How to Handle a Demanding Boss


While in a professional workplace, you may come across bosses you really enjoy working for or bosses you do not necessarily click with. It may seem easy to develop a negative opinion toward the bosses you do not prefer, but how you react to a demanding boss speaks volumes about your character and work ethic. If you’re interested in learning how to handle a demanding boss like the classiest of co-eds would, try following these simple steps.

Evaluate the Circumstance

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your boss seems demanding and difficult to work with, you should take a step back and evaluate your circumstances. Does your boss have a lot of pressure on him/her currently? Are you to blame for his/her frustration?

A contributor to The Muse also explains this idea: “Observe your boss for a few days and try to notice how many things she does well versus poorly. When she is doing something ‘bad,’ try to imagine the most forgiving reason why it could have occurred. Is it truly her fault, or could it be something out of her control?”

Try to pinpoint how your boss is feeling and what may be causing the tension. If you are to blame for the way your boss is acting, you may be able to turn the situation around by addressing the situation like the poised co-ed that you are.


Stay Dedicated

It can be easy to feel disheartened if you’re working for a demanding boss. After you evaluate your circumstances, turn your focus to your job. If you focus on being the best you can be and working as hard as possible, there will be no reason for your boss to be frustrated with you.

Your dedication to your job will clear your name for any issues your boss may have with your work ethic. Try to keep up with your boss’ demands, and you will surely see the benefits!

Don’t Try to Be a Friend

A common mistake when in a professional workplace is to view your boss as a friend. While some workplaces allow for this type of employee/boss relationship, some do not. If you enter into a career and expect to be friends with your boss but cannot form a relationship, your boss may come across as harsh or demanding.


Evan Thompson, a contributor to Huffington Post, explains why bosses and employees should not develop unhealthy friendships: “If managers have employees who double as their friends, or have a few friends working on their team, they may take negative feedback in surveys or reviews personally, resulting in personal morale and productivity issues.” In addition, Thompson goes on to write, “Lines between a business relationship and friendship can blur at review time. Unless the manager is very generous, the employee may feel short-changed following a salary review. Even if the boss grants a raise, not even the employee will be sure it was performance-related.”

If you focus on relating to your boss in a strictly professional manner, you won’t feel offended when communicating with him/her. If a friendship is possible, it will come naturally and should not be forced.

Handling a demanding boss is a difficult task most people eventually have to face. Just try to evaluate your situation clearly, stay motivated in what your job is and remember to be professional, and you should be on the right track to dealing with this tough situation. If you’re interested in learning about other professional ideas and tips for young adults, check out these articles:

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Introducing Amanda Valentovic, Dating/Relationships/Entertainment Writer from Hofstra University


pic 4

Meet Amanda Valentovic, our confident and extremely sweet writing intern from Bloomfield, New Jersey. Amanda attends Hofstra University as a journalism major and music minor and spends her spare time writing fabulous articles in our dating/relationships/entertainment section.

College Lifestyles™ sat down with Amanda to get to know her a little better.

Name: Amanda Valentovic

College Lifestyles™ position: Writing intern, dating/relationships/entertainment section

Hometown: Bloomfield, New Jersey

School: Hofstra University

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s): Journalism major and music minor

Organizational involvement: I’m a staff writer and copy editor for our campus newspaper the “Hofstra Chronicle”, and I play the flute in the Hofstra Pep Band.

My absolute favorite thing about summer is: Being home and getting to hang out with my family and friends who I don’t get to see as often during the school year. Also going to the beach!

My dream vacation would be to: Paris, definitely.

pic 3

My number one recipe for this summer is: I don’t know, I’m not the greatest cook. But my mom makes homemade mac and cheese and it’s SO GOOD. I also use a great mac and cheese recipe from our very own College Lifestyles™ website! “SKC: One Pot Meal – Mac and Cheese!

My number one DIY project for this summer is: I’m working on taking down all the pictures I have hanging in my room and replacing them with new ones, because they’re kind of old and I have new ones to display. There’s a lot so it’s taking a while.

My favorite movies are: Usually the last one I saw. I watched “Legally Blonde” with my sister last week, it’s not new but it’s fun!

My celebrity dream date is: Chris Pine.

I get my inspiration from: Lots of places! Friends and family the most, but also sometimes from books I’m reading or just things happening around me.

pic 2

My friends would describe me as: Fun, hopefully! And a good listener.

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: Of the ones I wrote last semester,  “Our Top Parks and Recreation Moments” because I loved that show and it was really fun to write about. I also liked “Three DIY Toaster Oven Recipes”  because I still want to try all of them.

My definition of a classy co-ed is: I think a classy co-ed is someone who is enthusiastic about what they are covering and wants their audience to be as engaged as possible in what they are writing.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ team member because: I love writing, and it gives me a chance to do that every week. And I like reading what everyone else is working on, it’s a great way to be a part of a team!

Check out this wonderful girl and her sophisticated articles on our College Lifestyles™ website. You won’t want to miss a single post from this one!

pic 1 copy

 Images courtesy of Amanda Valentovic.



What to Wear: First Day of Class


Whether or not you’re ready to admit it, summer is flying by, and the school year will soon be upon you. If you’re heading off to college for the first time, preparing for your last year of college or are anywhere in between, you’re probably stressing over what you’re going to wear on the first day of classes. Fear not! Here are five outfit ideas based on five hot trends for fall 2014

midi skirt Midi skirt: Rebel or Sandra Dee

The midi skirt is going to be HOT this fall. It’s important to make a good impression on the first day of classes, and wearing a skirt like this can do just the trick. One in a neutral color, like this one from Dorothy Perkins, is great because it is versatile. You can tailor it to match your own personal style. With a striped t-shirt and a leather jacket, you can look like the fashion trendsetter you strive to be. If you’re not so daring and want to keep it sweet and simple, you can still look fabulous by pairing the skirt with a plain tank and cute sandals. Finish the look with a belt, and you’re ready to tackle the new school year.

dress to impressDress to Impress

You can’t go wrong with a cute dress. It’s simple yet looks like you put effort into your look. Here are some chic dress options that can make the transition from the first day of classes into the fall weather. Here are three dress options no matter what your budget from $10 – $100. Each is topped off with a statement necklace for an extra pop to make you stand out in a crowded classroom. Complete the look with your favorite sandals, flats or slip-on sneakers. It’s always a good idea to bring a sweater with you, because even if it’s hot outside, you never know what the temperature in your classroom will be.

Now that the stress of what to wear on the first day of classes has been eased, you can focus on the more important aspects of the school year–planning tailgates and weekend adventures with your friends. Have a super and stylish school year all!

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Meet Alicia Vega, Fashion/Beauty Writing Intern from the University of Arizona

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega

Name: Alicia Vega

College Lifestyles™ position: Fashion/Beauty Writer

Hometown: Tucson, Ariz.

School: University of Arizona

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s): Major in journalism and a minor in Spanish.

Organizational involvement: I design for my school’s newspaper, The Daily Wildcat, and I am a member of the University of Arizona’s marketing committee.

My favorite thing about spring is: The weather, especially in Arizona.

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega


My break spring break would be: Somewhere different, preferably, a big city.

My number one recipe for this spring is: Definitely the “Avocado, Tomato and Mango Salad.”

My number one DIY for this spring is: Hands down, “DIY Bubble Chandelier.

My favorite spring accessory is: Anything floral; I love flowers in my hair, flower accessories and floral clothing.

My favorite spring T.V. shows are: “Teen Wolf.”

My favorite movies are: There are so many to choose from because I love all movies but it is definitely “Love and Other Disasters.”

My celebrity dream date is: Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and/or Zayn Malik.

My dream job is: To work in the magazine industry as a photographer, designer or writer. If I know that I am providing content to an audience that I was once a part of then I will be the happiest girl.

I get my inspiration from: Absolutely everything. Recently, it has been music but tomorrow it could be art or a stranger.

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega

My favorite way to relax during the semester is: Watch copious amounts of Netflix.

This semester, I plan to accomplish: Everything and more, I really want to do well in school but more importantly, I want to meet new people and try new things.

My friends would describe me as: A dedicated, confident, fun girl with a good attitude.

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: Maggie Popick’s article called “Top Five Lazy Day In Looks” because thanks to this article, I can look cute but still feel comfortable.

My definition of a classy co-ed is: A classy co-ed is someone who feels comfortable in his or her own skin. They take control of their world and affect someone else’s.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ Intern because: I want to see what CL has to offer and what I can offer to our wonderful classy audience.

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega

From the personal photo collection of Alicia Vega


Meet Samantha Clarkson, Returning CL Writer from West Virginia University

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

Name:   Samantha Clarkson

College Lifestyles™ position:  Dorm and Apartment Life/ DIY/ Interior Design Writer

Hometown:  Greenville, West Virginia

School:  West Virginia University

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s):  Print Journalism major with a minor in English.

Organizational involvement: Collegiate 4-H and WVU Wishmakers on Campus, but I hope to be joining more student organizations this semester.

I am excited to be back at school because:  I’m ready to learn more about writing.

