How to Wind Down After Finals


It’s that time of year again when the stress of finals has taken over lives and we couldn’t be happier to cross the finish line. During that last grueling week of studying and tests, it’s hard to find balance with all of our obligations. We hardly sleep; sometimes we forget to eat and just take time for ourselves.

This is why it’s so important to regain a sense of self, re-energize and learn to simply wind down after the exhausting battles of exams are over. On Dartmouth University’s student wellness website, they list stress as students’ top barrier to academic performance. Therefore, the site emphasizes the importance of learning to relax in effectively managing stress and anxiety.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can unwind your mind and body to end the semester off on a positive note. An analysis of over 1500 students published in Medical Teacher found that the most common relaxation activity amongst students was meeting with friends. Finally, you can re-connect with people and it doesn’t have to be a study date!

Make that lunch date you’ve been meaning to make. Now is the time to go on that bike ride with a friend you’ve been talking about. Watch that movie you and your bestie haven’t had the time to see. Getting connected with loved ones is a great way to celebrate the end of finals and start winding down from the hectic life of being a student.

Another idea we love is getting outside and enjoying the outdoors. A large-scale study conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that group nature walks are linked with significantly lower depression, less perceived stress and enhanced mental health and well-being.

There is something about enjoying fresh air that just makes us happy inside. A picnic is always a fun idea, go on a leisurely stroll through the local park or get adventurous and find a natural waterhole to swim in. Whatever you decide to do – do it outside and surely it will melt away the memory of those fluorescent lights in the library.

Finally, the craze of coloring is an up and coming way to manage stress and relax. The University of Georgia’s health center website has links to mandalas, or intricate designs often used during meditating, for anyone to download and color.

The word mandala is Sanskrit for circle, polygon, community and connection – that just sounds revitalizing if you ask me. The idea behind the activity is to focus on coloring and how it feels to color. It helps us to be mindful and “in the moment” instead of worrying about all the pressures of modern life. Plus, you have a nice piece of artwork when you are done!

These are just a few suggestions from us, but find solace in whatever it is that you love to do and just haven’t had the time. A part of being a well-balanced person is making time to take care of yourself because ultimately it will lead to better outcomes in every part of your life. It can be easy to forget ourselves when juggling the demands of being a college student. Now is the time to reward our hard work and finally breathe! 

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Things to Keep in Mind When Dating Someone New


Dating someone new is exciting. You have a fresh start to form a new relationship – a completely clean slate. Although everything is exciting in this new relationship, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when you start dating someone new to help ensure that you’re off to a good start.

Start fresh

This is a new relationship with a new person. You need to take some time to get to know one another and that means leaving issues from past relationships where they belong – in the past. Comparing past relationships to current ones only leads to trouble. Jess Lively from said that it isn’t good to let the memories and experiences from past relationships tarnish your shiny new relationship. Although lessons from past relationships can help you learn exactly what you want from this new relationship, letting them get in the way of a new relationship only leads to trouble.

Take it slow

Going on a couple of dates with someone does not mean you’re automatically in a relationship. warns to watch what you post online. You wouldn’t want your new special someone to see an embarrassing picture of you that got posted online, but you also don’t want to define a relationship online that might not quite be there yet. Make sure you’re both on the same page with where things are going before posting your exciting news all over social media.


Look for signs

While you shouldn’t be over analyzing your new relationship, you definitely shouldn’t ignore warning signs. Jessica Booth for said a common mistake that people make in a new relationship is ignoring signs of a bad boyfriend or bad relationship. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the new relationship and forget to keep an eye out for things that could be a bigger problem down the road. It’s better to be aware of possible problems in the early stages of dating someone rather than ignoring them until things get too serious.

While dating someone new is fun, you still need to take care of important things – like yourself! The most important thing to keep in mind when you start dating someone new is to take care of yourself. No matter what happens with your new relationship, making time to take care of yourself will help to keep you happy and healthy in the long run.

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Tips for Boosting Your Self-Esteem Over Summer Break


According to psychologist John M. Grohol, self-esteem simply means appreciating yourself for who you are — faults, quirks and all.  Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself. People with a good and healthy self-esteem are able to feel good about themselves for who they are, appreciate their own worth and take pride in their abilities and accomplishments. Here are some tips on how to boost your self-esteem this summer.

Think Positive Thoughts

According to, a good place to start with raising your self-esteem is by learning how to handle and replace the voice of your own inner critic. This inner voice will often whisper destructive thoughts into your mind. You don’t have to accept them.

Minimize that critical voice and replace it with more helpful and constructive thoughts. According to, the way you feel affects your thoughts, memory and behavior. Changing how you view yourself begins with the way you think.  

Stop Comparing Yourself

Nothing can hurt our self-esteem more than unfair comparisons. When you compare your life and what you have to other people’s lives and what they have then you are being destructive to yourself. You can never win. There is always someone who has more or is better than you at something in the world.

So replace that habit with something better.

Look at how far you have come instead. Compare yourself to yourself. Focus on you, on your results and on how you can and have improved. This will both motivate you and raise your self-esteem.


Get to Know Yourself

Sometimes when we’re down on ourselves and our self-esteem has taken a big hit, we feel like we have nothing to offer the world or others. It may be that we simply haven’t found everything that we do have to offer — things we haven’t even considered or thought of yet.

Examine Your Circle

It will be hard to keep your self-esteem up if the people in your life constantly drag it down. Choose to spend less time with people who are perfectionists, unkind or unsupportive of your dreams or goals and spend more time with positive, uplifting people. Pay attention to what you read, listen to and watch as well.  

The difference between someone with good self-esteem and someone without it is the ability to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. When you love yourself more life simply becomes easier.

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Fun Things to Do Before You Start College This Fall


“You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends.” – Tom Petty.

College is four years of your life that will be filled with studying, new adventures, challenges and changes. No matter how much advice you’re given before you go to college in the fall (or spring), you will go into it expecting one thing and experiencing another. You may be in a rush to experience it and finally be “grown up” but as a senior about to graduate college in a week, take it from me. Do not rush through the experience; enjoy every moment of it. There are so many things that you will rarely ever get to do in college that you should definitely do before you get there. 

After I got my acceptance letter to The University of North Texas I realized that I would have to move from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth. I wanted to go to a school away from home but once I decided that I actually was going to do it the thought of leaving my friends and family for months at a time was a bit disheartening. First on the list of things to do before you start college in the fall is:

Hang out with your friends and family as often as possible. 

