The Perfect Swimwear for Every Body Type


Swim and bathing suit wear can be tricky based on our body types. Buying swimwear can be frustrating, stressful and sometimes even cause anxiety. We understand you want to feel as comfortable as possible this summer. Know that sometimes our discomfort has nothing to do with ourselves, but rather the bathing suit we are wearing.

“I always make sure my swimsuits are ones I do not have to worry about how I look in.” -Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

If you have short legs, always try a string bikini bottom so you are not cutting yourself off with a bulkier bottom. If you have a big booty try for a full-coverage bottom, unless you like to show off what you got, then make your bottom more skimpy!

If you have a rounder stomach and skinny legs try wearing a black one-piece bathing suit. Any one-piece of darker colors will look great on you. Many one pieces have gorgeous open-back styles that can be extremely flattering. Look for one-pieces that also include a belt or have an interesting neckline. If you have good arms you like to show off, aim for a strapless one-piece suit.



For those women who have a bigger chest, a halter-top or an underwire bikini top could be very good for you. The halter tops are great because you never have to worry about revealing too much cleavage or busting out- you will be secured and covered.

“Underwire tops keep me safe and lifted throughout the day.”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

Funnily enough, just like how halter tops work well if you have a big chest that you do not want to show, they are also good for women with small chests because these tops will hide what you do not have. Tops with ruffles are great for you as well! Love handles can be covered with a high-waisted bikini bottom, which actually look super trendy on almost everyone.

“I love high-waisted bottoms because so many celebrities wear them and they are so comfortable.” –Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland

Everyone has their own comfort level when wearing bathing suits. As a rule of thumb, cover what you do not like, and show off your favorite assets, and always focus on what you like more than what you dislike.

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 Polyvore sets by Toni Dawn Grimaldi.





Seven Songs to Get You Pumped for Summer Vacation


For all of you, I’m sure that you all are either finished with finals or just beginning that finals week now, but we’re all awaiting the same thing: summer vacation, except for us graduates who are moving onto a new stage in life. Either way, with summer vacation coming in just a few weeks, this week I thought I’d take the time to introduce, or reintroduce, you to some songs to get you in that summer mood. Most if not all of these tracks can be found on streaming services such as Spotify and other services like YouTube.

A$AP Ferg – “Let You Go”: The infamous trap lord has returned again this year to deliver another album that is definitely not one to miss out on. One of the album’s highlights is this relaxing yet somber track that reveals a whole new side from the man known for bragging about fame and fortune only an album ago. The production creates a breezy, beach feel with a Caribbean flavor that suits Ferg’s scratchy rap tones. Check out this track from the album that Pitchfork’s Kathy Landoli says has Ferg “making this transition from Trap Lord to Hood Pope, attempting to address his congregation of all the perils that come with celebrity.”

Chairlift – “Ch-Ching”: This synth-pop band from Brooklyn delivers another album that is definitely one that is made for driving out on the road with the windows down as you make your way to vacation. Following in the tradition of previously mentioned synth-pop bands, Chairlift created a super fun and catchy track that will be stuck in your head for months to come. Singer Caroline Polacheck’s voice stands out with her catchy inflection on this track full of horns and an infectious sound.

Tennis – “Travelling”: The musical representation of summer itself, this insanely memorable and catchy band is one of my personal favorite bands of the summertime. The husband and wife duo deliver summer tracks that haven’t been this infectious since the days of the Beach Boys. Full of fun piano and guitar riffs with a sunny-style drum beat, this will have you singing aloud with them as they talk about the fun of travelling. Check out this adorable track from the album that Clash Music’s John Freeman calls “an endorphin rush of smart, soulful pop… Warning: listening to this album may cause a serious outbreak of happiness.”

Washed Out – “Paracosm”


Grimes – “California”

Drake & Rihanna – “Too Good”: There’s something about the mixture of Drake and Rihanna that just equals fun and infectious tunes that are made for dancing and the summertime. They did it before on his sophormore album “Take Care” and they do it again on his newest album “Views.” This track definitely has the feel of a nighttime dance track that is perfect for those relaxing summer nights.

Kanye West, Rihanna and Swizz Beatz – “Famous”: While the man is known for running his mouth, his production is always noted for being on point, and this track off of his newest release “The Life of Pablo” definitely carries that summer vibe, carried along by a fun and powerful hook from Rihanna and the fun interjections of Swizz that bring the track alive. The final transition into Caribbean track “Bam Bam” is definitely a fun way to end a track as well. Check out the track that Spin magazine’s Rebecca Haithcoat calls “just lovely.”

I hope that you all have a lovely summer vacation/graduation and that you found something new to listen to or were reminded of something you missed out on!

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The Right Shoes for Graduation


Graduation has finally arrived; let’s walk into the ceremony on the right foot. College Lifestyles is here to share with you all the best shoes to pick for this occasion.

Keep in mind that graduation ceremonies are very long; often they go on for a few hours. Although a good portion of the time we are sitting, our shoes are very important. The one moment we are walking a bit is when we walk to receive our diploma. In this moment, people have their eyes on us, and we want to walk well with good posture and effortless comfort. This being said, do not wear heels that are too high or have a skinny heel.

“Knowing me I would be the girl to trip as she walks to get her diploma. Maybe I should wear flats to graduation!”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland


Consider wearing a wedged shoe because wedges and cork are thick therefore are much easier to walk in. Also consider wearing a heel an inch or two lower than you usually would for additional comfort. If you are tall you may even want to wear a cute flat or strappy sandal, so you can really be comfortable since you don’t need to worry about gaining extra height. Many sandals can be found with crystal embellishments or pretty stone details to make them look more formal. If you are having a party after graduation maybe you want to wear flats to the ceremony then change into a good heel for your party.

“I am not very tall, but I hate heels that are too high because I can barely walk then. I also dislike wearing the same shoes to two events that are close together so I always am looking for a new pair.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

The color of your shoe can be whatever you like. Most girls wear white dresses on graduation so you may want a pop of color in your shoe or continue with white and neutral tones. Be different and bold!

“My favorite color shoes are tan because they go with every outfit.”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College

Congratulations on your graduation. Our team wishes you all the success in your new chapter in life!

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Five Songs That Sum Up How Graduating From College Feels


Finals are coming upon us in only a few weeks or so. For some that means a week of studying before heading off to summer vacation for a few months and living it up until it is back to the daily grind. For some though, it’s the last couple of tests of our college career, putting on our study caps before we put on our graduation caps and walk the stage. While there will be tears, it is important to not forget the memories of the journey. To help make it a bit more memorable, I wanted to give some songs that sum up what the experience of graduating can generally feel like.

Queen – “We Are the Champions”: You’ve finally done it. Whether it’s getting your bachelor’s degree or something even beyond that, you’ve completed some of the toughest schooling of your life and you came out on top! Walk with pride as you cross the stage and get your diploma. Freddy Mercury, the legendary singer himself, calls us champions so take it to heart and know that you are a college champion!

Felly – “All Gon Be Straight”: This braggadocious track from a Connecticut native tells of how even though things can look a little bit off, it’s all going to be okay in the end. With graduation coming up, sometimes we can get a little bit nervous about what the future can hold, but with the knowledge that we have made it this far in our college career, no matter where we end up afterwards, it will all be straight. As Felly told Eargrub, “Be the you that you really want to be, you’ve already made it this far.”

Schoolboy Q – “Man of the Year”: Continuing with the loud and proud is this bombastic track from Top Dawg Entertainment’s gangster in house Schoolboy Q is a track that will probably be playing at every grad party this year. A track about being a true rock star, this track is about living it up and now that you are on your way to graduation, it’s time that you feel like a star as you head out into a new part of your life. Check out the track that Pitchfork’s Craig Jenkins calls, “the happy ending to ‘Oxymoron’s’ war stories while serving up the album’s most memorable hooks.”


Mirror Kisses – “Takeover”: The transition won’t be easy, but now that we’re moving on from one part of our life to another, it’s time to pick up our feet and head out into the adult world with our mind set on being on top. Sure it may take a while, but our generation’s takeover is in full force. This electronic, psychedelic glam man delivers a soaring track about taking your time to shine, and it’s a lesson well spoken.

Gil Scot-Heron & Jamie XX – “I’m New Here”: With us entering a new part of our life, we have to get used to new experiences and faces, which might be difficult, but we’re never alone. We can reach out to our friends and reach out to experience new situations that will change us and mold us in the adult world. Check out this track from the album that the Resident Advisor’s James Glazebrook calls, “the creation of something more than the sum of its parts and wholly unlike its source material.”