My favorite thing about fall is:  Fresh starts, Mountaineer football, apple pie scented candles, new classes, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween … I could go on forever!

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

My number one recipe for this fall is:  The grilled chicken and strawberry salad from the Intern Kitchen.  Get in my tummy!

My favorite fall accessory is:  Scarves, of course.  No college co-ed can have too many.

My favorite fall T.V. shows are:  “New Girl” and “Glee.”  Both will be premiering new seasons this September and I can’t wait.

My celebrity dream date is:  I don’t want to talk about it … RIP Cory Monteith.

I get my inspiration from:  others.  When I see people standing out and being creative and motivated, it makes me want to push myself to be the same way. 

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

My favorite way to relax during the semester is: to stop what I’m doing and pull out a coloring book.  In all honesty, people, you should try it when you’re stressed. 

This semester, I plan to accomplish: becoming a more established writer.

My friends would describe me as:  a laid back, but energetic and ambitious person who’s pretty good at making a fool of herself. 

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was:  How to Change a Flat Tire by Amanie McGee.  I thought it was great for future reference since my daddy isn’t at school to help me with my car problems if I ever have any.

My definition of a classy co-ed is:  Someone who is ready to take the world by storm while staying true to herself and keeping her poise intact.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ Intern because:  I can’t wait to see how far this fabulous magazine will take me! 

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

From the personal photo collection of Samantha Clarkson

Classy Interview: Hayley Hunter

Image courtesy of Hayley Hunter

From the personal photo collection of Hayley Hunter

Hayley Hunter, a sophomore nursing student at the University of Charleston, proves that it’s possible to juggle multiple things at a time without dropping a single one … and we’re not talking about the tennis balls clowns juggle at the circus.  This hard-working co-ed is taking on more responsibilities than the average college student because of her ambition and determination to succeed.  CL was able to chat with Hayley about how she handles tough classes in the nursing program, two jobs, paying bills and being engaged.

“I know I can do anything I set my mind to,” Hayley said.  “If that means I need to set my mind to getting an ‘A’ on a biology exam the morning after I worked until midnight, I’ll make it happen.” 

© College Lifestyles
Photo Credit: Samantha Clarkson

Hayley works as a sales associate at Victoria’s Secret while also taking on babysitting gigs on the side to make extra money to pay for her apartment, car payment and, of course, school.  Although her fiancé brings back a paycheck every week, too, Hayley refuses to depend on anyone else financially.  It’s this kind of fresh independence that makes her inspiring. 

Her advice to balancing school, work and fun:

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  You know your limits, so don’t listen to the doubters.  Be confident in your abilities, and you can go as far in life as you want to.” 


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Image courtesy of Hayley Hunter

From the personal photo collection of Hayley Hunter


Debra Schreiber, Managing Editor & Duquesne Alumna



From the personal photo collection of Debra Schreiber

Name: Debra Schreiber

College Lifestyles™ position: Managing Editor

Hometown: Pittsburgh

School: Duquesne University

Degree(s): B.A. journalism; B.A. Spanish

Organizational/professional involvement: Alpha Sigma Tau, Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Professional Women

My favorite thing about fall is: everything! I love the weather, the changing leaves, the comfy fashion and everything pumpkin-flavored.


My number one recipe for this fall is: I look forward to trying this CL recipe for light pumpkin bread.

My favorite fall accessory is: a cute scarf.

My favorite fall TV shows are: “Big Bang Theory” and “New Girl.”

My favorite movies are: “Despicable Me” and “A Walk to Remember.”

My celebrity dream date is: with Orlando Bloom!

I get my inspiration from: reading a wide variety of books and blogs.


From the personal photo collection of Debra Schreiber

My favorite way to relax is: reading a good book or watching re-runs of “Pretty Little Liars” on Netflix.

This fall, I plan to accomplish: finding an apartment.

My friends would describe me as: caring, busy and motivated.

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: I love this article by our fall Fashion/Beauty Co-Editor and High School/College Prep Editor Alexis Hallinin on “5 Classy Braids for College.” Quick and easy hairstyles that are sure to impress all your classmates!

My definition of a classy co-ed is: an independent young woman who dares to go for her dreams, lifting up others along the way, and never letting the little things get her down.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ Staff Member because: The fall semester marks my second year as Managing Editor for this fabulous organization, and I am so excited to learn even more about the magazine world, and to see what this confident group of ladies has to bring to it!

cl2 (2)

From the personal photo collection of Debra Schreiber


CL Interviews: Classy Co-Ed Elizabeth Kiefer


Photo Credit: Allie Tedesco

Elizabeth Kiefer, or as her friends call her, “E,” is currently going into her junior year at the Pennsylvania State University at University Park. She is a double major with Risk Management and Political Science. E is a very involved student at Penn State and was “co-rush chair” of her business fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda, last Spring semester. She was also on the Finance Committee for THON, Penn State’s own student-run 46 hour dance marathon that raises money for Pediatric Cancer.


When asked what her goals were for the future, E replied:  “Get out of my comfort zone more, which I will be doing when I study abroad in Germany next semester. I can’t wait to go to Germany because of all the interesting food and the culture. It will be completely new because I don’t know any German.” Part of her program is spending twenty-something days traveling around Europe studying the Politics and Economics of Germany. E added, “other than going abroad which is something I have always wanted to do, I want to get another internship. I am going to keep developing professionally and get as much experience as I can!”

East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Photo Credit: Aria E. Moyer

East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Photo Credit: Aria E. Moyer

E currently has an internship this summer with Liberty Mutual in the Insurance Claims department. When she isn’t at her internship she works at a catering restaurant on the weekends; she loves food! Her favorite is tacos and anything spicy. E loves big cities and plans on moving to either New York or San Fransisco in the future.

PSU Football Game. Photo Credit: Allie Tedesco

PSU Football Game. Photo Credit: Allie Tedesco

This classy girl is definitely on her way to a successful career and is looking forward to her remaining two years at Penn State. She enjoys hanging out with friends, meeting new people, staying involved and trying new things.

Father’s Day Brunch Recipes


With Father’s Day approaching, the annual June question is among every co-ed and his or her family: “What fabulous gift should we get dad for Father’s Day?” Electronics, tools, season tickets to sporting events, golf–the same ideas are thrown around every year. This summer, change things up a bit and get your dad the best thing a man could ask for: an Audi R8. Okay, that’s a little unrealistic so you will most likely have to settle for the second best thing: unlimited amounts of food. Keep your dad full all day long by serving him a hearty brunch. This summer, CL is forgetting about calories and any other health idea that would make your dad cringe to bring you brunch recipes for the main man in your life.

Fingerling Potato-Leek Hash with Swiss Chard Eggs (


    • 2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
    • 2 cups sliced leek (about 2 large)
    • 12 oz. fingerling potatoes, cut in half lengthwise (about 4 cups)
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1 1/4 tsp. Spanish smoked paprika, divided
    • 1/2 tsp. salt, divided
    • 1/2 tsp. coarsely ground black pepper, divided
    • 4 cups thinly sliced, trimmed Swiss chard (about 1 bunch)
    • 4 large eggs
    • 1/4 cup shredded Gruyere cheese


  1. First, heat a large skillet over medium heat.
  2. Add oil to the pan.
  3. After, add leek; cook eight minutes, stirring frequently.
  4. Add potatoes and garlic; cook 15 minutes or until potatoes are tender, stirring occasionally.
  5. Stir in 1 tsp. paprika, 1/4 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. pepper.
  6. Add the chard; cook four minutes, stirring constantly.
  7. Using a spoon, push the potato mixture aside to make four egg-size spaces.
  8. Crack one egg into each space; sprinkle remaining 1/4 tsp. salt, remaining 1/4 tsp. pepper and remaining 1/4 tsp. paprika over eggs.
  9. Cover and cook for three minutes; sprinkle cheese over potato mixture.
  10. Once again, cover and cook two minutes or until egg yolks are lightly set.

Bacon-Cheddar Corn Muffins (


    • 4.5 oz. all-purpose flour (about 1 cup)
    • 3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
    • 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
    • 2 tbsp. sugar
    • 1 tsp. baking powder
    • 1 tsp. baking soda
    • 3/4 tsp. ground cumin
    • 1/4 tsp. salt
    • 4 center-cut bacon slices, cooked, drained and crumbled
    • 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced
    • 1 1/4 cups low-fat buttermilk
    • 1/4 cup canola oil
    • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
    • Cooking spray


  1. Before starting, preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Once the oven is preheated, lightly spoon the flour into dry measuring cups and level with a knife.
  3. Combine flour and the next seven ingredients (through salt) in a large bowl, stirring with a whisk.
  4. Stir in the bacon and jalapeño and make a well in the center of the mixture.
  5. Combine the buttermilk, oil and egg in a bowl, stirring well with a whisk.
  6. Add the buttermilk mixture to the flour mixture, stirring just until moist.
  7. Place 12 muffin-cup liners in muffin cups; coat with cooking spray.
  8. Divide batter among muffin cups.
  9. Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean.
  10. Cool five minutes in pan on a wire rack.


