Top 5 Tips for Maintaining a Strong Start to a Hoosier Semester


You’re a freshman, you have just finished your first semester and you’re freaking out because you did not realize college can be harder than high school. Or maybe you’re a senior and you want to finish your last semester at IU strong. Either way, co-eds, follow these 5 tips from College Lifestyles Campus Satellite at Indiana University and you’ll be bound to maintain that strong start to this Hoosier semester.

Make Goals For Yourself
Keep your strong start going by setting three academic goals for yourself. Write them somewhere you will see them every day. Put these written pick-me-up notes in your planner or on the mirror in your bedroom, it will remind you of what you want to achieve this semester. Co-eds, your goals don’t need to be crazy. Try setting a small, attainable goal initially. For instance, try going to Wells library three times a week for some fruitful study sessions. By setting these personal academic goals, Hoosiers are bound to maintain that strong semester start with the right mindset.


Get Into A Routine
Routines can be the key to success. Plan out your day and set aside specific study and relaxation times. By doing this, you will force yourself to stick to the schedule, otherwise your day could be messed up. Whether this routine is going to Wells for a few hours every night after dinner, or making sure that you have a few hour break between classes. You could even grab lunch at a table in the IMU food court, where you can spread out and get work done. These simple routine tips will propel you towards success.

Don’t Be Afraid of Office Hours
Maintain your academic goals by going to your professor’s office hours and introducing yourself. Try to write up a few questions that relate to the class material, preparation is key here. This will make you face the office hours with confident attitude. Who knows, get to know your professor well enough and they might write you a recommendation for a future internships or grad school applications.

Explore a New Study Spot
Maintain that strong start by changing up your habits. Have you always studied at Wells Library? We advise you to try something new. For instance, check out one of CLCS IU’s favorite Bloomington coffee shops, such as Soma or the Pour House Cafe. The change in environment might inspire you to do your best studying yet.

Take Time to Relax
Sometimes the stress from school and extracurricular activities can become too much. After all, you can’t spend every night at Wells. Take time to relax, you deserve it. High stress situations are not good for your skin, if you’re feeling particularly stressed one weekend, try having a classy, relaxing spa night in with your roommates. What could be more stress-relieving than a gossip session with your best friends while experimenting with beauty products great for wintertime? Instead of going straight from studying to bed, turn off your electronics and crack open an interesting book. You’ll fall asleep easier and have something to look forward to every night. Continue to keep your stress levels down during the week by staying healthy and working out regularly. With all this hard work this semester, you deserve all the study breaks you can get your hands on..


There you have it, Hoosiers. 5 easy ways to stay on track and start this semester off strong. We hope these tips will come in handy for maintaining that strong start to the semester. We here at CLCS IU wish you a happy week.


Melanie Metzman is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in journalism and communication and culture. Keep up with her @melanie_metzman. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU. – See more at:

Top Beauty Products to Try for Winter in Indiana


Winter is a harsh time of year. The love and warmth that accompanies the holidays flee quickly come January, leaving bitter temperatures and abrasive weather conditions in their wake. One thing that can really take a hit during this cold and blustery season in Indiana is a co-ed’s beauty routine. Skin becomes dull and dry, and the makeup that kept us glowing through summer can look mismatched. Luckily, with a few seasonal updates from College Lifestyle Campus Satellite at Indiana University, you’ll be looking fresh-faced all season long. Winter beauty is all about moisturizing and using warm hues to bring life back into dry, pale skin. Throw some of these products in your makeup bag and you’ll be looking classy, fresh, and beautiful. The calendar may say winter here at Indiana University, but with this routine your face will have all the qualities of a healthy summer glow.

unnamed (3)

Exfoliating Face Wash
Dead skin can build up in the winter due to excessive dryness, making the face appear dull. This seasonal problem brings us to step one of our CLCS IU beauty routine. In order to keep skin healthy and fresh-looking, exfoliate at least once a day and always follow with moisturizer. This will give your face a clean and luminous palette for whatever else you want to apply.

Tinted Moisturizer
This product is a must in any Midwestern-girl’s routine. Sometimes the cold air and a heated Ballantine can make skin dry in the winter. With that being said, it’s important to start doubling up on moisturizer. Apply one with a little bit of color for light coverage and a dewy, healthy complexion. This works as the perfect base in your makeup routine, and can come right after cleansing. Follow up with a little bit of sheer powder to maintain an even-looking complexion all day long.

