Halloween Costumes: “Pretty Little Liars” ATrain Edition

College Lifestyles™ was thrilled when ABC Family announced another “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween special, not only for the juicy plot and flashbacks, but also for the amazing costumes. We loved last year’s customs. This year’s “Pretty Little Liars” ATrain costumes blew us away.

Hanna Marin as Marilyn Monroe

Need the dress? Get it cheap from halloweencostumes.com.

Want to pair a necklace with it like Hanna did? Check out the CL Boutique for some classy options.

Love the hair? Get it here.

Aria Montgomery as Daisy Buchanan

Check out this fabulous assortment of flapper costumes from halloweencostumes.com.

What we loved the most about Aria’s costume where her beautiful costume jewelry pieces. Find the best to match your flapper outfit here. And don’t forget the headband!

Spencer Hastings as Marie “Slim” Browning

Spencer looked incredible in this noir-themed costume. Try Macy’s wonderful selection of dresses to find the right one for you (so you can wear it again!), and don’t forget the hat or gloves!

Emily Fields as Barbarella

We thought Emily looked super sassy in this 60’s film costume.

Love it? Learn how to DIY here!

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Top 3 “One of the Guys” Group Halloween Costumes

Top 3 “One of the Guys” Group Halloween Costumes


If you’re a classy co-ed going out with gentlemen friends this Halloween, you’re probably wondering – how will I fit in with the guys? What theme could we have for group costumes? Never fear! CL is here with three “one of the guys” group costume ideas.

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Top 5 “Character” Halloween Costumes

Character Halloween costumes can be some of the most fun and creative ideas, but it seems that many of the most common ones pop up at every party, every single year.  After much research and careful consideration, CL has come up with the top five character Halloween costumes for the classiest of co-eds.

5: Candy Bars

Candy Bars are a cute way to dress as a group, yet you can still be an individual.  It’s also a group costume that doesn’t need a certain number of people to complete, like many others.  Someone can dress like a Snickers bar, a Reese’s Cup, Milky Way…whatever you want! This would also be a great DIY costume.  Perhaps you could throw a costume-making party with some fall snacks, like Tie-Dye Cupcakes.

4: Team USA

Olympic hype is still going strong, with the US Women’s Gymnastics Team showing up in tons of commercials, ads, and magazine covers.  Like candy bars, this group costume could be for three people or ten.  It allows a lot of freedom as well.  You can dress like Aly Raisman and your boyfriend could be Ryan Lochte, so no one sport has to be the choice for everyone (unless you want it to be).  If you wish to, you could even dress like Olympians from years ago, such as Bruce Jenner or Kristi Yamaguchi.

3: The Spice Girls

A 90’s girl favorite, dressing like The Spice Girls is an all time classic and a favorite for co-eds everywhere.  Gather a group of five of your closest friends, pick a spice out of a hat, and set a date to go shopping for your costumes.

2: Spears through the Years

Britney Spears has had so many different appearances, it’s almost hard to keep track of them.  For this costume, collect a group of more than 4 and everyone can choose an iconic Spears image.  For instance, you can dress like her infamous school girl in the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video, someone can wear a flight attendant costume, much like the one she rocked in the “Toxic” video, and if someone is willing, be the bald Britney.  With a little googling, many more can be found.

1: Seven Deadly Sins

This costume would, obviously, require seven people. Creative, cute, and you can include your own touch.  This one can be a little trickier, so I’ve broken each costume down for you: Envy should be head to toe in green.  Gluttony can dress like candy or wear bright colors and carry a giant candy cane.  Sloth gets to wear pajamas.  Lust should dress slightly sexier, but still classy (don’t get too carried away!), so no lingerie, but perhaps a cute corset top and short shorts. Pride needs to dress in something extremely flattering and should carry a mirror around, or something to look vain.  Wrath, my personal favorite and perhaps allows for the most creativity, ideally would wear a lot of read and wear spiky jewelry or punk-like touches. Greed should dress like a very wealthy woman, maybe pearls around her neck and a fur jacket.  She should also wear big rings, lots of makeup, and carry a lot of fake money.

