Neon or NOT?: How to Wear the Latest Trend

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“The sky in Cheyenne, Wyoming is just about as blue as it gets,

 And if you ain’t seen a Santa Fe sunset, you ain’t seen red,

 Texas sunflower yellow can take your breath away,

 I’ve seen it all from the orange of the fall to the green of the summer,

But my favorite color is,


-”Neon” by Chris Young

The latest summer trend turning heads are all colors NEON. As the fall season quickly approaches, it seems as though this trend is here to stay for yet another season! Unfortunately, such a bold color statement means wearing them perfectly proportional to the entire outfit. You must know when too much is too extreme and not enough means not proportional and out of place. Think of neon as an accessory to your fabulous wardrobe!

1. The neon belt

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A neon belt can be paired beautifully with a simple pair of blue jeans. Tuck in a collared shirt, ruffled top or basic t-shirt for a classy summer look. For a business casual look, tuck in your collared shirt to your basic pair of trousers and add your neon belt with a pair of understated heels to complete the look.

You can also wrap a neon belt around a simple dress, such as a solid-colored dress.

2.  Neon pants/jeans

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The key to pulling off the neon pant or jean is to keep it simple. Keep all other clothing very neutral to balance out the bold color statement. Adding some pop jewelry can help balance the bright color of the neon pants on the bottom by bringing some more vibrant colors around the face for a more formal occasion. However, for casual, everyday wear, no other color is needed.

Check out GAP, J. Crew or Pacsun stores for a new pair of neon jeans!

3. Neon shoes

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Rocking the neon shoe, no matter a tennis shoe or high heel, means strutting with nothing short of complete confidence. A colorful shirt and neutral bottom will balance out a bright shoe. Pairing some metallic jewelry can add some sparkle for a dressier look. A more casual look will require some simple, neutral jewelry, such as a woven bracelet or stud earrings.


Even celebs have trouble with the new neon trend!

Angela Simmons
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Kourtney Kardashian (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right)
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Eva Longoria
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Jessica Alba
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Take on this new trend and remember to wear your neon with confidence and class, two of a girl’s BEST accessories!









Lauren Harris is an Intern for College Lifestyles (TM). She enjoys shopping to find the latest trends at an affordable price and spending quality time with family, friends and her Phi Mu sisters. She has a weakness for chocolate and can be won over by adorable puppies in an instant. Cleaning and organization are the keys to her sanity and the occasional outdoor adventure is where she finds her happy place.


3 Ways to Make Extra Cash–Easily!

This time of the year is full of through-the-roof expenses. Paying for books, buying food to fill your fridge, and the inability to resist endless clothing and shoe sales has left some classy CL co-eds with a less than bountiful wallet. If your down to your last dollar and are unemployed, don’t hyperventilate just yet. Keep reading for a few clever tips that’ll keep your money flowing.

Monopoly money is not going to cut it.

Turn A Hobby Into A Profit –  What’s better than being paid for doing what you love? If you’re one of those people who is constantly told that you do something well, use your talent for what it’s worth. Rather than only painting for fun, show your work to friends and family, unleash your inner salesperson and convince them that your masterpiece is worth purchasing. Or, you can start off your impromptu business by giving away your pieces for free–it’ll give your acquaintances more incentive to pay $1 or $2 next time.

You can even pick up a profitable hobby, such as jewelry making or knitting. Visit to see how tons of creative people use their savvy brains to bring home the bacon.

Sell What You Don’t Want — Although America is currently being pressed with the issue of our government blocking certain websites (read about SOPA and PIPA via Google), the internet still offers a vast amount of sites to help you sell your aging items. Believe it or not, someone is on a desperate hunt for that dusty bookcase that’s been sitting in your room at home. Whether it’s clothing or old stuffed animals, if you don’t need it, get rid of it! Use Amazon, Ebay, or take your belongings to a consignment store such as Plato’s Closet. It’ll clean up your physical space, free up your mental space, and you’ll have more money in your wallet space!

