Classy Co-ed On Campus: Bithiah Lee

 The University of Michigan is a different campus this March with the sunshine gleaming down like the spotlight on a dark stage. The campus is a runway for fashionistas, but senior, Bithiah Lee is one of the few classy co-eds that steals the spotlight. Not only is she super friendly and has a unique, fashion-forward style, she also is a triple major in English, Political Science, and Global Media Studies. Get to know this friendly face a little more and steal some of her fabulous style advice!

Meet Bithiah!


CL: What’s a quote or motto that you live by?
Bithiah: Matthew 22:37-39

CL: A lady deserves to indulge from time to time. What are your favorite guilty pleasures?
Bithiah: One of my secret guilty pleasures is watching “nobody’s” sing famous songs on youtube (covers!). When they sing poorly, I think it’s okay to laugh at them, but when they sing well, I’m jealous.

CL: CLassy co-ed dilemma: lacking motivation. How do you motivate yourself when you need a little push?
Bithiah: I listen to a pump-up song and if circumstances are dire, I may even shut the blinds, crank up the volume, and do a little dance.

CL: What is your go-to accessory?
Bithiah: My braided leather belt

CL: You gleam classy. Fill CL in on how you do it.
Bithiah: I honestly believe it’s less about what you wear than it is about how you wear it. I don’t  try to follow what other people wear, what brands are popular, etc. I wear what I like, what I am comfortable in, and I try to be creative with what I can afford (I am a fan of thrifting!). Whenever people ask me if something looks good, I always tell them, “Don’t ask me if it looks good. Wear it, rock it, and tell me that it looks good!”

CL: What are your “must-have” beauty items?
Bithiah: Specs: large, thick-framed glasses/sunglasses, my leather TIMEX watch, multiple rings, and a hair tie for bad hair days.

CL: If you could only eat 3 foods the rest of your life, what would they be?
Bithiah: Pizza, watermelon, mandarin oranges

CL: What is your dream job?
Bithiah: Anything related to entertainment or fashion media.

CL: What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
Bithiah: Creative, down-to-earth, active

CL: What does being “classy” mean to you?
Bithiah: Having swag, and wearing what you wear/doing what you do/saying what you say with confidence

CL: How would you describe your style?
Bithiah: Relaxed, genuine, & innovative.

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XO Sunny


Sana Ashraf is a fashion writer and fashion show intern and is a junior at the University of Michigan. Sana loves reading fashion magazines, shopping sprees, city lights, color coordinated closets, and all four seasons.