I know as a recent high school graduate you may feel like you don’t have enough time as you’re packing up and preparing for college, but make the time. Visits home from college will not happen as often as you think they will, especially if you’re going to a school that is a long drive or flight away. But of course you can call, video message or even Snapchat with your parents while in school.

“At college campuses these days, most students are on their cellphones while on their way to classes. In many cases, they’re on the phone with their parents,” said New York Times article “In College, You Can Go Home Again and Again.”


Another thing you should definitely do before you head to college is:

Spend your free time doing the little things you love.

In high school I used to love reading for fun. But now I rarely ever have the time or energy to read a book for pure enjoyment because I spend so much time reading for class. If you like going to museums, running ever weekend, painting or whatever you enjoy doing for fun, do it now! You will not have as much time to work on your hobbies as much as you think you will.

And last but not least on what you should do before college is:

Try new things! 

In college you are going to be pushed outside your comfort zone a lot. In order to prepare yourself you should definitely start trying new things now, especially if you weren’t big into trying new things in high school. In college you will be on your own to make your own decisions, so make smart ones that make you comfortable and happy.

Before I got to college the best advice I got was from my mom. She said, “You’re going to learn more from the experiences you have then what you learn in classes.” Enjoy every moment before and during college; it will all go by so fast. 

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Four Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job


For any college student or recent grad, having a job is a dream come true. But if you find yourself constantly losing interest and the motivation to do your job, it may be time to start looking for a new one. So when is the right time to begin searching? College LifestylesTM has your four tell-tale signs that it’s time to start a new job search.

You no longer enjoy it

When you are a young professional, you may feel lucky to have any job at all. But if you find yourself constantly bored or unhappy in your workplace, it might be time to consider a new position. Think about the reason the job is no longer enjoyable: Are you just going through the motions to make money? Is your relationship with your boss on rocky ground? If so, moving on might be the right step for you.

You’re always stressed

Forbes magazine tells readers that another sign that it’s time to search for a new job is stress. Does even the idea of going to work send you spiraling into anxiety? Do you constantly feel overwhelmed on the job and even after the day is done? Don’t let your job lead to unhappiness at home and even on your days off. When stress starts to get the best of you, it’s time for a new job.


Your work hasn’t been noticed says that a job should constantly challenge you and surround you with new ideas and opportunities. Does your job continue to offer you new opportunities to grow and excel? Do you constantly put your best work out there, yet no one has taken notice? If you’re constantly pitching ideas or putting in extra hours on a large project but no one acknowledges your hard work, you are better off somewhere else.

You’ve stopped learning reminds their readers that learning is an essential part of your job. While you may not learn something new every day, you should always have the chance to build on important skills. Having ample opportunity to learn is critical. If you find that this is no longer happening, a new job might be a better option for you.

Choosing the right time to move on from your current job can be a nerve-wracking decision to make. If you find yourself questioning your job, use this guide to help you to decide when to pick up and move on to the next one.

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Intern Kitchen: Grilled Peaches

Grilled Peaches TOP

With the arrival of the month of May, peaches are officially in season. These fuzzy fruits are one of the most precious treasures of summer time; they, of course, are perfect enough to enjoy by themselves, but they also add a juicy and refreshing twist to beverages and desserts. One of the simplest and tastiest ways to prepare a peach in the summer time is to just toss them on the grill and lather them up in a gooey glaze. So after you finish grilling up the burgers and dogs, clean up the grill and get the peaches ready for a classic summertime dessert.


Prep time: 15 minutes

Servings: 4


2 large peaches, halved and pitted

3 tbsp. brown sugar

½ cup honey

2 tbsp. cinnamon

Butter (optional)


Preheat on a grill pan or outdoor grill on medium heat.

Cut your two peaches in half so that you have four separate slices.

Lightly grease the grill grate with oil.

Place the peaches flat side down on the grill.

Heat the peaches for about five minutes or until the outer layer has been caramelized.

Turn the peaches over and glaze the flat sides with honey.

Cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Transfer the cooked peaches onto a serving dish.

Sprinkle on brown sugar and/or cinnamon to finish.

Butter in the center of the pit is also a nice touch.

Peach MID

Never doubt that the earth’s most natural treats would result in some of the most satisfying creations. Grilled peaches are guaranteed to change the way your taste buds think of dessert and fruit in general. When you get tired of the s’mores, give these a try.

Eating grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream, crushed graham crackers and a little caramel sauce is highly recommended. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a sweet summer time dessert during those beautiful, breezy nights.

To all, try your hardest on your final exams. Summer is so close; we can almost taste it, and finals are the last obstacle in our way!

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How to Find a Local Farmer’s Market Near You

Farmers Market top

More and more people today are trying to eat healthier and looking for new ways to do so. Farmer’s markets are a great way to get fresh and healthy foods you want to be consuming. According to, there are many benefits of choosing to shop at your local farmer’s markets, one being that the foods are freshly picked based on the season and are full of nutrients and flavor. Because of this and many reasons, it is good to know how to locate farmer’s markets near you so you have the benefit of going there whenever you would like. Here are easy and simple ways to get started in finding one.

USDA Farmer’s Market Search

The USDA Farmer’s Market Search is a very simple way to find a farmer’s market near you. According to, this search is an easy way to not only find where they are located, but also find out about the products, get directions and much more. Simply type in your zip code, choose how many miles you are willing to travel and click search. The market name and the city and state it is located in will all come up, making it convenient for you to get all the information you need with a click of a button.

farmers market bottom

Local Harvest states that farmer’s markets have become a very popular marketing method for local farmers all over the country. This website allows you to simply type in your zip code based on your current location to see what markets are coming near you. It gives you a brief description of what each market will consist of and what it is about, as well as the exact location and the times that it will run.

Read Local Newspapers

Your local newspapers are a great source of information when it comes to farmer’s markets. For example, is filled with articles talking about what local markets are near you, about farmer’s markets in general and the purpose of these markets. Reading your local newspaper will allow you to occasionally find a read about farmer’s markets, whether it is a new discovery about them or one that is coming to your area soon.

Although it may seem like a difficult task to locate a farmer’s market near you, keeping these few tips in mind will help make the process easier. Once you locate one near you, take the next step and go. Farmer’s markets are up and coming and are a great source of healthy, fresh and delicious foods. It is one step in the right direction towards a healthier you.

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Does Getting a Base Tan Prevent You from Getting a Sunburn?


With summer just around the corner everyone is thinking about getting the summer glow. As the days get sunnier tans might just sneak up on you. Spending time outside is a sure way to get your daily dose of vitamin D, but if you don’t have sunscreen you can also do some major damage.