I hope everyone the best with finals and the best with graduation. We’re almost done with one step and I, for one, cannot wait for the next step.

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10 Songs to Listen to When You’re Low on Motivation


With the end of April coming in only a few weeks, the dread from finals, projects and presentations draws closer and closer. Couple that with the stress of finals week being so close and there are times when it can lead us to be a little demotivated. Don’t worry though, this week I’m sharing some music with you guys to help pump up your spirit and get you through the week!

Kanye West – “Everything I Am”

Drake – “Know Yourself”

The Internet – “Sunset”: This soul and jazz band led by former Odd Future members Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians released a track that is perfect for those gloomy times. Joined by Malaysian singer Yuna Zara’ai, the track speaks on how we can all feel a bit down sometimes, but in the end it is really all okay as long as we can get up the next morning and enjoy the sunshine. We tend to focus on the big, but it’s sometimes the little moments that can help brighten a day. Listen to the track off the album Pitchfork’s Craig Jenkins describes as having “a war story for every stage of love and loss.”

TheeSatisfaction – “QueenS”

LA Vampires – “Supercool”: Harkening back to the 60s, the LA Vampires collaboration album with singer Maria Minerva, “The Integration LP,” delivers on the glitz and glamor of the disco era with a groovy, goth-influenced twist. This track is all about having fun and being you no matter what anybody says or does because we all know deep down that we’re all supercool. Add this song off of the album that The Quietus’ Charlie Fox calls “almost the pinnacle of the 100 percent Silk sound: a spaced-out approximation of a club hit with a real seductive undercurrent.”


Drenge – “We Can Do What We Want”: This alternative rock band from England brings out the chip in our shoulder and makes getting wild sound like fun. If you find yourself feeling a bit low on motivation, this energetic and loudly punk influenced track is the perfect thing to give you a boost to go a bit wild with whatever you’re working on. Check out the track from the album that NME’s Leonie Cooper says “finds that Drenge are still mighty pissed off, but they’ve channeled that mardiness into impressive progression.”

Halestorm – “I Am The Fire”

Rainbow Arabia – “Without You”: This track is just too much fun to not include and the message behind it is very sweet. The electro duo from Los Angeles brings out the joy in sadness with this track about sticking through the thick and thin for each other. Worried about something? Don’t forget that there is someone waiting out there for you who cares. Worry about the work but don’t get too consumed to forget to enjoy it now and then.

Frances – “Fire May Save You”

Mensa Group International – “Ryan Gosling”: I will say that this song is here solely based off of its name, but that name is enough to get me motivated! This lo-fi, funky and spacey track from the duo delivers us into a dream world where one can imagine going playing in a field with Ryan Gosling, or going on a picnic with Ryan Gosling or even just seeing Ryan Gosling. Did I mention it’s called “Ryan Gosling” already?

I hope that you find some new and great tracks to add to your playlists and play when your motivations feeling a bit low. Don’t forget to take a break every now and then and keep your spirits up!

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Campus Talent Spotlight: Kaleel Moore


This week College LifestylesTM got the opportunity to interview a man of the classics. Junior music education major Kaleel Moore talks to us about Harrisonburg, Virginia, and our love for jazz and funk.

College LifestylesTM : What sort of music do you usually find yourself listening to?

Kaleel Moore: I can’t really say that there is any one type of music in particular that I find myself listening to more frequently than another. I like to keep my ears open for different kinds of sounds and you experience a ton of different emotions and feelings with different types of music, which is awesome. I really like jazz and hip hop, though.

CL: What’s your instrument of choice and why?

KM: My instrument of choice is the saxophone because of course.

CL: Are there any people in your life, or artists in particular that influence/d you?

KM: Probably the biggest influence for me is John Coltrane. He pretty much single-handedly shaped the way I perceive and play jazz. He came crashing onto the scene playing with Miles [Davis], probably the most laid back musician in existence, doing everything twice as much and twice as hard as everyone else. I also think that [rapper] Kendrick Lamar’s flow has influenced me a lot. There is something about how he accents and puts inflections on his words that I never quite expect.

CL: What’s your opinion on the music curriculum of JMU?

KM: It’s a ton of work and time. But it’s there for a reason. [The professors] want us to be as well rounded as musicians and individuals as possible before we venture out into the great unknown. They want us to be able to pull our own weight as both artists and be able to handle ourselves outside of the school environment because they know that it’s rough out there for musicians.


CL: What’s your take on the music scene in Harrisonburg?

KM: I think that it’s growing in a huge way, but I don’t always feel like it’s very inclusive for other musicians that might not play the genres of music that we see at most house shows.

CL: Any places in Harrisonburg in particular that you like to frequent?

KM: [Concert houses] Lon Lon and Crayola House have excellent vibes and some even better bands. I performed one of my first band shows over at Lon Lon actually as well. Besides that I’m not entirely sure, maybe 7-11…

CL: Do you think there are some genres or bands that don’t get much love like others?

KM: There’s a pretty aggressive stigma against jam bands here. Jam bands being bands that don’t play in a set format and… jam. They tend to be the ones that have a sick bassline going on, tons of improvisation and some great individual music performances from some really cool people. Classical music really only exists in the music building. I think we are seeing some more jazz and funk coming through, though. I like to think in part that it’s because of me.

CL: Are you involved with any bands or groups that perform around town? Or anything you wish to promote?

KM: I’m not really in any bands around here, but I play the saxophone for [local Harrisonburg bands] Blurry Words and The Bad Luck Collective with some good friends of mine sometimes. I think that they’re both featured in a show on the 24th at The Golden Pony [Harrisonburg, VA].

College LifestylesTM wishes Moore the best with his curriculum and to keep playing that lovely saxophone and bring jazz and funk back into the Harrisonburg valley.

Images courtesy of Kaleel Moore.

Here’s What Research Says About What Kinds of Music to Listen to While You Study


With the final semester of the term coming to an end, finals are nigh on the rise. In a few weeks we’ll be populating the libraries and Starbucks, pounding coffee and snacks, writing on whiteboards and, most importantly, listening to some music. Typically we listen to whatever we like, but I wondered if there was a certain type of sound in particular that helps with studying. So I scoured the internet to share with you all some facts about music to help you get ready for those long study nights.

While going through a number of different resources, there were a number of different variables tested in terms of music and studying. For example, when listening to music it is better to focus on listening to music that is purely instrumental, as lyrics can be a heavy distraction to retaining information. According to Stanford University Professor Clifford Nass, “Music with lyrics is very likely to have a problematic effect when you’re writing or reading. Probably less of an effect on math, if you’re not using the language parts of your brain.” The voice in our heads trying to help with memorization gets confused by the lyrics and your brain ends up being a jumble of 2+2=”I know when that Hotline Bling.”


If you find yourself being the sort of person whose mind wanders frequently or have a hard time focusing on tasks, then you might want to stay away from listening to music as it can actually be distracting and detrimental. If it’s your thing and you want to try at it anyways, then Uloop’s Elana Goodwin recommends “classical music or more acoustic music with minimal words to distract you” or “movie scores, which typically consist of a bunch of orchestral pieces.”

Another factor to consider is just how well you respond to the music. Studies, as Texas A&M University professor William Klemm states, “have shown that listening to music that people considered pleasurable increased the release of dopamine in the brain and dopamine is well known as a ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter.”

He also states that “other research had also shown that dopamine promotes learning to approach rewards, while a deficiency of dopamine promotes learning of punishments.” So, if you listen to music that you find aesthetically pleasing, you can find that you might have an easier time when it comes to studying, especially if you already have some instrumental artists that you already like. Music with obscured vocals would probably be a good substitute it seems as well.

Looking at some of the facts, it seems that for the best response, try and aim to listen to a genre of music that you particularly enjoy and happens to be instrumental. We hope this article gave you some new and useful knowledge to tell your friends.

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Five Artists Who Really, REALLY Love Their Fans


This week I present some musicians who really go out of their way for their fans, doing actions and deeds that put them above the cream of the crop out of their love and awesomeness.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – A band that needs no introduction, the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) fully acknowledge that one of the biggest reasons for their success is the fans. How much could a band love their fans you might ask? Well the band released a compendium featuring fan art, hundreds of tour photos and interviews with 50 lucky fans themselves to celebrate the fandom of RHCP and all of their glory. A truly classy act by some lovely gentlemen to their ever adoring fans.

