Seven Songs to Get You Pumped for Summer Vacation


For all of you, I’m sure that you all are either finished with finals or just beginning that finals week now, but we’re all awaiting the same thing: summer vacation, except for us graduates who are moving onto a new stage in life. Either way, with summer vacation coming in just a few weeks, this week I thought I’d take the time to introduce, or reintroduce, you to some songs to get you in that summer mood. Most if not all of these tracks can be found on streaming services such as Spotify and other services like YouTube.

A$AP Ferg – “Let You Go”: The infamous trap lord has returned again this year to deliver another album that is definitely not one to miss out on. One of the album’s highlights is this relaxing yet somber track that reveals a whole new side from the man known for bragging about fame and fortune only an album ago. The production creates a breezy, beach feel with a Caribbean flavor that suits Ferg’s scratchy rap tones. Check out this track from the album that Pitchfork’s Kathy Landoli says has Ferg “making this transition from Trap Lord to Hood Pope, attempting to address his congregation of all the perils that come with celebrity.”

Chairlift – “Ch-Ching”: This synth-pop band from Brooklyn delivers another album that is definitely one that is made for driving out on the road with the windows down as you make your way to vacation. Following in the tradition of previously mentioned synth-pop bands, Chairlift created a super fun and catchy track that will be stuck in your head for months to come. Singer Caroline Polacheck’s voice stands out with her catchy inflection on this track full of horns and an infectious sound.

Tennis – “Travelling”: The musical representation of summer itself, this insanely memorable and catchy band is one of my personal favorite bands of the summertime. The husband and wife duo deliver summer tracks that haven’t been this infectious since the days of the Beach Boys. Full of fun piano and guitar riffs with a sunny-style drum beat, this will have you singing aloud with them as they talk about the fun of travelling. Check out this adorable track from the album that Clash Music’s John Freeman calls “an endorphin rush of smart, soulful pop… Warning: listening to this album may cause a serious outbreak of happiness.”

Washed Out – “Paracosm”


Grimes – “California”

Drake & Rihanna – “Too Good”: There’s something about the mixture of Drake and Rihanna that just equals fun and infectious tunes that are made for dancing and the summertime. They did it before on his sophormore album “Take Care” and they do it again on his newest album “Views.” This track definitely has the feel of a nighttime dance track that is perfect for those relaxing summer nights.

Kanye West, Rihanna and Swizz Beatz – “Famous”: While the man is known for running his mouth, his production is always noted for being on point, and this track off of his newest release “The Life of Pablo” definitely carries that summer vibe, carried along by a fun and powerful hook from Rihanna and the fun interjections of Swizz that bring the track alive. The final transition into Caribbean track “Bam Bam” is definitely a fun way to end a track as well. Check out the track that Spin magazine’s Rebecca Haithcoat calls “just lovely.”

I hope that you all have a lovely summer vacation/graduation and that you found something new to listen to or were reminded of something you missed out on!

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Does Getting a Base Tan Prevent You from Getting a Sunburn?


With summer just around the corner everyone is thinking about getting the summer glow. As the days get sunnier tans might just sneak up on you. Spending time outside is a sure way to get your daily dose of vitamin D, but if you don’t have sunscreen you can also do some major damage.

College Lifestyles™ wants you to stay protected and look classy so we are tackling the myth of base tanning. Flipping through any beauty magazine or scrolling along on the internet, there are so many theories and ideas about whether or not jumping in a tanning bed before vacation is a good idea. So we did a little digging and here is what we found out.

There is little evidence to back up the theory that getting a base tan provides any protection against sunburn. Tanning in a bed a few times before tanning in the sun will not provide any significant protection. Mayo Clinic states that there is absolutely no substitute for true sun protection.

Dr. Steven M. Rotter urges everyone to stay far away from tanning beds. In his article for the winter edition of Sun and Skin News, Dr. Rotter states that a tan is the body’s response to damaged DNA in the skin cells – the skin darkens to prevent more damage. While prevention against further damage might sound like a good idea, the person’s risk of skin cancer has already increased significantly, so there is more harm than good.

Women’s Health magazine reaffirms Dr. Rotter’s stance when it says that “while sun-kissed skin might not burn quite as quickly as skin that’s super pale, it’s not a legitimate protection against sunburn-causing UVB rays.”


So what do you do instead?

Avoid exposure in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the absolute strongest. If you are going to be out, make sure you wear sunscreen. Apply a lot of it frequently, at least every 2.5 hours. You can buy unscented brands or types specifically for your face. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a “broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.”

Lastly, be sure to cover up when you can. This is a great way to break out your favorite pair of sunnies or buy that wide brim hat you’ve been eyeing lately. Wear a light weight linen shirt when you’re walking down the beach or a colorful shawl.

Enjoy your summer vacation and take care of your skin – your forty-year old self will thank you.

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Our Final Intern of the Month Survived College Life, and So Can You!


Start college. Do a medical withdrawal because of health issues. Take online classes. After health improves, get bored with online classes. Transfer to a physical school. Finish out education while assistant managing editor at College LifestylesTM and vice president of school’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta.

My college experience has not been typical. I started my undergraduate career at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Not long after classes started my first semester, my arthritis flared up, so I was physically unable to go to classes. I also started having chronic migraines again. I missed so many classes that I was worried I was going to fail, so I decided to complete a medical withdrawal. I knew doing that was the only way to ensure I didn’t fail all of my classes.

Until my health improved, I decided to take online classes from West Virginia University. I wanted to actually start college, since I didn’t get any credits from Marshall University, but I also knew I wouldn’t be able to go to physical classes until I got better. After two and a half years, my health improved. I learned how to live with my migraines without stopping my life, which took a little bit of time.

Then, I got bored. Because WVU’s online degree has a maximum amount of hours you can take in a semester (12 hours) and I wasn’t working at the same time (the program was designed for nontraditional students who are also working full-time), I started to feel like I wasn’t challenged. I thought maybe I would feel better taking physical classes again, but this was a major risk. I knew my health problems could get bad again as soon as I transferred, but I decided to risk it.


I transferred to Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, which turned out to be a great decision. I have had problems with my health since I transferred, but I managed to keep going. I’m in my final semester, which is something that I was worried was never going to happen after my first (failed) semester of college.

If someone had told me, after dropping out at Marshall, that I would graduate after doing so many things I loved, I would not have believed them. I’ve worked with CL since my second semester at Shepherd, which was itself a risk because I was still concerned about my health issues flaring up, but I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve been assistant managing editor since this past December. I’ve been vice president of Sigma Tau Delta for the past year, was an editor for another publication and a choreographer for the Rude Mechanicals at Shepherd.

I still can’t believe I’ve been successful at all these things with my health problems constantly hurting me. Graduation is so close, and it feels surreal.

So what does this mean for you? You can do it! No matter what you go through, you will make it and do great things. Just believe in yourself. It can be hard (I can attest to that), but it’s worth it.

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Five Songs That Sum Up How Graduating From College Feels


Finals are coming upon us in only a few weeks or so. For some that means a week of studying before heading off to summer vacation for a few months and living it up until it is back to the daily grind. For some though, it’s the last couple of tests of our college career, putting on our study caps before we put on our graduation caps and walk the stage. While there will be tears, it is important to not forget the memories of the journey. To help make it a bit more memorable, I wanted to give some songs that sum up what the experience of graduating can generally feel like.

Queen – “We Are the Champions”: You’ve finally done it. Whether it’s getting your bachelor’s degree or something even beyond that, you’ve completed some of the toughest schooling of your life and you came out on top! Walk with pride as you cross the stage and get your diploma. Freddy Mercury, the legendary singer himself, calls us champions so take it to heart and know that you are a college champion!