Tinted Lip Balm
Wind burn and cold temperatures can do a number on lips in the winter. Walking to class alone leaves them exposed to harsh conditions, and often prompts the constant application of lip balm. Instead of boring medicated balm, try a tinted version of your favorite restorative brand. Deep cherry colors are right on trend for the winter season, while bright pinks are fashion-forward, looking ahead to the spring season. Why not try a Hoosier crimson to show off some school spirit? Whatever shade, tinted lip balms are the perfect way to keep your lips feeling soft and healthy while also achieving that cute winter look.

unnamed (1)

Take Care of That Hoosier Hair
Not only does your skin suffer in the winter, but your hair takes a hit as well. Cold, dry air and extensive blow dryer use can leave your hair weak and brittle, in need of some extra love. Just like skin, hair needs extra moisture this time of year. In addition to your normal shampoo and condition routine, add in a deep-condition treatment about once a week. A restorative hair mask works great, and can be found at most CVS drug stores around Bloomington. A couple tablespoons of olive or coconut oil can work just as well. Heat the oil up for about fifteen seconds in the microwave and massage through the hair, starting at the ends and working your way up (sparingly around the scalp). Next, wrap your hair in a towel and wait half an hour before washing it out. All-the-while continuing your normal shampoo and condition routine. The natural oils will repair strands and give new life to your hair during this winter wonderland.

Winter weather doesn’t have to be reflected in your hair and skin. It takes a little bit of extra work and a few product adjustments, but these CLCS IU tips are well worth following. Being outside and braving the Hoosier winter conditions is a feat, and one that’s hard to avoid between walking to classes. Remember these short tips, exfoliate, moisturize, and condition. You will be as luminous as the summer days ahead.

unnamed (2)


Images and Graphics courtesy of Devynn Barnes

Devynn Barnes is a journalism and French major at Indiana University. You can follow her on Twitter @devynnbarnes. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds, be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Healthy Hoosiers: Top 5 Peppermint Recipes


Staying healthy during the holidays may seem like an oxymoron. The holiday season means endless parties from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, including huge family dinners with a limitless supply of deliciously sinful food and holiday flavored desserts, like peppermint, that you can only find this time of year. Needless to say, it can be hard for co-eds to stay healthy during the winter season. College Lifestyles Campus Satellite at IU is here, though, with five easy and healthy peppermint recipes that would be perfect to make for your family and friends over break or for your next holiday party.

Skinny Peppermint Mocha
Who doesn’t love a warm, holiday drink from the coffee shop to make a cold, winter day feel a little better? The problem is many coffee shops hide calories in flavored syrups and whipped cream. Enjoy a DIY skinny peppermint mocha guilt-free.


  • ½ cup coffee
  • 2 drops peppermint extract
  • ⅓ cup nonfat milk
  • 2 tbsp dark chocolate syrup


  1. Brew and pour coffee into a mug.
  2. Next, stir peppermint extract and chocolate syrup into the coffee.
  3. Then, stir in nonfat milk. Enjoy.

Organic Peppermint Patties
Stay healthy with organic ingredients this holiday season. Coconut oil is one of the main ingredients in this recipe, and it adds more than flavor. Coconut oil can help with losing weight, rejuvenating skin, preventing wrinkles and boosting your daily energy, so there is a little less sin when it comes to this delicious holiday treat.


  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp raw honey
  • ¼ tsp unrefined sea salt
  • ½-1 tsp peppermint extract (depending on personal taste)
  • ⅓-½ cup melted and cooled dark chocolate


  1. Mix together all ingredients except the dark chocolate.
  2. Use the mixture to make 12 patties and place on a pan.
  3. Put patties in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate until just melted.
  5. Allow chocolate to return to room temperature.
  6. Take patties out of the freezer and dip into the chocolate coating, covering completely.
  7. Return back to freezer for several minutes and allow the chocolate to set. Enjoy patties and keep stored in refrigerator.

Paleo Cookies

Paleo Peppermint Chocolate Crinkle Cookie
This paleo recipe is all about the natural ingredients. The paleo diet removes processed and unnatural foods from the diet by returning to how people ate in the Paleolithic Era, which mainly consists of protein, fruit and vegetables. These paleo peppermint cookies are like those fabulous Girl Scout Thin Mints, but without all the ingredients you can’t pronounce.