College Lifestyles™ wants you to stay protected and look classy so we are tackling the myth of base tanning. Flipping through any beauty magazine or scrolling along on the internet, there are so many theories and ideas about whether or not jumping in a tanning bed before vacation is a good idea. So we did a little digging and here is what we found out.

There is little evidence to back up the theory that getting a base tan provides any protection against sunburn. Tanning in a bed a few times before tanning in the sun will not provide any significant protection. Mayo Clinic states that there is absolutely no substitute for true sun protection.

Dr. Steven M. Rotter urges everyone to stay far away from tanning beds. In his article for the winter edition of Sun and Skin News, Dr. Rotter states that a tan is the body’s response to damaged DNA in the skin cells – the skin darkens to prevent more damage. While prevention against further damage might sound like a good idea, the person’s risk of skin cancer has already increased significantly, so there is more harm than good.

Women’s Health magazine reaffirms Dr. Rotter’s stance when it says that “while sun-kissed skin might not burn quite as quickly as skin that’s super pale, it’s not a legitimate protection against sunburn-causing UVB rays.”


So what do you do instead?

Avoid exposure in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the absolute strongest. If you are going to be out, make sure you wear sunscreen. Apply a lot of it frequently, at least every 2.5 hours. You can buy unscented brands or types specifically for your face. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a “broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.”

Lastly, be sure to cover up when you can. This is a great way to break out your favorite pair of sunnies or buy that wide brim hat you’ve been eyeing lately. Wear a light weight linen shirt when you’re walking down the beach or a colorful shawl.

Enjoy your summer vacation and take care of your skin – your forty-year old self will thank you.

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Five Shows to Binge Watch on Hulu This Summer


Summer time means fewer responsibilities, less stress, warmer weather and more time to binge watch shows on Hulu. Okay, obviously you shouldn’t just sit in your house and binge on T.V. shows and ice cream all summer, but you need a backup for those rainy days! If you’re looking for a new show to binge on Hulu, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got five shows for you to binge on just in time for summer!

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

If you like musicals, this is definitely the show for you. The show follows Rebecca Bunch who is desperate to find love in a California suburb after leaving behind her New York life. The show is still in its first season, so if you’re just looking for a quick binge, this five-episode show is perfect. gives the show a 7.4 out of 10 rating while the show has won a Golden Globe and been nominated for three others. It’s the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon of this new show before you have to catch up on everything you missed.


By now you’ve probably heard of the MTV series “Awkward,” but if you haven’t started watching it’s time to catch up! Follow Jenna as she tackles high school, relationships, mean girls and quirky parents – basically the typical struggles of any high school student. Hulu currently has five seasons for you to stream (that’s 77 episodes!), but it’s never too late to catch up on all the awkwardness of the show!

“The Goldbergs”
Just when you start to think your family might be crazy, you can watch a family that’s just a little bit crazier. “The Goldbergs” shows the Goldberg family from the perspective of their 11-year-old son Adam, who attempts to capture all of the family’s moments on his video camera. The show is based off videotapes and childhood stories from Adam Goldberg’s family in the 1980s. That’s right, according to, the Goldbergs are a real family who really experienced some of the craziness you see on screen.

“The Mindy Project”

With its fourth season currently on Hulu, this comedy is definitely relatable. Starring Mindy Kaling, the show follows Mindy as she pursues her dreams of becoming the perfect woman and finding the perfect man. As you probably guessed, Mindy’s character gets herself into come sticky situations while trying to balance her life and attain her goal of “perfect.”  Hulu currently has 80 episodes (that’s four seasons!) to last you the summer (or not).


“New Girl”

If you haven’t started watching “New Girl” yet, there’s still time to get in on all the fun. Follow Jess as she gets back on her feet after a breakup by moving into an apartment with three guys that she’s never met. If anyone is quirkier than Jess, it’s her new roommates. Although strangers at first, they eventually become a tight-knit group of friends and tackle life together. gives the show a four-star rating. Hulu has the fifth season available right now.

With all of these great shows at your fingertips, it’s hard not to binge on shows all summer. Just remember to go outside every now and then to enjoy the nice weather. Happy binging!

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Our Final Intern of the Month Survived College Life, and So Can You!


Start college. Do a medical withdrawal because of health issues. Take online classes. After health improves, get bored with online classes. Transfer to a physical school. Finish out education while assistant managing editor at College LifestylesTM and vice president of school’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta.

My college experience has not been typical. I started my undergraduate career at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Not long after classes started my first semester, my arthritis flared up, so I was physically unable to go to classes. I also started having chronic migraines again. I missed so many classes that I was worried I was going to fail, so I decided to complete a medical withdrawal. I knew doing that was the only way to ensure I didn’t fail all of my classes.

Until my health improved, I decided to take online classes from West Virginia University. I wanted to actually start college, since I didn’t get any credits from Marshall University, but I also knew I wouldn’t be able to go to physical classes until I got better. After two and a half years, my health improved. I learned how to live with my migraines without stopping my life, which took a little bit of time.

Then, I got bored. Because WVU’s online degree has a maximum amount of hours you can take in a semester (12 hours) and I wasn’t working at the same time (the program was designed for nontraditional students who are also working full-time), I started to feel like I wasn’t challenged. I thought maybe I would feel better taking physical classes again, but this was a major risk. I knew my health problems could get bad again as soon as I transferred, but I decided to risk it.


I transferred to Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, which turned out to be a great decision. I have had problems with my health since I transferred, but I managed to keep going. I’m in my final semester, which is something that I was worried was never going to happen after my first (failed) semester of college.

If someone had told me, after dropping out at Marshall, that I would graduate after doing so many things I loved, I would not have believed them. I’ve worked with CL since my second semester at Shepherd, which was itself a risk because I was still concerned about my health issues flaring up, but I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve been assistant managing editor since this past December. I’ve been vice president of Sigma Tau Delta for the past year, was an editor for another publication and a choreographer for the Rude Mechanicals at Shepherd.

I still can’t believe I’ve been successful at all these things with my health problems constantly hurting me. Graduation is so close, and it feels surreal.

So what does this mean for you? You can do it! No matter what you go through, you will make it and do great things. Just believe in yourself. It can be hard (I can attest to that), but it’s worth it.

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Major of the Month: Philosophy


Each month, College LifestylesTM chooses an exciting major to showcase as our major of the month. This month, we sat down with philosophy major Jacob Gateman from the University of San Francisco to explore his intriguing major.