Lady Gaga –Lady Gaga has made quite the reputation, not only for her unique style, catchy songs and powerful voice, but for her immense love and dedication to her fan base who name themselves her “little monsters.”

Very recently, the star turned the big 3-0 and decided to celebrate the moment with her fans all over the internet by releasing a picture of her and her cake with a message thanking all of her monsters for helping make her 20s all worth it. In an interview with iHeartRadio, Gaga stated that “I have all the help in the world in a way!”

Green Day – Punk rock legends Green Day have been around for over 30 years at this point and they are still going strong, partly in thanks to their vast and loving fans that have been supporting them for the past three decades.

Actively speaking to their fans during shows, on social media and being all around great guys, recently in 2015 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and decided to celebrate their win by thanking the fans. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong took to Instagram to share a special message with fans as he said, “We share this honor together. Because honestly YOU ARE our rock n roll hall of fame.” Rage and love together Green Day.

Fotor040111459Taylor Swift – I honestly couldn’t include this article without including the special star of Taylor Swift. Ms. Swift has become a sort of fairy godmother to her fans, doing everything from inviting them into her household, writing personal letters of love and care, sending some of her fans Christmas presents and, according to the Telegraph’s Rosy Cherrington, helping a fan with her student loans by giving her $1,989 in reference to her album of the same name.

Swift’s love for her fans is clear to see and her actions go way well and beyond what is considered normal for fandom, but Swift carries her love on her shoulder and we love her all the more for it.

Bruce Springsteen – With fame, talent, a cool nickname and enough awesomeness in his body to keep him going forever, Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen has never forgotten to show his fans how much he loves them. Recently The Boss made the day of one of his youngest fans by, according to Entertainment Weekly’s Nick Romano, signing the nine-year-old’s tardy note to his teachers for the next day. Obviously, hanging out with Mr. Springsteen is better than hanging out in a classroom learning multiplication tables.

These musicians love their fans and we love them all the more for it!

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Artists You Might Have Missed Last Year


We’re already in March, but it feels like 2015 was just yesterday. With time moving so quickly, I thought it would be good to reintroduce you to some fabulous artists that you might have missed last year. All of these artists can be found on streaming sites and sites like YouTube.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – With members hailing from both the United States and Australia, this shoegaze band is something truly special to listen to. The lineup is constantly shifting, but mainstay member Ben Daniels is the glue that binds their catchy, ambient, pop-filled music together into consistent hit after hit. Their newest album “Planning Weed Like It’s Acid / Life Is Loss” came out only five months ago and its melodic music is perfect for those warm nights when you feel like sitting on the grass and looking up at some stars. You should check out the album that AllMusic’s Marcy Donelson calls “spirited, involving and full of good songs and creative production deserving of ears.”

Axis Of – Coming out of Portstewart, Northern Ireland, this three-piece alternative punk rock band delivers on some great and loud rock and roll on their sophomore album “The Mid Brae Inn.” It’s an album that Alt Digital says is “full of big hooks and choruses that beg to be sung in long to from the outset.” Loud, reckless, emotional and bombastic are just a few words I can use to describe the sound of this band that will leave you coming back for more. With a sound that doesn’t seem to be in any way slowing down, this band is on the rise so check them out now before they take over.

Rustie – From the city of Glasgow, Scotland, DJ Rustie creates outrageous and stupendous electronic music that feels like you’re being taken on a journey through another world. Full of psychedelic ambience and an insane attention to detail in his mixing, Rustie created one of the most visually and sonically impressive albums of 2015 with his third release “Evenifyoudontbelieve,” an album that Pitchfork’s Philip Sherburne describes as something that sounds like “a DJ with an exclusive, detailed and bombastically happy and loud sound like this is one of a kind and a truly immersive experience to listen to.”


Francesco Yates – Move out of the way Justin Bieber, this Canadian heartthrob is bringing back smooth soul and some classic Motown sound into the mainstream. With his self-titled EP coming out last year, Yates returned listeners back to the classic era with his heavenly vocals and his romantic playing that will make you dance like there’s no tomorrow and will work its way into your heart and brain until you just can’t stop listening.

Lydmoor & Bon Homme – Sometimes there is a combination of musicians that come together and make something truly impressive and awesome, and Lydmoor & Bon Homme are one of them. Out of Denmark, this duo is bringing back electro pop and disco with a sound that is something both new and classic. A modern day Bonnie and Clyde, this dynamic disco duo have created some truly funky and groovy music on their debut album “Seven Dreams of Fire” that will bring out the dancing shoes in anybody around.

Hopefully you find someone new and exciting to listen to that you might’ve missed last year.

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Is it Just a Cold, Or Something Else?

CL Cold Article Header

Spring has sprung and for many of you, that may mean that it’s just about time for you to catch your yearly cold. Many illnesses mimic the same symptoms as the common cold. Before you jump to any conclusions about what illness you have, consider all of your options.


It happens to most of us every year. At one point, everyone around you seems to be getting sick and in little to no time you end up sick too. According to The New York Times, approximately one billion people in America get the common cold each year. Think that you might be one of them? The Mayo Clinic says symptoms of the common cold include runny or stuffy nose, itchy or sore throat, cough, congestion, slight body aches, mild headache, sneezing, watery eyes, low-grade fever and mild fatigue. The vast array of symptoms shows that your “cold” could actually be an indicator of a different illness.

CL Cold Article Picture


Seasonal allergies are extremely common, especially in the spring when there is pollen in the air. The Mayo Clinic reports a shocking similarity between having a cold and having allergies. The symptoms are all the same, but there are differences in the frequencies of each symptom.

Sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose are present for both a cold and allergies. Coughing and sore throat are generally always present with a cold, while only sometimes present with allergies. Itchy eyes are a common symptom of allergies but not a cold. Muscle aches and pains are a common symptom of a cold but not allergies. There’s a fine line between having a cold and having allergies, so check with your doctor before heading to the drugstore.


Hopefully, you took initiative and got your flu shot this year. Unfortunately, the flu shot does not protect you from all strains of the flu. WebMD stresses the importance of knowing the difference between a cold and a flu because it could save you a lot of trouble.

The symptoms of the flu are sore throat, fever, headache, muscle aches, muscle soreness, congestion and a cough. These symptoms generally present themselves with a lot more severity than that of a cold. If you have a troublesome sore throat that makes it hard to talk or eat, it’s time to see a doctor.

Of course, it’s never great to self-diagnose. Remember whenever you are feeling sick, your first priority should be to head to the health center or a doctor. Use these tips to keep you on track at the first sign of illness to avoid being sick for too long.

Top image courtesy of Aubrey Redd.
Middle image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.

CL Interviews: Rachael Linthicum from James Madison University

Rachaelbanner1Running a club is some hard but rewarding work. This week, College LifestylesTM is proud to introduce you all to the lovely junior and writing, rhetoric and technical communications major Rachael Linthicum, president of JMU Nerdfighters, in an exclusive interview.

College LifestylesTM : Who are the Nerdfighters?

Rachael Linthicum: The Nerdfighters are a group of nerdy people who love to get together and make things. We love all things geek and nerd related, and sharing that passion with others is a lot of fun. Basically we have a meeting every week we have a topic that we cover, whether it be writing fiction, playing board games or just hanging around. It’s a place where you don’t have to be afraid to be a nerd and I love it.

CL: How did you become involved with the JMU Nerdfighters?

RL: Well, I like [author] John Green, who was the original founder of the Nerdfighters, and I saw on the JMU club page that there was a Nerdfighters chapter on campus. I snooped around and found that there was a meeting happening soon on campus and I went, and I liked the people in it. The rest is history.

CL: So why did you decide to run for president?

RL: I wanted to become president because I’d been president of the book club back when I was in high school and it was really important to me. With Nerdfighters as well, I wanted a bigger leadership opportunity and I’d been the secretary for the club before, so I thought, “I can do this.”


CL: What are some of your responsibilities as president?

RL: I organize [and coordinate] everything. [I] mostly talk at meetings and share ideas that I have for the club. I keep everyone updated, just a general “Hey people, this is what’s going on.” I also corral people together when meetings start to get out of hand with the talking. I mostly act as the coordinator.

CL: What is the best part about being a campus president?

RL: Well, there’s the coordination, but also it’s nice to have the final say in things as well. It’s like you get to say, “Okay guys, this is what we’re actually going to do. These are all great ideas but…” I am the final word in the book, the period at the end of a novel.

CL: So what are some of the challenges that you have come across in your role as president?