Felly – “All Gon Be Straight”: This braggadocious track from a Connecticut native tells of how even though things can look a little bit off, it’s all going to be okay in the end. With graduation coming up, sometimes we can get a little bit nervous about what the future can hold, but with the knowledge that we have made it this far in our college career, no matter where we end up afterwards, it will all be straight. As Felly told Eargrub, “Be the you that you really want to be, you’ve already made it this far.”

Schoolboy Q – “Man of the Year”: Continuing with the loud and proud is this bombastic track from Top Dawg Entertainment’s gangster in house Schoolboy Q is a track that will probably be playing at every grad party this year. A track about being a true rock star, this track is about living it up and now that you are on your way to graduation, it’s time that you feel like a star as you head out into a new part of your life. Check out the track that Pitchfork’s Craig Jenkins calls, “the happy ending to ‘Oxymoron’s’ war stories while serving up the album’s most memorable hooks.”


Mirror Kisses – “Takeover”: The transition won’t be easy, but now that we’re moving on from one part of our life to another, it’s time to pick up our feet and head out into the adult world with our mind set on being on top. Sure it may take a while, but our generation’s takeover is in full force. This electronic, psychedelic glam man delivers a soaring track about taking your time to shine, and it’s a lesson well spoken.

Gil Scot-Heron & Jamie XX – “I’m New Here”: With us entering a new part of our life, we have to get used to new experiences and faces, which might be difficult, but we’re never alone. We can reach out to our friends and reach out to experience new situations that will change us and mold us in the adult world. Check out this track from the album that the Resident Advisor’s James Glazebrook calls, “the creation of something more than the sum of its parts and wholly unlike its source material.”

I hope everyone the best with finals and the best with graduation. We’re almost done with one step and I, for one, cannot wait for the next step.

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Five Fabulous Plus-size Graduation Dresses Under $50


Graduation day is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to search for the dress you will be ending your college career and starting your new professional chapter in, and look back at for years to come. Although this dress will have major importance for your life, it does not mean you have to spend a fortune on it.

White is the go-to color everyone wears for graduation and is the traditional graduation dress color. It is clean, classic and symbolizes a fresh, clean slate. Nordstrom Rack offers a fabulous selection such as the lace piece shown above for $50. Another wonderful fact about Nordstrom Rack is that you can try these dresses on in the store rather than dealing with the uncertainty when ordering online.

“Whenever I shop at Nordstrom Rack I see the cutest things and they have a great selection!”- Alexa Carone, junior, Iona College


Not looking to wear white like everyone else? We love a daredevil! Try a dress with white as the base with a colorful pattern like the chiffon dress shown above also from Nordstrom Rack for only $45.

If you’re looking for full pattern and want to ditch the white completely, pick a gorgeous statement color with an elaborate pattern. The dress we have selected is a tropical paisley dress from Nordstrom Rack, once again, coming in at only $40.

“Everyone always wears white to graduation, but I think I want to be a little different and wear something with a pretty pattern.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

plussize3A pale pastel color will always look gorgeous in photos and looks very appealing on anyone. Maurices is a great spot to look at pretty spring dress for your special day. Both of these dresses come from Maurices at $49. Another great clothing spot to check out for plus size pieces is ASOS.

“Pastels are my favorite shades. They are so playful, classy and perfect for beautiful graduation photos.”- Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

Congratulations on your graduation! We know you will look stunning and wish you the best of luck on your future career path and further success.Your graduation dress may be the last dress you will wear in your educational career, but the first you will wear in your professional career- make it a memorable one.

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These Signs Will Tell You If Your Relationship Is Meant To Last


New relationships are exciting and full of optimism. Both you and your significant other feel completely confident in your decision to start dating, at least you should. If you don’t feel completely confident in who you choose to date then that is probably your first sign that it’s not going to last very long. 

Every relationship should start with at least three key ingredients: attraction, respect and trust. It is perfectly okay if you have two of these and not one or one of these and not the other two, as long as one of these is part of your relationship. Whether platonic or romantic, attraction, respect or trust are a good start to determine whether someone is worth your time and attention.

“Life is too short to stay in a meaningless relationship. If it doesn’t feel right let it go,” said University of North Texas elementary education major Kaya Savannah.

Time and attention are so valuable now a days that you definitely want to make sure your SO or potential SO don’t start off on the wrong foot. According to a 2013 study by The Pew Research Center, women spend 72 percent of the day spending time with their significant other.


For me, personally, if I choose to spend my time with one individual person I want to be completely sure that they are worth it. Of course there have been times where I didn’t make the best choice in a SO and ended up regretting it, but from every relationship good or bad I try to take something away from it. From every relationship I have indeed learned what signs and signals to look out for that indicate that it’s just not meant to be.

Some signs that I personally think that mean it’s time to move on are:

1. Decreases of conversation or communication.

2. Decrease in intimacy.

3. Increase in pointless arguments.

According to the Huffington Post there are eight tell all signs that will tell you when it’s time to move on and let go of your current SO, which are:

1. He’s not interested in meeting your family.

2. He cancels plans. 

3. He makes very minimal effort to make you happy.

4. He’s not financially secure and has no plans to change that. 

5. His views on relationships are very different from your own.

6. He has no specific goals.

7. He won’t answer your questions straight up.

8. He holds out on a commitment to you. 

Though these lists are helpful indicators, don’t make your decisions to break up or move on just from these alone. If you really want to make it work with your SO talk about how you’re feeling and see if that will help; if not, then that just means you tried and now it’s time to move forward.

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10 Songs to Listen to When You’re Low on Motivation


With the end of April coming in only a few weeks, the dread from finals, projects and presentations draws closer and closer. Couple that with the stress of finals week being so close and there are times when it can lead us to be a little demotivated. Don’t worry though, this week I’m sharing some music with you guys to help pump up your spirit and get you through the week!

Kanye West – “Everything I Am”

Drake – “Know Yourself”

The Internet – “Sunset”: This soul and jazz band led by former Odd Future members Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians released a track that is perfect for those gloomy times. Joined by Malaysian singer Yuna Zara’ai, the track speaks on how we can all feel a bit down sometimes, but in the end it is really all okay as long as we can get up the next morning and enjoy the sunshine. We tend to focus on the big, but it’s sometimes the little moments that can help brighten a day. Listen to the track off the album Pitchfork’s Craig Jenkins describes as having “a war story for every stage of love and loss.”

TheeSatisfaction – “QueenS”

LA Vampires – “Supercool”: Harkening back to the 60s, the LA Vampires collaboration album with singer Maria Minerva, “The Integration LP,” delivers on the glitz and glamor of the disco era with a groovy, goth-influenced twist. This track is all about having fun and being you no matter what anybody says or does because we all know deep down that we’re all supercool. Add this song off of the album that The Quietus’ Charlie Fox calls “almost the pinnacle of the 100 percent Silk sound: a spaced-out approximation of a club hit with a real seductive undercurrent.”


Drenge – “We Can Do What We Want”: This alternative rock band from England brings out the chip in our shoulder and makes getting wild sound like fun. If you find yourself feeling a bit low on motivation, this energetic and loudly punk influenced track is the perfect thing to give you a boost to go a bit wild with whatever you’re working on. Check out the track from the album that NME’s Leonie Cooper says “finds that Drenge are still mighty pissed off, but they’ve channeled that mardiness into impressive progression.”

