is well-written. Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden are excellent as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Macfayden is such a dreamboat. My favorite scene is when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are dancing. It’s perfect. My favorite quote is said by Mr. Darcy and makes my heart melt, “If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me body and soul and I love…I love…I love you. And never wish to be parted from you from this day on,” helloooo, my standards have gone up 900%. :)


My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

This movie, honestly, was my favorite for a really long time. Only recently, has it been bumped to number three, only because I could never leave my number two. I like this because it is the story of my life. I can vividly see myself being Julianne minus the crazy. This movie is funny and sweet and heartbreaking. I like the way it ends. This is the first movie I really discovered Rupert Everett and I love him to this day :) My favorite scene is the boat scene, though I do love the singing when George comes into town and is describing how he met Julianne. My favorite quote is actually from the end when Julianne donates her song to the couple, “My best friend has won the best woman. I didn’t get you a gift, however…this is on loan until you two find your song.”


Love Actually (2003)

How can you not LOVE this movie? It follows eight interrelated story lines, couples specifically at Christmastime. This movie is an excellent chick flick and an excellent Christmas film. It’s festive and HILARIOUS and the cast is phenomenal. Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson are some highlights. This movie just makes you feel good and anyone loves this movie: guy, girl, old, young. It’s a great movie – if you haven’t seen it, yet, STOP what you’re doing RIGHT now and go rent it/Netflix it ASAP. My favorite scene and my favorite lines have the smallest spoken dialogue, “With any luck by next year I’ll be dating one of these girls [pictures of supermodels], but for now let me say, without hope or agenda, just because it’s Christmas (and at Christmas you tell the truth): to me, you are perfect and my wasted heart will love you until you look like this [mummy picture]. Merry Christmas.”


You've Got Mail (1998)

AND NOW! My favorite chick flick of all time: You’ve Got Mail! I absolutely love this movie. It satisfies the bookworm in me. It satisfies the sap in me. It’s great. At the end, when Tom Hanks comes round the bend and sees Meg Ryan and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is playing…it gets me every time. It’s such a good, simple, lovely film to the strongest degree. It’s funny. I laugh and I cry and I want a love like Joe and Kathleen’s. Since this is my ultimate favorite, it gets three quotes: 1) “When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does,” said by Kathleen Kelly 2) “The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings,” also said by Kathleen Kelly and lastly 3) Joe: Don’t cry, Shopgirl. Don’t cry. Kathleen: I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.

So there, I present to you the Top 15 Chick Flicks you should check out while beating the heat. Also, I have some honorable mentions: The Proposal, (500) Days of Summer, Ever After, The Notebook, She’s All That, Drop Dead Gorgeous, 27 Dresses, Made of Honor, The Wedding Date, Definitely Maybe and Never Been Kissed. Never Been Kissed was actually really close to making the list.

You can check out more info about all of these movies by searching them on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.

Grab some girlfriends, grab some snacks and enjoy these chick flicks and stay cool. Are there any movies you wanted to see on this list that weren’t posted? What are your favorite chick flicks? Let us know!

Briana Simko is a senior English and Theater Arts major at Duquesne University and a proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She’ll miss not living with her sisters to watch chick flicks with and is a little sad her summer movie entertainment has been interrupted by studying for the GREs. She’s a great big sap at heart, though, and loves Tom Hanks.

What About Your Friends? – Balancing Dating and Friends

yellow-rosessmall1 Hi friends! First, yep, I got the title from this post from a TLC song :) Second, yellow roses symbolize friendship, in case you were wondering. Lastly and to the point, following up on my post about dating etiquette, there are some things about how to treat your friends while you’re in a relationship!

Significant others come and go, but true friends are forever :) I’m writing this after an unfortunate situation happened between a former friend and myself over his girlfriend, which made it kind of hard to write. Also, on another tangent, in honor of Sex and the City 2 coming out at the end of the month, all of the pictures are from the series/movie!

OMG! My boyfriend...

"OMG! My boyfriend..."

DON’T only talk about your significant other! Not only can it be annoying, it’s also kind of inconsiderate to your friends! These are your friends! You have volumes to talk about. However, make sure you find a nice balance because it’s also not fair to you if they don’t tolerate any talk of your beau whatsoever. Friendships are all about a give and take and make sure it’s an even give and take.

Poor Carrie!

Poor Carrie!

DON’T make your friend a third wheel! This kind of ties in with the aforementioned don’t. It’s one thing if you’re all friends, but if your friend and your significant other are barely acquaintances, it’s not fair to either parties. There is a difference between introducing your friends to your beau, but when you are overwhelmingly affectionate and (like Charlotte above) retelling the story of how you met for the ninth time, it’s a little rude and makes your friend feel unwanted!

Oh, what a great time!

Oh, what a great time!

DO listen to what your friends have to say! Like I said before, you love your friends, you love your beau, and naturally you want them to be friends. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen and it’s really unfortunate when it doesn’t, but it shouldn’t rip apart your friendship. There’s a line in a Rent song that goes, “Friendship is thicker than blood,” and I never forget it. However, if your friend has a really bad gut feeling or sees something, don’t just blow it off. Don’t let it destroy your budding romance, but your friend has a more objective opinion of the situation. Trust your friends, but also trust yourself and your significant other!

Acting silly :)

Acting silly :)

DON’T forget about your friends! No one likes that person that drops everything  for a relationship! Don’t be that person. Make sure to keep up with the friends, even if you just make regularly scheduled dates to Chipotle for lunch. The girls in Sex and the City always have their date at the coffee shop/diner/place and very rarely does one of them not show up. As you get into college and beyond, it is really important to not forget where you came from and the people that knew you from the start. “Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few  you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young” are the truest words I’ve ever heard (the whole Sunscreen Speech is good, definitely check it out!)

Is there anything else you can think of that adds to this list? Anything you would change? Let us know what you think! Have a blast this summer and be safe :)

Briana Simko is a senior (how’d that happen?!) English and Theatre Arts major at Duquesne University and a very, very proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She loves her friends and sisters so much and can’t believe she’s so lucky to have them and cannot wait to spend the summer acting silly with them.