Tips for Boosting Your Self-Esteem Over Summer Break


According to psychologist John M. Grohol, self-esteem simply means appreciating yourself for who you are — faults, quirks and all.  Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself. People with a good and healthy self-esteem are able to feel good about themselves for who they are, appreciate their own worth and take pride in their abilities and accomplishments. Here are some tips on how to boost your self-esteem this summer.

Think Positive Thoughts

According to, a good place to start with raising your self-esteem is by learning how to handle and replace the voice of your own inner critic. This inner voice will often whisper destructive thoughts into your mind. You don’t have to accept them.

Minimize that critical voice and replace it with more helpful and constructive thoughts. According to, the way you feel affects your thoughts, memory and behavior. Changing how you view yourself begins with the way you think.  

Stop Comparing Yourself

Nothing can hurt our self-esteem more than unfair comparisons. When you compare your life and what you have to other people’s lives and what they have then you are being destructive to yourself. You can never win. There is always someone who has more or is better than you at something in the world.

So replace that habit with something better.

Look at how far you have come instead. Compare yourself to yourself. Focus on you, on your results and on how you can and have improved. This will both motivate you and raise your self-esteem.


Get to Know Yourself

Sometimes when we’re down on ourselves and our self-esteem has taken a big hit, we feel like we have nothing to offer the world or others. It may be that we simply haven’t found everything that we do have to offer — things we haven’t even considered or thought of yet.

Examine Your Circle

It will be hard to keep your self-esteem up if the people in your life constantly drag it down. Choose to spend less time with people who are perfectionists, unkind or unsupportive of your dreams or goals and spend more time with positive, uplifting people. Pay attention to what you read, listen to and watch as well.  

The difference between someone with good self-esteem and someone without it is the ability to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. When you love yourself more life simply becomes easier.

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How to Be the Healthiest Version of You

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Intern Kitchen: Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus top pic

The most difficult part of eating healthy is finding ways to make the healthy foods you need to consume delicious and tasty. It is important to not load your healthy meats and vegetables with sauces that will defeat the purpose of consuming the food in the first place. Finding tasty ways to consume foods we dread to eat will make it easier to get the health benefits we need and help us to be more willing to consume them in the first place. With this in mind, here is how to make delicious, yet healthy roasted asparagus.


According to, asparagus is full of so many health benefits, two being that it is high in Vitamin K and folate. also states that asparagus contains chromium, which helps insulin to transport glucose. Because of these among many other reasons, asparagus is a great food to consume. It is not always the most appetizing, so here is a delicious way to spice up the taste of asparagus and make you more willing to eat it.

Servings: 5 servings

Prep Time: 30 minutes


20 large asparagus

2 tablespoons olive oil

Black pepper

¼ cup lemon juice

asparagus bottomDirections

Start by preheating the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, preparing your ingredients by measuring out the proper amounts and placing your asparagus neatly on a baking pan.

Take the tablespoons of olive oil and lightly drizzle them all over the asparagus, so that they are completely coated on the pan. Leave sit for five minutes, allowing the olive oil to soak into them.

Take the black pepper and lightly shake it across the asparagus pieces, so each one is sprinkled with a little seasoning.

When the oven is ready, place the olive oil and black pepper-coated asparagus in the oven for 10 minutes.

When the 10 minutes are up, turn the asparagus pieces over and leave in the oven for another 10 minutes, allowing the other side to get a brown crisp as well.

When your asparagus pieces have a light brown crisp coating to them, take them out and immediately use your lemon juice to pour over the roasted food.

You want to do this immediately so the asparagus is still hot and fresh, which will allow the lemon juice to fully sink into the asparagus to give it the full flavor.

After drizzling with lemon juice, let sit for five minutes and enjoy!

(College Lifestyles™ original recipe.)

This recipe is easy to make, takes little to no time to complete and makes plenty of servings. It is a great way to add zest and flavor to a food that has so many great health benefits. states that a step in eating healthy is enjoying the food you consume. This recipe allows the asparagus to be a little bit more pleasant to eat. According to, about sixty percent of college students find it difficult to afford and find nutritious foods. This recipe is an affordable way to receive the nutrients college students are lacking.

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Things You Aren’t Cleaning in Your Dorm or Apartment, But Should Be

Cleaning top pic

With our busy schedules, it is hard to find five minutes here and there to sit and relax, let alone clean our apartment or dorm. It is important to realize that cleaning regularly will help the place stay in good order as well as allow you to feel organized and clean.

According to, cleaning regularly will allow you to feel less stressed because you will save time looking for things you can’t find through the mess and won’t have to spend hours cleaning when it is a built up mess. Here are some simple things you should be cleaning regularly in your dorm or apartment.

The Bathroom

Although this may seem like an obvious one, many people today don’t take the time to clean their bathroom regularly. They feel as if it looks clean and doesn’t need to be wiped down. Even though you may not be able to physically see them, your bathroom in your dorm or apartment attracts germs so easily.

It is important to take the time each week to wipe down the sinks, toilets, mirrors and counters with disinfectant to kill germs and prevent them from spreading more. According to, germs can live on moist surfaces, such as sinks, for as long as three days. Make sure you are taking this into consideration when deciding how long to wait until you clean your bathroom.

cleaning bottom pic


Your Countertops

Another aspect of your dorm or apartment that is overlooked is your countertops in the kitchen. Many times our countertops look clean and shiny and you don’t find the need to wipe them down. The reality of the situation is that although they look clean, they are filled with crumbs and other foods that you aren’t even aware of.

If you bend down and turn your head sideways, you can easily see the buildup of crumbs covering your countertops. Each day, take the time to wipe the counter down after you make a meal to avoid this buildup. If you do this regularly, your countertops will actually be as clean as they look.

Your Bedroom Furniture

Individuals tend to overlook bedroom furniture when it comes time to clean their apartment or dorm. Since you don’t typically eat or drink in your room, people think that bedroom furniture isn’t full of germs or in need of a clean. This is not the case. Bedroom furniture is so easily built up with dust that we cannot see. It is vital to wipe down our furniture daily to avoid getting sick., states that dust particles can be inhaled and cause coughing, sneezing and irritation of the eyes, to name a few.

These are a few, yet not all, things that you should be cleaning regularly in your apartment or dorm. Cleaning these parts of your living space regularly will allow you to feel clean and healthy by eliminating germs and dust that you cannot see. Keep these aspects of your apartment and dorm in mind next time you are cleaning since they are typically overlooked, yet important to keep clean.

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This is What It’s Like to Date Someone Who’s Still in High School

thisimage1 I entered my freshman year of college at The University of North Texas in August 2012. I started that year eager to start fresh and start over. But there were still some things from high school and home that I was still not willing to let go of including my high school relationship.

My significant other was beginning his senior year of high school as I was beginning my freshman year of college. We discussed taking a break or breaking up but decided to try to stay together and settle with a long distance relationship. Although neither one of us had experienced long distance dating before we didn’t think it would be much of a challenge because of how great our relationship was at the moment. We were very wrong. Probably not even a month into my first semester we stopped communicating as often. When we did I either didn’t have much time to talk or he was going to sleep.

Because we no longer ran on the same class schedules, the way my school days went versus the way his school days went were much different. Also, our workloads were no longer similar either; I spent much more time outside of class studying and doing homework then I did in high school and he didn’t understand why.

After that first month we both decided in order to maintain our friendship we should split up. However only a few months later when I went home for winter break we called it back on again. After we had made the decision I was sure things were going to work out because we knew what challenges to expect. That was not the case; we ending breaking up shortly after I returned to school from Christmas break because in the end he was still in high school and I was in college and we were in two completely different places mentally.