Halestorm – “I Am The Fire”

Rainbow Arabia – “Without You”: This track is just too much fun to not include and the message behind it is very sweet. The electro duo from Los Angeles brings out the joy in sadness with this track about sticking through the thick and thin for each other. Worried about something? Don’t forget that there is someone waiting out there for you who cares. Worry about the work but don’t get too consumed to forget to enjoy it now and then.

Frances – “Fire May Save You”

Mensa Group International – “Ryan Gosling”: I will say that this song is here solely based off of its name, but that name is enough to get me motivated! This lo-fi, funky and spacey track from the duo delivers us into a dream world where one can imagine going playing in a field with Ryan Gosling, or going on a picnic with Ryan Gosling or even just seeing Ryan Gosling. Did I mention it’s called “Ryan Gosling” already?

I hope that you find some new and great tracks to add to your playlists and play when your motivations feeling a bit low. Don’t forget to take a break every now and then and keep your spirits up!

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Which Perfume Scent Is Right for You?


Sometimes choosing a perfume scent is tricky and frustrating. Often after purchasing a perfume, we get bored of it shortly after, feel it smells differently at home than in the store or just is not a scent we truly love.

“I am constantly changing my perfume scents and looking for something new. I never have found one signature scent for myself.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

Perfumes can be really expensive, and the scent we wear can say a lot about us. Notice how when you smell a certain scent you automatically associate that smell with someone you know. Smells register and click into our memories. We psychologically remember people through our sense of smell. Needless to say, not only is choosing the correct scent important for our own pleasure, but also so we are being registered well by others.

perfume3“Whenever I smell sandalwood I think of my aunt because that’s how she smells.”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

First step to picking the right scent is thinking about yourself and your own personality. Are you sweet and bubbly? Are you quiet and reserved? Our own characteristics can help depict a scent that is right for us. If you have an edgy personality you may want to try musky scent. If you are shy, try a powdery or light floral scent.

Bring home a variety of essential oils and test out which scent feels right for you if you are unsure where to begin. Not sure what you like? Combine scents and create one uniquely for yourself. You can always switch up scents as the season changes if you like a good change here and there.


“For the winter I wear a perfume that smells like lavender and for the summer I wear one that smells of gardenia.”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland University

At the very end of your scent search you should have a perfume that makes you happy whenever you spray it, a scent that brings about good memories.

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Campus Talent Spotlight: Kaleel Moore


This week College LifestylesTM got the opportunity to interview a man of the classics. Junior music education major Kaleel Moore talks to us about Harrisonburg, Virginia, and our love for jazz and funk.

College LifestylesTM : What sort of music do you usually find yourself listening to?

Kaleel Moore: I can’t really say that there is any one type of music in particular that I find myself listening to more frequently than another. I like to keep my ears open for different kinds of sounds and you experience a ton of different emotions and feelings with different types of music, which is awesome. I really like jazz and hip hop, though.

CL: What’s your instrument of choice and why?

KM: My instrument of choice is the saxophone because of course.

CL: Are there any people in your life, or artists in particular that influence/d you?

KM: Probably the biggest influence for me is John Coltrane. He pretty much single-handedly shaped the way I perceive and play jazz. He came crashing onto the scene playing with Miles [Davis], probably the most laid back musician in existence, doing everything twice as much and twice as hard as everyone else. I also think that [rapper] Kendrick Lamar’s flow has influenced me a lot. There is something about how he accents and puts inflections on his words that I never quite expect.

CL: What’s your opinion on the music curriculum of JMU?

KM: It’s a ton of work and time. But it’s there for a reason. [The professors] want us to be as well rounded as musicians and individuals as possible before we venture out into the great unknown. They want us to be able to pull our own weight as both artists and be able to handle ourselves outside of the school environment because they know that it’s rough out there for musicians.


CL: What’s your take on the music scene in Harrisonburg?

KM: I think that it’s growing in a huge way, but I don’t always feel like it’s very inclusive for other musicians that might not play the genres of music that we see at most house shows.

CL: Any places in Harrisonburg in particular that you like to frequent?

KM: [Concert houses] Lon Lon and Crayola House have excellent vibes and some even better bands. I performed one of my first band shows over at Lon Lon actually as well. Besides that I’m not entirely sure, maybe 7-11…

CL: Do you think there are some genres or bands that don’t get much love like others?

KM: There’s a pretty aggressive stigma against jam bands here. Jam bands being bands that don’t play in a set format and… jam. They tend to be the ones that have a sick bassline going on, tons of improvisation and some great individual music performances from some really cool people. Classical music really only exists in the music building. I think we are seeing some more jazz and funk coming through, though. I like to think in part that it’s because of me.

CL: Are you involved with any bands or groups that perform around town? Or anything you wish to promote?

KM: I’m not really in any bands around here, but I play the saxophone for [local Harrisonburg bands] Blurry Words and The Bad Luck Collective with some good friends of mine sometimes. I think that they’re both featured in a show on the 24th at The Golden Pony [Harrisonburg, VA].

College LifestylesTM wishes Moore the best with his curriculum and to keep playing that lovely saxophone and bring jazz and funk back into the Harrisonburg valley.

Images courtesy of Kaleel Moore.

Workout Outfits You Won’t Mind Wearing All Day


No time to change out of your gym clothes before heading to class? As college students we have busy days and sometimes it makes the most sense to wear the same clothes throughout the day. Wear your workout clothes all day so you don’t have an excuse to not work out. Gym clothes do not have to be ugly. If styled correctly, they can become a trendy outfit of their own.

“I wear gym clothes all day often because I babysit, have class and then go straight to yoga.”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College

When putting together your gym-ready outfit, aim for similar colors throughout. However, you want your gym outfit to resemble an outfit you wear any other day, so keep away from bright neon colors since these will scream “gym attire.” Usually subtle colors are what we wear on our day-to-day basis, so stick with these hues.

Nonetheless, gym outfits can give you license to have a little more fun than you typically would, so feel free to rock a tribal-print legging, or add a little flair of color in your sneaker laces.


Buy gym clothes you actually love. Just because you’re going to be sweating and moving around a lot in them, doesn’t mean they should be any old thing in the closet. Typically, when we like our gym clothes, we get a better work out too. Feeling good about yourself while working out is a plus.

“You will always find me walking around in my gym clothes, but I never wear a sweatshirt while doing so; I wear the same jacket or sweater I do with all my other clothes.”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

A lot of people assume they should wear zip-ups or pullover sweaters with their gym clothes. These items make your gym outfit ugly and appear that you just rolled out of bed. When you pair the gym clothes with a leather jacket or sweater, it makes the outfit look like a regular one!

Do not worry about throwing away your bank on gym clothes. So many stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Target carry great, trendy gym clothes for a reasonable price. Have fun styling and working out!

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Here’s What Research Says About What Kinds of Music to Listen to While You Study


With the final semester of the term coming to an end, finals are nigh on the rise. In a few weeks we’ll be populating the libraries and Starbucks, pounding coffee and snacks, writing on whiteboards and, most importantly, listening to some music. Typically we listen to whatever we like, but I wondered if there was a certain type of sound in particular that helps with studying. So I scoured the internet to share with you all some facts about music to help you get ready for those long study nights.

While going through a number of different resources, there were a number of different variables tested in terms of music and studying. For example, when listening to music it is better to focus on listening to music that is purely instrumental, as lyrics can be a heavy distraction to retaining information. According to Stanford University Professor Clifford Nass, “Music with lyrics is very likely to have a problematic effect when you’re writing or reading. Probably less of an effect on math, if you’re not using the language parts of your brain.” The voice in our heads trying to help with memorization gets confused by the lyrics and your brain ends up being a jumble of 2+2=”I know when that Hotline Bling.”