Ciabatta French Toast with Warm Apple Maple Syrup (


    • 1/4 cup apple cider
    • 1 tsp. cornstarch
    • 2 tsp. butter
    • 2 tbsp. finely chopped shallots
    • 2 cups sliced McIntosh apples
    • 1/4 cup maple syrup
    • 6 (2-oz.) slices iabatta bread
    • 3 oz. Gruyère cheese, cut into thin slices
    • 1/2 cup fat-free milk
    • 1/3 cup low-fat buttermilk
    • 1/4 tsp. salt
    • 1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg
    • 1/8 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
    • 1 large egg
    • 1 large egg white
    • 4 tsp. butter, divided
    • 3 tbsp. chopped pecans, toasted


  1. To start, combine cider and cornstarch in a small bowl, stirring with a whisk.
  2. Melt 2 tsp. of butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat.
  3. Add shallots to pan; cook one minute, stirring frequently.
  4. Add the cider mixture, apples and syrup to pan.
  5. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently.
  6. Reduce heat to low; cook three minutes or until apples begin to soften, stirring occasionally, after set aside, and keep warm.
  7. Cut a horizontal slit through bottom crust of each bread slice to form a pocket; stuff cheese evenly into each pocket.
  8. Combine fat-free milk, buttermilk and next five ingredients (through egg white) in a shallow dish, stirring well with a whisk.
  9. Working with one stuffed bread slice at a time, place bread slice into milk mixture, turning gently to coat both sides.
  10. Then, warm a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.
  11. Melt 2 tsp. butter in pan.
  12. Add three coated bread slices to pan, and cook for two minutes on each side or until lightly browned.
  13. Repeat procedure with the remaining 2 tsp. butter and remaining three coated bread slices.
  14. Finally, place one French toast slice onto each of six plates; top each serving with about 3 tbsp. sauce and 1 1/2 tsp. pecans.

Smoked Salmon and Egg Sandwich (


    • 4 cups water
    • 1 tbsp. white vinegar
    • 4 large eggs
    • 1/4 cup 1/3-less-fat cream cheese
    • 2 tbsp. minced red onion
    • 1 tbsp. chopped dill
    • 3/8 tsp. kosher salt
    • 4 (1-oz.) slices whole-grain bread, toasted
    • 1 cup fresh arugula
    • 4 oz. smoked wild salmon
    • 1/4 tsp. black pepper


  1. First, bring water and vinegar to a simmer in a 12-inch skillet over medium heat.
  2. Then, add in the eggs, one at a time; simmer three minutes or until desired degree of doneness.
  3. Combine the cheese, onion, dill and 1/8 tsp. salt; spread 1 tbsp. cheese mixture over each bread slice.
  4. Top each serving with 1/4 cup arugula and 1 oz. salmon.
  5. Remove eggs from pan with a slotted spoon; top each sandwich with one egg.
  6. Lastly, sprinkle with 1/4 tsp. of salt and pepper.

Sustainable Choice: Look for salmon that’s labeled “wild Alaskan salmon,” and you can be sure you’re getting sustainable seafood.


Steak Hash with Poached Eggs (


    • 1 1/2 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil
    • 1 cup finely chopped red onion
    • 1 1/2 cups grape tomatoes, chopped
    • 1/4 cup chopped grilled eggplant
    • 1/4 cup chopped roasted red bell pepper
    • 1 1/4 lb. roasted fingerling potatoes, coarsely chopped
    • 6 oz. grilled Chili-Espresso Rubbed Steak, chopped
    • 3/8 tsp. salt
    • 1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper, divided
    • 1 tbsp. sherry vinegar
    • 4 large eggs
    • 3 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley


  1. To start, heat the oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat.
  2. Add the onion; cook six minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally.
  3. Add the tomatoes; cook one minute, stirring occasionally.
  4. Add the eggplant and next three ingredients (through Chili-Espresso Rubbed Steak); cook three minutes or until heated.
  5. Then, stir in salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Keep steak mixture warm.
  6. Add water to a large skillet, filling two-thirds full. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer.
  7. Add vinegar.
  8. Break eggs into pan; cook three minutes or until desired degree of doneness.
  9. Carefully remove the eggs from the pan using a slotted spoon.
  10. Spoon about 1 1/2 cups hash onto each of four plates; top each serving with one egg.
  11. Sprinkle evenly with remaining 1/4 teaspoon pepper and parsley.

What are you going to make your dad for brunch on Father’s Day? Share with us!

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Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Photo Courtesy of Christina Locricchio

Photo Courtesy of Christina Locricchio

A letter of recommendation: the term for a weighty, wordy document that can praise you and make you feel self-conscious at the exact same time.

Letters of recommendation can either make you or break you when it comes to landing your dream job. You may be asked to provide one to three letters that are meant to shed light on your strengths and inspire confidence in your future employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position.

As an aspiring professional, there are several strategies you can apply to take this requirement and turn it into a dealmaker. Who to request letters from, the format the letters are submitted in and, most importantly, the content within the letters are all essential elements.

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Michelle Berg, Internship Coordinator at the Georgia College & State University Career Center, has highlighted a few key points that every co-ed can apply to their job application process.

College Lifestyles ™: What are the key elements you look for in a positive letter of recommendation? What qualities do you believe are the most noteworthy in a candidate?

Michelle Berg: I look intently at the type of language the recommender uses to describe the candidate; you can tell how much the recommender enforces the candidate simply by the wording and tone of the letter.  In addition, specific examples speak volumes. A strong letter of recommendation will speak to the candidate’s work ethic, communication skills – are you an easy person to work with? –  and other skills that fit the position.

CL: There are several key figures who may play a large role in a student’s work experience or education. Who would you suggest are good contacts that CL readers could request a letter of recommendation from?

MB: Context and variety are important when selecting people to recommend you. Letters from faculty, club advisors and supervisors are great to provide the reader with different viewpoints of your skills and competencies. The key is selecting people who serve as your mentors and role models – people who know you more than just surface level.  It all boils down to 1) the writer’s understanding of your skills and 2) the skills, knowledge and abilities you ultimately want to demonstrate to the reader.

CL: There are multiple means of communication. What do you view as the most appropriate format to present the letters of recommendation to a perspective employer?

MB: When you apply for a job online, several companies may give you the option to upload additional documents. This is a great way to present a letter of recommendation. You may email a letter of recommendation to compliment your résumé and provide additional background information. Whatever means you use to present your letter of recommendation make it seamless. LinkedIn recommendations are a fantastic addition to traditional letters of recommendation for your job search and networking because it’s a seamless way for you to build credibility to the skills and abilities stated in your profile.

Photo Courtesy of Ohmega1982/

Photo Courtesy of Ohmega1982/

CL: What is an appropriate amount of time to allow your professor, manager, etc. to complete your letter?

MB: I suggest allowing at least six weeks for a letter of recommendation.  That way, you can remind the writer two weeks before you need it, which still gives the person time to compose the letter. As a courtesy, provide your reference with a résumé and a description of the scholarship, job, internship or graduate program at the time you ask her or him to write the letter.

When you are applying for your next dream job, and the application requests that you submit letters of recommendation to compliment your résumé, request the letters from a variety of role models in a timely manner, and submit them in the requested format in addition to your application.

If you are an intelligent co-ed – and I know you are! – rest confidently that you have submitted the best possible letters of recommendation with these helpful guidelines.

Anyone can bulk up a résumé, but to be spoken highly of from respected professionals in the field is what allows you to stand out in a heap of applicants.

Photo Courtesy of Christina Locricchio

Photo Courtesy of Christina Locricchio

Must-See June Movies

Image courtesy of digitalart

The weather is heating up and so is the movie selection.  This June, heading to the theater might even seem like more fun than lounging by the pool.  Because of the movie options that Hollywood has given us, grabbing some friends to share a large popcorn sounds more appealing than ever.  CL talked to some classy co-eds who are just as excited about the movies coming out as we are, to see which ones everyone is looking forward to the most.

“The Purge”

This movie from the producer of “Paranormal Activity,” “Insidious” and “Sinister” already foreshadows terror.  “The Purge” is about the one night a year the United States government allows any and all crimes to be committed free of charge.  This system seems to be working throughout the rest of the year, but within those 12 hours, the audience gets to watch the horrendous acts occurring in the house of a family who doesn’t have any desire to participate in the crime sprees, but unfortunately must.

Although “The Purge” is probably going to scare her to death, Mary Ferguson, a sophomore from West Virginia University, explains why she will be the first in line to see it June 7.

“It’s the creepiest concept for a movie and it gives me chills every time I watch the trailer,” Ferguson said.  “I also like that it’s a new idea that isn’t about zombies or vampires or people getting drunk.”

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“The Internship”

Also out in theaters June 7 is “The Internship.”  This movie is bound to be hilarious just because of the cast.  Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star in this comedy about two men whose sales careers have just gone under.  To prove they aren’t worthless, they decide to compete in one of the hardest internships in the Unites States: Google.  Once they talk their way into landing the internship, they soon learn what they are truly in for as they work alongside genius college students who make them look everything but adequate.