This story sounds sad, but it actually worked out well for both of us. We are actually good friends to this day because we had this realization. 

“I think saving our friendship was way more important than struggling through that relationship,” John Smith said.

Of course there are some relationships that you can carry from high school to college that may work out. Regardless of the relationship the high school individual is not going to understand what college is really like until they get there. In college you’re exploring a lot and your SO may feel left out.

“All that exploring can lead to the ‘turkey drop,’ a phenomenon that, while unconfirmed by science, follows the conventional wisdom that high-school-to-college relationships are most likely to dissolve around Thanksgiving of the first year,” said NBC story “Can Your High School Relationship Survive College.”

Also there’s the factor of being forced to be long distance that’s a challenge for just a regular relationship. Only 32.5 percent of successful college relationships are long distance according to a study by Campus Explorer.

When considering transitioning a relationship from high school to college, or from college to adulthood, remember to think about if you and your SO will be able to get through all those changes.

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Source’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

Five Signs You’re Too Stressed

stressed top pic

With college classes winding down for the semester and everyone trying to finish out the year strong, our bodies and minds are tired and overly stressed. It is important to recognize these signs so that you can take proper precaution and do things to destress yourself before it takes a toll. According to, stress is our bodies’ response to threats or demands. states that the idea of college-level work and how much students have to get done stresses them out and makes them feel overwhelmed. Here are five signs you are physically and emotionally way too stressed.

You Are Tired All the Time

When you are overly stressed, your body starts shutting down and you suddenly become too tired to take on any task. Whether it is going for a run or as simple as walking around campus, you feel fatigued to even do simple tasks. You feel as if you haven’t slept for days, even though you might have gotten plenty of sleep the night before.

You Can’t Sleep

Although your body and mind are so tired from a long stressful day, when it is time to lay down and go to sleep, you can’t. You are wide-awake and find it difficult to fall asleep each night. When you are so overly stressed and it is consuming your thoughts, it affects your sleep. Your body and mind are too stressed to wind down and relax.

stress bottom pic

You Lost Your Happiness

When you are physically and emotionally stressed, you lose your drive and desire to do fun, adventurous things. Because your mind is clouded with so many other thoughts, you no longer feel happiness from things that once gave it to you. Whether it is going outside, reading a book or taking a road trip, you feel as if you don’t have time to do these activities.

Changes in Your Mood

Even when you have five seconds to spare to do something you enjoy and relax for a bit, you don’t want to. You experience changes in your mood, ranging from angry to depressed to experiencing anxiety. You can’t seem to control your feelings and emotions and they feel as if they are out of your control. According to, cortisol, the primary stress hormone, plays an active role in your mood and how you feel daily.

You Have Difficulty Concentrating

Stress tends to take over our minds and cloud our thoughts. When we are that consumed with a million different ideas in our head, it is hard to stay focused. For example, if you are sitting in class worrying about the two papers and huge project you have to get done by tomorrow, you are not concentrating on what you are currently learning because you are so distracted by what your mind is telling you.

It is important to recognize these signs of stress, among others, so that you can catch them before they get too serious and hopefully take action in reducing your stress. Whether it be taking ten minutes a day to meditate or finding a fun activity to rewind your mind and relax, it is important to pay attention to your mental health and take care of your body physically and emotionally.

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Here’s a Morning Workout to Try If You’re Not a Morning Person

Exercise 1

Not a morning person? Join the club. For most of us, the idea of exercising in the morning sounds refreshing, but actually getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day. You need a cold shower and an extra strong cup of coffee just to keep your eyes open in your 8 a.m. biology class. But we’ve heard time and again how helpful a morning exercise routine can be.

“A recent study suggests that you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat by exercising in the morning before your first meal,” says Cosmopolitan magazine. Not to mention, you’ll feel ready to take on your hectic day if you start it off right.

But getting in your morning exercise doesn’t have to mean you go for a ten-mile run before the sun even comes up. There are a million great exercise routines that don’t involve you leaving your dorm room. For some, you won’t even have to leave your bed! England’s National Health Service has put together a 5-minute wake-up workout that stretches out all your sleepy muscles before you even throw off the covers.

Start with an overhead stretch (which you probably already do) by completely stretching your body from fingertips to toes. You can even hold onto your headboard to stretch if you have one. Next, pull your knees up to your chest one at a time to stretch them. Then, stretch your hamstrings by pulling each leg straight up in the air, one at a time, holding your leg behind your knee. Finally, roll your knees flat to one side, then the other, keeping your shoulders flat and relaxed on the bed.

Exercise 2

This short routine will help wake you up a little and once you’ve had your breakfast, you’ll be ready to take on the next step. Try a green smoothie with almond milk, apples and kale. If the smoothie doesn’t wake you up, the sound of a blender sure will!

With just a yoga mat, you have endless possibilities when it comes to dorm room exercises. Basic push-ups, sit-ups and crunches are always a great idea, but you can always try adding planks, bridges and side leg lifts as well. There are also some exercise web series that are minimal in cost (and sometimes free) that you can watch to help you get into a routine.

“My favorite in-dorm exercises are for abs. I do bicycles, sit-ups, leg lifts and use a ten-pound weight to get the most definition out of my routine,” says Julia Brown, a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Just the fact that you won’t have to change out of your PJs or walk to the gym makes these exercise routines so much easier for those of us who aren’t morning people. By making small, easy changes, you’ll feel more energized throughout the day.

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How To Approach A Guy First


You see him across the room, the most handsome guy in the room. Both of you keep briefly glancing at each other from across the crowded party and your brain is screaming “Come talk to me already!” But you can sense that he’s not going to approach you first. There’s only one thing left to do: just forget about it. 

Actually, no. Ladies, we need to stop letting a potential new boo slip through our fingertips just because the guy didn’t talk to us first. It’s 2016: women can do a lot things these days. Gender norms have changed so much in the past 10 years; therefore, we should be taking full advantage of them and change who approached who first.

There are lots of logical reasons why we shouldn’t or don’t approach a guy first, such as he might have a girlfriend, you may come off as trying too hard or creepy, according to Elite Daily’s “9 Basic Reasons Why Girls Still Won’t Approach A Guy First.” Though these are all good excuses, they are not good enough. How will you know if any of these apply if you don’t even try?

Here are some ideas on how to approach a guy first like a pro.

1. Ask or compliment him about something he is wearing. 

If you don’t know where to start or get super nervous this is a good one for you. It’s friendly without being too friendly and starts a casual conversation. 

Example: “Where did you get that watch? I’ve been looking for one for my dad for weeks now.” 


2. Just get straight to the point. 

This is for when you’re feeling bold. Sometimes it’s just best to not beat around the bush and it also shows a guy that you’re easy to communicate with and confident. 

Example: “Hi my name is … are you single?” 

3. Be funny, make a joke or an obviously bad pick up line. 

This is one of my personal favorite ways to talk to guy. Jokes or pick-up lines are a clear indicator that you’re someone he can laugh and have fun with. Don’t have a pick-up line? Sites like Buzzfeed, Elite Daily and College Humor can help you out. 

Example: “If you were a vegetable you would be a cute-cumber.” 

This is a very short list or ways to approach a guy. Eye contact and slight touching are the obvious ones, according to Madame Noir’s “6 Ways To Approach a Guy.” But if you want to be a little more creative do whatever makes you feel comfortable and just do it! Don’t let that cute guy slip through your grasp again.

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Classy Lady Spotlight: Sophia Amoruso


California-born Sophia Amoruso is the former CEO of Nasty Gal, a retailer that sells modern and vintage fashion, shoes and accessories for young women. She recently published a book called “#GIRLBOSS.” According to the Huffington Post, the book is part memoir and part business guide and follows Amoruso’s unlikely path to success — from a dumpster-diving teenager to a CEO. Amoruso is inspiring a generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands.