Tweet us your favorite costume idea and send us a picture when you are ready for the party!


DIY: 4 Halloween Costumes For Sorority Ladies

DIY: 4 Halloween Costumes For Sorority Ladies

October is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking up new and fabulous Halloween costumes! As sorority ladies it’s important not only be creative and sassy, but also classy. Maybe you all have a Halloween mixer, or your pledge class wants to do something together. Here are some awesome ideas that won’t break your bank or exclude any girls.

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DIY: 7 Halloween Costumes Ideas for One

DIY: 7 Halloween Costumes Ideas for One


Halloween is not just for the kiddies, ladies- classy co-eds can play too! I don’t know about you, but paying $50 or more for flimsy costumes is never something I look forward too. So why buy cheap when you can make it yourself?

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Princesses, Little Ladybugs, & Southern Belles…Oh My!

Boo!  Time is ticking (120 hours left to be exact) until the Halloween weekend begins.  Do you have your classy co-ed costume lined up yet, just waiting in your closet to be worn?  If yes, get creative and start planning out your makeup and hair-do as well. If not, no need to be discouraged. There is still plenty of time!  Perhaps you are hung up on whom to dress as or what to wear- after all, you deserve only the best and classiest attire for this special holiday!  Above all, make sure what you wear screams classy and completely defies the “scandalous Halloween stereotype” (aka anything goes because it is Halloween).  We all know, as classy ladies, that it is a sad and common predisposition to for some reason believe the date October 31st equates to a reason to act and dress scantily.  Instead of conforming to this college norm or distancing ourselves from the festivities, let us take this opportunity to ‘spread the class.’ Be the lovely lady who everyone smiles at and admires for sticking to her values of self-respect and true beauty by wearing a classy (and cute!) costume this year. Love may make the world go ‘round, but class is the glue which holds it all together and makes that love pure and genuine.

Put your classy thinking caps on! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Mysterious Masks- While wandering aimlessly through the aisles of Michael’s (typical), I happened to notice an entire section dedicated to white masks of all sizes. Think of this as a blank canvas! Similar to Mardi Gras, you can decorate these masks with all sorts of cute accessories, like feathers, jewels, symbols, ribbons, bows- the possibilities are endless! Then coordinate your outfit to match- flowy skirts, shimmery leggings, loud dresses.  You can even substitute your biofinity lenses and change your eye color with Halloween contact lenses to make it look more exotic. Christine from Phantom of The Opera, anyone?
  2. Disney Princesses- Thank you Walt Disney for creating beautiful, timeless princesses, whom we all adore. This look never goesout of style. Who does not love or in some lifetime want to be a princess? I know I do! You can buy many varieties of these costumes online or at Magic Kingdom, but I think it is much more fun to make it yourself! For any given princess there is a different, relatively easy look to acquire. For example, if you want to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid, wave your hair, add some sparkles to your cheeks and shoulders, and hot glue lots of sequins to a turquoise skirt. Then find yourself a ‘Sebastian’ and you are ready to go!
  3. Timeless Gems in History- There are some women who should never be forgotten, for their legacies continue to transform even modern society. A few favorites are Audrey Hepburn, Lilly Pulitzer, and Jackie Onassis Kennedy.  Perhaps I just have a minor obsession with the quirky, delicious, somehow perfect combination of pink and green together, but this Palm Beach look never gets old. Transform your favorite Lilly Dress into a full blown Halloween costume by “pinking” absolutely everything, from coral fingers and toes to fresh flowers decorating your hair to pink gloves or tights. As Lilly always said,…. …“Wear it well.”
  4. Bugs are adorable- As long as you don’t choose a scary spider, dressing up as a little ladybug or other animal can be cute!Many places sell little girl headbands with bobble eyes or antennae, and since we are after all little girls in big girl bodies, we can still utilize these precious props! Pair the costume with homemade wings and black tights, and you’ll be the sweetest ladybug anyone has ever seen.
  5. Goooo team!- Ever wished your school mascot could be a little cuter? You got it girlfriend!  No matter what your mascot might be, take this opportunity to show everyone how much school spirit you have in and out of the football stadium.  When else are you going to have the chance to make a wave, cardinal, or bulldog look classy in all its sparkling and girly glory? Never!  If you are a gator, ditch the scales, and don a green tail and make a cute hat out of green flannel. Pair it with green tights and coordinating team colored attire, and your school will be recruiting you as the next mascot in no time!