Get Paid For Being An Intelligent Co-ed — Friends tutor friends for free all the time, but if you can rack up a few extra dollars by becoming a paid tutor, go for it! Stop by your campus library and see if they’re in need of students for tutoring services. If they are, you’re in good shape! If not, you might have to improvise. Vocalize that you are capable of re-teaching a subject to students in need in any way that you can: flyers, making announcements before or after classes, via Facebook, Twitter, hinting at it while in conversation… You get the idea! See what happens when you advertise your skill (consider charging $1 for the first session) and wait for the hopefully positive turnout!

Tiana Blue is a Senior Writer for College Lifestyles™. This fourth semester sophomore at Penn State is a print journalism major with a penchant for food, stilettos, and the city that never sleeps.


Style by the City: New York

Dear CL-ers,
Welcome to Style by the City, a new fashion column that features outfits inspired by landmarks worldwide. First up is The Fashion Capital, New York City.  So whether you’re already in the Empire State, or just wanting to be, check out these outfits to add some New York sass to your closet.

Evening Out: Statue of Liberty

Style by Confidence: Statue of Liberty

Shoes, Dress, Ring, Tiara, Bag

No opening scene of a New York movie is complete without a shot of Lady Liberty. Capture her statuesque figure in this gorgeous green dress. The copper sandals and bag are reminiscent of her original color, and the heel will inch you a bit closer to to the icon’s 151 feet. Since you can’t carry a real torch around, satisfy yourself with the flame ring. Off to formal for the evening? Crown yourself with a tiara hair comb, and sweep your date off his feet.

Casual Outfit: Brooklyn Bridge

Style by Confidence: Brooklyn Bridge

Tank, Glasses, Cardigan, Shoes, Bag, Shorts

To many visitors, New York City starts and ends in Manhattan. But the Brooklyn Bridge remains an imposing reminder that New York in fact has four other boroughs. This outfit is perfect for a casual late-summer stroll across the landmark. The stripes on the cardigan evokes the pattern of the cables, and the tank top keeps the color a match. Add some oversize glasses (real or fake) for a touch of Brooklyn hipster, and slip into some comfy sandals for the walk. When you make it to Brooklyn, make sure to stop into Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – always crowded, always delicious.

Internship Outfit: Grand Central Terminal

Style by Confidence: Grand Central Terminal

Wall Street CEOs who live in Connecticut commute through Grand Central Terminal every weekday morning, so channel that energy into your internship outfit. The blue cowl neck top is inspired by the station’s ceiling, while the beige skirt and pumps reflect the walls and floors. Grand Central has a gold clock at its center, and you can keep time just as well with your watch. A structured tote takes you from class to your internship, and star/moon earrings add pizazz while staying classy. Fun fact: The sky on Grand Central’s ceiling is actually a celestial map of the day the painter’s daughter was born. Try to have as much love for your internship!
Love from New York!
Sasha Graffagna is a junior Journalism and Comparative Literature major at New York University. She is currently studying abroad in Buenos Aires and hopes you enjoy New York as much as she does!

Winter Dates for Classy Co-Eds

I find winter a little dreary personally and I absolutely loathe snow, but there’s something wonderfully fun about dating in the winter. Nothing like a little love to warm up this season, so here are a few of my favorite date ideas for winter (and cute outfit suggestions to match!).

  1. Ice skating- Even though I really don’t like being cold and I’m not typically super-coordinated, I’ve had some really wonderful times on the ice. It’s a good date idea because it gets you guys moving around, possibly competing a little, and it might even give some of you a chance to show off or learn something new. I don’t know about you, but circa 7th grade, it was the thing to do to couples skate at the skating rink, and this is kind of like an upgraded throwback. Being cold gives you guys a good excuse to break the awkward touch barrier on early dates and challenging each other (maybe doing a quick race around the rink to decide who picks up the tab for coffee after) can help you forge closer bonds faster.

What to wear: Warm winter boots or cute closed toed (not too dressy!) heels, cable knit sweater tights, knee length or higher denim skirt, a girly cardigan, and a camisole. Depending on how cold it is (or if you have an indoor or an outdoor ice skating rink), you could also add in a scarf, gloves, and a cute hat.