Name: Sophia Amoruso

Birthday: April 20, 1984

Fun fact: The first ever object she sold on her online eBay shop was a stolen book.

Current Projects: Although she is no longer the CEO of NastyGal, Amoruso still has exciting developments coming in the future. According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix is creating a series based on her bestseller “#GIRLBOSS.”

The comedy series will follow Amoruso’s story of how she went from selling vintage clothing on eBay to founding the multimillion-dollar Nasty Gal fashion label by age 27.

Netflix is teaming with actress Charlize Theron and Kay Cannon, the writer of the “Pitch Perfect” franchise, to produce the series.

Community Outreach and Charities: Amoruso launched the #Girlboss™ Foundation, which is a nonprofit that supports creative entrepreneurs, specifically women, in furthering their interests and their dreams. Since its launch in 2014, according to its website, the #Girlboss™ Foundation has awarded over $75,000 in financial grants to women in the worlds of design, fashion, music and the arts to help fund them on their way to becoming a #Girlboss™ and owning their future. The foundation aims to empower creative women to take over the world.


Why Sophia Amoruso is a Classy Lady: The 31-year-old’s fashion empire began as a simple store on eBay. Despite her success, Amoruso has stated that it was never about having a big business for her. She has always been focused on doing the best job that she possibly could.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Amoruso stated that her work is more than just about fashion.

“We give girls a place to be themselves. And ‘#GIRLBOSS,’ as a book, gives girls permission to to be who they want to be, and to try new things, and to have an opinion, and to have an unpopular opinion and to do things differently. I think it’s important that everyone understands that there’s no real prescription to having an awesome life.”

Amoruso has her own definition of what it means to be successful.

“I think we’re all capable of creating successes in our life every day, and I think that’s a much healthier approach to your life and your career. If something doesn’t work out and you learn from it, you’ve still been successful.”

We at College Lifestyles™ love Sophia Amoruso because she is unapologetically exactly who she is, a quality that’s important for all classy women to have.

“I think it’s important that women live the life they want to live, and don’t live the life that the world has told them to live — unless they want to. That’s their life, that’s their choice, and that’s what they want.”

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Here’s How to Avoid Movie & T.V. Spoilers


You’re sitting at dinner with you friends and they all of a sudden break into a conversation about the last episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” However, they don’t know you have not watched it yet, so what do you do?

A. Plug your ears and hum loudly until they are done.

B. Don’t say anything. 

C. Ask them to talk about something else.

All of these options are understandable reactions; however, option B will more than likely lead to someone leaking a major spoiler. No one likes hearing the great part of a show or movies they missed.

“I’ve stopped watching certain shows because someone spoiled it for me,” said education senior Kaya Savannah.

Of course you can just not watch television or go out with friends ever again, but that’s ridiculous. There are much easier way to enjoy at home entertainment without having a “spoiler” stop you. Here are some simple tips on how to avoid them.

Stay off social media during and after your favorite show. 

Social media is the first place people are going to go to talk. If your favorite show airs at 8 p.m. but you’re still stuck at work avoid your phone. No matter how bad your urge is to send a funny tweet or check Facebook, it can wait if you want to avoid that spoiler. 

Take a break from the internet and television. 

This is something we should all do occasionally. It is difficult to unplug and remove yourself from your electronics but it’s healthy and sometimes necessary. Go involve yourself in something that requires you to not have your phone in hand or T.V. in your face. You’ll be amazed how much time flies by and of course no spoilers. 

Make sure your friends are respectful during conversations about T.V. and film. 

If you are ever in an actual situation like the one I mentioned earlier, the best idea is to just let friends know if you haven’t seen something yet and that you would really appreciate if they would talk about something else or not give away any important details. If you have good friends they’ll be understanding. 


If you’re a Netflix user, you have access to a website called The site allows you connect your social media accounts to your Netflix accounts and avoid posts with spoilers to shows that you watch. The idea started after the company realized how difficult it was for people to avoid “Breaking Bad” tweets, but the site was such a success they decided to keep it. 

“The company introduced a new Twitter app called Spoiler Foiler, which blocks spoilers related to AMC’s hit show from your news feed. When activated, the app blacks out any words that might reveal plot developments,” Mashable said. 

Genius, Netflix. Some people like finding out information before they watch a show to movies though; it gives them an idea of what to expect.

“If learning about the crucial bits of the story can ruin the entire thing for you, then maybe it wasn’t a good movie in the first place,” said, an entertainment news website. 

There are plenty of other ways to avoid spoilers, but if you’re new to this these are good places to start.

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Small Changes You Can Make to Start Exercising More

Workout 1

Bikini season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to burn that belly fat and tighten those thighs! But in the midst of projects, essays and finals, working out is pretty difficult to do. So how do you make time in your busy schedule to make working out a priority?

“Between work and family responsibilities, a daily trip to the gym can be tough going,” says “You’ve just got to be a little creative when it comes to your exercise regimen.” They suggest to start slow if you’re introducing new exercises into your routine, and build up as you go. But it seems that finding time is the hardest part. So here are four great ways to make “no excuses” your new exercise motto!

Wear your workout clothes to class

For some, having to change into workout clothes can be the biggest hassle in a workout routine. When and where do you change when you have classes all day? For this writer, there was an hour of free time after class right next to the gym, so changing into my workout clothes before I went to class gave me no excuse to walk all the way back to the dorm.

Take fitness classes as your electives

“It’s super effective because you have to go for credit, which is a great motivation,” says Malia Rabatin, a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University. “I’m in Aerobics and Yoga right now during my last semester, and it’s helped me get back into shape!” When signing up for next semester, keep an open mind about your elective classes. Some colleges require a fitness credit, but even if it isn’t required, many still offer fitness classes. If you need elective credits or have room in your schedule, taking a fitness class is the perfect way to carve out a chunk of your time a few days a week.

workout 2

Find a workout buddy

There are a ton of other students on campus who are in the same predicament when it comes to working out, so find a friend who has a similar schedule and make plans. By having someone to keep you accountable, you will make a promise to yourself as well as your friend that you will work out. Plus, having a buddy around just makes working out more fun!

Have a rockin’ playlist

A little bit of Macklemore, a dash of The 1975 and of course Queen B(eyonce). What better motivation do you need to work out than an excuse to listen to all the best music? Make sure to have your headphones in your backpack so you don’t forget them and start blasting that playlist.

Tina Haupert of says, “Obviously, my schedule was a challenge, but I knew if I started to make excuses, I’d never lose the weight, so I toughened up and created a fail-proof plan.” By planning ahead and committing yourself to getting stronger, you can surely meet your fitness goals, even with these small changes.

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CL Interviews: Melissa Martin from University of North Carolina at Charlotte


With her bubbly personality and her hardworking nature, Melissa Martin took over the role of president of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority as a junior at UNC Charlotte. College Lifestyles™ got the opportunity to sit down with the communications major to discuss how she takes on this big role and why it means so much to her.

College Lifestyles™: What made you join Alpha Delta Pi in the first place?

Melissa Martin: I joined ADPi because when I met the girls, they were people I could see myself spending time with and looking up to! I also really connected with the philanthropy, which is Ronald McDonald House. I connected with it because when my dad was sick in the hospital for 6 months, my mom stayed in a home that was similar to RMH and I wanted to be able to give back to an organization that gave back to people like my mom!

CL: What made you want to run for president of Alpha Delta Pi?

MM: I wanted to run for president for a few reasons. One of which was I wanted to be a good role model for girls in ADPi. I also wanted to make a difference. I had a lot of really good ideas that I wanted to share and help people with, but couldn’t with a smaller position. Also, I have had a lot of leadership training so I wanted to really utilize that for the betterment of the chapter.