“I’m really excited to see ‘The Internship,’” sophomore Nancy Perrine of West Virginia Wesleyan College said.  “Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are always so funny together.”

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“The Bling Ring”

We loved Emma Watson’s American side in “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and I bet we’ll love it just as much in her new movie, “The Bling Ring,” in theaters June 14.  This movie is based on actual events, where a circle of friends is so enthralled with celebrities and their lifestyles, the group robs them.  The teenagers go around to houses of famous people like Lindsay Lohan and steal their designer items so they can feel fabulous.  Of course, with actions like that, the glamorous life of these teens is short lived as it begins a downward spiral.  Clemson University sophomore Ashton Harvey explains why this movie is going to be good regardless of the plot, though.

“Anything Emma Watson plays in is going to be awesome.  Case closed,” Harvey said.  “I’ll be going to see ‘The Bling Ring’ for sure.”

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“Monsters University”

Rewinding life before “Monsters Inc.,” “Monsters University” shows Mike and Sully before their scaring careers took off when they were just freshman in college.  It could actually be relatable for a lot of the CL readers out there who just finished their freshman year.  It may be a film for a younger audience, but because of its comedic tone and college setting, it would definitely be enjoyable for people of all ages.  Hayley Hunter, a sophomore from the University of Charleston, agreed.

“I’m taking the kids I babysit to see “Monsters University” right on June 21,” Hunter said.  “I’ll use them as an excuse, but I really want to go to feel like a kid again for a couple hours.”

P.S. Check out the “Monsters University” home page.  Pixar has it set up to look like a real university website.

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“White House Down”

What a perfect date-night movie:  edge-of-your-seat fight scenes for him and shirtless Channing Tatum scenes for her.  “White House Down” is an action-packed movie about a guy named John Cale (Tatum), whose only wish is to be part of the Secret Service to protect the president of the United States, who is played by Jamie Foxx.  When Cale doesn’t get his dream job, he is too ashamed to tell his daughter, so he takes her on a tour of the White House.  Unfortunately, while they are inside, the White House is attacked; but fortunately, this gives Cale the perfect opportunity to save the day.

“I can’t wait to see “White House Down” and I know my boyfriend can’t wait either,” said freshman Lauren Clarkson from West Virginia University.  “This was a very easy movie to compromise on.  I think it will be fun for both of us to watch.”

Which of these great movies are you going to choose to see this June?

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Five Summer Salsa Recipes


In today’s society where new diet fads are surfacing on a daily basis, it’s understandable for co-eds to be overwhelmed with what should make up their diet.  It also doesn’t help that professionals in the health care field are now prescribing dietary supplements more than ever. Dietary supplements may have the exact synthetic chemical structure as nutrients found in nature, however dietitians still encourage people to consume the actual food. A simple way to ensure the ingestion of sufficient amounts of nutrients without taking dietary supplements is to make sure your plate has all the colors of the rainbow. The colors of food, also known as pigmentation, all indicate a certain vitamin or mineral. 

A savvy rainbow dish that first comes to mind is fresh salsa. Consisting of mostly fruits and vegetables, it’s extremely low in calories and perfect for people with wheat, gluten, dairy and soy allergies. However, the best part about fresh salsa isn’t all of its health benefits, but its delicious taste! Here are five recipes sure to delight your taste buds:

Grilled Pineapple-Avocado Salad (


    • 1 tbsp. olive oil
    • 1 tbsp. honey
    • 1 pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices
    • Cooking spray
    • 1/3 cup finely chopped red onion
    • 1/4 cup minced fresh cilantro
    • 1 tbsp. fresh lime juice
    • 1/2 tsp. salt
    • 1/2 tsp. ground red pepper
    • 1/4 tsp. ground cumin
    • 1 serrano chile, minced
    • 1 avocado


  1. First, preheat grill to high heat.
  2. Combine oil and honey, stirring well.
  3. Brush oil mixture over pineapple, then place pineapple on a grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill two minutes on each side or until golden.
  4. Remove from grill; cool five minutes. Chop.
  5. Combine pineapple, onion and next six ingredients (through serrano); toss gently.
  6. Finally, peel, seed and dice avocado. Add avocado to the pineapple mixture and toss gently.


Smoky Tomato Salsa (


    • 2 cups wood chips
    • Cooking spray
    • 5 large plum tomatoes (about 2 pounds)
    • 1 jalapeño pepper
    • 1 tbsp. fresh lime juice
    • 1/2 tsp. dried marjoram or oregano
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1 cup diced red onion
    • 3 tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro
    • 1/2 tsp. salt


  1. To begin, soak wood chips in water for 30 minutes; drain well.
  2. Prepare the grill for indirect grilling, heating one side to low and leaving one side with no heat. Maintain grill temperature at 200° to 225°.
  3. Place the wood chips on hot coals and place a disposable aluminum foil pan on unheated side of grill.
  4. Pour 2 cups water in pan.
  5. Coat grill rack with cooking spray and place on grill.
  6. Next, place tomatoes and pepper on grill rack over foil pan on unheated side.
  7. Close lid; cook 50 minutes.
  8. Remove tomatoes and pepper from grill; discard stem from pepper.
  9. Place tomatoes, pepper, lime juice, marjoram and garlic in a food processor; process one minute or until smooth.
  10. Pour mixture into a medium bowl; stir in onion, cilantro and salt.
  11. Cover and chill at least 45 minutes before serving.

Salsa Verde (


    • 2 poblano peppers
    • 1/2 cup fat-free, lower-sodium chicken broth
    • 1 pound tomatillos, peeled
    • 2 tbsp. fresh lime juice
    • 2 garlic cloves
    • 2/3 cup chopped white onion
    • 1/3 cup chopped cilantro
    • 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
    • 1 fresh serrano chile, finely chopped


1. Broil poblano peppers five minutes per side or until blackened.

2. Place in a small paper bag; seal.

3. Let stand 10 minutes; peel and chop.

4. Now, bring chicken broth and tomatillos to a boil in a saucepan over medium heat.

5. Cover and simmer eight minutes.

6. Remove from heat; let stand 20 minutes.

7. Pour into a blender.

8. Add lime juice and garlic cloves; process until smooth.

9. Lastly, pour in a bowl and stir in poblanos, onion, cilantro, kosher salt and chopped serrano chile. Chill.


Pomegranate-Orange Salsa (


    • 1 cup chopped orange sections
    • 2/3 cup pomegranate seeds (about 2 pomegranates)
    • 1/3 cup fresh pomegranate juice
    • 1/4 cup minced shallots
    • 2 tbsp. minced jalapeño pepper
    • 1 tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro
    • 1 tbsp. fresh lime juice
    • 1/4 tsp. kosher salt
    • 1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper


Combine all ingredients. Serve with shrimp, flaky white fish, chicken or tortilla chips.

Mango Salsa (


  • 2 cups diced peeled mango (about 2 mangoes)
  • 2 cups diced seeded tomato
  • 2 tbsp. chopped red onion
  • 2 tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro
  • 2 tbsp. diced jalapeño pepper
  • 2 tbsp. fresh lime juice
  • 1 tsp. sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. salt


Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl; toss gently. Cover and chill.

This summer serve salsa as a healthy snack, appetizer or meal on its own. What salsa recipes do you like? Share with us!

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CL Interviews: Nicole Barron, President of the NYU Ballroom and Latin Dance Team

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron's Personal Library

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron’s Personal Library

You might think ballroom dancing is just for your grandparents. But think again. Co-eds around the country ballroom dance competitively, and they look fabulous doing it. Nicole Barron, 22, is one such classy co-ed. A graduating senior at NYU majoring in Journalism and Social and Cultural Analysis, Barron has been president of the NYU Ballroom Dance Team for two years. Lucky for us, Barron took a break from tearing it up on the dance floor to chat with College Lifestyles (TM).

College Lifestyles: How did you get involved with ballroom dancing?

Nicole Barron: I got involved my freshman year at NYU. I had found the Ballroom team when I was researching about things to do at NYU when I was a senior in high school and came across the Ballroom team and wanted to join. I never took any dance classes when I was younger but I always wanted to and Ballroom really interested me. I saw the team at Club Fest and I went to their first lesson and stuck with it!

CL: What made you decide to run for President?

NB: I was actually the only candidate. I was the secretary my sophomore year and most of the EBoard were seniors so it just left me and one other girl who would be returning. Everyone just started saying that I would be president and then I kind of just accepted that I’d do it. I originally only wanted to…be vice president my junior year and president my senior year. But then I ended up doing it for two years and I couldn’t have been happier that I did.

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron's Personal Library

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron’s Personal Library

CL: As President, what do you do?

NB: I basically handle a lot of the logistics between the team and NYU, other schools, and outside venues that we use for lessons, etc. I work to organize the team and keep lessons and comps running. I also send and respond to lots of emails. My whole life these past two years has been about emails.

CL: What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

NB: Some challenges were small like having to change a reservation in Kimmel and others have been bigger and usually involve competitions. At MIT last year the comp ended later than we had expected so I was searching along with my VP to find tickets to get everyone home. Luckily we had a very resourceful Newcomer who found tickets and we sent the remaining team members back on a late bus to NY. We also were at Yale last year when there was a blizzard around Halloween and we almost got stuck in New Haven. Challenges come up all the time but I always work with my EBoard to solve them by any means.