2. Baking and decorating holiday cookies- I’m obsessed with Christmas, so I always have a lot of fun inviting over a group of people, or just my current paramour, over to make the sweet stuff everyone loves. As a date, teaming up to make yummy treats to share (possibly during a fun Christmas movie like Four Christmases) or competing to see who’s the better decorator lends a festive air and can also become a fun tradition if you guys are still going strong next holiday season. Just google a good recipe and make a nice mug of hot chocolate (with whole milk, whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and sprinkles! It’s worth the calorie splurge, because it’s totally delicious and every girl knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach ;) ) .

What to wear: Since you’re staying in, go for cute and comfy in warm fuzzy socks, distressed jeans, and a cute thermal. If you head over to his place instead of inviting him to yours, opt for leggings under the jeans, a cute fur lined hoodie, and your scarf/hat/gloves of choice, if necessary.

3. Go to a lighting ceremony- There is something so magical about watching the city get all lit up for the holiday season and oftentimes there’s music and performances during the ceremony. You can get coffee or hot chocolate and huddle together in the cold to enjoy the show. Then you can grab dinner somewhere local and enjoy all the culture and holiday spirit around you.

What to wear: Since you’ll be outside most of the time, it’s important to have a cute outer layer with a fitted pea coat or trench. For the cute factor when you take off the coat, pair a sweater dress with some killer boots (and opaque tights, of course, so you don’t freeze).

Kat McClain is an intern at College Lifestyles, a student at the University of Missouri, and very disappointed that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are gone until next fall. She loves movies, music, and the lovely all boy Warblers from Glee.

Packing my Suitcase the College Lifestyle’s way for ΔΔΔ’s Biennial Convention!!!

I LOVE traveling and going on trips and vacation, but I HATE packing.  The process itself is always frustrating, and I always do it incorrectly, and end up with multiple bags for just a one night trip, or I end up with a suitcase full of wrinkled clothing.  Now that I think of it, everyone I know hates packing.

This is what I normally look like as I pack for a trip.

Stressed. Confused.  A general mess.

But next Wednesday, I am leaving for ΔΔΔ’s Biennial Convention in Florida, and I am NOT going to let myself get to the point where I feel stressed out or crazy, and I am not going to pack too much, or not pack enough.  I am going to follow my list of packing tips that I have (unfortunately) learned the hard way.  You should too!

Christine’s Packing Tips:  Learned by Trial and Error

1. Make a list of exactly what you need
This avoids just throwing random clothes into your suitcase the night before, or forgetting to pack anything.  Plan each day of your trip, complete with shoes, accessories, and cosmetics.

2.  Choose “basic” items so that you can pack less
Basic items can be reused throughout your trip, so you can pack less!  Instead of bringing multiple pairs of shoes, bring just one pair of black heels that will match all of your outfits!

3. Pack dresses
This works if you are going to a business casual convention, like I am, or if you are going on a relaxing vacation!  Essentially, bringing dresses takes up less space, and they are easier to fold!

4.  Bring a purse with a long strap


While running around in the airport, it is hard juggling pulling a suitcase, holding a boarding pass, all while holding onto your purse, making sure that no one steals it.  For my trip, I am going to be using a purse that I can wrap across my body, so I won’t need to worry about it!

5.  Pack light…literally
Do not pack heavy items, such as boots, that will weigh down your luggage, and take up unnecessary room.  If you do need to pack something heavy, wear it on the trip!

6. Section items properly in your bag
I have experienced this in many trips:  on the first night of the trip, it comes time to go to bed, and I am too tired to unpack, let alone search through my luggage.  I just want put pajamas on, brush my teeth, and go to bed!!!  So, pack your bags so you can find what you need!  Put your panties in the compartments on the side of your bag, keep all outfits together, and for that first night, put your pajamas on top!