CL: What is your favorite part of ADPi?

MM: My favorite part is the sisterhood. I have so many girls who I know I can always count on. Whether that’s someone to eat lunch with, study with or do things on the weekend with, I have so many amazing girls I’m surrounded by that share the same values as me.

CL: What is your favorite memory so far of your time in this organization?

MM: My favorite memory would have to be Pie a Pi. This event is so special because we all come together and can all be so silly with one another!

MM bottom fixed

CL: What is the most challenging part of being president of such a big organization?

MM: The most challenging part is just trying to please everyone! That is never going to be possible, but just trying to make everyone enjoy their time in the organization is challenging. We only get 4 years, so I really want to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

CL: What is your number one goal to achieve before your time of president is up?

MM: My number one goal is to get us closer to achieving golden lion, which is the highest award an ADPi chapter can receive.

CL: How do you balance being the president of ADPi with schoolwork?

MM: I balance it by really trying to get all my homework done before focusing on stuff with ADPi. It can be challenging at times but I really just try to make both a priority.

CL: What advice would you give to the next president of ADPi?

MM: The advice I would give is to have patience. I am quick to jump the gun on some things and think that it has to be done right away, but I am realizing that if you take the time you need to get things done and to wait on something it will all work out!

CL: What do you like to do in your free time?

MM: In my free time, I love to work out! Whether that’s cycle classes, barre or yoga, I love being able to relieve stress this way and just to forget about things that are going on!

CL: How has this leadership position changed you?

MM: This has changed me by really realizing that not one thing is going to work for everyone and really tailoring things to fit each individual person and to take a step back and to be okay with not pleasing everyone. I have always been a people pleaser but I am really trying to live by this quote: “Confidence isn’t caring what people think about you; it’s having enough confidence to not care what anyone else thinks.”

CL: What are three words you would use to describe the Zeta Gamma chapter of ADPi?

MM: Three words I would use are evolving, confident and resilient.

College Lifestyles™ could easily see the passion and hope Martin has for the Zeta Gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. We cannot wait to see what is in store for the determined co-ed throughout the rest of her presidency. Best of luck to Martin and Alpha Delta Pi!

Images courtesy of Melissa Martin.

Classy Lady Spotlight: Shonda Rhimes



In Time magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” issue, Oprah recently endorsed Shonda Rhimes as a “storyteller of our times, [who] validates our story – the human story of faults and fears, loneliness and loss, triumphs and often short-lived joys. She gets us; all of us!”

Best known as the creator of some of our most beloved TV series, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice” and “Scandal,” this powerhouse runs Shondaland production company, which has over 550 employees, and holds down the job as a single mother.

Name: Shonda Lynn Rhimes

Birthday:  January 13, 1970

Fun fact: According to, Shonda Rhimes is the first African-American woman to create and executive produce a Top 10 network series—the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Current Projects: Rhimes is the creator and currently executive producer and head writer of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The series focuses on the surgical staff at a fictional hospital in Seattle, Washington. The show has received numerous awards each year since its conception as a highly popular drama.

Since then, she has had a multitude of other successes such as “Private Practice,” but the only other shows that continue to be on air are “Scandal,” the political drama starring Kerry Washington and the more recent “How to Get Away With Murder,” the mystery-thriller starring Viola Davis.

In 2015, Rhimes was in the process of developing a pilot called “The Catch,” based on the Kate Atkinson novel, which columnist Cindy Elavsky described as a “thriller … about a woman who is about to get married … and about to get conned.” The series starring Mireille Enos and Peter Krause is set to premiere March 24, 2016, on ABC.

Community Outreach and Charities: Although the mother of three does not have formal charity involvement, she has often been praised for featuring diverse casts on her shows.

Why Shonda Rhimes is a Classy Lady: After graduation, the writer found herself an unemployed scriptwriter in Hollywood. To make ends meet, Rhimes worked at a variety of day jobs, including as an office administrator, and then as a counselor at a job center that taught mentally ill and homeless people job skills. She never gave up and worked hard enough to have her own feature script picked up by a network.

Despite her success, Rhimes continues to stay true to herself as a writer in all of her projects. She’s never played by Hollywood’s traditional rules and is fearless in her approach to her work.

“I really try to make a show that I would want to watch,” Rhimes said to “If I don’t want to watch it… it doesn’t go in the show.”


In May 2007, Rhimes was named one of Time magazine’s 100 People Who Help Shape The World. Rhimes regularly receives recognition for her work. She has received several GLAAD Media and NAACP Image Awards for her tackling of important issues in terms of race and sexuality in her projects, but she insists that she is not a trailblazer.

“A dream job is not about dreaming,” she says. “It’s all job, all work, all reality, all blood, all sweat, no tears. I work a lot. For me my work is at all times… manning the troops, it is painting a canvas, it is hitting every high note, it is running a marathon, it is being Beyoncé.”

Rhimes’ unwavering commitment to her craft, her family and even herself has molded her into the person she is. These great qualities inspire others to recognize their own calling and follow their own path, no matter what it may be.

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How to Get Away with Murder: Twitter Contest


Are you a big “How to Get Away with Murder” fan? Do you want to be able to watch your favorite show’s season finale and win prizes? Follow @collegelifestyl on Twitter for the chance to win big!

On March 17th, 2016, College Lifestyles™ will be holding our next social media contest on Twitter! Throughout the premiere of the “How to Get Away with Murder” season finale, we will be live tweeting questions during the show. The first person to tweet back with the correct answer and hashtag (#CLContest) will win a Starbucks gift card!


Throughout the contest, we will be implementing the hashtag #CLContest for participants to use when tweeting responses. Winners will get a reply tweet from @collegelifestyl and then will be asked to direct message CL on Twitter with their contact information to receive their gift card.

Here at CL, we absolutely love watching exciting TV shows and we absolutely love our readers. In addition to tweeting contest questions, we will be tweeting our thoughts and opinions! Follow along with CL and use the hashtag #CLContest during the season finale to connect!

About College Lifestyles:

We are an online magazine focused on fashion, beauty, etiquette, nutrition and much more! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Polyvore!

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How to Find Summer Internships as a Dietetics Major

Internships 1

Whether we’re excited about it or not, summer is getting closer every day (57 days for this CL writer!) and for some of us, that means it’s time to start looking for an internship. This week we’re focusing on dietetics majors: what are the best ways to nail that internship and have a great addition to your resume? Well, we have three ways to go about it.

Comb the Internet.

Possibly the best way to find an internship nowadays is to just start with a google search. says, “Nutrition internships are the best way to bridge the gap between going to school and landing a great job. Internships can help you develop your nutrition experience by learning the ropes from more experienced professionals.” Their website is also a great place to start and has numerous results when looking up “nutrition.” Other websites that are helpful include under “opportunities for students” as well as

Go local.

College Board has some great advice: “Using personal contacts and local resources are also great ways to find an internship.” They suggest seeing if you have any family or friends with connections in your field. Also, try looking in the area for nutrition companies, because many are looking for students who are about to graduate.

By simply walking into these companies and either giving them your resume in person or asking for an appointment to speak with someone about internship opportunities, you might just land yourself a position. Meeting the people who hire face-to-face is always preferred to just sending in your resume through email.

Internship 2

Target specific companies.

A nutrition internship doesn’t always have to be at a doctor’s office or with an established nutritionist. If you aren’t having luck with the usual places, think outside the box. Charities like Meals On Wheels and Feeding America are always looking for dietetics majors to help develop plans for the people they feed, as well as leading education programs. For those wondering if they’ll get the professional experience they need, Meals On Wheels Inc. stresses that “The selected applicants will work one-on-one with six tenured, experienced, MOWI employed, registered and licensed dietitians in the area of community dietetics and geriatric nutrition.”