  • 2+½ cups almond meal
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • ½ cup coconut palm sugar (plus ¼ ground coconut palm sugar for rolling)
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • ¼ cup coconut oil melted
  • ¼ cup dairy-free chocolate chips melted
  • 1 tsp peppermint extract


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a large bowl, combine almond feal, coconut flour, cocoa powder, ½ cup coconut palm sugar, baking soda and salt. In a separate bowl, combine eggs, chocolate chips, coconut oil and peppermint extract.
  3. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir until combined.
  4. Cover bowl and place in refridgerator for one hour or freezer for 20 minutes.
  5. When dough has hardened, scoop out one tablespoon worth of dough and roll into a ball between palms.
  6. Roll each ball in ¼ cup of ground coconut palm sugar to coat.
  7. Place balls on a parchment or silicone lined baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes.
  8. Remove from oven and let sit on tray for 10 minutes before removing to cool the rest of the way on a wire cooling rack.
  9. Dust with any leftover ground coconut palm sugar to get a “snowball” like effect.
    CL Tip: Store cookies in an airtight container at room temperature.

Peppermint Bark

Healthy Peppermint Bark
This gluten-free recipe is a holiday favorite. You don’t need to have celiac disease to enjoy the benefits of a gluten-free diet. Health benefits include increasing energy levels, promoting digestive health and improving cholesterol levels. Make this healthy peppermint bark as a gift for your health-conscious friend, and try not to eat it all yourself (yes, it’s that good).


  • ½ cup coconut butter
  • 12 drops peppermint extract
  • 1+½ tbsp maple syrup
  • Sprinkles, crushed candy canes, or other toppings


  1. Make sure coconut butter is in a thick paste: Melt the butter, if necessary, either in the microwave, oven or with a little melted virgin coconut oil.
  2. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
  3. Combine and spread the mixture onto wax paper.
  4. Put in the refrigerator or freezer to set.
  5. After a few minutes, it will become delicious peppermint bark.

Skinny Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Hoosiers, end the night with a mug of warm, healthy peppermint hot cocoa. Agave nectar is used to sweeten this drink. Unlike traditional sugars, agave nectar’s sweetness is a complex form of fructose. Fructose is the sugar that is naturally found in fruit and vegetables, so it is better for the body. Stay healthy this holiday season by using natural ingredients, like the agave nectar in this recipe.


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1+½ tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1+½ tbsp agave nectar
  • 1 drop peppermint extract


  1. In a bowl, combine cocoa powder and agave nectar and stir until combined.
  2. Put milk in a saucepan over medium-low heat.
  3. Stir in the chocolate mixture and heat.
  4. Add drop of peppermint extract.
  5. Pour into mug, and enjoy.

Even with all the holiday festivities, follow these five recipes, co-eds, and enjoy the holiday season guilt-free. Make sure to follow CLCS IU on Twitter and Instagram @CLCS_IU for more holiday tips and to keep up with everything-CLCS IU.

Skinny Hot Cocoa

Graphics courtesy of College Lifestyles Campus Satellite at IU

Melanie Metzman is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in journalism and communication and culture. Keep up with her @melanie_metzman. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Top 3 Books to Save You from B-Town Boredom


As one semester ends and another begins, you may find yourself asking, “Haven’t I done this before?” Monday and Tuesday brings a week full of new assignments,Wednesday comes with the hump day blues, Thursday and Friday means the sweet joy of a school week coming to an end and then a weekend of relief; only to start it all over again next week.

Life in Bloomington can get slightly monotonous this time of year, especially when it feels like you’ve just finished the rush of finals only to be rewarded with a semester full of new classes.  Not only that, but the cold weather makes the old standby outdoor activities that kept you going last semester pretty much out of the question.

Pair the school week grind with the downright frigid temperatures, and you’ve got a recipe for some winter boredom. Turning to Netflix or the latest E! reality show is always an option, but both those possibilities, too, are getting old. This weekend, instead of sitting inside flipping through channels and pondering things to do, go on over to Barnes and Noble, the IMU bookstore or to pick up or download something from College Lifestyles Campus Satellite at IU’s reading list. The three women who authored our featured books are like your funniest, wisest, most thoughtful friends; spend a weekend with one of them for a humorous and enlightening change of pace.


Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please
Amy Poehler is a force in the entertainment world and, lucky for us, she has brought all of her talents with her for the writing of her breakout book. The comedic superstar, best known for her stint on “Saturday Night Live” and her role as Leslie Knope in “Parks and Recreation,”writes the ultimate “real talk” memoir complete with all the hilarities for which she is known and advice on relevant issues like love, life and careers. The book is printed on thick, glossy paper and is full of pictures from Poehler’s life. It’s a fun, quick read that is surprisingly deep. Read it over a weekend and you’ll feel like you spent your days hanging out your crazy, sarcastic friend who has some life lessons that you actually don’t mind listening to.