RL: One of the hardest ones is getting people to stay in the club, you know? People are like, if it’s not for you, then you just drop out. A lot of clubs have like that initial drop-off after the first meeting and it stinks because there are times when you’ll meet someone really cool and then they just don’t show up again. It’s a bummer because it’s like you meet a super interesting person once and next week you’re like “Well, I guess they’re not coming back.” It’s fun being president because you are responsible for everything, but you are responsible for everything, and that’s stressful, very stressful.

CL: What are some of the things you want to work on or goals you want to achieve as president of the Nerdfighters?

RL: Mainly I want to make it so that people love staying around more and love to stay involved in making the club great. I want to make this club the biggest on campus. Everyone’s a bit nerdy. They just have to admit it.

CL: Anything big planned for the club this semester?

RL: Well, we’re going to have a big presence at [JMU’s] game day. We’re going to set up a bunch of board game tournaments and a poetry wall, and I also want to organize a one-shot Dungeons and Dragons game for the club. We also plan on having an end of the year picnic once the weather decides to get its act together.

College LifestylesTM is so excited to have gotten the chance to talk with this amazing and wonderful campus president! We can’t wait to see where Linthicum goes next in her efforts and we wish her the best with her presidential duties!

Top image courtesy of Rachael Linthicum.

Bottom image courtesy of JMUNF/

The College Student’s Guide to Affordable, Ethical Eating

ethical eating top pic

Being in college makes it very difficult to have the luxury and money to buy healthy and nutritious foods. On top of that, the task of grocery shopping becomes even more difficult when you are trying to eat ethically. According to, getting rid of meat and having a plant-based diet reduces your chance of being obese, having high blood pressure and getting diabetes.

For these reasons and more, it is understandable why more college students want to eat ethically. Here is a quick and easy guide on how to start eating ethically when on a tight budget as a college student.

Shop at Farmer’s Markets Locally

According to, shopping locally is cheaper because less money was spent for traveling and storing foods. Getting foods where they need to be takes less money and these foods also avoid getting marked up by grocery stores. The farmer’s markets will provide all the ethical foods you want to consume fresh and cheaper than anywhere else. Shopping locally will also help you avoid having to travel far, and therefore save you money on gas or your other modes of transportation.

ethical eating bottom

Buy Only What You Need

Although it is tempting to stock up on ethical foods so that you do not have to go to the store multiple times a week, this isn’t the best choice. Fresh foods tend to go bad quickly: therefore stocking up could lead to a waste of many foods and your money as well. When grocery shopping, buy only what you will eat in the next few days or week. When you run out of those items, then go back to the store. This way you are purchasing foods you will definitely consume and not rushing to cook everything before it goes bad.

Grow Your Own Food

Although the dorms don’t give you much room to do this, having an apartment will give you the luxury of being able to grow your own foods. According to, buying organic seeds has both short-term and long-term benefits. In short-term, you will be able to grow your own food in the convenience of your yard without having to buy them or travel anywhere as well. In the long-term, states that these seeds replenish themselves, meaning you don’t have to keep buying them over and over again, which will help you save money in the long run.

Although it may take some extra work to eat ethically as a college student on a budget, these simple and easy steps will help you save the money you need while living out the practices you want. Affordable ethical eating will leave you feeling better about your budget while having the luxury of spending a few extra dollars on things other than grocery shopping.

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How to Make Your Own Jellybeans

Top image courtesy of Abbigale Golden.

Bottom image courtesy of digitalsource/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.


CL Interviews: Sammie Schools, President of Sigma Alpha Iota at West Chester University

CL Sammie Interview Article Header

While we all try to stay active in campus affairs, some people truly dive in and run for leadership positions. Sammie Schools is president of Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional music fraternity for women. Through Sigma Alpha Iota, her excellence and passion shines as she takes charge of the sisterhood.

College LifestylesTM:What’s it like to be a campus organization president?

Sammie Schools: It is a lot of work! Balancing school with leadership positions can be tough, but overall it is very rewarding.

CL: What are some of your responsibilities as president?

SS: I am the main contact between any outside sources and our organization. I sort through tons of emails every day. A lot of it is spam, but some of it is useful for us, such as service and performance opportunities.

CL: What is the most rewarding part of being president of Sigma Alpha Iota?

SS: The most rewarding thing for me is seeing how things have changed since I was initiated. I think that positive change has made the organization blossom even more than we could have ever imagined. I love watching the younger sisters grow into leaders who will hopefully fill the executive board shoes someday.

CL: What is the most challenging part of being president of Sigma Alpha Iota?

SS: The hardest thing is dealing with conflict. Whether it’s personal, professional or logistical, you will always run into some sort of conflict. It’s hard to find that fine line between being a leader and being a sister to the rest of the members. I think that I have done a pretty good job with this, but I have run into some issues. It is important to think about how others perceive you based on the way you address the group. You need to gain respect and encourage the group to succeed without being a dictator.

CL Sammie Interview Article Picture

CL: What were some of your goals this year as president? Did you succeed?

SS: My biggest goal was getting the sisters more involved. I took every opportunity to get our sisters involved! I gave gift cards to the two sisters who attended the most events last semester, and I will be doing that again this semester.

I also really wanted us to grow as a chapter. We generally do the same types of events, but I wanted us to move past that and work on bigger projects. This year we are doing a fundraiser called “Mr. SAI” to raise money for a music-related cause. With some pushing and hard work, we were able to start organizing it and break expectations.

On a larger scale, we are making a very large donation to our charitable arms, SAI Philanthropies Inc., to benefit failing music programs. This is due to our chapter’s hard work with fundraising and service events.

I absolutely think our chapter is moving in a different direction (in a good way!). It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine, but switching things up is very good for growth and overall morale.

CL: What would you like to see future presidents accomplish?

SS: I would love to see our chapter do more things outside of the music building. It is hard to organize large events because of low interest, but I think if future leaders worked with the borough and surrounding areas, they could accomplish many great things.

CL: How has taking on this leadership role helped you grow as an individual?

SS: I have grown leaps and bounds since I first joined this organization! I was Vice President of Membership last year, and holding that office along with President this year has made my confidence shoot through the roof. I was a very shy person, never believing I could achieve anything. My anxiety held me back from doing great things in the world. After I joined SAI and was encouraged to run for these positions, I learned so much. I have had a lot of issues; I’ve cried from stress [and] I’ve spent late nights going through paperwork for the organization, but it was all worth it. I am very thankful for what this organization has given me.

CL: What is some advice you would give to future presidents?

SS: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! At first I was hesitant to ask for help, and I thought that I was supposed to deal with all the problems by myself. You can’t do it all alone. Asking for help doesn’t make you look weak, but makes you manage your organization better. There are ALWAYS people willing to help you out!

As hectic as it may be, Schools is truly passionate about her role in Sigma Alpha Iota. It is extremely commendable to see her devotion and professionalism exemplified through her presidency. Keep up the great work, Schools!

Images courtesy of Sammie Schools. 

Five Irish Musicians to Listen to This Week


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day week everybody! Celebrating such an important event in Irish culture, College LifestylesTM takes this week to give you five Irish musicians to check out! Most if not all of these artists can be found on streaming services and YouTube.

VillagersThis band, settling out from Dublin, is an indie folk lover’s dream. Founded by artist Conor O’Brien, for the past six years Villagers has been delivering great album after album. Releasing two Mercury Prize-nominated albums back-to-back and having just released their newest album, this band doesn’t seem like they’re slowing down anytime soon. For any fans of Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and other indie folk sensations, Villagers is the next big band for you, with Pitchfork’s Pat Healy claiming that their newest work is full of “delicate harmonies, brushed drums and double bass arrangements.”

Recommended tracks: “The Waves,” “Memoir,” “Twenty Seven Strangers.”

Youth Mass – Coming from Meath, this band has only had one major release, but it’s just so good that I couldn’t help but talk about them with you guys. Their album “Morning Run, Evening Sun” came out around two years ago, but the catchy melodies and soaring vocals are out of this world. An alternative rock band with all of the talent and style needed to make it to the big leagues, this band is one that will definitely be stuck on repeat in the car, especially as the weather gets warmer. Check out the band’s first album that Golden Plec’s Fionnuala Jones describes as the band finally sounding “comfortable and confident in their sound. Their dedication to the craft has paid off.”

Recommended tracks: “Dream On,” “Morning Run, Evening Sun.”


Delorentos – They say that some things age better over time. That is not the case for Dublin-based band Delorentos, who has been delivering acclaimed album after album for the past 10 years. An alternative rock/post-punk band, Delorentos has been one of the premier recent bands in Irish music, consistently nominated at the Choice Music awards for album of the year, winning the award for their album “Little Sparks.” A band that truly has shown growth and change with every album, they’re not something to miss!