If you find yourself being the sort of person whose mind wanders frequently or have a hard time focusing on tasks, then you might want to stay away from listening to music as it can actually be distracting and detrimental. If it’s your thing and you want to try at it anyways, then Uloop’s Elana Goodwin recommends “classical music or more acoustic music with minimal words to distract you” or “movie scores, which typically consist of a bunch of orchestral pieces.”

Another factor to consider is just how well you respond to the music. Studies, as Texas A&M University professor William Klemm states, “have shown that listening to music that people considered pleasurable increased the release of dopamine in the brain and dopamine is well known as a ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter.”

He also states that “other research had also shown that dopamine promotes learning to approach rewards, while a deficiency of dopamine promotes learning of punishments.” So, if you listen to music that you find aesthetically pleasing, you can find that you might have an easier time when it comes to studying, especially if you already have some instrumental artists that you already like. Music with obscured vocals would probably be a good substitute it seems as well.

Looking at some of the facts, it seems that for the best response, try and aim to listen to a genre of music that you particularly enjoy and happens to be instrumental. We hope this article gave you some new and useful knowledge to tell your friends.

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Middle image courtesy of cooldesign/

How to Stop Biting Your Nails


Have bad habits you’re trying to quit such as biting your nails? Nail biting is a common habit caused from stress. Often, those biting their nails are unaware they are doing so until a few moments after the fact or when someone else points it out. Vicious habits like these are hard to break because our brains automatically click right into the habit without us having to think much about it.

“I never bite my nails because I would not want to ruin my perfect manicures!”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College

An amazing way to stop biting your nails is to dip your fingers in nail polish remover each morning. Whenever you go to bite your nails the taste will be unbearable and the scent will also be unpleasant near your nose.

“I think about all the dirt that are in my nails whenever I go to bite them.”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland University


Think about all the negative defects that come from nail biting: mouth sores, dirty bacteria entering your mouth and chipped, unkempt nails. Our hands touch everything! To put your hands right into your mouth allows all the germs you have touched inside. Sometimes knowing the ugly side of our habit can knock it right out.

“I have tips which prevent me from biting my nails.”-Alexa Carone, junior, Iona College

Anxiety and stress are symptoms of nail biting. Perhaps consulting the real issues and getting to the root of the problem can eliminate your habit. Get deep within yourself and think past trivial nail biting. What is really bothering you? Coming face to face with your demons will alleviate and vanish stress, which will probably swipe away the habit that comes along with your stress. Try talking out your issues with a trusted friend or relative. Meditation and yoga can truly clear and distress the mind as well.

We have faith you will stop your habit because you want to. Be healthy and kind to yourself over everything else.

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Classy Lady Spotlight: Sophia Amoruso


California-born Sophia Amoruso is the former CEO of Nasty Gal, a retailer that sells modern and vintage fashion, shoes and accessories for young women. She recently published a book called “#GIRLBOSS.” According to the Huffington Post, the book is part memoir and part business guide and follows Amoruso’s unlikely path to success — from a dumpster-diving teenager to a CEO. Amoruso is inspiring a generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands.

Name: Sophia Amoruso

Birthday: April 20, 1984

Fun fact: The first ever object she sold on her online eBay shop was a stolen book.

Current Projects: Although she is no longer the CEO of NastyGal, Amoruso still has exciting developments coming in the future. According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix is creating a series based on her bestseller “#GIRLBOSS.”

The comedy series will follow Amoruso’s story of how she went from selling vintage clothing on eBay to founding the multimillion-dollar Nasty Gal fashion label by age 27.

Netflix is teaming with actress Charlize Theron and Kay Cannon, the writer of the “Pitch Perfect” franchise, to produce the series.

Community Outreach and Charities: Amoruso launched the #Girlboss™ Foundation, which is a nonprofit that supports creative entrepreneurs, specifically women, in furthering their interests and their dreams. Since its launch in 2014, according to its website, the #Girlboss™ Foundation has awarded over $75,000 in financial grants to women in the worlds of design, fashion, music and the arts to help fund them on their way to becoming a #Girlboss™ and owning their future. The foundation aims to empower creative women to take over the world.


Why Sophia Amoruso is a Classy Lady: The 31-year-old’s fashion empire began as a simple store on eBay. Despite her success, Amoruso has stated that it was never about having a big business for her. She has always been focused on doing the best job that she possibly could.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Amoruso stated that her work is more than just about fashion.

“We give girls a place to be themselves. And ‘#GIRLBOSS,’ as a book, gives girls permission to to be who they want to be, and to try new things, and to have an opinion, and to have an unpopular opinion and to do things differently. I think it’s important that everyone understands that there’s no real prescription to having an awesome life.”

Amoruso has her own definition of what it means to be successful.

“I think we’re all capable of creating successes in our life every day, and I think that’s a much healthier approach to your life and your career. If something doesn’t work out and you learn from it, you’ve still been successful.”

We at College Lifestyles™ love Sophia Amoruso because she is unapologetically exactly who she is, a quality that’s important for all classy women to have.

“I think it’s important that women live the life they want to live, and don’t live the life that the world has told them to live — unless they want to. That’s their life, that’s their choice, and that’s what they want.”

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Five Artists Who Really, REALLY Love Their Fans


This week I present some musicians who really go out of their way for their fans, doing actions and deeds that put them above the cream of the crop out of their love and awesomeness.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – A band that needs no introduction, the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) fully acknowledge that one of the biggest reasons for their success is the fans. How much could a band love their fans you might ask? Well the band released a compendium featuring fan art, hundreds of tour photos and interviews with 50 lucky fans themselves to celebrate the fandom of RHCP and all of their glory. A truly classy act by some lovely gentlemen to their ever adoring fans.

Lady Gaga –Lady Gaga has made quite the reputation, not only for her unique style, catchy songs and powerful voice, but for her immense love and dedication to her fan base who name themselves her “little monsters.”

Very recently, the star turned the big 3-0 and decided to celebrate the moment with her fans all over the internet by releasing a picture of her and her cake with a message thanking all of her monsters for helping make her 20s all worth it. In an interview with iHeartRadio, Gaga stated that “I have all the help in the world in a way!”

Green Day – Punk rock legends Green Day have been around for over 30 years at this point and they are still going strong, partly in thanks to their vast and loving fans that have been supporting them for the past three decades.

Actively speaking to their fans during shows, on social media and being all around great guys, recently in 2015 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and decided to celebrate their win by thanking the fans. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong took to Instagram to share a special message with fans as he said, “We share this honor together. Because honestly YOU ARE our rock n roll hall of fame.” Rage and love together Green Day.

Fotor040111459Taylor Swift – I honestly couldn’t include this article without including the special star of Taylor Swift. Ms. Swift has become a sort of fairy godmother to her fans, doing everything from inviting them into her household, writing personal letters of love and care, sending some of her fans Christmas presents and, according to the Telegraph’s Rosy Cherrington, helping a fan with her student loans by giving her $1,989 in reference to her album of the same name.

Swift’s love for her fans is clear to see and her actions go way well and beyond what is considered normal for fandom, but Swift carries her love on her shoulder and we love her all the more for it.

Bruce Springsteen – With fame, talent, a cool nickname and enough awesomeness in his body to keep him going forever, Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen has never forgotten to show his fans how much he loves them. Recently The Boss made the day of one of his youngest fans by, according to Entertainment Weekly’s Nick Romano, signing the nine-year-old’s tardy note to his teachers for the next day. Obviously, hanging out with Mr. Springsteen is better than hanging out in a classroom learning multiplication tables.

These musicians love their fans and we love them all the more for it!