Are you someone who is creative and good with words? You could intern as a nutrition writer, and here at College Lifestyles™ we are always looking for hard-working and passionate dietetics majors to write about health and fitness, as well as come up with delicious recipes.

By combining some of these techniques and staying determined in the face of a challenging job market, you’ll be sure to land the internship of your dreams. Keep your chin up and your resume updated!

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Five Foods You Can Freeze to Make Them Last Longer

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Intern Kitchen: Chicken Vindaloo


Your time in college should be about exploration and, finding yourself. More than that, it should be about finding the world, seeing what it has to offer and exposing yourself to all its deliciousness. Yes – I’m talking about food.

The food of different cultures is something everyone can enjoy. If I’m taking a wild guess, jetting off to Germany or Brazil didn’t quite make it into this month’s budget. Thankfully, we can experience culture right in the comfort of our kitchens. Whether it’s Spanish paella, Australian anzak cookies, Chinese egg rolls or Costa Rican plantains – bringing culture into the kitchen will make you feel like you’ve traveled around the world.

Indian food is full of amazing flavors. Known widely for their spices, India is one of the world’s leading exporters for turmeric, saffron and so much more. Historically, the majority of Indian people are Hindu. With this religion comes some very interesting dietary practices. Most Hindus are vegetarian and even if they’re not, it’s highly unlikely you will ever see them eating beef, as the cow is considered sacred. It is also customary to not consume turnips, mushrooms or foods that are red.

The people of India also love to grub. They feast on celebrations such as Holi, the festival of colors, and Dusshera, the day honoring the victory of Prince Rama. With all of this eating, it is no wonder that Indian cuisine is some of the best in the world. Taking a page from the cookbooks of India – let’s make some Chicken Vindaloo.


With Indian spices in abundance, get ready for a party in your mouth. One of the best things about this dish is its versatility. To add extra fiber, pour over brown rice. If you’re looking to add more vegetables, snap peas can be a great addition. Or just throw caution to the wind and lather your favorite French bread in this sauce of the heavens.


Servings: 3-4

Prep time: 1 hour, not including marinating overnight


2 large onions

6 cloves garlic

1 tsp. ground mustard

1 tsp. ground turmeric

1 tsp. ground ginger

1 cinnamon stick, crumbled

1 tsp. chili powder, or to taste

2 tsp. ground cumin

6 cloves

2 tbsp. white vinegar

1 tbsp. brown sugar

90 grams ghee

1 1/2 kg chicken pieces


Chop one onion and mix with garlic, mustard, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, chili, cloves, cumin, sugar and vinegar in large bowl.

Blend mixture in food processor.

Cover chicken with marinade and put in fridge overnight.

Slice other onion. Sautee onions in ghee until translucent.

Add chicken to pan and let simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Once cooked, serve as desired dish – enjoy!

(College Lifestyles™ original recipe.)

Turn on some Bollywood music and take a trip to India – Chicken Vindaloo just became your new travel buddy.

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How to Make Your Own Jelly Beans

jellybean top

According to, sixteen million jelly beans are created solely for Easter each year. With Easter and spring quickly approaching, jelly beans are a delicious and popular food around this time of year. states that jelly beans were originally sold by color, meaning you had to buy a bag full of red jelly beans, or any other color. By making your own at home, you can be as creative as you want and combine and mix coloring to create your own personal jelly beans.


Jelly beans are a great holiday and seasonal treat that everyone is sure to enjoy. Although it is simple and easy to go out and buy them, it is a fun activity to make your very own with friends and family. Creating your own jelly beans will allow you to pick how big or small you want them, while having control over how healthy you want to make them as well. This easy and fun recipe is the first step in getting started!

Servings: 20 jelly beans

Prep Time: 3.5 hours


Playdough and a ruler

4 cups corn flour

Shallow baking tray

1 cup of sugar

1 tsp. corn syrup

Food coloring

jellybeans bottom


Start by filling a baking tray completely with corn flour and evening it out so that it is completely flat on the top.

Using playdough, create jelly bean shapes and hot glue them to a ruler.

Take the jelly bean shapes and indent them into your tray of corn flour, creating jelly bean shaped molds into the pan.

In a saucepan, take ½ cup of sugar and corn flour and mix them together.

Add corn syrup and water and stir until well combined.

Place the saucepan of ingredients over stove heat until the sugar is dissolved and the liquid reaches 245 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using a spoon, pour the hot liquid immediately into each jelly bean mold in the baking tray.

Leave to cool for a few hours, then remove each mold and place in a bowl.

To make the jelly beans colorful, put corn syrup into a bowl with your choice of coloring and flavoring.

Take two small scoops of coloring and pour into the bowl of jelly beans.

Take the colorful jelly beans and add ½ cup of sugar to them.

Stir thoroughly so that the sugar coats the jelly beans.

Leave to sit for five minutes, then take out and enjoy!

(Recipe from

Although the process of making these jelly beans can be timely, it is a great activity to do around this time of year. It involves easy ingredients that allow you to be creative. You are also free to add any flavoring to the jelly beans to create something new. However you choose to take this recipe, make sure to share with friends and family with the spring weather coming up!

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Pretty Girls Lift Too

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CL Interviews: Jasmine Forney From The University of North Texas


Jasmine Forney is a senior at The University of North Texas, majoring in fashion merchandising and minoring in marketing. When she’s not working hard at school she likes to hang out with her friends and jam to Beyonce. She also is the president of UNT’s Natural Hair Club. The Natural Hair Club is brand new to campus, but thus far Forney and her fellow members are enjoying this new community where they can embrace their natural beauty.

College Lifestyles: How were you chosen to be president of UNT Natural Hair club?

Jasmine Forney: The former President stepped down from her position because she was leaving the University to pursue mission work and she thought I be a great fit for the position.

CL: What interested you in joining UNT Natural Hair Club? 

JF: I am natural myself so it made sense for me to join an organization that reflects qualities of myself. Also I wanted to be more active in the UNT student body as well as community. 

CL: What is the goal and/or purpose of the Natural Hair Club? 

JF: To build and foster a natural hair community at the University, to provide fellowship amongst students, faculty and staff, to educate those with and without natural hair on the practices and regimens of someone with natural hair and to provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the University community.

CL: What do you most enjoy or appreciate about the natural hair movement?

JF: The thing I appreciate the most is the opportunity for self-expression and acceptance, because before the natural movement, most girls didn’t truly accept themselves. So the re-birth of this practice was amazing for a generation that was quickly losing quality and individualism.  

CL: Does someone have to be black or have natural hair to join the club; why or why not? 

JF: No, you do not have to be a certain race or ethnicity because we try our best to keep topics and natural remedies that we share with our members open. As a club we never wanted to limit ourselves, as far as being only natural. Who are we to discriminate on the basis of permed or natural? It just wouldn’t be logical.


CL: What types of events or meetings does the UNT Natural Hair Club do?

JF: We try to rotate between forums and events. Most of our forums are either real life topics or social issues. And most of the events we try to host are either bonding or just fun activities for the student body. 

CL: What has been your favorite event or meeting thus far and why?

JF: Our recent Girl Talk meeting because of course it was my first meeting with me being president so it was interesting to see the switch from me being on the executive board to the president.

CL: What are you goals or plans for UNT Natural Hair Club next semester or in the next couple months?  

JF: In the next couple of months I hope to host about 2-3 more meetings to wrap up the semester. We also have an event coming up on March 10th called Fun4Flint where we will be raising money for the Flint water crisis. For next semester we are planning a natural hair expo which will consist of weekend long events. We are trying to host it in September but nothing is set in stone just yet.