College LifestylesTM: Why did you choose your major?

Jacob Gateman: I chose philosophy as a major for a few reasons. The first is that philosophy provides a great basis for practicing law, which is something I have always wanted to do. Secondly, I felt that I was learning more in my philosophy classes than in any of my other classes, so it felt natural to declare that major.

CL: What is your favorite thing about your major so far?

JG: I loved studying social and political philosophy. I have always been interested in the frameworks behind modern governments and judicial systems, so philosophy answered many questions I had about citizenship and government.

CL: Is there anything you were surprised to find out about your major?

JG: I was surprised to find out how well it prepares students for the workforce. Studies show that philosophy majors earn a little bit less than their peers following graduation, but a few years out from graduation philosophy majors actually start to outearn their peers.

CL: What are your classes like?

JG: The classes that I took were usually small, about 12-15 people, which naturally lends itself to a better education in my opinion. It gives you more one-on-one time with the professor, which is key because you are always going to have questions about the readings. You typically don’t take tests as a philosophy major, which I loved because I would much rather write an essay than take a test.


CL: What is your least favorite thing about the major?

JG: My least favorite thing that I encountered in my classes were close-minded students. The entire point of philosophy is to approach things from different perspectives in the pursuit of truth. I observed quite a few students with closed minds within the philosophy classes I took.

CL: Do you ever wish you chose another major?

JG: I have never regretted my decision to study philosophy. That being said, philosophy incited a curiosity in me to learn as much as possible in a variety of different subjects, so if anything, being a philosophy major made me want to pursue graduate studies in all kinds of different disciplines. The challenge is figuring out which one I should start with.

 CL: Do you have any tips for a prospective major?

JG: Always do the reading. If there is one thing that I learned, it’s that you can’t skate through a discussion without having read the material. I’ve seen too many people derail the discussion because they simply want to make their opinion heard without having properly understood the material.

CL: What is one thing you hope to learn from your major?

JG: One thing that I went into my major really wanting to know was what constitutes a good man. After taking classes on the role of a good person in society, I feel that I have an excellent idea of how to be a good person, and it’s something I’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life.

CL: What are your plans or goals for after college?

JG: I plan on working in San Francisco until I get my affairs in order and then I am joining the armed forces.

CL is so glad to have gotten the chance to chat with Gateman. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors and can’t wait to see where he goes next!

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Intern Kitchen: Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus top pic

The most difficult part of eating healthy is finding ways to make the healthy foods you need to consume delicious and tasty. It is important to not load your healthy meats and vegetables with sauces that will defeat the purpose of consuming the food in the first place. Finding tasty ways to consume foods we dread to eat will make it easier to get the health benefits we need and help us to be more willing to consume them in the first place. With this in mind, here is how to make delicious, yet healthy roasted asparagus.


According to, asparagus is full of so many health benefits, two being that it is high in Vitamin K and folate. also states that asparagus contains chromium, which helps insulin to transport glucose. Because of these among many other reasons, asparagus is a great food to consume. It is not always the most appetizing, so here is a delicious way to spice up the taste of asparagus and make you more willing to eat it.

Servings: 5 servings

Prep Time: 30 minutes


20 large asparagus

2 tablespoons olive oil

Black pepper

¼ cup lemon juice

asparagus bottomDirections

Start by preheating the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, preparing your ingredients by measuring out the proper amounts and placing your asparagus neatly on a baking pan.

Take the tablespoons of olive oil and lightly drizzle them all over the asparagus, so that they are completely coated on the pan. Leave sit for five minutes, allowing the olive oil to soak into them.

Take the black pepper and lightly shake it across the asparagus pieces, so each one is sprinkled with a little seasoning.

When the oven is ready, place the olive oil and black pepper-coated asparagus in the oven for 10 minutes.

When the 10 minutes are up, turn the asparagus pieces over and leave in the oven for another 10 minutes, allowing the other side to get a brown crisp as well.

When your asparagus pieces have a light brown crisp coating to them, take them out and immediately use your lemon juice to pour over the roasted food.

You want to do this immediately so the asparagus is still hot and fresh, which will allow the lemon juice to fully sink into the asparagus to give it the full flavor.

After drizzling with lemon juice, let sit for five minutes and enjoy!

(College Lifestyles™ original recipe.)

This recipe is easy to make, takes little to no time to complete and makes plenty of servings. It is a great way to add zest and flavor to a food that has so many great health benefits. states that a step in eating healthy is enjoying the food you consume. This recipe allows the asparagus to be a little bit more pleasant to eat. According to, about sixty percent of college students find it difficult to afford and find nutritious foods. This recipe is an affordable way to receive the nutrients college students are lacking.

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Healthy Vegetarian Alternatives to Foods You Love


There is this stigma that vegetarian food could never measure up to the standard of non-vegetarian food. People believe that there is no way that alternatives to meat could ever have the same “wow” factor, be it as savory or as filling. But we challenge this belief.  Vegetarian options are not meant to taste exactly the same as non-vegetarian options; they’re meant to taste different. Instead of sacrificing flavor, let’s incorporate unconventional ones. Using some unique ingredients and even more creativity, we can certainly transform any of our favorite dishes into vegetarian ones.


Tofu is the typical vegetarian meat-substitute. But people tend to shy away from tofu or simply, find it to be too bland. This claim has some truth to it; if cooked improperly and when not seasoned enough, tofu is not nearly as satisfying as ground beef, for instance. So let’s ditch the idea of tofu and tofu burgers and let’s consider some other substitutes for ground beef.

Try using mushrooms when you want a meaty taste, especially for burgers. Giant portobello mushrooms are the ideal size and shape for placing in between two burger buns. One Green Planet suggests adding butter, thyme, black pepper and balsamic vinegar to the mushroom to give it a smoky and earthy taste.

Why not also try making a burger with oats and black beans? Just as you would mix together raw ground beef, eggs and breadcrumbs, mix together canned black beans and oats. The texture is surprisingly similar to that of a burger, and it even has that same pink and brown appearance as a burger done medium-well! This is also an excellent way to make meatballs for a classic spaghetti dish.

Chicken Parmesan

This solution may seem rather obvious to some, simply because the solution is so well-known already, but we’ll say it anyway. Instead of making a chicken parm, just make an eggplant parm! Eggplants also have a very meaty taste similar to mushrooms and they are also so versatile. Frying these babies up to a crisp using breadcrumbs is super delicious. You won’t feel like you’re missing out at all.


