Dating Etiquette for the Classy Co-Ed!

With the weather getting nicer, everyone is going to be outside more. Restaurants are going to start having outdoor seating available again, everyone will be flooding the movies, amusement parks will start opening, people will even be starting to go on picnics (one thing that is seriously underrated!). Spring makes everything that much better, including dating. The weather’s nice,  sundresses are appropriate again and love is in the air!

So, here are some tips for dating in the nice weather :)

Eww - Angelina and Billy Bob - Keep it to yourself!

Eww - Angelina and Billy Bob - Keep it to yourself!

DON’T have obnoxious displays of affection!! Remember when Angelina Jolie dated Billy Bob Thornton? Well, I’m obsessed with Angie, so I definitely do. I also remember that red carpet error; the one where all they did was makeout the entire time while being interviewed. Most everyone had something to say the next day on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. Don’t be that couple! It’s rude and not very classy to be seen outside of the movies with a tongue down your throat. Most importantly, keep in mind that anyone can see you! Grandma goes to the movies, too, and no one wants that awkward turtle situation.

A Nice Stroll Together :) - A la Gossip Girl!

DO show some affection! Small pecks are cute and hand holding is precious. Whether it’s your first date or your third anniversary, holding hands is the sweetest and it honestly makes me smile when I see people holding hands (especially old couples, but that’s a different story).  Light kisses or kisses on the hand or forehead are not too much (unless they’re excessive) and definitely should be exchanged.

Please - No Cat Fights in Public!

Please - No Cat Fights in Public!

DON’T fight in public! This is like the PDA. No one wants to see you fight. It not only embarrasses you and your date, but it also embarrasses the people around the argument. No matter what happens, do not under any circumstances let it escalate into a screaming match in the middle of Chili’s (which I’ve witnessed). It’s better to become tight-lipped and say, “We’ll talk about this later,” than be loud and dramatic. Don’t ever get physical – it is never, ever, ever okay to do. If you think things have gone too far, check out Patrice’s posts about domestic violence here, here, and here as a starting point.

Save Room for Dessert!

Save Room for Dessert!

DO bring extra money for dinner – just in case. I am a firm believer in chivalry not being dead and if the guy asks me out on a date, the guy is paying for dinner. That being said, there are occasions that I have gone dutch, mostly to be polite (and usually a few dates in, seldom the first date, usually on his birthday). The guy should, especially if he’s good enough for you, pay for the meal, but just in case, make sure you have enough to avoid awkwardness and then honestly consider whether or not it’s a deal breaker for you. On that topic – make sure you/who you’re with tips and doesn’t give a dollar tip for a $35.00 meal. Check out Shelly’s four-part series about tipping, if you have any questions/doubts! Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.

On that note, DON’T take advantage of the fact that he’s paying and use this as an opportunity to try black truffle-encrusted fois gras. Okay, so I don’t know if that’s an actual meal, but you get what I mean. You don’t have to order the five dollar chicken fingers, but don’t use the fact that you’re not paying to try something expensive that you’ve never tried before. That’s pretty rude. If there’s something you usually get that’s moderately priced, by all means go for it, but don’t get the filet mignon in red wine reduction because someone else is paying.

DO pay attention to how he treats his mother! My momma has always told me that when I start seriously dating to pay attention to how a boy treats his mother because that’s how he’ll treat me. I’ve noticed that that’s true. A man will treat you only as good as he treats his mother.

A Football Date?  Sure!

A Football Date? Sure!

DON’T be afraid to have fun and do something new! As an AVID Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I had to use this If your guy wants to go to a football game or play Frisbee, don’t groan and try to back out of it, because when Eclipse comes out in July and you want him to go, he’ll remember this. Relationships are all about give and take. So, even if you don’t like football, pull on a jersey and go snack and people watch!

On that note, DO dress appropriately! I know, especially on first dates, there is that urge to look extra cute. But if you’re not one of those girls that always rocks heels, don’t start now! Don’t look a mess, but if you’re a jeans and t-shirt girl, wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Don’t wear piles of makeup and five-inch stilettos just to go to putt-putt (which is a fun date!), because you’ll look silly bent in half with glitter falling from your eyes every time you blink. Be yourself!

Are there any other things you guys can think of that you’ve noticed people do, or you have done, or even someone you dated has done? Let us know at

date-t14244Briana Simko is an English and Theater major from Duquesne University and a proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She loves jeans and will always bleed black and gold.