7.  Pack a cosmetic bag
It is always difficult finding all of your toiletries when they are thrown around in the black hole that is your luggage.  Putting your make up, tooth brush, and lotions in a separate bag makes it much easier to find everything!

8. Pack a bathing suit!



They do not take up that much room, and you never know when you will need it!  Chances are, even if you are going on vacation in the middle of December, the hotel you are staying in may have a pool or hot tub!

9. Keep accessories minimal
Think of bringing a few simple pieces that can be worn with many different outfits!  For example, pack pearls and plain gold earrings.  Leave those crazy magenta earrings that only work with one outfit at home!

10. Pack Febreeze and Anti-Wrinkle Spray

This is not an alternative to washing your clothing!  But no matter how carefully you fold your clothing, wrinkles while packing may be inevitable.  Also, while sitting in a suitcase for hours, your clothes may smell musty, and a little Febreeze can help!

Check out these cute, affordable BUSINESS CASUAL CLOTHES!!!
(And click on the picture to find where to buy them!!!)

The “Don’t Forget This” List:

You can always pick up a toothbrush at a drug store, but these are items to NEVER forget!

1. Cell phone (and charger!)

2. Medication

3. Identification (driver’s lisence, passport)

4.  Insurance card (Thank God I had mine when I got an ear infection while visiting Ocean City, MD  L)

Have a great trip!  Happy packing!!!

Christine Palaski is a proud sister of Delta Delta Delta at Adelphi University, where she is a nursing major.


So this was from '07 when I started going CRAZY for St.P's Day.

So this was from '07 when I started going CRAZY for St.P's Day.

You all know what celebration is coming up this month (if not, I’ll pinch you!). As an Irish myself St. Patrick’s Day is MY DAY and I “go green” to the full extent. I’ll give you the low down on what to wear (and not!).

Words to the wise: On St. Paddy’s Day (and parade day) do NOT wear Orange (that’s Northern Ireland) and if you don’t wear green – be prepared to come home with bruises lol.


Aerie: paige lace & shine pushup bra. $34.50

Aerie: paige lace & shine pushup bra. $34.50

Aerie ultimate cheetah bikini. $10.50

Aerie ultimate cheetah bikini. $10.50

I wear green EVERYTHING – that means bra and panties too. I want to include these this year; I’ve got green panties but the bra, that’ll just put me over the top! These two Aerie ones will certainly make the leprechauns lead you to their pots of gold.

Outer Garments

AE LUCKY T. $15.50

AE LUCKY T. $15.50

This awesome shirt rocks the green AND a shamrock, but there are many other awesome t-shirts out there to find. Pair with some jeans and you have yourself a casual St. Paddy’s Day look!

Old Navy: Women's Cross-Front Knit Dresses. $19.50

Old Navy: Women's Cross-Front Knit Dresses. $19.50

I love this dress (though it might be a little cold to wear up here in Pittsburgh). Top it of with a green hoodie or shrug and green heels and your working the Irish chic.


Payless: Lela Rose for Payless Ashland Mary Jane Wedge. $34.99

Payless: Lela Rose for Payless Ashland Mary Jane Wedge. $34.99

Talking about shoes, these green ones are classy yet killer! You could totally re-wear them after the festivities are over. Or go with green sneakers or flip-flops!


Torrid: Green Clip-In Hair Extensions 2-Pack. $6

Torrid: Green Clip-In Hair Extensions 2-Pack. $6

Go crazy in this section! Green hair clips are a fun and easy way to get into the Irish spirit (I actually sprayed my hair green one year).

Forever21: Nail Art with Pen Brush. $2.80

Forever21: Nail Art with Pen Brush. $2.80

Last year I had green hair ties, green makeup, green nails, green beads (You NEED green beads) and a big green hat my Big gave me (she even gave me a shamrock shot glass when I pledged, hehe, it lights up!). The point is that – there is NO such thing as TOO much green.

irish_cloverLiz is an intern for College Lifestyles ™. She is a junior Print Journalism major at Point Park University and a proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She’s making you all honorary Irish (if your not already) and will be going crazy with the green this year – also its my dad’s birthday (and oddly enough he’s NOT the Irish parent!).