Buffalo Wings

A tasty recipe for vegetarian Buffalo wings might be a little bit harder to believe; we get it. But trust us, just because it isn’t the real thing, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! The Edgy Veg recommends using nutritional wheat, a common ingredient used in vegan cooking, mixed with vital wheat gluten, poultry seasoning and other ingredients to create an authentic vegetarian chicken wing. They look, smell and taste almost exactly like the real thing.

Chicken Pot Pie

No need for actual poultry in this pot pie- instead, this recipe from Food Network suggests using big russet potatoes and loads of veggies to fill you up. The addition of fennel and mushrooms truly gives this dish that extra flavor needed to compensate for the absence of meat.

Don’t be afraid to give these vegetarian alternatives a try! Who knows, maybe you’ll even like them more than the originals…

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How to Get to Know Him Better


So you’ve got your eye on this guy, but you don’t know each other well, yet. Whether you just started talking or you just met that night, it can be overwhelming to try to get to know someone. Truly getting to know him will take time, but there are some tricks to try to speed up the process a little bit.

Ask meaningful questions

Since the relationship is in the beginning stages, you probably have a lot of questions about your new guy. You’ll inevitably ask each other the usual first date questions, but what about ones that matter? says that asking questions that matter can reveal a lot about a person and help you find out if there’s any hope for a future relationship. Asking questions like “Do you enjoy your work?” or “What do you do on weekends?” will not only help you get to know him, but you might also be able to find more common interests.

Meet his friends

The company you keep says a lot about you. Meeting your guy’s friends can reveal more about him than he might realize. His friends are the people that he spends most of his time with and has the most in common with. compares friends to mirrors. His friends are a reflection of himself. They might not be an exact representation of his personality, but they will definitely be able to give you more insight into how he is when you’re not around.

Get comfortable

People are more likely to be themselves when they’re in a setting that they’re comfortable with. When you’re hanging out (or on a date with) the guy you have your eye on, make sure that you’re in a location that you’re both comfortable with. Patrick Allan from said, “If the idea of just sitting and talking makes you anxious, you might want to consider going somewhere with activities instead.” Just be sure to go somewhere that you can still talk to each other, but the focus isn’t solely on the conversation.


Talk about yourself

While you don’t want to talk about yourself so much that he never gets a word in, it’s important to share things about yourself. He will be more likely to share something about himself if you share something about yourself.  Mention something that happened to you earlier in the day or a funny story from work. Make the conversation flow, but don’t forget to allow time for both of you to be part of the dialogue.

No matter how nervous you get, just remember that he’s probably just as nervous. Stay calm and try to keep your conversations light at first. In no time you’ll both feel comfortable enough with one another that you won’t remember the awkwardness of getting to know each other.

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What Would Happen If You Stopped Eating Sugar?


We all remember drawing food pyramids in elementary school. We were being educated at a young age as to which foods were the best and the worst for our bodies. Desserts and sweets were among the worst. So yeah, it’s pretty well understood that sugar is bad for our bodies. But what about those good sugars found in fruits and veggies?

So let’s get this straight. There are good sugars and bad sugars, just like there are good carbs and bad carbs. If we plan on dieting and eating healthier, we need to be aware which type of sugars we are eliminating from our diets.

What would happen if…

We eliminate bad sugar

According to Shape Magazine, Americans consume 4 lbs. of refined, unnatural sugar every 20 days. Refined sugars are the ones found in soda, candy and other processed foods. So yeah, the food pyramid from back in the day was right. Eating brownies and gummy bears every day would definitely not be the best things for our bodies.

Then, if we stopped eating all this refined sugar, what changes would we expect to see? Well for one, you’ll lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. The excess sugar we consume daily can add up to about 100 calories- over time, this can raise insulin levels and increase heart rate and blood pressure, according to Prevention Online. Once you stop eating these refined sugars, you can expect to see your cholesterol decrease by almost 10 percent in just a few weeks.

Not only will it drastically improve the state of your physical health by eliminating sugars, your mental health will love you for it too! At Columbia University, it was found that women who ate a higher diet of sugars were more likely to experience anxiety and irritability. The first few days after you stop drinking your usual Diet Coke or stop eating entire boxes of cookies, you surely will feel a little cranky. But once you hop over those barricades, you will feel immensely better.

Along with this added boost of happiness, you’ll also get a better night’s sleep after you ditch the bad sugars. Typically, a sugar rush will result you in a sugar crash. If you give up sugar, you’re more likely to be energized during the day and properly catch up on sleep at nighttime.


We eliminate good sugar

We shouldn’t let all this anti-refined sugar talk convince us that sugar has a bad reputation all together! We can allow our bodies to have that sugar we so crave by eating whole foods like fruits and vegetables. These foods are packed with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants as well, which gives us even more reasons to stock up on good sugar. One cup of cherries, according to Shape Magazine, contains 17 grams of sugar but also Vitamin A. This is the type of sugar we want to indulge in.

If we quit this type of sugar, we can see a decrease in muscle performance, especially in those who work out a lot. Consuming sugar after a workout is imperative for restoring muscle memory. According to Men’s Fitness, though none of the sugar you consume 1 hour post-work out will be used to create fat, it will be used to repair muscles.

But not only do you need sugars to repair your muscles post workout, you need sugars to enhance your performance pre-work out as well. High glycemic foods will help you burn unwanted fat.

Overall, we need to maintain a balanced diet so our bodies perform to their highest potential. We should focus on eating foods that are natural in sugar as well as carbohydrates, fats and protein. Eat a donut, sure, but only every once in a while!

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How to Ace Group Presentations

Group Presentations

Group presentations are coming up as the end of the semester approaches. While they are a great way to collaborate with your classmates and learn about your subject in a new way, it can be difficult to do well if you aren’t prepared. This week, College LifestylesTM has created a guide to help you ace your next group presentation.

Divide and conquer

Open your presentation with a well-rehearsed introduction. The University of Manchester suggests assigning separate sections to each presenter and to have each presenter speak about their section only once. Make sure that when you divide up the material, each person will be doing an equal amount of work and will speak for the same amount of time.

Use visuals

The University of Mary Washington tells students to use visuals such as a Powerpoint or a poster to keep your audience interested. Highlight the key points of each section of your presentation to display for the class. Try not to put large amounts of information such as equations or long quotes in your visuals. Keep them short and to the point.


Create notes

Put together a detailed outline of your speaking points and information that you can reference during the presentation. You can also work with your group to create a separate slideshow with each speaker’s notes. Then use this slideshow during the presentation instead of using a notebook or flashcards to keep it flowing smoothly.