Recommended tracks: “Waited For You So Long,” “Witness in the Dark,” “Basis of Everything.”

Young Wonder – Hailing from Cork, Ireland, this electronic pop duo are sweeping the hearts of listeners everywhere with their catchy anthems and bombastic pop influences that will have you dancing and singing along with ease. A mixture of Irish instruments and electronic music, they truly create something spectacular and mysterious that will have you begging for more. Check out their debut album “Birth” which The Line of Best Fit’s Charlotte Krol says contains “musings on loss and war to the magpie-like borrowing of world music samples that has so enriched their sound.”

Recommended tracks: “Flesh,” “Orange,” “Time.”

Rejjie Snow – This rapper is bringing something dark, catchy and edgy to the game. Coming from Dublin, this artist is a breath of fresh air in the rap game, with melancholic musings about identity and youth. Rejjie covers a variety of topics with such ease that it has you think he’s been doing this all his life. A great artist with plenty to offer, he’s a rapper that will leave you thinking, and have you moving at the same time.

Recommended tracks: “Lost in Empathy,” “All Around the World.”

Hopefully you find someone new and exciting to listen to, and I wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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Bottom middle image courtesy of

Bottom top left image courtesy of thisisyouthmass/

Bottom lower left image courtesy of Delorentos/

Bottom right image courtesy of

Five Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

CL Five Pains Article Header

Luckily for us, cold and flu season is at its end. That means it could be something even more serious if you’re feeling pain or discomfort. It may be a burden to make time to go to the health center in your busy schedule, but some pains can’t be ignored.

Pain #1: Nagging headache

A severe or persistent headache could be a sign of something much more serious. warns it could be a sign of something as serious as a stroke, aneurysm or even meningitis. Headaches happen to us all but when it gets to the point where you’re in so much pain that you cannot function, you should consider seeking medical attention.

Pain #2: Lengthy backache

It’s inevitable to overwork yourself sometimes. If you’re feeling back pains after moving boxes into your new apartment, then you could be facing some serious trouble. Slipped discs are common and treatable issues, but need to be addressed right away. If you’re still feeling aches and pains in your back a week after you moved in, it’s time to go to the hospital.

Pain #3: Tight chest

We’ve all heard to never ignore a sharp pain in your left shoulder as it could be the early sign of a heart attack. What many don’t know is that the warning signs of heart attacks in women are very different than of those in men. Many women report hot flash-like symptoms with severe sweating as well as a tight pain in their chest. Even if you think it’s nothing, be on the safe side and get it checked out.

CL Five Pains Article Picture

Pain #4: Leg pain and swelling

Feel a twinge when you’re walking or notice your leg swelling up? Inflammation is the body’s defense against major issues. Blood clots can cause these pains and swelling in your legs and if left untreated, they can really cause you major damage. Women’s Health magazine recommends heading to the doctor’s at the earliest signs of pain to get a CT or ultrasound.

Pain #5: Sharp side pain

Stomach cramps are one thing to worry about, but a sharp pain in your side is a common sign of appendicitis. Appendicitis is a serious disease that needs to be treated immediately. Waiting until the pain really sets in could mean that your appendix burst. Your mother always said “better safe than sorry” and in this case, she’s totally right!

Moral of the story is that if you’re feeling any kind of pain, you should really head to the doctor’s. While taking the time out of your schedule might be hard, you could end up thanking yourself later if it turns out to be something more serious. Your health is important, so take care of your body and read its signals!

Top image courtesy of Aubrey Redd.
Middle image courtesy Stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.


Albums You Might Have Missed Last Year


2015 came and went so quickly that there had to be some music that slipped through the cracks. Luckily, College LifestylesTM is here this week to give you some information on great albums that you might have missed. All of these albums can be found on streaming services or on YouTube.

U.S. Girls – “Half Free”: Delivering melancholic pop as she discusses the woes of womanhood and the tribulations that come with having low self-esteem, Meghan Remy creates an unforgettable album experience that Pitchfork’s Stuart Berman describes as “seamlessly fusing 60’s vintage girl-group serenades and smooth 70’s disco into dubby panoramas and horror movie atmospherics.”

D.A. Wallach – “Time Machine”: A combination of Billy Joel and Elton John, this artist’s 2015 release is one of my personal favorites of last year. Full of ballad like vocals layered over some thick keyboard and piano magic, Mr. Wallach brings us back to the electro pop era of the 80’s in all of its lovely glory.

Jam City – “Dream a Garden”: This producer surprised fans last year with an album that was moving towards a different place than his high octane filled debut album. “Dream a Garden” delivers dark, dreary beats coupled with relaxed vocals that create a hypnotic and melancholic atmosphere. Listen to the album that The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis calls “strange and disorientating, idiosyncratic and frequently astonishing, a modern-day psychedelia that… never forgets to temper the sublimity with darkness.”

The Internet – “Ego Death”: Branching out of rap group Odd Future, producer Syd the Kid created her own contemporary jazz band that crafted one of the finest pieces of funky, groove-filled music that will have you bobbing your head to some finely tuned bass and drums. Delivering smooth hit after hit, “Ego Death”is an album that is perfect for cruising with the top or windows down.Fotor030812447

Ibeyi – “Ibeyi”: The self-titled debut from these French-Cuban sisters is truly something extraordinarily amazing to listen to. A mixture of traditional Cuban instruments, piano and electronica, this album is one of a kind as it delivers tracks about love, death and the importance of family in a manner that will draw you in and tug at your heart strings all while you bob your head to the catchy music.

Boss Selection – “Volume 1”: Coming from a very high profile background, the grandson of Quincy Jones, producer Sunny Levine delivers an album that is a great addition to the legacy. From this kick-started album, he delivers 13 bombastic, refreshing and relaxing tracks that are perfect for that spring weather as the sun shines and the rain falls. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Levine says, “It seems to be the perfect mix of new flavors and older, classic flavors.”

Skylar Spence – “Prom King”: This album is just pure and insane fun. From the man formerly known as Saint Pepsi, Mr. Spence delivers one of the funkiest and fun albums that you’ll hear last year. It’s perfect for those late night dances and those times for just singing out loud with your friends. Influenced by everything disco, Skylar Spence is truly deserved of his prom king crown.

JEFF The Brotherhood – “Wasted On the Dream”: Trashy, punk-ridden and garage-sounding are all terms that can be used to describe this great album from band JEFF the Brotherhood. An album made for screaming aloud and mashing your head up and down, this album is made for celebrating youth and revolt, wrapped up in a grungy package.

I hope you all find something new and interesting to listen to that you might have missed out on!

Top image courtesy of SweetCrisis/

Bottom middle image courtesy of drinkyoung/

Bottom top left image courtesy of JEFFtheBrotherhood/

Bottom lower left image courtesy of TheInternetMusic/

Bottom top right image courtesy of yousgirls/

Bottom lower right image courtesy of Ibeyimusic/

CL Interviews: Stephanie Renteria from Point Loma Nazarene University

Stephanie 1

As a senior literature major and president of UNITE, Point Loma Nazarene University student Stephanie Renteria has her hands full. Luckily she took the time to sit down with College Lifestyles™ and chat about what it’s like to run an on-campus club.

College Lifestyles™: What is UNITE and how did you become involved?

Stephanie Renteria: UNITE stands for Unifying National and International (Students) Through Education. We thought that UNITE sounded better than UNISTE. Essentially, it’s a club devoted to connecting students who have extensive cross-cultural experience—missionary kids, third culture kids, international students and military kids—with one another. We also include students interested in learning about other cultures and seeking a cross-cultural lifestyle within the United States.

The club is technically brand new, but it is a combination of the International Club and Mu Kappa board members, all of which had very similar goals that became this consolidated version. I was president of International Club in my sophomore year, so I took on leadership of UNITE this semester once we established our new, more concrete vision.

CL: What is your favorite thing about UNITE or your favorite thing about being president?

SR: My favorite thing about the club—and being president—is its members. Another club on campus, MOSAIC (Multicultural Opportunities for Students Actively Involved in Community), is incredible for the way it brings people of rich, diverse backgrounds together as a family. What’s unique about UNITE, however, is that it is all-encompassing like MOSAIC, but provides a smaller space for more intimate interaction between members. That’s special because it creates an atmosphere for fun, but also for profound and personal discussions about challenges related to crossing cultures and asking hard questions. Plus, we get to participate in cross-cultural experiences, which often means delicious food.