CL: What is the most important thing you learned from being President?

NB: I’ve learned a lot about working with my EBoard and splitting up tasks. Our team has between 50 and 75 active members and it’s takes more than one person to accomplish everything. There are a lot of forms to fill out, tickets to buy, people to register, and there’s no way one person could do it all. That being said, I still do a lot of things without delegating but I have learned how to delegate more over these past two years.

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron's Personal Library

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron’s Personal Library

CL: Do you have any words of advice for other college students who will be president of their organizations next year?

NB: Every president should have an idea of what they want to do for the team going into their presidency. I wanted to always be there for my team, and with such a large team that takes a lot of time. I wanted to be present and to always be at lessons and at competitions so that I could help out whenever someone needed help and that I could always be there to ask questions. That was my goal and I’m happy to say I did just that for two years.

CL: What other campus organizations are you involved with?

NB: Nothing! Ballroom took over my life, but in a good way. : )

CL: What are your plans after college?

NB: I’m working at my summer job for now in NY but I’m looking for permanent and hopefully in journalism.

CL: How do you plan to incorporate dancing into life after college?

NB: I’m still planning on dancing after I graduate. I have two partners right now: one for Smooth who lives in Boston and one for Latin who is in San Francisco for the next few months. I’m still planning on dancing with them and competing with NYU.

CL: How do you stay classy in college?

NB: I don’t how classy I am. I may only be on the dance floor? I think it’s important to have a good attitude no matter what the outcome at a competition. If you’re unhappy don’t yell at your partner at the competition. Wait until you are away from the competition. But I also don’t think it’s worth yelling. Ballroom should be fun and even if you’re competitive you should be having fun.

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron's Personal Library

Image Courtesy of Nicole Barron’s Personal Library

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Argentina: 5 Places to Go Outside Buenos Aires

argentine flag

Image courtesy of Salvetore Vuono/

Argentina. The country’s name immediately conjures up visions of late nights, sexy tango dances, and delicious steak dinners. For many, it also is automatically equated with Buenos Aires, its capital city.  Argentina is the second-largest land mass in South America, and there’s plenty of other places to see. CL has compiled this list of 5 places you can visit outside of Buenos Aires.

Mendoza. Don’t want to party every night? Have a classy vacation in Mendoza. Just a 2-hour flight from Buenos Aires, Mendoza is best known for its wine. For a low-budget option, take a bicycle tour around several different vineyards, and be sure to try Malbec, Argentina’s best-known wine. When you want to burn off all those wine-induced calories, hike up the Cerro de la Gloria. Here you can take in an incredible view of the city and look at the monument to the Army of the Andes. The monument is also pictured on the Argentine $5 bill.

Mendoza/Courtesy of Roselyn Sebastian

Mendoza/Courtesy of Roselyn Sebastian

San Carlos de Bariloche. Since it’s located in the Southern hemisphere, Argentina’s seasons are flipped. So if you’re craving a ski trip in July, travel to Bariloche for a plethora of winter sports. Getting cold? Head inside any of the several chocolate shops in this self-proclaimed chocolate capital. There’s even a Museum of Chocolate! You can also take a bus ride to Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina’s largest national park. At the very least, take a lift up the Cerro Campanario and look at it from above – National Geographic once named this the 8th best view in the world.

Salta. If you like history, you’ll like Salta. The town has several stunning examples of neoclassical architecture, and features several museums packed full of ancient Incan artifacts from the region. Salta is also an excellent starting point for several day trips. Head to Salinas Grandes, which cover 3,200 square miles and are the largest salt flats in the country. You can also take the famed “Train to the Clouds,” which runs over 13,000 feet above sea level and is named as such for the clouds you can see underneath the railway. The train departs at 7AM and returns at midnight, stopping once to let tourists off and shop for folkloric crafts.

Tres Colores Hill/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

Tres Colores Hill/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

Quebrada de Humahuaca. A UNESCO world heritage site, the Quebrada de Humahuaca valley has been used for over 10,000 years a trade route between the Argentine plains and the high Andean lands. Take a road trip across this stunning valley to check out the ruins of ancient civilizations, like the one at Tilcara, and purchase handmade crafts at the small towns that still dot the region. Don’t forget to pay attention to the beautiful natural wonders, like the Hill of Seven Colors in Pumamarca.

Ushuaia. Arguably the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is a major ecotourism destination. If you ever have the chance to go to Antarctica, this is where your ship will depart. This this deepwater port still has plenty to offer even if you’re staying in South America. Go to Tierra del Fuego National Park for spectacular views of birdlife, or head to the Glacier Martial for a panoramic view of the Ushuaia. You can also look at several museums or take a catamaran trip on the Beagle Channel and coo over sea lions and penguins in their natural habitat.

Salt Flats/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

Salt Flats/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

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Summer 2013 Vacation Locations

Introducing Entertainment Writer, Samantha Clarkson from West Virginia University

wvu13 024

Image courtesy of Samantha Clarkson

Name:  Samantha Clarkson

College Lifestyles™ Position:  Entertainment Writer

Hometown:  Greenville, WV

School:  West Virginia University

Year in studies:  Sophomore

Major/Minor/Concentration:  Journalism major and English minor

I LOVE summertime because:  it provides time to do all the things I love while the sun is shining, like hiking, swimming, writing things other than research papers, cruising down back roads with friends, tanning, outdoor concerts and bonfires.  Plus, I believe that sunshine puts everyone in a better mood, so summer produces the most smiles.

This year, I am going on vacation to:  Virginia Beach, VA with my best friend and her family like we do every year.

But my dream vacation would be:  to go to Greece!  I love Greek Mythology, so I think it would be really interesting to sight-see there.

spring 023

Image courtesy of: unknown.

My number one DIY craft for the summer is:  the idea of potting plants in mason jars.  It’s a perfect idea for someone with an excess amount of mason jars and a love for planting flowers…AKA me!

My favorite accessory this summer is:  Totes!  Carrying one to the beach isn’t only fashionable, but it’s convenient too.  I love the Vera Bradley one in Indigo Pop in CL’s Boutique. It matches my lanyard and ID holder.

My favorite food is:  pancakes, especially my mama’s banana pancakes.  But the blueberry pancakes in the Intern Kitchen sound just as good!

My favorite summer TV show is:  Pretty Little Liars.  I CANNOT wait for the new season premier on June 11th!  My fellow PLL diehards and I are having a watch party.

My must-have beach read is:  TBD.  I’m open to suggestions but I have so many books I want to read that I’m not even sure what it will be this year.

My favorite movies are:  Where the Heart Is, Tangled, Steel Magnolias, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Pitch Perfect, The Lorax, No Strings Attached.  I.e. any chick flick or feel-good movie in the history of girlhood.

My celebrity dream date is:  Cory Monteith.  I’m a major Gleek, not even going to deny. He’s so cute and funny.  And he can sing…bonus points.

I get my inspiration from:  listening to music.  It spurs my inner creativity.

I’m excited for the upcoming fall semester because:  I’ll be living in an apartment with some of my best friends, and of course Mountaineer football!

WVU 036

Image courtesy of Samantha Clarkson

My friends would describe me as:  thoughtful, creative, charismatic and a little bit of a pushover at times.

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was:  CL’s Guide to: Dressing for Summer Concerts by Jessica Martin.  I found it very helpful because I always attend a lot of summer concerts and worry about what to wear before almost every one of them.

My definition of a classy co-ed is:  a female student at a university who is fashionable, chic and put-together.  A classy co-ed also knows how to prioritize her life in regards to her studies, social life and work.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ intern because:  I am looking to gain experience with magazine writing for my future and College Lifestyles™ is a great way to gain that experience while having fun at the same time!

wvufreshman 056

Image courtesy of Samantha Clarkson

Top 5 Places to Go in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

When it’s 50 degrees in early May, nobody can blame us classy co-eds for dreaming of tropical weather and white sandy beaches. Those dreams can come true in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. Just a short flight from many major cities, San Juan is a low-budget summer getaway. If you can make it down there this summer, CL has compiled a list of 5 must-see places in San Juan.

1. El Caribe Hilton. On a co-ed budget, you likely can’t afford to stay at this Hilton. But you can certainly have a drink at the hotel bar, as long as you’re over 18. Have a sip of a cool, frothy piña colada, which was invented here in 1954. And if you are lucky enough to be able to spend the night, make sure to hit up the city’s only private beach.

El Morro/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

El Morro/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

2. El Morro, La Fortaleza, and Castillo de San Cristobal. San Juan’s many defensive structures no longer fight foreign invaders, but they remain an impressively imposing sight. These structures make up much of Old San Juan, the city’s historic district. Start at the fountain at the end of Paso de la Princes, and follow the stone wall all the way up to the Castle of San Cristobal. Watching the waters of the Pacific lap against the base of this centuries-old fort is a peaceful end to your day, especially if you go at sunset.

