DIY: 4 Halloween Costumes For Sorority Ladies

DIY: 4 Halloween Costumes For Sorority Ladies

October is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking up new and fabulous Halloween costumes! As sorority ladies it’s important not only be creative and sassy, but also classy. Maybe you all have a Halloween mixer, or your pledge class wants to do something together. Here are some awesome ideas that won’t break your bank or exclude any girls.

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What to Wear: 5 Fall/Winter Transition Pieces

Fall is creeping up on us, which means winter isn’t too far behind. We all know what this means–shopping! Check out these versatile items for fall and winter.

Blazers: They’re perfect for brisk fall days as well as chilly winter afternoons. Warm colors are best for the fall and winter seasons, unlike the bright and fun colors we were used to this summer. They are great for casual outings or days in the office.

Fall to Winter Blazers

H m jacket
$47 -

H m jacket
$47 -

ONLY blazer
$50 -

H m jacket
$47 -


Skirts: Weird as it may sound, skirts are great transition pieces! In the fall you can wear them normally, but as it gets cooler, add a patterned pair of tights or leggings underneath the skirt. Deep colors and prints are ideal for this look.

Fall to Winter Skirts

River Island skater skirt
$25 -

Navy blue skirt
$19 -

Uniqlo skirt
$7.74 -


Scarves: Spice up a simple day outfit with scarves. Infinity scarves make a great accessory to a blazers. These fun rings can be looped around loosely for fall and a bit more tight for some warmth this winter. Chiffon scarves are a great option as well. Again, neutral colors are key.

Fall to Winter Scarves

Jigsaw linen scarve
$46 -

H M knit circle scarve
$13 -

Knit circle scarve
$21 -

Pieces tube scarve
$25 -

Vero Moda long scarve
$4.92 -


Boots: Combat style boots are a funky addition to tons of outfits. You can rock them with a fall skirt, or keep feet cozy when by pairing them with jeans. Fold-over boots with tribal prints are already starting to make their premiere in fall shoe lines at Target and Sears.

Fall to Winter Shoes

 Kirra wedge heels

Brown boots


Backpack: Shoot for tribal print and neutral colors. These bags are convenient for fun fall days in the park(hyperlink to day dates). They are comfortable and stylish.

Fall to Winter Bags

Studded bag

Zipper bag

Roxy bag


As you’re starting to pick up some new clothes for this lovely autumn season, keep this guide in your purse as a shopping reference!

Angela Skane is a freshman at The University of Florida. Follow her @AngelaSkane. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook,Pinterest, and Twitter @collegelifestyl.

CL’s 4 Last-Minute Group Halloween Costumes

With less than a week until Halloween, it is truly costume crunch time. If you have plans to rock the night with a group of friends, these easy group costume ideas can be thrown together with little time or effort. A little blast from the past inspiration, these store-inspired outfits turned homemade masterpieces are sure to make your group the focal point of the party.


The Spice Girls

Spice Up Your Life and pull out your favorite 90’s clothing to channel your inner diva. Have fun with vibrant colors, exciting patterns and huge statement shoes. Each girl can pick a band member and imitate their personality and sense of style.

Candy Bar Cuties

It may be too late to order the store-bought costumes, but candy bars are an easy costume to replicate. Compliment a solid color dress with a printed candy bar logo and throw on some statement heels. With this group of costumes, you can wear the candy and eat it too!

The Brady Bunch

If you have a large co-ed group, make the Brady Bunch kids proud and sport your favorite 60’s wear. Once again, bright colors, unique patterns (you have complete permission to mismatch) and statement accessories are key! The outfits can be as involved or as simple as you want to make them—it’s all about personalization.

Twister Boards

Take out your Twister game board and spinner to fashion a custom dress and headpiece. You can add solid color accessories, hair color or fun shoes to make the outfit pop! Group members can pick a color, or you can choose to wear them all.

Meaghan O’Connor is a Writer/Social Media intern at College Lifestyles (TM) and is a Communications/International Relations major at the University of Michigan. She is a proud member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and is known for her big heart and big dreams.

Easy Halloween Costumes Already In Your Closet

Halloween is exactly a week away. – do you have your costume yet? If not, no worries! CL comes to the rescue with these simple costume ideas. Most of these items will already be in your (or a friends’s) closet, or can be found with a quick trip to the drugstore.


Katy Perry:
Retro makeup + Pumps + Blue/Purple Wig + Denim Shorts + Bikini Top  + Oversized Lollipop

Black Jeans + Black T-shirt + Sunglasses + Black Boots + Water Gun

Blue Jeans + Plaid Shirt + Cowboy Hat + Cowboy Boots

Black Jeans + Black Shirt + Tail + Ears + Eyeliner Nose/Whiskers

Short Shorts  + Fishnets + Sequin Top

Justin Bieber:
Hoodie + T-shirt + Converse + Black Jeans + Aviators + Dog Tag Necklace + Bieber Wig

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Top 5 Halloween Costumes from Target

costumeNeed a last minute Halloween costume? Have no fear, College Lifestyles is here with our Top 5 Favorite Costumes from Target. :)

**If you order your costume online, be sure they ship it within 2-3 days so that you have in time for Halloween!

1. Car Hop Girl

-  The hat is adorable and will look great with pin-straight hair.
- Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear those white socks or shoes. ;) A pair of heels would look great!

Car Hop Girl Costume, $31.99.

2. Pumpkin Spice

- We love the White Boot tops and pumpkin-style wig!
- Buy a pair of white fish net stockings and gloves to complete the look.

Pumpkin Spice, $29.99

Pumpkin Spice Costume, $29.99.

3. First Lady

- The gloves, shoes, pearls, and wig aren’t included in the package, so be sure to get them on your own!
- This costume looks great on any body shape because of the cute pink belt.

First Lady Costume, $34.99
First Lady Costume, $34.99.

4. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

- A pair of white stockings, red heels, and braided pig tails will bring this costume to life.
- Don’t forget Toto! Find a stuffed animal of a dog and carry him around in your purse.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, $36.99

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, $36.99.

5. Mod Doll

- Flashback to the 1970s in this fun Mod Dress!
- Find some White Go-Go Boots from a thrift store or even wear a pair of white heels.

Mod Doll Costume, $32.99.

Mod Doll Costume, $32.99.

Happy Halloween!

Remember, no matter where you go, stay with your friends and be safe!

Shannon May is an intern with College Lifestyles (TM).  She is a Marketing Major at the University of Florida and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. Feel free to contact Shannon at to share your fabulous Halloween costume.