CL: What are some challenges of being a club president?

SR: Being president of any club requires commitment; it can be difficult to balance with other extracurriculars and classes. However, what makes the role so worth it (and so much easier) is the MOSAIC staff, particularly Sam Kwapong, Allison Kendrix and Harley Estrada, who devote themselves to us as both students and leaders on campus. They have been a reliable support system for all of us as we’ve faced challenges along the way, sometimes cleaning up after our club-related messes and other times simply hearing us out on our hard days. I would say, in fact, that I never felt truly at home at PLNU until I was accepted with open arms into the MOSAIC family.

Stephanie 2

CL: What is something that UNITE has taught you that you can apply to your life?

SR: UNITE has helped me to feel understood, and has encouraged me to be increasingly understanding of others. Back home, I basically live half the time at my friends’ houses—one is Indian and one is Afghan—and identify a lot with their cultures since I partially grew up in them. I also go to a Chinese church at home and was a member of the Muslim Student Association in high school, so my life has always been culturally and religiously diverse. Those experiences have shaped me tremendously, and to be able to share them and be so easily understood by others who have many similar experiences has been refreshing and soothing for me, especially when I have felt out of place. Even better, others sharing stories which I cannot fully relate to has given me space to learn and grow.

CL: What do you do to relax in your rare free time?

SR: In order to relax, I listen to a lot of Hindi and Arabic music because those languages make me feel at home. Sleeping is also a fantastic remedy for so much of life.

CL: What advice do you have for future presidents of UNITE?

SR: I would advise future presidents to remember the beauty of our club’s vision. It is so easy as a heavily-involved student to forget why you are involved in anything—and that is the greatest detriment to your personal success as well as your club’s. When you remember how crucial it is to build cultural awareness, especially as members of this campus where it has become rapidly and increasingly relevant, and when you remember the family that has been created through this club, it is much easier to do menial tasks with a feeling of greater purpose and motivation.

We can’t wait to see what Renteria does for UNITE as graduation approaches!

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Images courtesy of Stephanie Renteria.

Campus Talent Spotlight: Out on the Weekend


This week, College LifestylesTM interviewed Out on the Weekend (OOTW), a band composed of Nathan Scholz (guitar, vocals), Jack Merline (keyboards, vocals, drums), Brian Donovan (bass, vocals) and James Adelsberger (drums, guitar).

College Lifestyles: What’s the history of Out on the Weekend? How’d you all meet and decide to make music together?

Out on the Weekend: Once upon a time, Nathan, Brian and James played in a band together. That band broke up and Nathan decided to form a new band a few months later with his own compositions. He met Jack in the fall of 2014 and [they] started jamming on the songs Nathan had written. He then recruited Brian to play bass and they performed as a trio for about six months. Then James moved back to the area so he joined on drums and Jack switched to keys. This has been the lineup since last summer. The band has evolved into something else entirely with all of us working together to create our sound.

CL: How does the recording process works for you guys?

OOTW: We just finished recording our new EP “Stay Gold” in Harrisonburg. We played the songs together live and then spent some time tweaking [everyone’s] parts within the live track and adding overdubs. It was a really awesome process that helped us create a dynamic and raw sound, but still allowed us to add a lot of interesting parts. We also loved working with Logan Stolzfus, our engineer, because he was really good at letting us experiment, but made sure to not let us get too bogged down with crazy.

CL: What are some of your musical influences?

Nathan Scholz: As a guitar player, one of my biggest influences is Jack White, [as well as] classic rock. Vocally I kind of just sing like I sing. I don’t try to emulate any specific style or singer.

Brian Donovan: My first experience as a bassist was for a Paramore cover band in high school. Playing bass effectively boils down to the phrase “do more with less,” which I take to heart with most of what I write today. I can’t say I’ve ever had the desire to emulate any particular bassist’s playing style because every band requires a different sound. I try to treat every measure and phrase like a math problem that reads: “What sounds best here?”


CL: What do you guys think of the music scene in the Harrisonburg community? Do you think it’s a very open environment?

NS: I’ve always felt that Harrisonburg is a wonderful place to start a band, but isn’t necessarily the best place to be a band for a long time. You can be in a band as niche of a genre and people will come out and see you play. There are a lot of great bands that start and end after a year and everyone goes on to something new/different. There are bands that have been here forever that are continually reinventing themselves. As for the music community, I think there are a lot of different factions.

BD: I gotta agree, it does resemble a high school cafeteria. That can be said for basically every music scene though; I’m just happy we’re not all in Florida Georgia Line cover bands.

CL: Do you guys have any fun short stories you’d like to share, or any favorite moments in your career?

NS:I think one of the coolest shows we’ve ever done was a springtime party on the Roof of 865. You could pretty much see the entire city of Harrisonburg from the roof. We also played a sick Halloween show this year where we played a Raconteurs (one of Jack White’s bands) cover set and we all dressed up as “Winnie the Pooh” characters.

BD: We played a set at Doghouse Productions “Riverstock” over last year’s July 4th weekend. There was slip-cup, we slept in an attic and James fell into a holly bush. What a time to be alive.

CL: Is there anything to expect from you guys this year, or anything you want to talk about before we close off?

NS: We are releasing our new EP on April 8th, and we are hoping to go out on tour around the region after the semester ends. We don’t know what our plans are going to be individually after the summer, but we have no intentions of ending the band any time soon. Brian is also a great songwriter and has a lot of material that we’ve been experimenting with in our free time that might turn into another “band” that happens to feature all of us.

BD: If you play bass guitar, please contact me. Please.

We wish OOTW the best this year, and cannot wait for their new ep this April!

Images courtesy of Outontheweekendhburg/

CL Interviews: Jourdan Bennett-Begaye from Syracuse University


Meet Jourdan Bennett-Begaye, a magazine, newspaper and online graduate student. Coming from the Navajo Nation, Nenahnezad, New Mexico, Bennett-Begaye enjoyed learning and documenting her family and her people’s journey so much that she changed careers to be able to write pieces that make a change for Indigenous peoples. She is also one of the co-founders of Survival of the First Voices Festival.

College Lifestyles: What is the Survival of the First Voices Festival?

Jourdan Bennett-Begaye: Survival of the First Voices Festival is an art and media festival striving to increase the Native presence in mainstream culture by connecting our youth with inspiring Indigenous artists!

SFVF focuses on creating educational and creative opportunities for Native American youth by providing them with the necessary resources and connections to reach for a higher education and to follow their passions. We encourage students to use art and media as mass communication tools to preserve our indigenous culture, reclaim our history, build a strong cultural foundation, change the misrepresentation of Native Americans and increase the Native American presence in mainstream society.

CL: How did the idea come to?

JBB: The idea came about on a 12-hour drive from Los Angeles, California to Farmington, New Mexico with my childhood friend, Allie Young. We were inspired by our experiences in higher education, her in film and media studies, and myself in athletic training, journalism and working with youth. We discussed how we wanted to give back to our community and were inspired by the Indigenous New Media Symposium in New York, New York and SXSW. Allie wanted to do film workshops and I wanted to do dance workshops and connect with the community. A lot was from personal experience, too. It’s what drives what we do as Diné (Navajo) women. For myself, I’ve always worked with kids and wanted to inspire them to pursue their dreams.

CL: Why did you choose to become a journalist?

JBB: Storytelling is my vehicle in navigating and making sense of this complicated and multi-intersected world, and capturing history and emotion of human beings. For five and a half years, I focused solely on athletic training. I felt like I looked down for so long and finally looked up when it came to spending more time with my grandparents. I started to document and learn of their childhood, how they met, where they grew up, their families and more. During these conversations, one story resonated to me and continues to motivate me today. My grandma told me about the Long Walk and how my great-great grandma was born on the way back from Bosque Redondo. As I started to learn more of the Long Walk in my own research and speaking with others, I learned that settlers usually killed the babies. Sometimes they even killed the mother. That day, I learned I am a miracle. I learned that I survived for a reason and I was ashamed for not knowing my own family history and Navajo history. From then on, I wanted to tell these stories of my People.


CL: What are some of your professional goals?

JBB: My ultimate goal is to become an excellent multimedia journalist. I want to do it all and be good at it. I also want to be an editor. Editors have the power to influence the culture and I want to do just that among the Native population and mainstream culture.

CL: What are your plans for when winter finally ends and spring comes along?

JBB: I plan to wear a lot of sundresses and work on establishing my own publication with my sister.