CL: How has the student body responded to this organization? Has feedback been good or bad?

JF: The feedback from the student body has been good ;however we’re still technically a new club so a lot of students are still unaware that we exist. 

CL: What are your own personal goals for the next semester? 

JF: Some of my personal goals for next semester include continuing to get good grades in class. Probably also start reading books on event planning because I graduate in spring 2017 and that’s the career field I plan to pursue after college.  

We wish Forney the best of luck during the rest of her time as president of the Natural Hair Club.

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Eat This, Not That: Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John's 1

When you’re on the go and a craving for a sandwich hits you just right, there are a million and one take-out places you could go. But one of the increasingly popular chains that’s always expanding its franchise is Jimmy John’s. Whether you’re picking up a fresh sandwich between classes or their extensive catering side is coming to your work, it’s always important to know which sandwiches will leave you full and happy and which will leave you bloated and feeling guilty.

Better Homes and Gardens, in their quest to make a healthy sandwich, says they can be “quick, delicious and, if properly portioned, an option for losing weight. But if you aren’t careful, a few ingredients can add hundreds of extra calories.”

Jimmy John’s has three different types of sandwiches: their original 8” subs that come in different varieties with all the fixings, their meat and bread slims and their giant club sandwiches, which are larger and tend to have more toppings.

As a rule of thumb, the slims usually have the least amount of calories, but what’s a sandwich without the ingredients? “It’s better to have a higher calorie count and fill it up with veggies than just eat meat, cheese and bread,” says Malia Rabatin, a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University. We’ve picked some of the best and some of the worst options on the menu for you so you can eat this, not that.

Jimmy John's 2

Eat Turkey Tom, not The Italian Night Club.

Even the name has a cheesy ring to it, and cheese is one thing that The Italian Nightclub has plenty of. If you’re looking for a classic sandwich with meat in it, Turkey Tom is the way to go. Turkey is generally healthier than cured meats like the salami on the Nightclub, and while it still has mayo, it goes without the cheese. When you realize the Turkey Tom is exactly half the calories, you won’t even miss the extra toppings.

Eat The Veggie, not The Gourmet Veggie Club.

So you’re trying to be healthy and focus on the veggies, and with an unassuming name like The Gourmet Veggie Club, never in your wildest dreams would you think it’s one of the items on the menu with the highest calorie counts. But with double the cheese and extra mayo served on white bread, those veggies are basically canceled out. Try The Veggie instead. While similar in name, The Veggie has essentially the same ingredients in a smaller package and can save you more than 300 calories. Try asking for no cheese or mayo and seeing if they can substitute their whole grain bread. You can even add sprouts to it!

Eat Big John with Lettuce Wrap, not The J.J. Gargantuan.

At 1,099 calories, the J.J. Gargantuan fits its magnificent title. It’s layered with every type of meat and cheese imaginable and could possibly feed a small country, but may not be the best for your waistline. Really, anything on the menu would be a better substitute for this Goliath of meat and cheese. One of our favorites is the classic Big John; just ask for it as a JJ Unwich which is the “same ingredients and price of the sub or club without the bread” according to the menu.

Next time you make a stop at Jimmy John’s, you’ll be better informed about the menu and it will be easy to make some great healthy decisions for your lifestyle!

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Top Polyvore set by Elizabeth Pode.

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Sorority Spotlight: Delta Zeta Lambda Phi Chapter

sorority spotlight

Every campus offers clubs and organizations that attract students for a variety of reasons.  For the women of Delta Zeta, Lambda Phi chapter, that was the organization that felt like home.

Founded on October 24, 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, the cherished badge of Delta Zeta has only been worn by Dr. Guy Potter Benton, former Miami University President.  Dr. Potter Benton was later named the Grand Patron of the sorority, thanks to his support and guidance in the creation of the organization.

“The purpose of this sorority shall be to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge, to promote the moral and social culture of its members and to develop plans for guidance and unity in action; objects worthy of the highest aim and purpose of associated effort. The purpose of this sorority shall be advanced through the National Convention, the National Council and the college and alumnae chapters.”—Constitution of Delta Zeta Sorority, Article II, Sections 1 and 2

Today, there are 165 DZ chapters in the United States and Canada, but College Lifestyles™ is featuring Appalachian State’s Lambda Phi chapter as this month’s sorority spotlight.  The national colors of DZ are rose and green and the mascot is a turtle.  Lambda Phi has been on campus since 1973 and regularly holds events to benefit their national philanthropy, the Delta Zeta Foundation, which benefits individuals who are speech and/or hearing impaired.  In addition, DZ sponsors and organizes the annual Turtle Trot 5k on campus, which raises money and awareness for Appalachian State’s local philanthropy, the Communication Disorders Clinic.  Since 2007, Lambda Phi has raised over $40,000 for the cause!

Fostering tradition is important to the sisters of Delta Zeta, Lambda Phi.  For example, the new big sisters each craft a fold-out table for their little sisters.  This tradition is special because it is something the new big and new little are able to share together.  The littles also write a special message to their bigs on the campus’ free expression tunnel.


Other than big and little traditions, Lambda Phi regularly does sisterhood events such as Galentine’s Day, snow tubing, visiting pumpkin patches, movie nights, potluck meals and mixers.  Mixer themes include superheroes, Jimmy Buffet bash and athletes and mathletes.  Each spring, the chapter has spring formal.

Former sisterhood chair Averia Padgett reflects on her time in Delta Zeta by saying, “There are numerous benefits in joining a sorority, but few are greater than the unconditional and permanent bonds of friendship that we call sisterhood. Even though sisterhood can be hard to describe and explain to others, this bond allows us to embrace and accept one another to our fullest. We are each connected by shared experiences and obtaining some of the same goals. Sisterhood is truly caring about one another; being there for not only each other’s achievements, but also for the times when one is down. Sisterhood is being apart and then still being able to share those same laughs and pick up as if nothing has changed. Sisterhood is one of the most powerful aspects of a sorority.”


Images courtesy of Kaitlyn Norgren.

Best Moments From The 2016 Academy Awards


Sunday night ABC aired the 88th annual Academy Awards, in Los Angeles, California. Sometimes also referred to as “The Oscars” because of the name of the actual physical award this three hour annual award show, honoring all things related to the film/movie industry, was hosted by actor and comedian Chris Rock.

However, Rock faced some backlash for accepting the job after an online protest #OscarsSoWhite, highlighting that there were no minority films or actors nominated this year. Many felt like films such as “Straight Outta Compton,” “Beasts of No Nation,”  “Concussion” and “Creed” were worthy opponents and were snubbed because of race. Instead of backing down, Rock decided to address it head on during his opening monologue. 

According to the CNN International reporter Sheena McKenzie, Rock’s monologue was ranked at No. 1 of their list of ten best quotes on the night. Vogue and The Los Angeles Times also made a list of the best quotes and best outfits of the night as well. 

There were many funny, awkward, and/or memorable moments from last night. In case you missed it here are the other great moments. 

Chris Rock’s opening funny and honest monologue. - “Everyone wants to know: Is Hollywood racist? Is it burning-cross racist? No. It’s a different kind of racist. Hollywood is sorority racist. It’s like, ‘We like you, Rhonda, but you’re not a Kappa.’ That’s how Hollywood is,” he joked. “But things are changing. It’s not about boycotting anything, we want opportunity. We want black actors to get the same opportunities as white actors.” 

Leo finally winning his first ever Oscar. – Leonardo DiCaprio has been acting since he was a teenager and has never won an Oscar until now. The wait was finally over for him and his fans last night after winning best performance for his lead role in “The Revenant.” 