3. Isla Verde Beach. You can’t go to Puerto Rico and miss its biggest attraction: the beach! Go to the one closest to your hotel, because in Puerto Rico you really can’t go wrong. Need a change of scenery? Head to Isla Verde and relax on its famous white sand beaches, or swim in the calming waters. There is also a plethora of restaurants, stores and luxury hotels within walking distance.

El Yunque National Forest/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

El Yunque National Forest/Courtesy of Sasha Graffagna

4. El Yunque National Forest. OK, so this isn’t technically in San Juan. But at just an hour’s drive away, it’s too amazing to miss. El Yunque covers most of the island’s northeastern region and is the only rainforest in the United States National Forest System. See if you can find a coquí, the world’s smallest frog, only found in Puerto Rico. And if it’s not raining, take a dip in one of El Yunque’s several natural pools. Looking for an adventure? Several companies offer ziplining tours of the lush green forest.

5. Raíces. Looking for a taste of traditional Puerto Rico? Head to Raíces, located in Old San Juan, to sample all of the delicious Puerto Rican food they have to offer. Try the mofongo, which is essentially mashed fried green plantains stuffed with stewed meat or seafood. You might want to save this one for a special occasion though – Raíces can be pretty pricey.

Image courtesy of lkunl/

Image courtesy of lkunl/

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Five Staycation Ideas

Photo courtesy of artur84 /

Photo courtesy of artur84 /

It’s almost summer, classy co-eds! Classes and finals are winding down, and everyone’s favorite time of year is right around the corner. Now for some classy co-eds, I’m sure vacation is a part of the equation that is summer break. But vacation costs can add up, especially if you’re paying for everything on your own. So, CL has your solution: whether it’s the cost of a fancy vacation, or you’re just looking to relax, try a staycation from the comforts of your home. Here are five creative ideas for staycations:

1. Camping. It might not be a weekend at the lakehouse in the mountains, but you can definitely turn your backyard into your own campground. Get a few friends together, pitch a tent or two, build a bonfire, and roast hotdogs and s’mores. Check the weather before you plan your campout — nature often has plans of her own!

Photo courtesy of Sira Anamwong /

Photo courtesy of Sira Anamwong /

2. Turn your bathroom into a spa for the day. A DIY spa will definitely save you the lavish expense and fit your budget. Indulge in some scented bath oils, a manicure kit and a facial scrub. Unwind from your summer job or internship with a long bubble bath and a homemade facial.

3. Host a potluck dinner party. Make some cute invitations and include RSVP cards where party attendees can indicate what dish they are going to bring. Get creative with the dishes you are going to prepare — maybe try some of these recipes for quinoa. Try something new with your table settings, and make a dinner-appropriate music playlist.

4. Start a book club. If you’re looking for something to make your summer more interesting and educational at the same time, start a book club with some of your friends. Check out these great summer reads and coordinate a calendar of people who will host the book club each month.

Photo courtesy of imagerymajestic /

Photo courtesy of imagerymajestic /

5. Go on a “find the best deals” shopping trip. Think of all the things you’ve been wanting to buy, but haven’t really needed, or haven’t had the time to find a good deal on. Then dedicate a day to seeking out those items. Head to your nearest shopping outlets center.

“I think something fun is to drive to the neighboring town mall or outlet malls,” said Shelly Marie Redmond, CEO and EIC of College Lifestyles(TM). “Often, I’ll go to the Tanger Outlets and spend a whole day!”

There you have it, classy co-eds! These five fabulous staycations for when life gets a little bit dull while at home for the summer will help you keep it fabulous all season!

Photo courtesy of marin /

Photo courtesy of marin /

Best Books for the Beach

Photo courtesy of digitalart /

Photo courtesy of digitalart /

Hey there, classy co-eds! It’s almost every college girl’s favorite time of year — and I don’t just mean summer. In a month or so when finals come to a close and summer officially starts, it will also become the one season of the year when there’s time for leisure reading! In anticipation of kicking back and relaxing with a good book on the beach, CL has put together a list of the best summer reads.

1. “The Moon and More” by Sarah Dessen. Set to be released on June 4, The Moon and More is a staple for the classy co-ed’s summer beach reading list. Though we may have outgrown Dessen’s demographic in age, we haven’t outgrown her at heart. In fact, Dessen’s latest protagonist, Emaline, is facing the summer before freshman year of college — a place most of us were in not too long ago. As an author many of us followed throughout our high school years, Dessen certainly earns the top spot on our list for summer beach reads!

2. “The Best of Me” by Nicholas Sparks. What would a list of beach reads be without the latest Nicholas Sparks novel? The story follows a young couple from when they part ways after their senior year of high school summer to when they meet again 25 years later.

3. “The Last Summer (of You and Me)” by Ann Brashares. From the author of the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, Ann Brashares’ first adult novel is half set on the beach and is a guaranteed tear-jerker.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

4. “The Art of Fielding” by Chad Harbach. If you didn’t get around to The Art of Fielding last summer, don’t let it slip through your fingers again this year. Not the typical beach read, this story follows all-star shortstop Henry through his college baseball career as well as the people he meets along the way.

5. “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green. Green always succeeds at making a teen novel feel like so much more. An Abundance of Katherines is another demonstration of Green’s ability to engage young readers and make them feel connected to the characters who have problems just as real as any of us.

6. “A Game of Thrones” by George R. R. Martin. Many of you have probably heard of the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” based on Martin’s novels. The novels themselves offer an entirely new world. A must-read for any Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings fans out there!

Photo courtesy of SweetCrisis /

Photo courtesy of SweetCrisis /

7. “The Silver Linings Playbook” by Matthew Quick. This novel, which inspired the movie of the same name starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, is a tale of finding the good in everything bad. This inspirational journey is a must!

8. “Sloppy Firsts” by Megan McCafferty. Though it was first released more than a decade ago, Sloppy Firsts is a staple read for the classy co-eds who have not yet dabbled in McCafferty. Book one of a five book series follows main character Jessica Darling — via her journal — through high school, college and everything that comes after. You may find that what starts as a trip down memory lane will shortly relate to what you’re going through right now.

With the list of 10 great summer reads, there’s no way you’ll be bored on the beach. Compiled with both fresh and seasoned options, there’s a beach read for every classy co-ed!

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Image courtesy of stockimages /

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Co-eds Dish on Staying Organized

Image courtesy of

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In order to be a well-rounded student, you must be able to balance schoolwork on top of extracurricular activities, carry a lively social life and find time to have a good night’s rest. First and foremost, this means it is important to stay organized with day-to-day responsibilities. From organizing your planner to having a separate folder and notebook for each class, organization is key for students in leading a less stressful approach to their undergraduate studies. College Lifestyles™ interviewed co-eds on their personal approaches to keeping their daily lives organized.

“With the way my classes are, I generally have the same things due each week. So before each week begins, I map out everything that I need to finish in the upcoming week and decide what I’m going to work on and when. Before I go to bed each night, I also make sure that anything due the next day is done and ready to hand in, or that I am definitely prepared for any quiz or tests I may have. Planners never tend to work for me because I may start using one and write stuff down in it, but then I end up not even looking at it.”
Elizabeth Clouser, 21, Junior, Duquesne University

“I write everything down, even if it’s on a scrap of paper. If I don’t, it doesn’t exist. Having a visual confirmation of what I need to do that day keeps me from getting overwhelmed.”
Zaina Boulos, 22, Senior, Duquesne University

“The way I stay organized is writing stuff down or saving it in my phone calendar, because I’m so busy with school and work that I can’t remember anything otherwise.”
Katie Tomb, 20, Junior, Duquesne University

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“My planner is my best friend. I keep it updated weekly and always make sure to cross things off when I finish them, but I also use the monthly calendar. I highlight all of the really important exams and papers so I can look ahead and see what my workload is going to be like. If it’s going to be pretty heavy, I know that I should start things earlier rather than later. I take my planner with me everywhere I go, and it’s a small enough size that it fits in my purse, but big enough that I can fit enough in each box. When I get my syllabi in the beginning of each semester, I go through and fill in my planner exactly when my exams and papers are due so that I know I won’t forget. In terms of staying organized for class, I’ve found that it’s easier to have a separate folder and notebook for each subject. This keeps everything in the right place, so I know exactly where to look when it comes time to study for a test or write a paper.”
Lauren Dunn, 21, Junior, University of Pittsburgh

“I make sure I have everything in my phone. When things become intense I write out what I need to do each day on my whiteboard. Sometimes I don’t keep to it very well, but it is a good outline!”
Katie Borzelleca, 20, Junior, Duquesne University

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“My organizer is my life. Everything is written in it, from exams to papers to meeting times with group members and professors. I’d be lost without it!”
Natalie DeMaio, 21, Junior, Duquesne University

“I use an app on my iPad that I can type all my classes and assignments into and whenever it gets close to something being due, it alerts me. But when in doubt, I keep post-it notes all over my desk as well!”
Alyssa Simonin, 21, Junior, Duquesne University

“I use Google Calendar for everything!”
Erica LaComb, 22, Senior, State University of New York at Cortland

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CL’s Guide to Study Skills

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Your Pre-College Checklist

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You have already selected a school of your choosing for your upcoming freshman year, your high school graduation is in a matter of months, and you have an entire summer to plan and prepare for move-in day. College is a new start, and sometimes it can be scary, especially when incoming students feel unprepared for the beginning and don’t know what to expect. College Lifestyles ™ brings you a list of the top eight pre-college priorities to check off your list before the start of the fall semester.