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CL Interviews: Amanda Kadykowski from Michigan State University

Amanda Kadykowski definitely has her hands full but she doesn’t mind. She is a marketing major, also minoring in entrepreneurship and innovation and she is also the editor-in-chief of VIM Magazine, the fashion magazine on Michigan State University’s campus. In her spare time the college senior enjoys biking, yoga and traveling. College Lifestyles™ caught up with Kadykowski and talked to her about her position at VIM.

College Lifestyles™: How did you become involved with VIM?

Amanda Kadykowski: I was the editor-in-chief of my high school’s yearbook, so when I got to MSU I was looking for another publication to work on. I came across VIM and was really intrigued by the design, so I went to a meeting with my friend Kelsey Parkinson, who is VIM’s current art director, and joined the graphic design team.

CL: What is your favorite thing about VIM?

AK: I love working with all the different students and seeing them take pride in their work. Our staff is extremely talented, so it’s amazing to see their work come together every semester. My favorite moment is when we release the issue to our staff in the fall and spring.

CL: When you joined, did you picture yourself being the editor of VIM in the future?

AK: Not at all. The first semester I was involved but I was very quiet and didn’t really know anyone.

CL:  What made you want to run for the position of editor-in-chief?

AK: I actually never thought about becoming VIM’s editor-in-chief or president. I was at the library studying and I received a phone call from the former EIC, Emily Ribick, and she asked me if I was interested in the position. It was totally unexpected, but I decided to give it a shot and I don’t regret it.

CL: What are your favorite parts about being editor-in-chief?

AK: Being involved on campus, working with creative people from different backgrounds, contributing to the growth of VIM and working with local businesses.

CL: What are some challenges that you face as editor-in-chief?

AK: Time management! It is a challenge to balance being a full-time student while being VIM’s EIC. I always have something to do or work on, so my schedule can become stressful at times.

CL:  How do you handle the duties of being editor-in-chief  and being a full-time student?

AK: I keep a detailed schedule and try to stay organized.

8I8A5257 (1)

CL: How has VIM influenced you as a person?

AK: VIM has developed my creativity and leadership skills. I have a great appreciation for the arts and creative process.

CL: How has VIM influenced what you want to do as a career and how do you think being editor-in-chief of VIM will help your career?

AK: I have always had an interest in fashion, but VIM has definitely strengthened that interest and has helped me get fashion-related internships throughout college. Being EIC of VIM has taught me how to work effectively with a large group of people on deadline, which will be very helpful for my future career.

CL: How do you take time to relax?

AK: Like every college student, I relax when I’m hanging out with friends and family. I also love to do spinning  and yoga classes on the weekends.

CL: What advice do you have for the future presidents of VIM?

AK: My advice would be to continue to push boundaries and don’t be afraid to do things differently.

Michigan State’s campus has definitely gotten more fashionable with Kadykowski ruling the fashion scene. With such a motivated personality, we at CL have no doubt she will be able to accomplish everything she sets her mind to in the future!

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Dealing with That Pain in Your Side When You Run

Dealing with that painTOP

We’ve all experienced that “stitch” in our sides while running. We slow our pace and squeeze our sides and wonder what exactly has caused our bodies to react this way. We consider the possibilities: maybe I was pushing myself too hard, maybe I have to run more often or maybe I have to run less. But as the pain subsides, we begin to disregard that sensation as an issue, only for it to happen again some other time.

So how exactly should we deal with that pain in our side when we run? And, is it something to be seriously concerned about?

Watch what you eat/drink before you run

People who have consumed a large meal or sugary beverages before running have been more likely to develop a side stitch, reports John Davis, running researcher and expert running coach of Digesting certain foods that are rich in fat, sodium and sugar require more blood for the stomach to digest. This causes decreased blood flow to the diaphragm, which then causes the irritating side pain, according to Davis.

Therefore, if you plan on going for a run or working out, make sure that you eat a light meal about 30 minutes to an hour beforehand. This is a good preventative measure to take so that you don’t even have to deal with the side stitch.

Warm up

This is another great preventative measure. Don’t just jump right into it; take your time to warm up before that 5k. Stretch and get your muscles limber before you push it to the limit. Runners’ World reports that going quickly from resting position to running speed can create “irregular breathing patterns” that can send you into a cramping episode.

pain MID


Slow down

Once you begin to experience side pain, you should not continue to push yourself as hard. You should slow down and breathe deeply. Exhaling is important in releasing the stitch, as it will utilize the muscles in your diaphragm, according to Runner’s World.

Adjust your posture

The Huffington Post claims that runners, in order to be effective, should maintain good posture. Standing up straight will allow your diaphragm to spread out evenly and prevent it from spasms. However, if you find yourself with a stitch, bend over. Bending forward will “tight [en] the core,” which will help to ease pain.

As far as health concerns go, side stitches aren’t a huge one. They happen to all of us, but they can be easily prevented. So why not prevent it?

Experiencing side pain is a way your body tells you to take a step back. It’s reacting to the physical activity to let you know that something can be done to better prepare for it. Next time you get a stitch in your side, take a breather and take these preventative measures. This way, you’ll never have to be interrupted on a run.

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Artists You Might Have Missed Last Year


We’re already in March, but it feels like 2015 was just yesterday. With time moving so quickly, I thought it would be good to reintroduce you to some fabulous artists that you might have missed last year. All of these artists can be found on streaming sites and sites like YouTube.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – With members hailing from both the United States and Australia, this shoegaze band is something truly special to listen to. The lineup is constantly shifting, but mainstay member Ben Daniels is the glue that binds their catchy, ambient, pop-filled music together into consistent hit after hit. Their newest album “Planning Weed Like It’s Acid / Life Is Loss” came out only five months ago and its melodic music is perfect for those warm nights when you feel like sitting on the grass and looking up at some stars. You should check out the album that AllMusic’s Marcy Donelson calls “spirited, involving and full of good songs and creative production deserving of ears.”

Axis Of – Coming out of Portstewart, Northern Ireland, this three-piece alternative punk rock band delivers on some great and loud rock and roll on their sophomore album “The Mid Brae Inn.” It’s an album that Alt Digital says is “full of big hooks and choruses that beg to be sung in long to from the outset.” Loud, reckless, emotional and bombastic are just a few words I can use to describe the sound of this band that will leave you coming back for more. With a sound that doesn’t seem to be in any way slowing down, this band is on the rise so check them out now before they take over.

Rustie – From the city of Glasgow, Scotland, DJ Rustie creates outrageous and stupendous electronic music that feels like you’re being taken on a journey through another world. Full of psychedelic ambience and an insane attention to detail in his mixing, Rustie created one of the most visually and sonically impressive albums of 2015 with his third release “Evenifyoudontbelieve,” an album that Pitchfork’s Philip Sherburne describes as something that sounds like “a DJ with an exclusive, detailed and bombastically happy and loud sound like this is one of a kind and a truly immersive experience to listen to.”


Francesco Yates – Move out of the way Justin Bieber, this Canadian heartthrob is bringing back smooth soul and some classic Motown sound into the mainstream. With his self-titled EP coming out last year, Yates returned listeners back to the classic era with his heavenly vocals and his romantic playing that will make you dance like there’s no tomorrow and will work its way into your heart and brain until you just can’t stop listening.

Lydmoor & Bon Homme – Sometimes there is a combination of musicians that come together and make something truly impressive and awesome, and Lydmoor & Bon Homme are one of them. Out of Denmark, this duo is bringing back electro pop and disco with a sound that is something both new and classic. A modern day Bonnie and Clyde, this dynamic disco duo have created some truly funky and groovy music on their debut album “Seven Dreams of Fire” that will bring out the dancing shoes in anybody around.

