Giving Back with Verizon Wireless: The UHopeLine Program

Where would we be without a smart phone and tablet?

To be frank, we in the College Lifestyles home office would be quite lost without a smart phone.  Texting one another, checking our emails, and posting to our Facebook/Twitter are a part of our daily activities.  It’s true, we are quite attached to our technology.

As a proud Verizon ambassador, we have been testing great Verizon products, the Droid RAZR and Droid XY Board which you will read future reviews, but we are most impressed with a collegiate philanthropic program offered by Verizon Wireless, the UHopeLine Program.

Verizon currently operates HopeLine.  HopeLine® turns no-longer used cell phones into support for domestic violence victims and survivors.

UHopeLine takes Hopeline one step further.  By helping schools raise awareness of dating and domestic violence and gives back to those who have been affected, Verizon Wireless UHopeLine allows co-eds to sponsor cell phone drives at their campuses to donate phones to this amazing cause.   In addition to donating phones, individuals can sign pledge cards to end dating and domestic violence.  To organize and start a UHopeLine phone drive on your campus is quite simple.  Visit the UHopeLine by Verizon webpage to download a toolkit.

We encourage all our student organizations and sorority chapters to give back AND sponsor a UHopeLine drive on your campus.  By donating your used cell phone, you are giving support to victims of domestic violence.