CL: What is your advice for incoming journalism students?

JBB: Be genuinely curious. Be kind. Be confident. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness. It shows that you truly want to understand. And do your research. Ultimately, look at journalism as storytelling and not reporting. When one of my mentors shifted my outlook on the profession, I knew I would be good at it.

CL: What is your advice for Native American students?

JBB: Don’t let anyone tell you [that you] are too ambitious or mock your ambition. Keep that fire going and surround yourself with people who understand and feed that fire. Those are the people who care about where you go and will encourage you to keep going. When they help you and you help them, that’s when we all succeed. It’s a team effort.

Like Bennett-Begaye, don’t be afraid to stand out and stand for what you believe in. It’ll definitely make you happier in life.

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Images courtesy of Jourdan Bennett-Begaye.

Graphic Courtesy of College Lifestyles ™.


Intern of the Month: Doni York, January 2016


This month, College Lifestyles™ interns have selected a member of their social media team as January 2016’s Intern of the Month.

Doni York is a graduate student at Indiana State University pursuing her master’s degree in English with a concentration in writing. She agreed to share a little bit about her role as a CL team member.

College Lifestyles™: What does being intern of the month mean to you?

Doni York: I love interning for CL and it’s a good feeling knowing that the work I’ve put forth is paying off. To me, [being] intern of the month means showing you care about the work you do.

CL: What does being a classy co-ed mean to you?

DY: Someone who keeps moving forward no matter how stressed they get with college or life in general. I see a classy co-ed as a person who isn’t afraid to stop trying.

CL: What’s the most rewarding part about working with CL social media?

DY: Getting to interact with the readers on a daily basis. Pinning for a job is also fun, too!


CL: What has been your favorite article from this semester so far?

DY: There have been so many, it’s hard to choose. I loved What We’re Looking Forward During the X-Files Revival because I just started [watching] from the beginning and I’ve been slowly getting in on the craze.

CL: What are you looking forward to this spring?

DY: Warmer weather, my birthday and mostly surviving/completing my first year of grad school.

CL: What is your favorite thing about spring?

DY: Everything! It’s my favorite season. I love all the pastels, the sun, the clothes, the weather … There’s such a cheery atmosphere that comes with spring, it’s the best time of the year.

CL: What inspires you?

DY: I’m someone who can be easily inspired by anything. Photos, music, movies, etc. Stories and art in general always spark some inspiration for me whether it’s for something creative or a tip on life.

CL: What’s your favorite book?

DY: “The Great Gatsby.” I read it for the first time in college and it’s something that has always stuck with me, it’s so beautifully written.

CL: What is your favorite thing about being a CL team member:

DY: Just getting to be a part of CL and meeting everyone here. There’s a fun atmosphere with this team and I’m so thankful I decided to apply for the internship.

Interested in joining our team as a writer or social media intern this summer? Apply for our summer internship program by March 15.

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Five Bands You Haven’t Heard of, But Need to Hear


One Direction, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are great, but sometimes you need to break away from the top 40 and give other artists a little love. Finding new bands to listen to can be a little tricky and definitely overwhelming, so we did some of the hard work for you and found five bands and artists you might not have heard of, but definitely need to be listening to.

Rival Summers

If you like pop music, you’ll like Rival Summers. The Detroit band formed in 2008 and has been making music ever since, including two EPs and two full-length albums and is currently working on their third full-length album to be released sometime this year. With music that’s both honest and uplifting, Rival Summers is great to listen to when you’re driving around with friends.

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Formed in 2004, the American folk-punk band from Phoenix, Arizona has released five studio albums, four live albums and five EPs, along with appearances on a number of splits, compilations and demos. The band’s Facebook page lists a small tour currently hitting San Francisco, Phoenix and San Diego along with Joyce Manor. Not only does the band produce catchy songs, but they all have meaning behind them. The lyrics of their songs focus on spreading a message, covering topics like social anxiety, poverty, humanity, religion and politics.

High Hopes

According to the band’s Facebook page, they’re currently unsigned, but the band isn’t the only thing that has high hopes. Self-proclaimed “hearty and honest alternative band,” their music aims to evoke emotion from its listeners. The Canadian band was featured in Alternative Press Magazine issue #290 in 2012. Although the band is currently broken up, you can find their music online or stream it through Spotify.


Keaton Henson

Fair warning, don’t listen to Keaton Henson if you’re in a good mood. Henson is an English musician, artist and poet from London, England who channels his heartbreak and loneliness into beautiful melodies. According to his Spotify page, Henson first released his music on Bandcamp in 2010, but after generating a fan following, re-released his record “Dear…” with Sony in 2012.

Vinyl Theater

Indie electronic band Vinyl Theater has started gaining popularity recently for their song “Breaking Up My Bones.” The band has a fun, dance sound that is worth looking into and they’re currently on tour with Finish Ticket. Their tour hits big cities, including Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Whether you’re looking for new bands to enjoy or just need a break from the usual music you listen to, these bands and artists are all worth a second look. Sometimes you just need to break out of your regular routine – you never know when you’re going to find your new favorite band.

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CL Interviews Molly Ryan from James Madison University


College LifestylesTM got together with James Madison University’s college radio station WXJM’s general manager, senior Molly Ryan, to talk about the industry and the power and fun of music!

College LifestylesTM: How do you manage being both a student and the GM over at WXJM?

Molly Ryan: Being a student in general is what everyone says it is and slightly different for everyone at the same time. WXJM has always played a huge role in my life here at JMU. I joined right away freshman year, and they haven’t gotten rid of me since. Being a DJ for an actual radio station, especially a station whose goal is the promotion of independent and underrepresented artists, is an awesome experience. The difficulty certainly comes from being General Manager, and yet that too, is fun and exciting. Until you’re higher up in management, you don’t realize what an incredible thing it is that students are actually running this real radio station on their own (with the assistance of our wonderful advisor, Tom [Duval]). I wouldn’t trade this job for the world.

CL: Being a radio GM, has your opinion of music changed or shifted in these past couple of years?

MR: I don’t know that I would say my opinion of music has changed, but my understanding of the actual music industry has [grown] over the past few years through my work at WXJM. We must all accept that our society rewards white maleness and punishes otherness—even in the wonderful, “progressive” industry of independent music. These past few years [have] taught me that it is going to take a conscious effort to bring forth the talented, but marginalized, in our music industry. If we want [the] marginalized to come up in the music industry, we need to play them on our radio shows, book them for live shows, write about them and put that [stuff] all over the internet.

CL: What’s your quintessential point when you listen to music or go and try to find new music?

MR: Surprisingly, I absolutely love pop music of all decades. I love to dance and I tend to seek out songs with really horrible lyrics. I know that sounds absurd, but I think it’s hysterical. The 60s are rife with bad pop lyrics. Check out “Eleanor” by The Turtles. “You’re my pride and joy, etc.” What kind of lyric is that? And yet it’s a great song!

When I’m listening to something for more substance, like the stuff I tend to play on my radio show, I get drawn in more by female artists. I love any platform in which a woman gets to speak her mind, giving other women the chance to feel strength in unity and create their own works of art. That’s not to say I don’t like any male-fronted bands. One of my favorite bands is Arcade Fire, although, once again, some of their best songs feature Régine as lead vocalist.

CL: Who’s one of your favorite acts/artists at the moment?

MR: Right now I’m really into a band called Wet. I first saw them in October during the College Music Journal’s annual conference/showcase in New York City that select college radio staff get to attend. They just put out a full album called “Don’t You” that’s really good. It has a pop vibe and a lot of the album is about heartbreak. I dig it a lot.


CL: Do you currently have a radio show at JMU?

MR: I’ve had a show every semester of college. This semester my show is from 2-4 PM on Sundays, and it’s called The Julie Andrews Show. I co-host with my best friend, Courtney Luzarraga. We both play mostly female artists or bands with female vocalists.

CL: Any fond memories of your time here so far?

MR: I don’t even know how to pick just one moment! I think one of my proudest moments of WXJM was when Harrisonburg’s mayor Ted Byrd, a WXJM alum, came on the air on the hour of the day of our 25th anniversary, noon on October 1st, 2015, and recognized that day as an important day in Harrisonburg and WXJM as an important radio station for the community. I was in the background videotaping his address. It was a really moving experience.

CL: And is there anything that you’re looking forward to this semester?

MR: I’m really looking forward to the show WXJM is hosting on March 1st at the Golden Pony. Alex G is headlining, with local openers Blurry Words, Sleeptalker and Slow Clover. It should be a blast and our staff worked really hard to book Alex G.