Hopefully you find someone new and exciting to listen to that you might’ve missed last year.

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CL Interviews: Melissa Martin from University of North Carolina at Charlotte


With her bubbly personality and her hardworking nature, Melissa Martin took over the role of president of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority as a junior at UNC Charlotte. College Lifestyles™ got the opportunity to sit down with the communications major to discuss how she takes on this big role and why it means so much to her.

College Lifestyles™: What made you join Alpha Delta Pi in the first place?

Melissa Martin: I joined ADPi because when I met the girls, they were people I could see myself spending time with and looking up to! I also really connected with the philanthropy, which is Ronald McDonald House. I connected with it because when my dad was sick in the hospital for 6 months, my mom stayed in a home that was similar to RMH and I wanted to be able to give back to an organization that gave back to people like my mom!

CL: What made you want to run for president of Alpha Delta Pi?

MM: I wanted to run for president for a few reasons. One of which was I wanted to be a good role model for girls in ADPi. I also wanted to make a difference. I had a lot of really good ideas that I wanted to share and help people with, but couldn’t with a smaller position. Also, I have had a lot of leadership training so I wanted to really utilize that for the betterment of the chapter.

CL: What is your favorite part of ADPi?

MM: My favorite part is the sisterhood. I have so many girls who I know I can always count on. Whether that’s someone to eat lunch with, study with or do things on the weekend with, I have so many amazing girls I’m surrounded by that share the same values as me.

CL: What is your favorite memory so far of your time in this organization?

MM: My favorite memory would have to be Pie a Pi. This event is so special because we all come together and can all be so silly with one another!

MM bottom fixed

CL: What is the most challenging part of being president of such a big organization?

MM: The most challenging part is just trying to please everyone! That is never going to be possible, but just trying to make everyone enjoy their time in the organization is challenging. We only get 4 years, so I really want to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

CL: What is your number one goal to achieve before your time of president is up?

MM: My number one goal is to get us closer to achieving golden lion, which is the highest award an ADPi chapter can receive.

CL: How do you balance being the president of ADPi with schoolwork?

MM: I balance it by really trying to get all my homework done before focusing on stuff with ADPi. It can be challenging at times but I really just try to make both a priority.

CL: What advice would you give to the next president of ADPi?

MM: The advice I would give is to have patience. I am quick to jump the gun on some things and think that it has to be done right away, but I am realizing that if you take the time you need to get things done and to wait on something it will all work out!

CL: What do you like to do in your free time?

MM: In my free time, I love to work out! Whether that’s cycle classes, barre or yoga, I love being able to relieve stress this way and just to forget about things that are going on!

CL: How has this leadership position changed you?

MM: This has changed me by really realizing that not one thing is going to work for everyone and really tailoring things to fit each individual person and to take a step back and to be okay with not pleasing everyone. I have always been a people pleaser but I am really trying to live by this quote: “Confidence isn’t caring what people think about you; it’s having enough confidence to not care what anyone else thinks.”

CL: What are three words you would use to describe the Zeta Gamma chapter of ADPi?

MM: Three words I would use are evolving, confident and resilient.

College Lifestyles™ could easily see the passion and hope Martin has for the Zeta Gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. We cannot wait to see what is in store for the determined co-ed throughout the rest of her presidency. Best of luck to Martin and Alpha Delta Pi!

Images courtesy of Melissa Martin.

The Best Blonde for You

2Going blonde seems very tame today now that people are dyeing their hair in rainbow colors or are purposefully wanting gray hair. However, for those who have pretty dark hair and know that going lighter will be a pretty drastic change, blonde is still risky business. But how exactly do you go about choosing what type of blonde is right for you? How do you get over your fear of taking that leap of faith and changing one thing, but in reality your whole look, with just your hair?

College LifestylesTM will help you decide what is the best blonde for you. In order to decide what your best blonde is, you will have to analyze your skin color.

Tip from Glamour magazine: Always seek a professional’s help when doing such drastic changes to your hair. Coloring chemicals could be harmful for your hair.

If you have fair skin:

Try going for a platinum blonde. Because of your light complexion, you can rock a color that is similar to your skin color. However, be careful that your features don’t get lost because of the similar colors, according to Allure. For example, Gwen Stefani’s platinum blonde locks match beautifully with her fair skin. You can also try a golden blonde with honey, butter and gold undertones. It will look natural and also, it will compliment your skin tone beautifully. Think Margot Robbie for this look. A twist to the golden blonde is going sandy blonde by adding darker undertones to make the blonde and your complexion really pop, like Scarlett Johansson.

If you have medium skin:

Again, the platinum will suit you if it is mixed with darker baby highlights that show the lightness of your new hair. It is a bold look for a classy co-ed, much like the model Soo Joo Park.

The golden ombré is a great color for those who are not very sure if they want to take the leap towards full blonde. According to Refinery29, in order for it to not be too harsh, try adding a very light brown base to the bottom of your hair with golden highlights that match the top of your head for a natural effect, like Blake Lively.


If you have dark skin:

Channel your inner Beyoncé by going with butter blonde. To make this look work effortlessly, keep your dark hair roots under the newly blonde locks. This will make the change look less harsh. However, you also might not want to go full blonde in just one appointment because the discoloring process might make your hair red rather than blonde. Also, if you don’t want to jump the blonde pool, coat your hair with different hues of blonde highlights, like Ciara. This might soften the shock of going full blonde.

Remember that to ease into the process of heavily dying your hair to blonde, which also needs a lot of maintenance, you might want to start by going one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color.

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CL Interviews: Rachael Linthicum from James Madison University

Rachaelbanner1Running a club is some hard but rewarding work. This week, College LifestylesTM is proud to introduce you all to the lovely junior and writing, rhetoric and technical communications major Rachael Linthicum, president of JMU Nerdfighters, in an exclusive interview.

College LifestylesTM : Who are the Nerdfighters?

Rachael Linthicum: The Nerdfighters are a group of nerdy people who love to get together and make things. We love all things geek and nerd related, and sharing that passion with others is a lot of fun. Basically we have a meeting every week we have a topic that we cover, whether it be writing fiction, playing board games or just hanging around. It’s a place where you don’t have to be afraid to be a nerd and I love it.

CL: How did you become involved with the JMU Nerdfighters?

RL: Well, I like [author] John Green, who was the original founder of the Nerdfighters, and I saw on the JMU club page that there was a Nerdfighters chapter on campus. I snooped around and found that there was a meeting happening soon on campus and I went, and I liked the people in it. The rest is history.

CL: So why did you decide to run for president?

RL: I wanted to become president because I’d been president of the book club back when I was in high school and it was really important to me. With Nerdfighters as well, I wanted a bigger leadership opportunity and I’d been the secretary for the club before, so I thought, “I can do this.”


CL: What are some of your responsibilities as president?

RL: I organize [and coordinate] everything. [I] mostly talk at meetings and share ideas that I have for the club. I keep everyone updated, just a general “Hey people, this is what’s going on.” I also corral people together when meetings start to get out of hand with the talking. I mostly act as the coordinator.

CL: What is the best part about being a campus president?

RL: Well, there’s the coordination, but also it’s nice to have the final say in things as well. It’s like you get to say, “Okay guys, this is what we’re actually going to do. These are all great ideas but…” I am the final word in the book, the period at the end of a novel.

CL: So what are some of the challenges that you have come across in your role as president?