Rock’s daughters selling Girl Scout Cookies during the show. – He definitely wins dad of the year; there’s obviously no better place to sell cookies then at a long award show full of rich celebrities of course. 


Morgan Freeman eating cookies on stage.  - Last night Freeman presented the award for Best Picture. After Rock gets on stage to close the show with a box of Girl Scout Cookies in hand, Freeman beelines straight for it and snacks on two cookies on stage. We understand Morgan, it’s a long show. 

Joe Biden speaking on sexual assault. – Current vice president of the United States, Joe Biden was also there to speak on the issue of sexual assault. He was there to speak on the issue as well as introduce Lady Gaga during her heartfelt performance of “Til It Happens To You.” 

“Too many women and men on and off college campuses are still victims of sexual abuse,” he said. “We must and we can change the culture. So that no abused woman or man … ever feel they ever have to ask themselves ‘what did I do?’ They did nothing wrong.”

Lady Gaga’s emotional and empowering performance. – Lady Gaga used her powerful voice to sing “Til It Happens To You.” During her performance actual sexual assault victims joined her on stage, and at the end they were all hand in hand. There definitely was not a dry eye in the house. 

Brie Larson winning her first Oscar. – Larson played a sexual assault survivor in the film “Room.” This is the 26-year-old actress’ first time ever winning an Oscar. During her speech she acknowledged all victims of sexual assault. And after Lady Gaga’s performance she hugged every single sexual assault victim.

Of course there were several great moments for the award show; if you watched and have any that you would like to mention that we missed leave a comment!

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Images courtesy of Iyana Edouard.





Campus President Interview: Morgan Terry, President of Kent State University at Stark English Club


Organizing a new club and running it smoothly presents new challenges. Morgan Terry, a senior English major at Kent State University at Stark, uses her leadership and problem-solving skills as president of the English Club to ensure the club excels. College Lifestyles™ talked with Terry to learn more about her experiences.

College Lifestyles™: What brought about the creation of the English Club?

Morgan Terry: It all started from a desire to continue class discussions on literature outside of class. We gathered information on who would be interested in going to meetings to discuss literature and from that the club was born.

CL: What made you want to become president?

MT: I wanted to be president because English and reading have always been important to me. I enjoy reading and writing, as well as interpreting texts to find out what the text is saying. With this in mind, I was very interested in the creation of the club and when the position of president was still open, I jumped at the opportunity.

CL: What normally happens during club meetings?

MT: We have topics that have been decided ahead of time that we are going to discuss. We take the topic and bring to the club a book that fits the topic best in each person’s opinion. It not only helps us get to know our club members, but we also get to learn about new novels that may be of interest to us. This past meeting, as it was close to Valentine’s Day, we discussed book characters that we have had crushes on. “Harry Potter” was a popular series that was brought up.

CL: What are your responsibilities as President?

MT: My job has been to lead discussion and come up with ideas for the meetings. I also research possible outings for us; we plan to go see Shakespeare’s First Folio over the summer. We also have been looking into a possible trip to England. I’m sure the club would agree that one of my best functions is I tend to arrange snacks for the meetings. I try to stick with the theme as best I can. Candy for Valentine’s Day, hot cocoa for A Cold Night in Hell. I try to make it as fun as I can.

CL: What’s the best part about being president?

MT: I love leading discussions. Once I initiate conversation it starts to flow and I like to see everyone interacting. I make sure that the shy members get a chance to speak and that no one’s opinion is disrespected. It was also a lot of fun to bounce ideas around with the other officers to have genres that would appeal to everyone.

CL: What are some challenges you’ve come across as president?

MT: It can be difficult, at times, to get everyone really into a discussion. Once it happens it’s beautiful but sometimes it takes a couple tries to get everyone into it. Although as time goes on, people are becoming more interested in sharing ideas.


CL: What are some of your goals for the English Club?

MT: I would like the club to be a pleasant atmosphere where everyone can make friends and have an outlet to discuss books that have touched the reader. I would love to organize a trip to England so that the group not only gets the chance to travel abroad, but also gets to see what important authors had seen in their lifetime.

CL: How has taking on a leadership role helped you?

MT: It has helped me with my time management skills because it can be hard to discuss everything in one meeting. It has most definitely made me a better listener. From listening to the group members, I am learning what types of questions provide the most interesting discussion.

CL: What do you hope to do after graduation?

MT: I would love to go on to [earn] my Ph.D. My focus would be either young adult literature or medieval literature.

CL: What advice do you have for future student organization leaders?

MT: Don’t worry about making each meeting absolutely perfect. The members are learning how the club works as you work on the club. As long as you listen to what members tell you and be considerate of that, you will make any club you lead a pleasant experience. Most importantly, have fun with it.

Being the president of a student organization is a huge responsibility, but Terry uses her leadership capabilities to make sure every member contributes and has fun.

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Images courtesy of Morgan Terry.

CL Interviews: Andrea Masamba from The University of North Texas


Andrea Masamba is an extremely busy young woman, but regardless of her schedule she rarely ever says no to a new challenge. Masamba is a junior journalism major at The University of North Texas with a focus in public relations, as well as working for two internships, part of a sorority and vice president of UNT’s National Association of Black Journalists.  When she’s not running around at school she’s hanging out with her friends and planning her big future.

College Lifestyles: What is your major/concentration and minor? 

Andrea Masamba: PR and social sciences

CL: Where are you currently interning?

AM: Dallas Life Homeless Shelter as a PR and social media intern and at UNT Student Affairs as a student affairs intern. 

CL: Why did you choose to pursue journalism?

AM: I decided to pursue journalism out of my love of reading and writing. There is something about being able to share your thoughts by just writing that is so alluring to me; you can be in the same room with anyone in the world by reading something they wrote. I want to be able to connect people through events, social media, stories, etc. 

CL: What are your career goals?

AM: A degree in public relations is just the beginning for me. I see myself as a communications specialist who either owns her own PR firm, works as a consultant or whatever career I haven’t been exposed to yet. I know my purpose is to serve others and I hope to do that as a communications specialist. 

CL: Why did you decide to go to The University of North Texas?

AM: In high school I could only envision myself attending college in the state I was born in: New York. Three years later, I recognize that UNT is exactly where I need to be. I love how UNT is a hub for creativity in the middle of Greg Abbott supporting, confederate flag raising, conservative Tèjas. But long story short, the Mayborn School of Journalism sold me my New York dreams in the fun-size version. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.                                                                                

CL: You’re vice president of UNT National Association of Black Journalists, what is this experience teaching you and how are you enjoying it? 

AM: Being the VP of NABJ is teaching me how to constantly think about how to serve others, if you’re around me long enough you’ll catch me calling myself a mom at least once, and NABJ is no exception.

I value it as my own and something that I want to see thrive and be successful long after I am done telling it what to do. I enjoy learning with the planning of every meeting and being able to bless the members with information that I have attained in my time as a UNT student.

CL: What sorority are you in? 

AM: I am in Sigma Alpha Christian Women’s Sorority. I’m inactive now but still support. 

CL: What attracted you to join a sorority?

AM: I was attracted to the possibility of having a sisterhood of fun girls who aspire to live a life that is in line with the word of God. I had just figured out what it was to truly understand who God is that summer and got baptized so it was important for me to find friends who weren’t just cool to hang out with but also could be my sisters in Christ.


CL: What are your goals for this semester? 

AM: My goals for the semester are to make President’s list for the first time ever. I made dean’s list last semester so I want to strive to get even better this semester. 

CL: Who are some of your inspirations?

AM: Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou and anyone else who redefines womanhood by exhibiting leadership characteristics and striving to be more than average. 