Lena Dunham’s “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned’”
The creator and star of HBO’s “Girls” takes her writing talents from the television world to her first book, and the outcome does not disappoint. “Not That Kind of Girl”is riddled with both elements of girl power and real-talk. Dunham lays it all out in this memoir that echoes the writing styles of Tina Fey and Nora Ephron. It’s funny, it’s thought-provoking and it’s undeniably sincere. Hop aboard the bandwagon and laugh along side Dunham’s  frank stories and observations about growing up, being a modern, working woman and life in general. Dunham is your friend who tells it like it is, but always with a sense of humor.


Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)”
If you want to laugh out loud while reading a book, this one is for you. In addition to her degree from Dartmouth College, Kaling’s work as a writer and performer on “The Office” and, more recently, her work as writer, producer and star of her own show, “The Mindy Project,” qualifies her to be a fabulous author. She is smart, successful and hilarious – the ultimate combo. Mindy takes you through her life and she gives you her thoughts on weight, women in television, romance, life in New York and her rise to success – all with an essence of humility and wit. Mindy is the friend who has you laughing upon first hello, and keeps you giggling the whole time you’re with her.

Post-holiday winter in Indiana can be a drag, but you don’t have to succumb to the boredom. These three truthful, humorous and intelligent authors have got your back, as they save you from another weekend of aimlessly perusing the movies section on Netflix. Go out, grab one of these books, snuggle up with some coffee and prepare for some laughs. You might even learn something.



Polyvore sets courtesy of Devynn Barnes

Devynn Barnes is a journalism and French major at Indiana University. You can follow her on Twitter  @devynnbarnes. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds, be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Top 3 Trends to Try for a Hoosier Holiday


This gallery contains 5 photos.

#img# It’s hard to look as good as the Indiana University campus during the holidays: The lights on the Indiana Memorial Union; the red and green colors shining down the Art Museum; the strings of glistening, white bulbs strung from … Read More

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Insta-Indiana: Winter ’14 Gift Guide


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#img# Indiana University is already known for its beautiful campus, but add snow, holiday decorations and the general happy feeling around campus with the upcoming holiday season and Hoosiers have magic. With the gift-giving season coming up, Hoosiers have a … Read More

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Guys Tell All: 3 End-of-Semester Dates for Hoosier Couples

unnamed (3)

Yet another fall semester is coming to a close and that can spell trouble for a relationship.  As the pressure of finals ensues, you may find it difficult to keep that spice in your companionship.  There’s no need to worry, College Lifestyles Campus Satellite at Indiana University’s Guys Tell All feature this month includes some fresh tips to kick-start a date night in the midst of final exams.

Italian Retreat
Nothing ignites a sense of passion quite like a glass of pinot noir and premium Italian cooking.  Although a bit cliché, a trip to Bloomington’s premiere Italian eatery, Grazie, will surely put a romantic spin on your evening.  Don’t be afraid to doll yourself up; dressing to-the-nines adds to Grazie’s classy atmosphere.  It’s worth mentioning that Grazie is on the expensive side; however, it’s nevertheless a nice change from ordering the routine munchie madness.  When you order at Grazie, remember that wine is the perfect complement to Italian cuisine, especially a red sauced pasta.  After enjoying an elegant dining experience, make your way over to Oliver Winery’s downtown bar for the perfect nightcap.  This establishment offers a wide selection of wine. From semi-sweets to dry whites, you’re bound to find the  perfect wine to fit the evening.  Wine tasting can be an adventurous affair for a couple.  If you aren’t of the legal age to consume alcohol, head on over to Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse for a delectable dessert. We highly recommend the chocolate pate: a rich chocolate terrine with berry coulis and a artisan chocolate twig.


Netflix Night In
Money and time can be a rarity for college students. You may be taking some time off from your part-time job in order to prepare for finals.  If your pockets seem a bit emptier than usual, a date night out might not be financially possible.  However, you can still make a date special without spending your whole week’s paycheck.  Then again, maybe money isn’t the issue.  You or your significant other might not have enough time to enjoy a night out due to studies. How about we kill two birds with one stone here?  Let’s try a homemade meal, followed by desserts and Netflix.  For dinner, get out of your comfort zone and try a new recipe. Stuffed peppers can be quite tasty and fun to make, especially if you stuff them with something exotic (crab,bacon, etc).  When it comes to dessert, baking cookies can be cheap way to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

unnamed (1)

B-Town Beats
Mark your calendars, the hit a cappella group Straight No Chaser will be  returning to Bloomington at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 18th at the IU Auditorium. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the all-male singing group, Straight No Chaser been a part of IU’s music scene for some time now.  The group’s upbeat energy and charm is sure to send your date night in an optimistic direction.  Before we get ahead of ourselves here, you might want to have a little bite to eat before attending the show.  CLCS IU recommends trying Sweet Grass, if you haven’t already.  This restaurant offers delicious, moderately priced food and, trust us, this restaurant sets the mood for a romantic evening.  For instance, as you sit down the server will light a candle, all-the-while establishing a casual environment to ensure comfort.  Be sure to grab your tickets at the IU Auditorium Box Office, they’ll cost $37-$55, depending on your preferred seating.