RL: One of the hardest ones is getting people to stay in the club, you know? People are like, if it’s not for you, then you just drop out. A lot of clubs have like that initial drop-off after the first meeting and it stinks because there are times when you’ll meet someone really cool and then they just don’t show up again. It’s a bummer because it’s like you meet a super interesting person once and next week you’re like “Well, I guess they’re not coming back.” It’s fun being president because you are responsible for everything, but you are responsible for everything, and that’s stressful, very stressful.

CL: What are some of the things you want to work on or goals you want to achieve as president of the Nerdfighters?

RL: Mainly I want to make it so that people love staying around more and love to stay involved in making the club great. I want to make this club the biggest on campus. Everyone’s a bit nerdy. They just have to admit it.

CL: Anything big planned for the club this semester?

RL: Well, we’re going to have a big presence at [JMU’s] game day. We’re going to set up a bunch of board game tournaments and a poetry wall, and I also want to organize a one-shot Dungeons and Dragons game for the club. We also plan on having an end of the year picnic once the weather decides to get its act together.

College LifestylesTM is so excited to have gotten the chance to talk with this amazing and wonderful campus president! We can’t wait to see where Linthicum goes next in her efforts and we wish her the best with her presidential duties!

Top image courtesy of Rachael Linthicum.

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CL Interview: Megan Brown from California State University Stanislaus

MB Title

With more stamps on her passport than most receive in a lifetime, this graduate student is ready to take on the world. College Lifestyles™ got to know this joyous, intelligent and beautiful soul – now you can too!

College Lifestyles™: What is your major?

Megan Brown: I am currently working on a Master’s in applied behavior analysis.

CL: Why did you choose that major?

MB: I decided to pursue a graduate degree in ABA after getting hired to be a Behavior Technician where I conducted desecrate trail training with children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.

CL: What has been the biggest adventure you’ve had while in higher education?

MB: One of the biggest adventures I have had during my undergraduate studies was moving to San Sebastian, Spain. The biggest adventure I‘ve had in my graduate studies was moving to Warsaw, Poland for a semester. Poland was a place I never anticipated going, but I ended up falling completely in love with it.

CL: What was your favorite memory about Spain?

MB: One of my favorite memories about living in San Sebastian, Spain was getting to live with one of my best friends and getting to go the beach every day. It was my first time living away from home and I feel like I grew a lot as a person and learned so much about myself.

CL: How was that experience different from Poland?

MB: My experiences from Spain and Poland were so different, yet in so many ways they were the same. When I moved to Poland I did not know the people I was going to be living with, nor did I know the girls in my program that went with me. Not knowing any one challenged me to embrace the culture and build relationships with the locals.

CL: What is the most distinct difference between undergraduate schooling and graduate school?

MB: I think the biggest difference is that while in undergrad, I took classes that did not really spark my interest. But now in my graduate program, I am fully engulfed in classes that capture my attention and stretch me. My graduate program is a lot of work and you are expected to be even more independent than in undergrad, but I think that is the part that makes completing a graduate program so fulfilling; you are being stretched, but at the same time you are accomplishing something not many people commit to doing.

CL: What song best describes your work ethic?

MB: “Pony” by Ginuwine.

MB body

CL: What is your favorite 90s jam?

MB: Anything from ‘N Sync.

 CL:Where do you see yourself post-graduation?

MB: After I graduate, I plan on becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and working with children who have been diagnosed with ASD. The dream is to move to the UK and work alongside other BCBAs and help them develop their intervention programs.

CL: You’ve recently moved into your first place. Any advice for students moving off campus with roommates?

MB: My advice when moving in with someone is to make sure you move in with someone you get along with, but you both can still do your own thing. I moved in with one of my best friends. We both have our careers and have opposite schedules, but we love when we get to hang out. It’s like always getting to have a sleepover all the time and your mom can never say no.

CL: Is there anyone specific who has played a key part in your success as a student and young professional?

MB: I would have to say my older brother Jeffery played a huge roll in my life successes. He was a prime example of what it looked like to never give up a dream, even if it takes longer than expected to get there. He was always my biggest fan and encouraged me to test my limits.

CL: Is there anything else you would like us to know about you or anything you’d like to say?

MB: If I could tell you one thing it would probably be to live life to the fullest. Be prepared for the punches life is going to throw at you, but always get back up and keep working towards your goals. Remember to laugh and never take anything too serious. Life is too short.

She came, she’s conquering and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Keep it classy Megan Brown.

Images courtesy of Megan Brown.


CL Interviews: Helen Yuan From The University of Texas at Austin

Helen Yuan, originally from Spring, Texas near Houston, is a vibrant young lady that loves nutrition, food, music and getting involved in the community. Yuan is a fourth year nutrition dietetics major and the president of Texas Nutrition at UT Austin. Her lively spirit radiates through her passion for life and leadership– a true model for any young person.

College Lifestyles™: What does Texas Nutrition do as an organization?

Helen Yuan: We’re the only pre-professional organization for dietetics students here on campus. Our primary purpose is to connect current students with already established people in the field of dietetics to help them gain those experiences. We are also open to anyone interested in nutrition, food and health, not just nutrition majors. We try to create volunteer events, meetings and socials so that it is appealing to anyone with an interest. We bring in food writers, food bloggers, entrepreneurs – anybody who has made a career for themselves having to deal with food and nutrition.

CL: How has Texas Nutrition impacted you personally?

HY: I have gotten pretty much all my leadership, management and interpersonal relationship skills from being an officer in TN. Having a good idea of what our goals are and having a game plan for our goals has helped me streamline my thought process and taught me how to give members the best experience from committing themselves to this organization.

CL: What are some of your responsibilities as president of TN?

HY: As president, I am mainly in charge of identifying our objectives for the semester, and then setting in motion what steps need to be taken to achieve those goals. I am also in charge of directing and delegating the other officers, and making sure they are fully aware of what their roles are and what their contribution is. We work together to plan meeting dates, events for the semester, contributing ideas and reaching out to other organizations and companies – acting as a liaison for our members and the Austin community as a whole.

Why did you choose UT Austin for school?

HY: Growing up in Texas, it was kind of understood that UT Austin was the epitome of a university – the best place you can go. It’s always paving the way for education and innovation – turning out graduates that are ready to enter the world and make a difference.  Also, the fact that it is in Austin is a huge plus. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s a diverse place that has something for everyone.

CL: Are you involved in any other organizations/extracurricular activities on campus?

HY: I am also president of Texas Swing Dance Society. It’s a much smaller organization that’s dedicated to teaching swing dance and other styles of vintage jazz dance.

CL: What are some of your hobbies outside of school?

HY: I really love going to live shows and since Austin is the “live music capital of the world,” I have had a lot of opportunity to do that. I go to free shows and check out bands no one has ever heard of.

CL: Who are you listening to now?

HY: These are always constant: The Killers, The Strokes, Artic Monkeys and Two-Door Cinema Club, a lot of alternative music – anything with some good instrumentals and a good beat.

CL: Who inspires you?

HY: Honestly, anybody I see that has a good idea of the direction of where they want to go in their life, people that go out and try to achieve every goal they set for themselves and make a difference in the world. There are a lot of people like that in my life, and I look at them and I’m like “wow, they really know what they’re doing,” and I want others to see me in the same way.

CL: What advice do you have for young people thinking about their future?

HY: Go out there and experience anything that you think is remotely interesting to you, get involved in organizations and meet new people. Always make a point to talk to new people and find out what their lives are about. Eventually you will come across something you know is meant for you and when you do – really dedicate yourself to it and work on your personal and professional growth along the way.

Ms. Yuan embodies those ambitious individuals that strive to make a difference in the world. She exemplifies the dedication, aspiration and commitment it takes to reach your goals- we applaud her efforts and wish her the best in the future!