CL: What college advice do you have for incoming freshmen? 

AM: My biggest advice is to get involved in things right away and not to rush these years. Learning is not strictly in the classroom. College teaches you how to lead, how to a be professional and how to manage your time.

CL: What advice do you wish you could give to your freshman self? 

AM: I would advise myself to branch out and join SGA and go to leader shape to make connections with leaders on campus early on. 

We’re sure that Masamba is going to go far and wish her the best in the rest of her college career. Check out these other CL Interviews:

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Top and middle Images courtesy of Iyana Edouard & Andrea Masamba. 


CL Interviews: Nicolas Antaya from Michigan State University


Standing at over six feet tall, Nicolas Antaya from White Lake, Michigan, who prefers to go by Nic, cannot be more excited to have found his true passion in life. Antaya is a sophomore at Michigan State University, majoring in journalism with a focus in visual communication.

College Lifestyles™ was thrilled to get the opportunity to sit down with the budding photographer and to have had the opportunity to get to know Nic Antaya on a more personal level. In this interview, Antaya shares with College Lifestyles™ how his love of photography grew, the big plans he has for the future and inspiring words for others.

College Lifestyles™: How did you choose your major?

Nic Antaya: I got a camera last year in May and since then I’ve loved photography and then I figured out that I like shooting photojournalism as well.

CL: What other interests do you have outside of photography?

NA: Outside of photography I am a skateboarder. I like to hike and when I go hiking I always bring my camera.

CL: What are your favorite things to take pictures of or what is your favorite thing you have ever photographed?

NA: I’m into a bunch of different styles of photography I guess. The most fun moment was probably when I went to the Cedar Village riots. It was pretty cool and I brought my camera for that. Breaking news is pretty cool-breaking news situations that aren’t necessarily planned for. Landscape wise, waterfalls are always cool.


CL: How do you balance your personal life with school work and building your portfolio?

NA: I think when it comes to any hobby and or passion, you can’t not do it. Every weekend I try to do something photo related. I carry my camera with me everywhere. So basically I don’t separate myself from my camera so that if I see something that intrigues me I can capture the moment.

CL: What do you see yourself doing after you graduate?

NA: I want to have an internship through a newspaper as a photojournalist. To be able to work at a newspaper as a photojournalist is my goal. My dream job would be working as a foreign correspondent and being able to shoot photos and get paid for it. If I had unlimited amounts of money I would travel the world and shoot photos everywhere.

CL: What inspires you the most?

NA: People. At first it was mostly landscapes but for the past couple of months I’ve [focused] on portraits. Especially when it’s someone you’re close to, or just the fact that you can become closer to someone just by having a portrait session.

CL: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

NA: Have fun but not too much fun. Stay focused and follow your passion.

CL: What do you think the secret to a good life is?

NA: Smiling. Being happy and choosing happiness.

CL: In your opinion, is a picture really worth a thousand words?

NA: Depends on the photo. A photo is worth a thousand words in newsworthy situations. It’s definitely more valuable than writing about something.

Although Antaya has only truly been into photography for about a year, his work has already attracted a following of over 1,000 people on his blog. We on the College Lifestyles™ team will be following his Instagram, @nicstah, closely and cannot be more excited to see all of his future work. We wish him the best of luck!

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Images courtesy of Nicolas Antaya.

Graphic by College Lifestyles.™


Should You Worry About GMOs?

GMOs 1

GMOs stand for “genetically modified organisms” and consists of the idea that an organism’s genetic material has been altered in a way. According to, more than sixty countries have abandoned the production and sale of GMOs, but this does not include the United States.

GMOs are found in most processed foods today. Shoppers are so concerned and worried because not only do GMOs have a great risk to human health, but also affect the environment as well according to The website also states that most soybeans and corn in this country are genetically modified. Although most companies are good at keeping it a secret that their product contains GMOs, individuals are asking if they should be worried about GMOs and what foods to shop for that do not contain them.

Should college students be concerned about GMOs?

Although college kids have a hard time as it is eating healthy and having the luxury of purchasing the right foods, it is important to keep in mind the idea of GMOs and the health risks. College kids have the choice whether to purchase foods containing GMOs or not, but they need to be fully knowledgeable of the consequences.

According to, the genetically modified foods tested on laboratory animals have shown to damage every single one of their organs. On top of this, also notes that these foods have also resulted in allergic and toxic reactions.

gmos food pic

Purchasing non-GMO products

Although not many people today consider the idea of GMOs when food shopping, it is important to take into consideration the dangers and risks of consuming these foods. A simple and easy way to avoid eating GMOs is to eat organic foods. According to, the USDA National Organic Standards prohibits GMOs, so eating these foods will guarantee you are not consuming them.

As previously stated, most genetically modified foods don’t share this information of altering the process. A great thing to look out for in stores is the non-GMO-verified seal. This guarantees that the product you are buying and later going to consume is free of GMOs. Some brands that are known to have products free of GMOs include A.Vogel, Angie’s, and Apple and Eve. If worst comes to worst, you can now go to Chipotle and feel completely safe because according to, they have removed all GMOs from their foods.

Although it is hard for college kids today to focus on the idea of GMOs and take extra time at the store to find the right foods not containing them, it is important to know the risks and information about GMOs. It is a topic you want to be knowledgeable about so that you can make the choice whether or not to consume them and try to become the healthiest version of yourself.

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Top image courtesy of Abbigale Golden.

Bottom image courtesy of digitalsource/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.

Classy Lady Spotlight: Adele

adeleofficialdotcom London-born Adele has been killing it in the music business since her first album, “19,” hit the musical airways in 2008. Worldwide hits such as “Chasing Pavements,” “Rolling in the Deep” and “Skyfall” have secured her role as one of the most popular artists in modern music. Besides her trademark soulful vocals, Adele holds many other qualities that make her unique and classy.

Name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

Birthday: May 5, 1988

Fun fact: According to, Adele was nominated for a CMT Music Award even though she’s not even a country singer!

Current Projects: “Adele Live 2016” is the upcoming concert tour in support of her studio album “25” which was released November 20, 2015, and features chart-topping lead single “Hello.” The tour is set to begin February 29 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and will continue throughout Europe and North America before finishing off in Mexico City, Mexico on November 15. There’s a planned 105 shows. Community Outreach and Charities: Adele has performed in a variety of charity concerts throughout her career. In 2007 and 2008 she performed at the Little Noise Sessions and donated the proceeds from the concert to Mencap, a UK-based charity that works with people with learning disabilities. She has also worked with Keep A Child Alive, an organization that brings treatment, care and support to children and families affected by HIV; Save The Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating change in the American public school system by restoring music programs and raising public awareness about the importance of music as part of every child’s complete education; and Pride London, a charity that arranges LGBT events in London. She has also been a significant contributor to MusiCares, an organization founded by the Grammys for musicians in need.

According to the Huffington Post, while on tour Adele requires all backstage visitors to donate a minimum of $20 to the UK charity SANDS, an organization that dedicates itself to “supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.” During the UK and European legs of her Adele Live tour, she collected $13,000 for the cause.

Why Adele is a Classy Lady: In a world where celebrities (especially females) are criticized to everything from their hair color to how much they weigh, Adele stands firm and true to herself. In “Adele: The Biography” by Chas Newkey-Burden, the singer is quoted as saying she would only lose weight if it affected her health-which it doesn’t.

Despite negative comments from many people in the media, Adele’s fans support her because of her strength and ability to do what she loves without giving in to harsh criticism as well as her desire to give back to the communities.  She’s truly impressive because she’s an influential star able to bring soulful love ballads to millions while still being a down-to-earth mom to her son Angelo.

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