1. Complete FAFSA

Nothing is more vital to a student’s college education than completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid prior to the May 1st deadline. Not only will the completion of this application ensure the partial funding of your university’s tuition, it will also alleviate some of the pre-college stress accompanying future freshmen. Some deadlines for the submission of FAFSA are earlier than May, so make sure you pay attention to information from your university, as well as your school’s website for more information on student aid.

2. Apply for Scholarships

Searching for any scholarships that pay for college tuition can spare a lifetime of stress for students. Set aside an hour or two a couple of days a week to conduct your scholarship search. Take notes, print out the essay prompt or application, and form an organized pile on your desk. After a week of searching, give yourself an hour a day for the next week to fill out the paperwork. When you submit the applications, you’ll be happy you checked another priority off your list!

3. Look Into and Submit Housing Information

Finding a roommate can be difficult, and most universities often send out surveys to match up compatible candidates for peaceful dorm living. Make sure to fill out this form honestly, right down to your anticipated bed time and studying methods. If your university doesn’t provide housing surveys, don’t hesitate looking on the university’s Facebook page for your graduating class, if there is one. There are multiple discussion boards filled with students searching for a roommate their freshman year. It has been known that sometimes the person you select becomes one of your closest friends throughout your college career.

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4. Attend an Open House

Even if you have taken a tour of your campus prior to receiving your acceptance letter, it is always a great idea to visit your university a second time, especially when there are open houses in the springtime. Open houses are fantastic for savvy students to learn about the schools and majors the college has to offer. The best part is incoming freshmen hear personal accounts from students currently attending the university!

5. Transfer AP and College High School Class Credits

Make sure those hard-earned AP and college credits you earned junior and senior year of high school don’t go to waste. Fill out the necessary transfer forms the moment you receive your completed credits, and send them out to your university to notify them of your achievements. Some universities require certain scores in order for AP credits to count as college credit, so look into what your college deems satisfactory. The less credits you have to take at your university puts you one step closer to an early graduation.

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6. Pick Your Classes

Even though there are students who enter college not knowing what they want to study, picking classes for the fall semester gives students the freedom to explore their options. When you receive notification of who your academic advisor is over the summer, don’t hesitate in contacting them to discuss courses you are interested in. They will be there to guide you through the next four years of your education, and will be more than happy to help you in any way they can. Certain universities allow academic advisors to pick your first semester of classes for you, while others give you full reign. Regardless of the circumstances, ask them questions you have about majors and courses alike.

7. Get Organized

Organization is key before your first semester. It’s recommended to keep a notebook or planner to make lists in. Write everything you can think of down: forms and their deadline dates, predicted spending budget per semester, as well as your book list and course schedule. Put titles on these lists and keep all of them together in one place. It’s easier to check off responsibilities on the list as you go, and the list itself will ensure you aren’t missing anything come orientation week.

8. Put Together a Packing List

Figuring out the numerous dorm essentials to bring is challenging for first-time college students. Start this list with the most important materials at the top of the page, such as a mini-fridge, bedding and laptop. Work your way down this list until you reach non-perishable food items and bathroom supplies. Back-to-school dorm items are everywhere starting mid-summer, so be on the lookout for sales and discounts. However, it is essential to allocate your money and see how much free space you’ll have before shopping for these provisions.

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Five Art and History Museums in Long Island

long island

Are you a student at Hofstra University or NYU? Or do you plan on exploring the culture and diverse scenery of the Long Island area? From the hustle and bustle high rises of Manhattan to the charming suburban outskirts situated near schools like Hofstra, historical landmarks are present everywhere around there. If you are looking to pass some time on Long Island and wish to travel around its locale, CL compiled a list of art and history museums perfect for the sophisticated college student.

1.  Long Island Children’s Museum

Innovative and interactive for adults and children of all ages, the Long Island Children’s Museum is situated in a former airplane hangar. With a built-in theater, sensory garden and 12 art galleries, multiple families are able to actively participate in musical performances and games designed for day-long entertainment.

Admission: General admission is a $12 fee, while seniors over 65 must pay $11, and children under a year are free.

2. Long Island Museum of American Art, History & Carriages

This museum allows you to immerse yourself in the history of America with its constant changes in exhibitions. Containing the best collection of horse-drawn carriages in the nation, Stony Brook gem is surrounded by historical buildings and lavish gardens of all kind, creating a park setting ideal for children. The museum itself holds 19th and 20th century art and families can purchase prints of these works in the gift shop at the end of the tour.

Admission: Entrance for adults is $9, while senior citizens pay $7 and children between the ages of 6-17 pay $4. Any children under the age of six are admitted for free.


3. Hillwood Art Museum

Located on the second floor of Hillwood Commons at Long Island University, the Hillwood Art Museum contains numerous temporary exhibitions year-round that are filled with the finest contemporary art. Due to the museum being situated at a college, it provides opportunities for family activities and educational programs for everyone.

Admission: Free for all visitors.

4. Hofstra Museum

With a collection of approximately 5,000 art pieces ranging from ancient to contemporary, as well as more than 60 sculptures decorating the university, the Hofstra Museum is as much a part of the campus as its students. Continuously accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), the museum’s professionalism and diverse display of culture proves to be attractive for any wandering visitor or student in the area looking for some fantastic work.

Admission: Open free to the public.


5. Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County

This memorial center is one of the best resources on Long Island for the Holocaust, and it has an especially large education program for the area. Inside the center is the Louis Posner Memorial Library, where there are over 7,000 texts on topics focused around the Holocaust, and multicultural, anti-bias and anti-bullying issues.

Admission: The requested donations are $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and $4 for students.

If you’re looking for other art and history museums in different cities or near universities, College Lifestyles™ has these guides:

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College Lifestyles™ Alumnae Update 2013


Since College Lifestyles™ was founded in 2003, Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief and CEO Shelly Marie Redmond has had the opportunity to work with classy interns from 90 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and overseas. Over the past year, the staff has grown to include former College Lifestyles™ interns Debra Schreiber, Alli Heitzenrater and Kaci Hall, who have had the pleasure of working with these incredible co-eds as well.

Interns are the heart and soul of College Lifestyles™ online magazine, and the company enjoys watching interns grow from leading college students to exceptional professionals, all the while committed to being classy, confident and chic.

While you consider applying for the College Lifestyles™ Summer 2013 Internship, we would like to update you on the fabulous work former interns have done since interning with CL, and hope their stories will inspire you, and prompt you to apply!


Christina Hedges - College Lifestyles™ Intern Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Summer 2013 – PR and Fashion Intern; Senior Social Media Intern

“Since CL I have continued to live my life as a classy, confident, and chic woman at home, school, and through social media. CL taught me the importance of being positive and keeping a classy appearance, not only on the business world. CL also taught me to follow my dreams, no matter how big! Over my year at CL I saw the company expand and grow into a well-known brand on college campuses. This experience has given me the confidence and drive for my own dream and career.

“Since CL I have been interning with Tim Duncan Events, an event and wedding planning company based in Atlanta. I am in charge of managing their social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I have also joined Phi Sigma Sigma at Hofstra University. The positive stories of Greek life I heard through CL and the other interns inspired me to give Greek life a try and I’m so glad I did. It has truly changed my life and enriched my college experience. I truly don’t know what I’d do without my sisters!

“For current and upcoming interns I say, enjoy your time there. You are working with the best of the best. These women will continue on to great places so learn from each other and make contacts. Also learn from the brand. CL is such a well-known and respected brand because of its class. There’s an important life lesson there.”


Kelly Adams – College Lifestyles™ Intern Summer 2011 – Fashion and Sorority Life Writing Intern

“I have continued to be ‘classy, confident and chic’ throughout the whole job-finding process. I am currently still at a part-time position at a magazine, but I am interviewing for many positions in journalism, PR and marketing. It is important to remain classy and confident because that is the first thing people notice about you. If you walk in feeling defeated because you just got an email rejection from another position, there is no way you will get the one you are interviewing for now. Interviewing is hard, but I learned a lot of tips from CL and I am so confident that I will get a great position soon!

“I learned so much from my short time as a CL intern. I learned how to collaborate with a team that is located everywhere in the country. That is so vital these days with our global economy. I also learned how to optimize social media as a marketing tool for a blog. That is one skill I have used in creating my own personal fashion blog, She’s In High Cotton.

“My favorite article I wrote [for College Lifestyles™ was ‘CL’s Top 10 Stores for Stylish Co-Eds on a Budget.’ List stories are always fun to put together and shopping is my favorite past time so it was a blast writing this piece.