We wish Molly the best in the future and can’t wait to hear what gnarly tunes she’ll bring to the airwaves next!

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Foods to Eat When You’re Sick


So you’re sick? We at College LifestylesTM know just how awful that is. Everyone hates being sick, but it’s even worse trying to figure out what to eat while you’re sick. Everything seems unappetizing or, if you have a sore throat, may not feel good on your hurting throat. CL has tips on what to eat or drink during your sickness.


Everyone’s heard you should eat chicken noodle soup while sick. It’s good to eat while sick for multiple reasons, one being cysteine, an amino acid in chicken that helps thin mucus in the lungs. According to Prevention, this will help your cough and stuffed up nose. The broth, Greatist says, will prevent dehydration and fight inflammation.

When you’re sick, don’t just rely on chicken noodle soup. Drink some clear broth; that will help as well. According to Popsugar, it will keep you hydrated and relieve congestion.


Yogurt is also a good item to eat while sick. You need protein and yogurt is a good source of it that will also help in another way. Probiotics in yogurt have been found to shorten colds and the flu. According to Popsugar, choose ones that have the bacterial strains Lactobacillus casei or Lactobacillus reuteri. These are the two that are most likely to help your immune system.

Tea and Honey

Warm liquids help sore throats and relieve congestion, but according to Greatist, tea can do more than that. There are natural bacteria-fighting compounds within tea, which will help your body fight back your sickness. Add a little honey to your tea. Popsugar says that honey will coat your throat, which will make your throat feel better.



Eat some eggs to get more protein; they even taste pretty good when you’re nauseous. But there’s even more reason to eat them while you’re sick; they have lots of zinc. Zinc helps immune systems. Prevention says that zinc is proven to shorten the length of colds.


Popsicles feel great on sore throats. It’s hard to keep hydrated while sick and popsicles are a sneaky way to do just that while also soothing your sore throat.

Citrus Fruits

According to Greatist, eating citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C can help shorten the length of your cold. Vitamin C can also reduce the severity of your cold. Specific citrus fruits, such as oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits contain flavonoids. Flavonoids speed recovery and help your immune system.

Foods with Glutathione

Glutathione is an antioxidant that, according to Popsugar, has been shown to fight infection. Glutathione is found in watermelon and cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, kale and cauliflower.


Greatist says that ginger prevents and soothes nausea. Eat ginger within food or drink ginger tea or ginger ale.

Whether you’re sick with a cold or are nauseous, these foods will help you. Eating will help your body recover faster and staying hydrated is important too. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

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What We’re Listening to on Pandora This Week


Hello to all of the College Lifestyles™ readers! Last week I asked around campus and the area to find out what people have been listening to on Pandora. Hopefully you’ll find something/someone new to listen to, or even be compelled to revisit some old material! Most, if not all, of these artists can be found through other streaming and video services as well, such as YouTube and Spotify.

Fleet Foxes: “Fleet Foxes” – This Seattle band came into the music world with not a bang, but a folk-inspired twang and a whisper. The self-titled debut from this ambient, folk phenomenon will carry your mind to a beautifully sonic landscape. Drowned in Sound’s Tony Robert Whyte said, “Fleet Foxes have concentrated their craft and provided an album to the drifting Nod, the passing of time slow and steady.”

The Weeknd: “Beauty Behind the Madness” – The third official release from this Canadian wonder singer gives us a glimpse at all the beauty behind the mind of one of the most ingenious singers of this generation. This is the album that NME calls a “terrifically fun portrait of a disco-damaged lothario.”

Oh Land: “Wish Bone” – Boasting both a unique style and powerhouse vocals, this Danish pop diva brings the wintery chill of the Scandinavian area to the pop world. Delivering catchy tunes that will have you dancing, laughing and singing along, artist Nanna Fabricius is making her stand loud and proud.

Bitter:Sweet: “Drama” – A trip-hop jazz act from California, this strange and classy duo combine the weirdness that comes with the psychedelic, electronic genre and mixes it with some smoky vocals and jazzy, funky beats to deliver something unique. This is the album that Popmatters’s John Bergstrom calls “Brassy, modern, melodramatic and erotic without being dirty.”

Phantogram: “Eyelid Movies” – Delivering an album that feels like you’re sailing through the sky in a dream, this indie electro-pop duo from New York started out strong with their debut album. This album is dreamy, hazy, relaxing and a great album to dance to all wrapped up in one pretty and neat package.


Cage the Elephant: “Thank You, Happy Birthday” – The second album from the Kentucky rock band is a strong follow-up from their eponymous debut album. Returning to the funky, swampy, blues-ridden sound that made them famous in the first place, Cage the Elephant belt out some strong tunes that will stick in your head for the rest of the week.

Gnarls Barkley: “St. Elsewhere” – The debut album from the dynamic duo of Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo Green is a testament to the power of creativity and expression that we see in music these days. A strong mixture of techno, groove, soul and gospel, Gnarls Barkley deliver a strong first impression with powerful vocals, great music and messages about madness and love.

Interpol: “Antics” – To have one great album is impressive enough, but to release two back-to-back is even better. After releasing what some critics consider one of the best debuts of the decade, this post-punk revival band continued on with another hit in their second album. Continuing the harsh, political and strong sound from before, this is a band to hear.

I hope you all found something you like, or this made you return to your own library/Pandora account to find some great new and returning music!

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CL’s Valentine’s Day Playlist


Can you smell the love in the air everybody? Happy Valentine’s month to everyone! This week I take on the ever important task of creating the College Lifestyles™ Valentine’s Day playlist and sharing some music to spread the feelings around! Hopefully you’ll find someone new to listen to, or revisit some old material! Most, if not all, of these artists can be found through other streaming and video services as well, such as YouTube and Spotify.

Disclosure: “Help Me Lose My Mind” – Check out the track that Billboard’s Jason Lipshutz’s calls “ornately arranged and wholly gorgeous.” This floaty, hazy track by band London Grammar and EDM duo Disclosure from their debut album “Settle” is a beautiful track for beautiful feelings.

Michael Jackson: “Rock With You” – This track from the King of Pop himself is a wonderful track that will have you and your SO dancing as Mr. Jackson sings about love and the beauty of moving and grooving with the one you love.

Yeah Boy: “Can’t Get Enough – Sam Padrul Remix”

The Juan Maclean: “Running Right Back To You” – This track from former LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang’s current group is all about the safety that love can bring. We always worry about others, but it’s great to know that there is someone you can run right back to. Check out this track full of, as Stereo gum’s Tom Breihan describes, “old-school house in the drum-thumps and synth streaks.”

Drake: “Find Your Love”

Kill Paris & Marty Rod: “Blame It All on Your Ways” – Love was the reason officer! DJ Kill Paris brings in the talents of singer Marty Rod to sing about how strong love can be. Before we know it, we can fall head over heels without realizing it, and when we do, it’s quite a rush!

Banks: “Warm Water – Snakehips Remix” – EDM duo Snakehips continue their trend of crafting amazing, groovy and heartfelt remixes to wonderful artists, and this Banks remix does not disappoint. With a snazzy bassline and the voice of a young artist that The Guardian’s Tshepo Mokoena describes as having a “meticulous pout, heartfelt lyrics and [a] sleek electronic R&B sound.”


Darius: “Hot Hands” – The French continue to show off how beautiful and ambient their music can be with this angelic, groovy house track from DJ Darius. The singer’s heaven-like voice and the groovy beat will leave you moving on the dancefloor.

The Weeknd: “Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)” – The Weeknd continues to be a pop sensation, and this track from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack is a track that is as beautiful as it is deadly. A lovely-sounding throwback, The Weeknd continues to impress and astound with his Michael Jackson-like vocals.

Washed Out: “You and I”

Miguel: “FLESH” – The spiritual soul singer creates a lovely song about the beauty of the human skin. The body is a temple, and Miguel treats it as such with some heavenly crooning, some synths and a haunting piano melody.

Gigamesh: “All My Life”

Phil Gerus: “Don’t Kiss Me While I’m Swimming”

Electric Wire Hustle: “If These Are The Last Days” –This experimental soul/jazz trio delivers a track full of thumps, bumps and soul as they croon about spending the last moments together with the ones they love. What could be more romantic?

Justin Timberlake & Beyoncé: “Until The End of Time”

I hope you find something you and your SO like and that you find some nice music in case of any Valentine’s themed events! I hope all of you have a lovely Valentine’s month!

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