Use transitions

While the main content of your presentation is important, it is equally important to have smooth transitions between different materials. Brainstorm with your group to come up with interesting speaker-to-speaker segues. Think ahead to the order of the information you will be presenting to create smooth transitions between each section.


Even though you will only be working on a certain section of the presentation, be sure to meet up with your group to practice. Northern Virginia Community College reminds students that it is important to work out the specifics of the presentation before you are standing in front your class and professor. Go over the order of speakers, any repetitive information and general questions before you take the stage.

Group presentations are a great way to practice your public speaking and work with your classmates, so it’s important to be well-prepared. We hope that you will use our guide during your next group presentation to wow your professor and ace the presentation.

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Things You Aren’t Cleaning in Your Dorm or Apartment, But Should Be

Cleaning top pic

With our busy schedules, it is hard to find five minutes here and there to sit and relax, let alone clean our apartment or dorm. It is important to realize that cleaning regularly will help the place stay in good order as well as allow you to feel organized and clean.

According to, cleaning regularly will allow you to feel less stressed because you will save time looking for things you can’t find through the mess and won’t have to spend hours cleaning when it is a built up mess. Here are some simple things you should be cleaning regularly in your dorm or apartment.

The Bathroom

Although this may seem like an obvious one, many people today don’t take the time to clean their bathroom regularly. They feel as if it looks clean and doesn’t need to be wiped down. Even though you may not be able to physically see them, your bathroom in your dorm or apartment attracts germs so easily.

It is important to take the time each week to wipe down the sinks, toilets, mirrors and counters with disinfectant to kill germs and prevent them from spreading more. According to, germs can live on moist surfaces, such as sinks, for as long as three days. Make sure you are taking this into consideration when deciding how long to wait until you clean your bathroom.

cleaning bottom pic


Your Countertops

Another aspect of your dorm or apartment that is overlooked is your countertops in the kitchen. Many times our countertops look clean and shiny and you don’t find the need to wipe them down. The reality of the situation is that although they look clean, they are filled with crumbs and other foods that you aren’t even aware of.

If you bend down and turn your head sideways, you can easily see the buildup of crumbs covering your countertops. Each day, take the time to wipe the counter down after you make a meal to avoid this buildup. If you do this regularly, your countertops will actually be as clean as they look.

Your Bedroom Furniture

Individuals tend to overlook bedroom furniture when it comes time to clean their apartment or dorm. Since you don’t typically eat or drink in your room, people think that bedroom furniture isn’t full of germs or in need of a clean. This is not the case. Bedroom furniture is so easily built up with dust that we cannot see. It is vital to wipe down our furniture daily to avoid getting sick., states that dust particles can be inhaled and cause coughing, sneezing and irritation of the eyes, to name a few.

These are a few, yet not all, things that you should be cleaning regularly in your apartment or dorm. Cleaning these parts of your living space regularly will allow you to feel clean and healthy by eliminating germs and dust that you cannot see. Keep these aspects of your apartment and dorm in mind next time you are cleaning since they are typically overlooked, yet important to keep clean.

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How to Handle Your SO Graduating


May is quickly approaching which means no classes, summer and (for seniors) graduation. But wait, your SO is graduating and you still have at least another year. It might seem difficult, but there are some ways to help ease the stresses of your SO joining the post-grad life without you.

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy, especially when big life changes are happening. Having an honest conversation with your SO about both of your expectations for what will happen after graduation is extremely important. Michelle Lewis from says it’s important to consider your goals as well as your SO’s goals before taking the next step. Having an honest conversation about both of your goals and determining whether your relationship won’t hold either of your back is the first step to adjusting to your SO graduating before you.

Prepare for change

Just like a lot changed when you started college, a lot will change when you graduate – be ready for that change. Whether your SO will be moving away or staying in the area, post-grad schedules are very different from college schedules. Where going to football games, studying for classes and going out on weekends might be more your speed, your post-grad SO might not be interested in doing college things anymore. Megan Nixon from agrees that different schedules are one of the hardest things to coordinate. Nixon says the ease of hanging out with your SO on campus is something that gets overlooked, but when one of you graduates it can be hard to make the adjustment to living different lives.

Be Supportive

Graduating from college is tough. There are all of a sudden a list of expectations being thrown at you to find a job, figure out your life and start being a (real) adult. Your SO is going to need your support now more than ever. Don’t be another person putting pressures and added stress onto your SO. ShutUpandRead from says not to expect your SO to get a dream job right away. “Be patient and be patient with him. It’s not always going to be easy on him not having THE job right after college, but if you keep believing in him, then he will, too.”


Have fun

No matter what is happening with your post-grad SO, don’t forget that you’re still in college. You (usually) only have four short years to make the most out of your college experience; don’t let your SO graduating before you take away from your experience. No matter what, make sure to set aside time for yourself and your friends. Just because your SO isn’t living the college life anymore, doesn’t mean you have to stop, too.

Handling your SO graduating without you can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Maintain a realistic outlook on your relationship and deal with any problems as they come up. This is just another step in your relationship and before you know it you’ll be in the same place again.

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Who (and How) to Ask for Job References


When you begin searching for a job, having a list of references is a great way to solidify your strengths and prove to employers that you have what it takes. However, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right people to make up your list. This week, College LifestylesTM has created your go-to guide in order to help you build a strong list of job references.

Ask for permission

Employers will often ask you for about 3-5 references. The University of Delaware reminds students to always ask the person you hope to have as a reference before putting it down on your list. Make sure your potential references are aware of what this might mean for them and if possible, provide them with a list of questions they may be asked.

Think carefully

Whoever you choose should be able to give a positive review of your work, your character and your strengths. The University of California Davis suggests selecting individuals who can accurately judge your performance, time management, organization skills and other relevant information. It is also important that the person you ask knows you well enough to write about your work and personality. This is usually someone you have known at least three months.


Ask past employers

If you have had jobs in the past, try getting into contact with your previous employers. No matter what your past experience was, your past boss can talk about your work ethic and personality. Referring future employers to your previous boss also shows that you are a reliable and responsible employee.

Ask your colleagues

Don’t forget to ask your previous colleagues. Chat with anyone who you feel you have developed a close professional relationship with. After all, references from your colleagues can be just as important as the references from your boss because they focus on different aspects of your personality and day-to-day performance.

Create a list

Columbia University tells students to create a separate list of references instead of putting the contacts on your resume. Include your references’ names, titles and contact information and bring along a hard copy to interviews.