Samantha Stratton is an intern for College Lifestyles. She will be dressing as Princess Belle this Halloween. Bonjour!

Group Halloween Costumes for Those Classy Co-Ed’s on a Budget!

These days, I wake up to find my car covered in leaves, to feel the temperature is a couple degrees cooler than the day before, and I hear party and costume talk more and more with each day.  This can only mean one thing: Halloween is right around the corner!!  Halloween is my favorite time of year, and not for the parties or candy (though I do love the candy), but because it is a time where people of all ages can be creative, unique, and stand out with their costumes.  I used to spend lots of $$$ on costumes that I wear only once in my life!  Now, my friends and I have grown out of that phase in our lives, and have moved on to bigger and better (and more affordable) things.

If you are a classy, sorority lady like myself, you know how important group costumes can be.  There is three nights of Halloween at Binghamton University: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  In my sorority, tradition holds that one night we dress up all together as the same thing, one night as a smaller group, and one night is personal choice.  Whether it is a sorority rule or you just don’t want to dress up alone, here are some great group costume ideas I have thought of over the years.

1. Santa’s Little Helpers- a great costume for the whole sorority.  With Christmas coming just around the corner after Halloween, why not bring in the holiday joy a little early?  All you really need is a Santa hat (around $5 at any party store) and a red dress.

2. Devils and Angels- Another great one for large groups.  Just wear black and red for devil or white for an angel.  Then all you need to buy is Devil ears or an angel halo.  Party City has a 3 piece devil kit (ears, bow tie, and tail) for just $7.

My Friends and I as devils!

3. Clue Board Game Characters- This is such a different idea and pretty easy to do.  Dress as a maid with white hair for Mrs. White.  Wear anything purple with a beard, a pipe, and glasses for Professor Plum.  Mrs. Peacock wears blue and is very wealthy so pearls or a big brooch would do the trick.  For Colonel Mustard, an adventurer’s costume or even military themed outfit would work, with a hat and magnifying glass (even an Indiana Jones hat would work, $10 at Party City).  And for Miss Scarlet, anything sexy and red will do!

Clue Board Game Characters

4. Gilligan’s Island Characters- Another good one for small groups.  Gilligan wears a red shirt, white pants and a navy hat.  Skipper wears a blue shirt and a captain’s hat.  Pigtails and a plaid shirt for Mary Ann.  A flashy, shiny dress for movie star Ginger and glasses and a button down shirt for the professor.

Gilligan's Island Costume Inspiration

5. The Incredibles- Not only is it a great movie, but it is also a fun costume!  All you need is an Incredibles shirt (about $20 if you order it online) and a black skirt or shorts with high black boots.  Use a black sleeping mask and cut out holes for your eyes.  This is a great costume for large groups- someone can even be Syndrome! Just get a black shirt and paint or tape a big S on it and wear a towel or a sheet as a cape!

The Incredibles!

6. Charlie’s Angels-  There’s lots of ways to go with Charlie’s Angels, but the easiest is to wear all black and high black boots and stand around each other all night doing the signature Charlie’s Angels pose.

