CL Interviews: Melissa Martin from University of North Carolina at Charlotte


With her bubbly personality and her hardworking nature, Melissa Martin took over the role of president of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority as a junior at UNC Charlotte. College Lifestyles™ got the opportunity to sit down with the communications major to discuss how she takes on this big role and why it means so much to her.

College Lifestyles™: What made you join Alpha Delta Pi in the first place?

Melissa Martin: I joined ADPi because when I met the girls, they were people I could see myself spending time with and looking up to! I also really connected with the philanthropy, which is Ronald McDonald House. I connected with it because when my dad was sick in the hospital for 6 months, my mom stayed in a home that was similar to RMH and I wanted to be able to give back to an organization that gave back to people like my mom!

CL: What made you want to run for president of Alpha Delta Pi?

MM: I wanted to run for president for a few reasons. One of which was I wanted to be a good role model for girls in ADPi. I also wanted to make a difference. I had a lot of really good ideas that I wanted to share and help people with, but couldn’t with a smaller position. Also, I have had a lot of leadership training so I wanted to really utilize that for the betterment of the chapter.

CL: What is your favorite part of ADPi?

MM: My favorite part is the sisterhood. I have so many girls who I know I can always count on. Whether that’s someone to eat lunch with, study with or do things on the weekend with, I have so many amazing girls I’m surrounded by that share the same values as me.

CL: What is your favorite memory so far of your time in this organization?

MM: My favorite memory would have to be Pie a Pi. This event is so special because we all come together and can all be so silly with one another!

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CL: What is the most challenging part of being president of such a big organization?

MM: The most challenging part is just trying to please everyone! That is never going to be possible, but just trying to make everyone enjoy their time in the organization is challenging. We only get 4 years, so I really want to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

CL: What is your number one goal to achieve before your time of president is up?

MM: My number one goal is to get us closer to achieving golden lion, which is the highest award an ADPi chapter can receive.

CL: How do you balance being the president of ADPi with schoolwork?

MM: I balance it by really trying to get all my homework done before focusing on stuff with ADPi. It can be challenging at times but I really just try to make both a priority.

CL: What advice would you give to the next president of ADPi?

MM: The advice I would give is to have patience. I am quick to jump the gun on some things and think that it has to be done right away, but I am realizing that if you take the time you need to get things done and to wait on something it will all work out!

CL: What do you like to do in your free time?

MM: In my free time, I love to work out! Whether that’s cycle classes, barre or yoga, I love being able to relieve stress this way and just to forget about things that are going on!

CL: How has this leadership position changed you?

MM: This has changed me by really realizing that not one thing is going to work for everyone and really tailoring things to fit each individual person and to take a step back and to be okay with not pleasing everyone. I have always been a people pleaser but I am really trying to live by this quote: “Confidence isn’t caring what people think about you; it’s having enough confidence to not care what anyone else thinks.”

CL: What are three words you would use to describe the Zeta Gamma chapter of ADPi?

MM: Three words I would use are evolving, confident and resilient.

College Lifestyles™ could easily see the passion and hope Martin has for the Zeta Gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. We cannot wait to see what is in store for the determined co-ed throughout the rest of her presidency. Best of luck to Martin and Alpha Delta Pi!

Images courtesy of Melissa Martin.