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Images courtesy of Helen Yuan.

Classy Lady Spotlight: Shonda Rhimes



In Time magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” issue, Oprah recently endorsed Shonda Rhimes as a “storyteller of our times, [who] validates our story – the human story of faults and fears, loneliness and loss, triumphs and often short-lived joys. She gets us; all of us!”

Best known as the creator of some of our most beloved TV series, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice” and “Scandal,” this powerhouse runs Shondaland production company, which has over 550 employees, and holds down the job as a single mother.

Name: Shonda Lynn Rhimes

Birthday:  January 13, 1970

Fun fact: According to, Shonda Rhimes is the first African-American woman to create and executive produce a Top 10 network series—the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Current Projects: Rhimes is the creator and currently executive producer and head writer of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The series focuses on the surgical staff at a fictional hospital in Seattle, Washington. The show has received numerous awards each year since its conception as a highly popular drama.

Since then, she has had a multitude of other successes such as “Private Practice,” but the only other shows that continue to be on air are “Scandal,” the political drama starring Kerry Washington and the more recent “How to Get Away With Murder,” the mystery-thriller starring Viola Davis.

In 2015, Rhimes was in the process of developing a pilot called “The Catch,” based on the Kate Atkinson novel, which columnist Cindy Elavsky described as a “thriller … about a woman who is about to get married … and about to get conned.” The series starring Mireille Enos and Peter Krause is set to premiere March 24, 2016, on ABC.

Community Outreach and Charities: Although the mother of three does not have formal charity involvement, she has often been praised for featuring diverse casts on her shows.

Why Shonda Rhimes is a Classy Lady: After graduation, the writer found herself an unemployed scriptwriter in Hollywood. To make ends meet, Rhimes worked at a variety of day jobs, including as an office administrator, and then as a counselor at a job center that taught mentally ill and homeless people job skills. She never gave up and worked hard enough to have her own feature script picked up by a network.

Despite her success, Rhimes continues to stay true to herself as a writer in all of her projects. She’s never played by Hollywood’s traditional rules and is fearless in her approach to her work.

“I really try to make a show that I would want to watch,” Rhimes said to “If I don’t want to watch it… it doesn’t go in the show.”


In May 2007, Rhimes was named one of Time magazine’s 100 People Who Help Shape The World. Rhimes regularly receives recognition for her work. She has received several GLAAD Media and NAACP Image Awards for her tackling of important issues in terms of race and sexuality in her projects, but she insists that she is not a trailblazer.

“A dream job is not about dreaming,” she says. “It’s all job, all work, all reality, all blood, all sweat, no tears. I work a lot. For me my work is at all times… manning the troops, it is painting a canvas, it is hitting every high note, it is running a marathon, it is being Beyoncé.”

Rhimes’ unwavering commitment to her craft, her family and even herself has molded her into the person she is. These great qualities inspire others to recognize their own calling and follow their own path, no matter what it may be.

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Images courtesy of Shonda Rhimes’ Twitter.


CL Interviews: Kim Mulder from Iona College

kim tip

Iona College is a school renowned, not only for its impressive curriculum for mass communication majors, but also for the talented and ambitious students within the program. Junior public relations major Kim Mulder is one of these upstanding students who has shown true Iona spirit through her dedication to on-campus activities. She has flown all the way from California to New York to pursue her dreams and take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities Iona College and the city have to offer her.

College LifestylesTM was certainly pleased to have gotten to know more about Mulder and public relations through this campus president interview.

College LifestylesTM: What made you choose Iona?

Kim Mulder: I had the help of my high school academic adviser to find schools in the west and east coast. I asked her for help if we can split finding colleges/universities that had excellent public relations programs. Then, she showed me Iona College and it had public relations as a concentrated major. I researched into the school more, applied and got in. I am from LA and had never been to New York, but I went with my gut feeling and chose Iona. Once orientation came, campus felt like home.

CL: What is your favorite part about Iona?

KM: Definitely the people I’ve met and being close to the city.

CL: Why did you choose your major?

KM: When I was younger, I had seen the MTV show, “The Hills” and two of the main characters worked for this fashion PR company called People’s Revolution. I thought to myself, “Wait, I love fashion, but what is PR?” I researched more into the company and found one of the founders, Kelly Cutrone. I adored Cutrone’s job as the liaison between the public and the fashion houses. I’ve been in love with PR ever since.

CL: What is your favorite part about your major?

KM: I am extremely grateful to be participating in the five-year program here at Iona to get my master’s in PR. Being able to learn with my classmates and professors is priceless. When we all get together, we feed off each other- you can experience the passions each of us have, even though we are looking to go into different fields in the industry.


CL: What are your career goals?

KM: I hope to own my own fashion/art PR firm one day and be a mentor to future PR practitioners.

CL: What is your campus president position?

KM: I am currently the President of Iona College/Westchester’s Public Relations Student Society of America. We are a national student organization under Public Relations Society of America and help other students learn more about the business of PR.

CL: What are the responsibilities of being President of PRSSA?

KM: I overlook the chapter and remain in contact with the national organization. I attend Student Government Association meetings, leadership programs and seminars. Also, I lead club and executive meetings and update advisers with chapter activities.

CL: Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

KM: I hope to work for a major fashion house and travel around the world.

We hope you’ve learned a bit more about public relations and have enjoyed getting to know Kim Mulder as much as we did here at CL! We wish Mulder much success in her future endeavors!

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Images courtesy of Kim Mulder.

Intern Kitchen: Easter Bunny Cake


With Easter right upon us, there is no stopping ourselves from daydreaming about all of our favorite holiday treats. Traditional egg breads to be purchased from local bakeries, homemade baskets from the Easter Bunny filled will holiday staples like Peeps and chocolate bunnies- these are just few among many of the goodies we have to look forward to this holiday.

But why stop at the small treats? What about something big to feed the whole family? After all, Easter dinner is never complete without Easter dessert. Impress your whole family this Easter by making this adorable Bunny Cake. It’s simple, delicious and sure to feed a crowd!


Prep time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Servings: 12


1 package of yellow cake mix

3 ¾ cups flaked, sweetened coconut

1 package of vanilla frosting

Food coloring

1 package of jellybeans

Black licorice

Two cake pans, 1 round and 1 rectangular


Begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or the indicated temperature on your package of cake mix.

Prepare cake batter and divide it evenly between the round and rectangular cake pans.

Bake and cool according to the packaged directions.

Once your cakes have cooled, remove the cake from the round tin onto a serving tray.

This circular cake will act as the bunny’s head.

Then, remove the rectangular cake from its baking tin and use a knife to carve out two ears and a bowtie.

Place the ears above the circular head, and place the bowtie below it.

Frost the entire bunny using vanilla icing, covering the sides as well.

You can take liberty in creating whatever color you would like to frost the bowtie by mixing some vanilla icing with food coloring.

Pat the coconut flakes on the white parts of the bunny, like its head and ears, in order to give the illusion of fluffy fur.

Decorate the rest of the bunny with black licorice for the whiskers and jellybeans as the eyes.

Serve and amaze!

(Recipe courtesy of AllRecipes.)



If you want to make this recipe vegan, replace the eggs with bananas. The coconut and banana flavors compliment each other very well, exuding the essence of spring. For a more indulgent egg replacement, try cream cheese. The yellow cake mix combined with the cream cheese is reminiscent of cake pops and truffles, sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

We hope you and your family enjoy this recipe this Easter!

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Top image courtesy of everydayplus/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.

Middle image courtesy of arcadante/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.