Charlie's Angels

7. Powerpuff Girls- another threesome, but you can always have double the girls! This one has a lot to do with color.  Wear pink, green, or blue with pigtails or a pink bow in your hair.  Then do very colorful eyes to match what color you are wearing.  I will definitely be doing this one this Halloween!

Powerpuff Girls in action!

8. Deal or No Deal Models- another great one for large groups.  Wear the same color dress and make a fake briefcase with cardboard and silver and black spray paint.

Deal or No Deal Models

9. Football Players and Cheerleaders- not so original, but if you are hosting a party with a fraternity, like my sorority is, it is a great way to dress up together with the boys.

10. My favorite one of all, my masterpiece- the Seven Deadly Sins! I have 6 best friends and we will definitely be doing this one this Halloween.  It is a bit tricky, so we will have to put our creativity at full blast (especially for sloth- any ideas?!), but here is what we were thinking: For lust, wear something a little sexy and red with bright red eye and lip makeup.  For Gluttony, just a black dress with all different types of food taped on (and when you are out and hungry you’ll have something to snack on!).  For Greed, incorporate money into the outfit.  Wrath is also a red theme, similar to lust, but I could see a punk-rock outfit as well with very dark black eye makeup.  Envy is anything green and for Pride, trophies, medals, a Miss America sash, and a Tiara.  Here is some inspiration from the America’s Next Top Model photo shoot!

American Idol Photo Shoot: 7 Deadly Sins

There you have it, my favorite group costume ideas!  What will you and your friends be dressing up as this Halloween!?

Looking for more DIY Halloween costumes? Check out CL Intern Samantha’s article A Classy Co-Ed’s DIY Guide to Fun, Easy & Affordable Halloween Costumes.

Erin Pitkow is a junior Cinema major at Binghamton University and a proud member of Alpha Epsilon Phi! She LOVES television and movies and is currently attempting to watch every movie listed in ’1001 Movies You Must Watch Before You Die’. 33 down, 968 to go!

A Classy Co-Eds DIY Guide to Fun, Easy & Affordable Halloween Costumes

The weather is finally cooling down, and the leaves are begin to change.  Fall is officially here!  With the month of October already in full swing, we only have a few short weeks left until Halloween arrives.  With Halloween approaching, I can only think of one thing… COSTUMES!  And of course lots of candy.For the past few years, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and instead of purchasing an over-priced super short, super slutty costume, I have made my own.  Yep!  Saving money, and making a statement.  Two of my favorite things.  So this year, I am putting my skills and creativity here, on College Lifestyles, to help you save money $$ and to have a unique costume.

Happy Halloween

Most of these costumes won’t require you to go out and purchase everything.  You might already have a pair of denim shorts, or specific makeup that I’ve included.  So keep that in mind while reading these ideas.  Having a lot of the materials will save you the BIG bucks!

Popular Culture Costumes

This category includes: television shows, movies, presidents, and celebrities.


Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity for a day/night?  I know I would!  A celebrity-for-a-day costume is super easy to pull together.  Last year, I dressed up like Amy Winehouse (before she was a druggie and anorexic musician).  Thanks to the help of my sister, I learned a new way to rock the beehive hairstyle without having to buy a cheap wig.

Friends and I dressed as Amy Winehouse, Police Lady, and 80's Flashback

Wanna dress-up like Amy Winehouse this year?  Here is what you will need:

  • Temporary Tattoos (at least 6, these can be purchased at your local Halloween Superstore for $6.99 each)
  • White Tank-top
  • Denim shorts or jeans that have lots of frays and holes
  • Black liquid liner ($7.99 at CVS Pharmacy or any drugstore)
  • Hair Net ($1.50 at Sally’s Beauty Supply)
  • Hair Extensions ($0.99 to $7.99 each at Sally’s Beauty Supply)
  • Fake or real pack of cigarettes
  • Hairspray

The way my sister taught me to rock the beehive that Amy does, she told me to make a hair rat.  Check out this video by one of my favorite FORD artists, Johnny Lavoy for step-by-step directions Amy Winehouse Hair

Television Characters/Stars

Amy Winehouse isn’t the only one popular celebrity you can dress like.  With the popularity of Jersey Shore increasing, you can easily pick-up some pieces to dress like a cast member.  Take Snooki for example.