“Since my CL internship I have graduated college and am currently working at a local magazine in Lexington, KY. I am applying for positions in Louisville, KY because I want to be in a bigger city. I have recently started a personal fashion blog too! I have always loved fashion and I wanted a way to express myself and have an outlet for those creative juices. For now it is just a fun hobby, but I hope to one day turn it into a brand and styling business, hopefully as successful as CL! Personally, I am still dating the same wonderful guy. He lives in Louisville, so moving there would definitely be a plus in our relationship!

“Advice I have for current interns, get the most out of it! Volunteer for anything and everything you can fit in your schedule. Working for CL was so much fun and every time we had a Skype session we had tons of new ideas. Bosses in the real world love it when you take initiative so take ideas and run with them! You only have room to grow and gain, which is what is so great about CL.”


Nicole Savitsky – College Lifestyles™ Intern Summer 2011 – Health and Etiquette Writing Intern

“I’ve continued to stay classy by keeping that mindset as the basis for all my actions and thoughts. I’ve used this “classy and chic” mindset as a foundation for how I look to “brand” myself in the professional world as well as in the academic setting. I’ve kept focused on my career goals and continued to work hard. In my social life I keep a classy mindset whenever I’m at the bar or handing with friends. I know that I don’t want to come off as something I’m not and CL has definitely ingrained classy into who I am now!

“CL was my very first internship. It taught me a lot of things like team work, brainstorming on the spot, time-management, learning to keep deadline, and self-editing. I was able to grow as a writer and as a member of a larger staff. My internship with CL really gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my goal of working in the magazine industry.

“After CL I was fortunate enough to have three more internships. I was given the opportunity to intern with the local tourism office in my county as a Marketing/Communications intern during the Summer of my junior year. That following Fall of my Senior year I was accepted as an intern for the Pontifical Council of Social Communications with the Vatican through my university’s study abroad in Rome program. Lastly, this semester I was offered the dream opportunity of mine to intern with “Seventeen Magazine.” I’m currently interning in the Love Features department twice a week. CL has given me a great foundation to jumpstart my interning through my academic career. I know I’ve taken a lot of the skills that I learned from CL with me along the way. Without my CL internship I don’t believe I would have gotten as many opportunities as I have and I truly appreciate the time I had interning with CL.

“My advice for current interns is to appreciate your time with CL. Take risks and, be bold, and work hard to make your articles look great! Soak up everything you can learn from CL because CL definitely teaches you a lot! Make the best of your time with CL because it really does make a difference in the end! “

Kaitlyn Kline

Kaitlyn Kline – College Lifestyles™ Intern May 2009-May 2011 – Writing Intern; Social Media/PR Intern

“The CL internship was key in building my writing and social media skills and encouraged me to apply to grad school!

“[I] Finished grad school in August 2012 and I’ve been working at Smith Brothers Agency in Pittsburgh as a Social Media Coordinator and acting Analytics Coordinator.

“Advice you have for current interns: Take full advantage of all that Shelly has to offer – she’s so knowledgeable and wonderful!”

Jessica Fecteau

Jessica Fecteau – College Lifestyles™ Intern August 2011-August 2012  - Fashion, Lifestyle, Relationships and Travel Writing Intern

“I learned how to really market a brand and write for a specific audience.

“I am the Style Editor for Grand Central Magazine and write feature stories/columns for my campus newspaper, “Central Michigan Life.” In the summer, I will be living out my dream of interning in Chicago, IL at Red Frog Events as an Event Coordinator.

Connect with fellow interns! They become your CL family and go-to people for anything you need in the journalism field and are great for bouncing ideas off of. Having people to rely on and know what you’re going through is important and the CL ladies are perfect for that.

Jessica’s favorite article she wrote as an intern was “What if You’re Just not that Into Him.”  Be sure to check out her recent article as a CL Contributing Writer.

emily obrien

Emily O’Brien – College Lifestyles™ Intern Fall 2012 – Social Media Intern, Twitter

“I learned the ropes of handling social media from CL. Since my internship, I have gotten an internship at Ali Fee PR in NYC where I most recently helped with Katie Ermilio’s fashion exposition. I also now work at my university’s public relations office.

Think College Lifestyles™ would be a good fit for you? Email and request information regard the CL Summer 2013 Internship!


Intern of the Month: Meg Dowell


Another month, another fabulous College Lifestyles™ to highlight.

For February’s Intern of the Month competition, CL presents Meg Dowell as the winner.

Meg began the College Lifestyles™ internship this Spring as a Health/Fitness/Nutrition Writing Intern. She was nominated by her team, who said:

“Team Razzle Dazzle has spoken and we are nominating Meg Dowell for Intern of the Month. Meg goes above and beyond her duties as a writer. She is the first to take on extra articles each month and always writes exceptional pieces. When I asked my team to dive into storytelling she went above my expectations. She is always encouraging our team members and giving them praise for their work. She never hesitates to not only share her articles and our group articles, but others as well,” Stephanie Coppola, Health/Fitness/Nutrition Editing/Features Writing Intern.


Meg attends Olivet Nazarene University and is studying Dietetics and English. On campus, she is involved with “Aurora” (yearbook), Best Buddies, Chrysalis Women’s Choir, “GlimmerGlass” (newspaper), Sister 2 Sister, Student Dietetic Association, a few honor societies, a book club and a literary magazine.

Want more Meg? Read on below…


Her advice for those interested in interning for College Lifestyles™?

If you want to make time for CL, make time for CL. A few hours a week just won’t cut it! It’s a great way to get to know people, and the amount of experience you get is definitely worth the effort. But you absolutely have to make it a priority. If you do, it will be the best thing you’ve ever done!

And don’t forget to read up on January’s classy Intern of the Month, Kaylee Kenz.



College Lifestyles™ Announces Summer/Fall 2013 Internship Openings


You could spend your Summer sitting in front of the T.V. while drinking way too much chilled coffee.


You would spend your Summer writing for an online magazine, developing social media promotions for a student-first business, speaking about the classiest brand in the U.S., or taking photographs of the classiest co-eds and their campuses. No time in the Summer? We’re open for Fall, too. Sounds awesome, right? You’re in the right place for all of the above.

College Lifestyles Team 2013

College Lifestyles™ is thrilled to announce its Summer/Fall 2013 internship openings to all classy co-eds interested in working on bringing the best in fashion, nutrition, campus life, DIY, entertainment and dorm life to their peers:

  • Writing Intern
  • Social Media Intern
  • Advertising/PR/Marketing Intern
  • Photography/Graphic Design Intern

Interested? Email and request our Intern Responsibilities & Expectations Packet and a Summer 2013 Virtual Internship Application. You must submit a complete application in order to be considered for the College Lifestyles™ Summer/Fall 2013 Internship. Completed applications are due no later than 4/15/2013. Qualified applicants will be contacted via email to schedule a phone interview for both Summer and Fall internships.

No time to intern, but want to contribute to College Lifestyles™?

Check out our Campus Correspondent program.


DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decor


Shamrock Shakes are back, Lucky Charms are in everyone’s cereal bowl, and your roommate just added a ton of green and gold paint to your supply closet. Must be time for St. Patrick’s Day!

CL invites you to show off your Irish pride with these classy green and gold DIY decorations, three out of 100 options of St. Patty’s day crafts and foods on A Night Owl.


Shamrock Wreath from “Spare Time Sanity


  • One small sheet of Styrofoam
  • One yard of green felt
  • Numerous straight pins
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Ribbon


  1. Cut a three-leaf (or four-leaf!) clover shape from Styrofoam.
  2. Put together with hot glue.
  3. Cut felt into 2 ¼ inch circles.
  4. Fold circles into quarter circles.
  5. Pin to Styrofoam, using as many pins as needed.
  6. Cut a loop of ribbon and pin to back.
  7. Hang on your door!


Irish Vase from “Better Homes and Gardens


  • One wine bottle (you could also try this craft with a Mason jar)
  • Green or gold yarn
  • Green or gold ribbon
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun


  1. Wind yarn around bottle, securing underneath once and a while as you go.
  2. Glue at top.
  3. Tie a green or gold ribbon at the top.
  4. Display at your party!


Shamrock Pillow from “HGTV


  • 16 inch burlap pillow cover
  • 16 inch pillow insert
  • Dark green felt
  • Light green felt
  • Hook-and-loop tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Marker


  1. Download and print out templates for a shamrock and a circle.
  2. Trace the shamrock template on dark green felt.
  3. Trace circle template on light green felt.
  4. Cut out shapes.
  5. Drop a small dot of glue in the center of the light green and fold in half twice.
  6. Glue to shamrock.
  7. Tape a two-inch strip of the hook-and-loop tape to the shamrock.
  8. Put pillow insert into the pillow cover and put a two-inch strip of hook-and-loop tape on the center of the cover.
  9. Put the shamrock and the pillow together.
  10. Show off at your party!

Of course, any of these DIY’s can alternate with green and gold depending on the theme of your beautiful party. Once you’re done, take a picture of your shamrockin’ craft and tweet or Instagram it to us – both use @collegelifestyl.

While you’re here, check out this St. Patrick’s Day recipe for Irish Soda Bread!

Looking for love this St. Patty’s Day? CL dishes on dream date ideas here.