When it comes to finding job references, it’s important to reach out to those who will reassure future employers that you are the right person for the job. Be sure to choose your references carefully in order to make a great first impression and land the job of your dreams.

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Intern Kitchen: Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta


It’s April and that means this semester is coming to an abrupt end. It seems as if there is virtually no time to get all of the things done on our to do lists. We’re busy with final exams, projects and searching for summer internships. Do we have time to think, breathe or eat?

Whether you’re running low on time, energy or money, using just a few simple ingredients can create a healthy and delicious meal that comforts you during this stressful time.


Prep time: 20 minutes

Servings: 4


1 package of pasta of your choice, preferably whole grain

½ cup of sour cream

2 cups of baby spinach leaves

1 can of diced tomatoes


1 tbsp. of pesto (optional)



Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

Once boiling, add the pasta to the water and about a tbsp. of salt.

While you’re waiting for the pasta to cook, begin your creamy tomato and spinach sauce.

In a separate saucepan, combine the can of tomatoes, baby spinach and one clove of diced garlic.

The spinach will begin to wilt and shrink a bit- that’s okay. Once this happens, add the sour cream.

Stir until the sour cream is evenly distributed over the tomatoes and spinach.

Add in pesto and salt to taste.

At this point your pasta should be about finished. Check to see if it’s cooked to your liking.

Before you strain the pasta water, add about ¼ cup of pasta water to the creamy sauce mixture.

Then, once the rest of the pasta is separated from the water, toss the pasta in the sauce.

Serve and enjoy!

(Recipe courtesy of AllRecipes.)

midpicThis is definitely one of those meals that will make you feel right at home. Among all the stress and time crunches, we all need some comfort food to wind down to.

This dish is also so easy to customize. If you prefer spicier foods, try adding some red pepper flakes to give this dish a kick. You can also add chicken or shrimp to the mix- it’s all up to you. It’s so simple to make and it makes 4 whole servings. That means you can save it for other days during the week when you don’t have the time to cook. This really is one of those win-win dishes.

Try this creamy tomato spinach pasta this week and let us know what you think! Oh yeah, and good luck with the remainder of the semester!

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Five Signs You’re Too Stressed

stressed top pic

With college classes winding down for the semester and everyone trying to finish out the year strong, our bodies and minds are tired and overly stressed. It is important to recognize these signs so that you can take proper precaution and do things to destress yourself before it takes a toll. According to, stress is our bodies’ response to threats or demands. states that the idea of college-level work and how much students have to get done stresses them out and makes them feel overwhelmed. Here are five signs you are physically and emotionally way too stressed.

You Are Tired All the Time

When you are overly stressed, your body starts shutting down and you suddenly become too tired to take on any task. Whether it is going for a run or as simple as walking around campus, you feel fatigued to even do simple tasks. You feel as if you haven’t slept for days, even though you might have gotten plenty of sleep the night before.

You Can’t Sleep

Although your body and mind are so tired from a long stressful day, when it is time to lay down and go to sleep, you can’t. You are wide-awake and find it difficult to fall asleep each night. When you are so overly stressed and it is consuming your thoughts, it affects your sleep. Your body and mind are too stressed to wind down and relax.

stress bottom pic

You Lost Your Happiness

When you are physically and emotionally stressed, you lose your drive and desire to do fun, adventurous things. Because your mind is clouded with so many other thoughts, you no longer feel happiness from things that once gave it to you. Whether it is going outside, reading a book or taking a road trip, you feel as if you don’t have time to do these activities.

Changes in Your Mood

Even when you have five seconds to spare to do something you enjoy and relax for a bit, you don’t want to. You experience changes in your mood, ranging from angry to depressed to experiencing anxiety. You can’t seem to control your feelings and emotions and they feel as if they are out of your control. According to, cortisol, the primary stress hormone, plays an active role in your mood and how you feel daily.

You Have Difficulty Concentrating

Stress tends to take over our minds and cloud our thoughts. When we are that consumed with a million different ideas in our head, it is hard to stay focused. For example, if you are sitting in class worrying about the two papers and huge project you have to get done by tomorrow, you are not concentrating on what you are currently learning because you are so distracted by what your mind is telling you.

It is important to recognize these signs of stress, among others, so that you can catch them before they get too serious and hopefully take action in reducing your stress. Whether it be taking ten minutes a day to meditate or finding a fun activity to rewind your mind and relax, it is important to pay attention to your mental health and take care of your body physically and emotionally.

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Everything We’re Hoping to See in “The Jungle Book” This Weekend


Over the last few years, Disney has brought some of their classics back to life (literally) with remakes of “Cinderella,” “Maleficent” and “Alice in Wonderland,” but they’re not stopping there. In the works are live action versions of even more Disney classics including “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cruella,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Dumbo,” “Mulan” and so many more. While some of these movies aren’t set to release for a little while, one life action Disney classic is coming to theaters near you this weekend! That’s right, “The Jungle Book” live action remake releases tomorrow and we have some high hopes.

Familiar characters

While the voices might not sound exactly like the originals, the beloved characters will remain the same. According to film critic Courtney Howard on, the live action remake “recaptures the magic of the original animated classic.” But really, did we expect anything less from Disney? Being able to see some of our favorite characters in a life action movie is all (kind of) adults could ask for!

Incredible animation

Movies have come a long way since “The Jungle Book” originally released in 1967. Like the original, the 2016 live action movie does incorporate animation, but in a way that no one even dreamed of years ago. Disney went above and beyond with finding a location for the movie and decided to animate one themselves – think “Avatar” (2009) and “Alice in Wonderland” (2010). In fact, Alonso Duralde’s review of the movie on calls the animation “one of big screen’s most engrossing artificial worlds since ‘Avatar.’” Even with all of the characters in the live action film, there is only one real person in the whole film. That’s right – every other character is a realistic CGI creation.


New excitement

Although the storyline, like the characters, is the same, we have high hopes that the movie will provide action and excitement around every turn. With an expert cast – we’re talking Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson and Christopher Walken – there’s a strong promise of excitement. There has also been some talk that the movie is too scary for children, but overall reviews have disputed that idea. Sean O’Connell from says that the 3D aspects of the movie take it to an entirely new level. O’Connell also recommends seeing the film in 3D in order to get the best viewing experience possible.

If the live action remake of “The Jungle Book” is anything like the other live action movies that Disney has produced recently, we’re in for a treat. No matter how old you are, you’re never too old for a good Disney movie – especially a remake of one you watched as a kid.