Snooki with her blingin sunglasses

Snooki from Jersey Shore.  Here is what you’ll need:

  • Hair clip (for the infamous poof)
  • Black liquid liner
  • Black eye shadow
  • Ed Hardy T-Shirt or hat
  • Bejeweled sunglasses (watch video below for tips)
  • Short shorts
  • High heels
  • False lases
  • Fake Tan!
  • HUGE hoop earrings (you can pick these up at Claire’s or the Icing)

Check out this video to learn how to get the Snooki makeup, and the rhinestone glasses she previously bought this season in South Beach Miami.  Snooki Halloween Tutorial

Dressing up like a celebrity or television star is super easy, and can be super cheap.  If you look like a certain celebrity, it makes the costume that much more believable.

Make People Laugh Costumes

This category is pretty simple because it includes costumes that make others laugh!

Cliche Costumes

Two years ago, a group of friends and I caravaned up to Ohio University to celebrate Halloween OU style.  Before leaving, my best friend and I had to help her boyfriend at the time create his costume.  It was super fun, and really funny once you realized what he was.

Here is what you’ll need to be a One Night Stand:

  • A long cardboard box
  • 2 dresser drawer pulls (you can pick these up at a second-hand shop)
  • A lamp shade
  • Paint (one color for the outline of the drawers, and another for the lamp shade)
  • Empty carton of cigarettes
  • Cheap hotel brochures

Mike the "One Night Stand" in the middle

The goal is to paint drawer shapes on the cardboard box, attach the drawer pulls, then glue the empty cigarette box and other miscellanious things on the top of the “dresser.”  Then decorate the lamp shade with whatever pattern you want, we chose leopard print as our design.

Group Costumes

This halloween costume I actually got from my Mom.  So kudos to Lisa C. on this one!  What costume is it?

The Blue Man Group and their Groupie!

Obviously you will need the blue man group (3 guys), and the groupie (a female).

What you’ll need for the Blue Man Group:

  • Blue body paint (Liquid Latex has the exact blue of the group and it is only $14.99 for a gallon)
  • Long sleeve black t-shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • Bald Cap (you can pick one up at your Halloween Superstore for around $11)

What you’ll need for the Blue Man Groupie:

  • White t-shirt or tank-top
  • Denim short shorts

For the groupie costume, you will need to have one of the blue man group members paint their hand and immediately put prints on both pockets of the shorts, two prints on the front of the t-shirt, then on your arms and legs.  Then with the liquid latex, paint kiss marks on neck, arms, and legs.  I wish I had a photo to put with this costume idea.  Hopefully you can paint the picture in your head.

Super Sexy

If you’re like me, and you have a long torso, then the “adult” costumes at the Halloween Stores are probably so short they show too much of your goods downstairs.  To avoid that kind of “situation” here are a few ideas for creating your own sexy costumes.

Chef Bon Appetti

What you’ll need to be a sexy Chef:

  • Super cute, short apron
  • Black tank-top
  • Black spandex short shorts ($26.00 at American Apparel)
  • Chefs hat (you should be able to find one at a Halloween Superstore)

Hope you got some inspiration from these costumes, if you want anymore ideas tweet me @Crottylove.  Or leave me a comment here!  Have a fun and safe Halloween this year!

Samantha Crotty is an intern with College Lifestyles and Flights of Fancy.  She is a last semester senior at Western Carolina University where she is majoring in Communications Print Media and Art.  With Halloween just around the corner, she is super excited to rock out another one of her home-made costumes… this year it will be the one and only Snooki!