Valentine’s Day: Places to See & Things to Do (with him OR the girls)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Have you and your date decided on where and what you’re going to do? And by date, I mean: the guy OR the girls!  J  If you’re tired of doing the same-ole-thing, here are some places to see and things to do to get you started to organizing your ideal V-Day…


The majority of the feedback I received was the simple, yet romantic “staying at home” date and making a yummy dinner followed by cuddling up to a movie. So if you are the type of couple that is usually on-the-go or doesn’t stay at home often, relax and enjoy your time alone!

Are you the kind of couple that usually stays in for dinner, or you aren’t comfortable enough with your date yet for a dinner & movie at home?  Try staying in between the lines by doing the same thing- just outside of the house!  Instead of going to the chain-restaurants, like Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse, be a little different and go to one of your local favorites! Also, make sure when choosing the movie that you do not have a pre-determined choice and decide on a pick together! While most girls love the general “click-flick”, be generous to his interests as well!  He is also most likely the one paying for your entire evening! J

Time to spice it up…

Be active! Go bowling, ice-skating, or play putt-putt! Every guy strives on some form of competition and this way you will become his most memorable, #1 Valentine!  If you don’t want to go alone, invite some friends! 


Before or after your activity, try an inexpensive dinner alone (if you do invite friends) at somewhere like Panera Bread, or even go out for a drink at Starbucks or your local favorite coffee joint!

Go on a walk! Take in the scenery – by daylight or stars.  Explore around your neighborhood, campus, local park, downtown, beach, or wherever you and him fancy! Add a special touch and bring along essentials for a picnic!

Be a little more generous: If there is a local athletic game being played (pro or even your own university’s sports), take him to his favorite kind of sporting event! Tickets to local college sporting events are generally cheap and you can get them at the door! …Thank goodness V-Day is not during football season – those prices would be outrageous! ;)


Get out on that dance floor! You don’t have to know how to perfect the Tango, The Waltz, or the Salsa, but if you have an open mind and go to local dancing hot spot (I don’t mean the usual college “hip hop” dance clubs), you’re sure to have a great time!  If you’re really into this idea, go a step further and take a couple of dance lessons before the big V-Day arrives. You and your “hunny” decide what area of dance you prefer to better learn.  Intern Liz posted an awesome blog: Salsa: The New Exercise.



One of my sorority sisters came up with a fab idea! It is for singles only (even the guys can come out for this one). Have a Valentine’s party and like Secret Santa for Christmas time, have a secret Valentine! Get a list of those who RSVP’ed and meet with them beforehand so they can secretly choose a name and have a present at hand for when the party arrives!

Why not enjoy a dinner at home with your best friends? Give everyone a task for dinner and top it off with decorating homemade cookies (also one of my sorority sister’s Christmas Traditions)!


As for the movies, pop in or go see something that is not a chick flick! Even though it IS the month of “love” and it’s what most girls enjoy, just have a laugh at a comedy or even a scary movie! If you have the blues, one of these will be perfect for you to get your mind off of a certain someone and spend a great time out with the girls!

Dinner? Check.   Movie? *Sigh*  Spa? YES!

Have the ultimate relaxing girl’s night!  Whether you invest to let a professional massage those kinks out or experiment on your own at home with the lovely ladies, this is the perfect way to make the clock tick!  Don’t forget to do it all: face mask, pedicure – even back and hand massage!  Set up little stations for each activity and take turns giving a massage!  As for a hand massage, just douse and smooth a little lotion into her hand!
Also, check out CL Intern Emily R’s blog: The Perfect Pedicure: Do It Yourself and CL Intern Deirdre’s blog: How to Create the Perfect Manicure, along with Fabulous Nail Polish for Valentine’s Day.

Go out to your local mall and try on crazy and fun outfits!  Of course as a classy co-ed, you would never poke fun of a designer’s clothing, but now is the time to venture out to those styles you’ve been eyeing… or never thought you could pull it off! You won’t know until you test something out and what better way to know you’ll have honest feedback from your best girls!