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What Do I Bring to a Job Fair?

Job Fair

Job fairs are a great place to make valuable connections with a wide variety of employers in just one setting. To make sure you are well-supplied with the materials you need to succeed, College LifestylesTM has created a checklist for what to bring to a job fair.


Before you set foot in front of an employer, make sure that you have done your research. Employers will be looking for students who are seriously interested in their company and what they stand for. Your school will provide a list of employers who will be at the event, so scan the list to decide which ones you are interested in attending. Then begin your research to wow the company representatives.

“It is absolutely critical that you research the organizations ahead of time.  It’s the kiss of death to walk up to a table and ask, ‘So, what do you do?’”–Ellen Kelly Daley, Director of Career Success, The University of San Francisco


Having your resume at a job fair is a must. It is your ticket to impressing employers beyond your first initial meeting. The Career Center at the University of California Berkley reminds students to have plenty of copies available to give to each employer and to bring along extra copies just in case.


Professional Attitude

Think of the job fair as speed interviewing. Dress professionally and be confident when introducing yourself. Have an “elevator pitch” rehearsed to make a great first impression that leaves employers wanting more.

“For best first impressions, extend your hand with a firm handshake, have a big but genuine smile, make eye contact and be ready to shine as you tell them about yourself.”–Kelly Daley


Have a list of your own questions prepared to ask the employers. Think about what aspects of a job are important to you and work them into your questions. A few sample questions form the Career Center at the University of San Francisco include asking what kinds of skills the employers are looking for, how each company stands out above the rest and asking for advice from the company representatives.

Job fairs are a great chance to learn about the variety of companies looking for students just like you. When job fair season rolls around, refer back to this checklist to make sure you are armed with the materials you need to take on new opportunities.

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Intern Kitchen: Southwest Chicken Skillet

Chicken skillet top pic

As college students, we tend to eat the same foods over and over again due to the simplicity of making them and our lack of time. It is important to get a balance of nutrients in our everyday diet. According to and the USDA’s My Plate, the five main food groups you want to be consuming are dairy, fruits, vegetables, protein and grains. This recipe for a southwest chicken skillet is not only a new taste for college students to enjoy, but also offers four out of the five main food groups we want to be consuming. The cheese, chicken, onion and rice allow us to hit almost everything we need in one simple meal.


According to, chicken has many positive health benefits, including a good source of protein and an essential supply of vitamins and minerals. Because of this, chicken is a great and easy meat to cook that will give college kids all the health benefits they need. In order to not get sick of eating this food, it is important to zest it up and add it to different dishes. A southwest chicken skillet is the perfect combination of a healthy and delicious dish, leaving you with a fiesta of flavors according to

Servings: 4 bowls

Prep Time: 45 minutes


Uncooked brown rice

1 cup salsa

1 cup shredded cheese

1 cup frozen broccoli

1 can black beans

Chicken Skillet Bottom pic FIXED


Prepare your ingredients and equipment by heating a large skillet and getting your ingredients ready.

In the skillet, mix the rice, salsa, ½ cup of shredded chicken, drained black beans and broccoli together.

Put the skillet lid on top of the skillet, with heat turned up high and waiting for the ingredients to start simmering.

When the ingredients start to simmer, turn the temperature down slightly, leaving it to continue to simmer for thirty minutes.

When the thirty minutes are up, remove the lid and turn off the heat.

Put the other half a cup of shredded cheese on top of the dish, letting it sit on the stove. Heat until the cheese is completely melted on top.

Serve hot and enjoy!

(College Lifestyles™ original recipe.)

Although this recipe requires more time than simply making a sandwich or eating a bowl of cereal, it offers plenty of nutrients you need in a delicious new flavor. It is an easy and simple recipe, where you can start your ingredients and do some work while waiting for them to boil, simmer and be ready. You can also be creative and add new ingredients or take some out in order to fit your taste buds. This recipe leaves you with flexibility to make it your own and change it up every time you choose to make it.

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How to Spend Less Money on Healthy Food at the Grocery Store




Doing our own grocery shopping gives us the opportunity to decide what exactly we want to put in our bodies. It gives us the chance to incorporate some fruit, vegetables and other sources of nutrition into our diet. But there is one big turn off when trying to buy healthy foods: price.

One of the most common reasons people choose not to eat healthily is because of the price. The food that is best for our health is not always what’s best for our wallets, forcing many of us to choose the cheaper, and unfortunately, less healthy option. But there are ways out of this predicament. There are various ways to avoid spending an arm and a leg on healthy food at the grocery store.

Keep your focus

Don’t blow all your money on every healthy thing you see. The organic sections of supermarkets are very appealing; the section is separate from the other food and sports very appealing packaging. Don’t let that distract you. Not everything in that section is worth buying. Health magazine suggests staying away from these separate organic displays. Buying store brand organic items are more worthwhile, as they are just as good, but “less expensive than brand named goods.”

Along with this, you should plan out exactly what you want to purchase before going to the grocery store. Know exactly what you want and make a list of the items you typically eat during a week and then buy only those items. Don’t get suckered into buying something that you “might eat” because, more often than not, you won’t get around to it and it’ll just go to waste. Fitness Magazine is a huge proponent of never buying anything in mass quantities. This will save you loads of money in the long run.

If your dining hall has it, don’t buy it

Don’t feel like you have to change your diet with one trip to the grocery store. When you are shopping for instance, buy fruits and vegetables that don’t push you over the edge of your budget. Find some healthy things in your dining hall in addition to what you buy at the grocery store. If your dining hall has mixed lettuce, buy ingredients from the grocery store that you can add to the lettuce to jazz it up. Don’t buy the lettuce too.

That’s just one example. Your dining hall may have many other healthy foods that you don’t have to buy exclusively at the grocery store, like bananas for instance. The overall message here is that if your dining hall has it, then don’t buy it at the grocery store- especially if you have a meal card provided to you by your school.



Buy only what is in season

You can tell which fruits and vegetables are in season based on their prices.  When certain kinds of fruits and vegetables aren’t in season, their price goes up. Eating Well suggests never buying asparagus in January; you will pay “big bucks” for it and it won’t taste as good as it would when it’s in season. Fruits like apples are in season in the fall, so that’s the time when you will get the best deals on them. In winter, cauliflower is a great option.

Remember that eating healthily is a journey. It is definitely going to be great in the long run, but there are going to be some obstacles. In this case, price is one of them. But never let anything get in the way of you and your healthy eating goals.

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