You will have created a messy masterpiece and enjoyed a spectacular time with this unique project in good company!


Dancing isn’t just for couples! Go out – or even stay in and crank your speakers up to your favorite line-dances!  You should definitely be able to find some formal and/or line dance tutorials on YouTube. I would even go as far as learning some old N*SYNC, Christina Aguilera, or new Lady GaGa dances to make it an amusing girl’s night! J


**Not satisfied with anything local? Take a road trip for the day! Whether you know exactly where you want to go or not, hop in the car with your sweetie or girlfriends and drive!**


thumbnail  Kayla Norris is an intern of College Lifestyles (TM).  She is a junior and Exercise Science major at Georgia Southern University. She is an alumna of Alpha Sigma Tau and appreciates all of the feedback she received from her fellow Epsilon Gamma Chapter sisters!


Don’t let the title fool you – it’s cuddly couture all right, for that furry friend in your life!

Walmart: Sweet Dreams Pajamas, Baby Blue. $7.97 - $8.97

Walmart: Sweet Dreams Pajamas, Baby Blue. $7.97 - $8.97

Next time you have a sleep over with your friends – invite your puppy! He’ll fit right in with these super cute and comfy pajamas.

Old Navy: Rugby-Stripe Pique Polos for Dogs. $9.50

Old Navy: Rugby-Stripe Pique Polos for Dogs. $9.50

Rugby isn’t just for humans – it’s for dogs too! Let your dog join in on the fun with this playful polo.

UrbanPup: Luxury Brown Leather and Fur Lined Coat. $32.90

UrbanPup: Luxury Brown Leather and Fur Lined Coat. $32.90

Nights out on the town aren’t just for you and your girlfriends anymore – your pooch can work the runway too! Help her throw on this stylish leather coat and show the boys what you are made of.

UrbanPup: Spencer Pet Carrier. $70.95

UrbanPup: Spencer Pet Carrier. $70.95

Top it all off with a carrying case that will make Paris Hilton’s dog beg!

Liz is an intern with College Lifestyles (TM). She is a junior, print journalism major at Point Park University and a proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She can’t wait to get a furry friend to have a pj party with!



Either graduation is closing in or you are looking to get a part-time job (or even internship!) while still in college – your appearance is always a key component of landing the job.

Here I give you four pieces to add to your closet for those interview days.

Lane Bryant:Ruffled keyhole blouse from our Icon Collection. $39.20

Lane Bryant:Ruffled keyhole blouse from their Icon Collection. $39.20

This blouse from Lane Bryant is pretty yet professional. It’s dark, neutral coloring works and the ruffles and keyhole design give a pop so it’s not just a boring button down.

* I’d suggest pairing with the pencil skirt or trousers or go with the riding look in the picture and get some tan skinny pants.

Torrid:Black and White Ruffle Secretary Dress. $68

Torrid:Black and White Ruffle Secretary Dress. $68

The secretary dress from Torrid gives off a classic appeal with a little sexiness thrown in. I’d suggest a white cami underneath to reduce any “peak-a-boo” accidents.

*Show your personality with a red or animal print shoe!

Torrid:Black Multi Seam Pencil Skirt. $38

Torrid:Black Multi Seam Pencil Skirt. $38

Every girl needs a pencil skirt in her career wardrobe. This one by Torrid is knee-length for modesty and is slim to hug your curves.

*Pair with a bright top or the keyhole blouse.

Faith 21: Thin Lined Trousers. $19.80

Faith 21: Thin Lined Trousers. $19.80

These trousers by Faith/Forever 21 are my must haves! They are thin material with a classic trouser design that screams professional.

*Throw on with a satin cami and matching blazer or the keyhole blouse.

Though the clothes pictured are plus size, the concepts/tips work for all figures.

Liz is an intern with College Lifestyles (TM). She is a junior print journalism major at Point Park University and a proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She is dying for a pair of the Faith 21 trousers herself!