We hope these date ideas spruce up your relationship as the semester comes to a close. We know it can be stressful to balance both studies and emotional commitments. One of these fun date suggestions should fit your finals week schedule.

unnamed (2)

Drew Eldred is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow him @D1_Eldred. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

IU Auditorium Presents: Kevin Hart

Kevin HartAt the peak of the third most anticipated weekend of the year (after Little 500 and Welcome Week, of course), a rumor flooded Hoosiers’ Facebook feeds on Halloweekend. After being sent into immediate fact check mode, Indiana University’s Union Board confirmed and Hoosiers sold out the IU Auditorium for 7 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 7th. Kevin Hart is on his way to B-Town, folks.

The last time most of us saw Kevin Hart was via Family Video rental when he filled Madison Square Garden with laughter. Going from such a massive and, not to mention, impressive venue to a Big 10 university is an interesting change in pace, but Hoosiers are nonetheless thankful. Before his most recent tour recording “Let Me Explain,” many Hoosiers filled their Netflix queues with Hart’s hilarious tours “Seriously Funny” and “I’m a Grown Little Man.” Meanwhile, Hoosier Cinema 7 helped us procrastinate by screening “Think Like a Man” regularly. Needless to say, Hart has been part of our IU experience in one way or another. Now, Hoosiers have the opportunity to add a live performance to their list of laughs.

Untitled #48

Of course, there are a select few who don’t have any idea who Hart is or why they had been so easily persuaded to add a $50 ticket to their Bursar bill back in October. For those who have been unfortunate enough to pass up any of the tours or films listed above, here are five quick tips to prepare an ill-informed crowd for tomorrow’s event:

  • Kevin Hart, 35, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Hart’s stand-up career kicked off locally, but not successfully, in at The Laff House in Philly. Hart was actually booed off stage a couples times before entering comedy competitions in Massachusetts during which he found his unique stand-up style.
  • To expand on the point above, Hart’s stand-up is deeply rooted in his personal life. His humility has no limitations, which makes Hart a credible, authentic and – perhaps, most importantly – relatable comedian. His childhood, ex-wife, kids and celebrity clique are popular points of discussion in Hart’s stand-up. Hoosiers should anticipate an update on Hart’s love interests, family and friends this Sunday evening.
  • Hart is short; 5’4″ kind-of short, which makes his MVP award in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game funny in itself. Hart scored eight points with six assists before being ejected from the game for cursing and throwing his shoe across the court. IUBB jokes are expected.
  • In addition to his MVP award mentioned above, Hart has also earned position as host to the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards; a BET Best Actor title and trophy for his performance in “Think Like a Man;” an Entertainer of the Year as well as a Best Actor in a Comedy Series titles and trophies at the 2014 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Image Awards. Needless to say, Hart is good at what he does, and this season’s event is expected to be nothing short of genuine hilariousness.
Untitled #47

Now, if time permits, CLCS IU recommends that newbies of the fan club should binge-watch Hart’s handful of films on Netflix. Trust us, Hoosiers, you’ll be happy you did some research because Hart often revisits jokes made in his previous stand-up shows. Having an understanding of Hart’s comedic archive will make this weekend’s event even funnier. Hoosiers are advised to print off their tickets for free and from home to avoid will call lines;  have an early dinner before the 7 p.m. event so you don’t have to leave the show mid-joke for snacks; arrive to the IU Auditorium early because, after all, it’s a sold out show. Enjoy the show, Hoosiers, by having a great night full of laughs before the stress of final exams set in.

Untitled #46

Polyvore sets courtesy of Kelsey Roadruck

Kelsey Roadruck is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow her @kroadruck. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Bloomington Boutiques: A Hoosier’s Guide to Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


Ah, it’s finally Thanksgiving break. This week off from the stress of classes means an entire day devoted to delicious, home-cooked food, quality time with family and being thankful for everything we have. There is no better way to continue the Thanksgiving spirit, and to ring in the holiday season, than with a little shopping. Hoosiers should know there are many great deals out there this Black Friday for those staying in the local Bloomington area as well as Cyber Monday sales for those home in another city for break. College Lifestyles Campus Satellite at IU is here to help Hoosiers stay savvy this holiday season.

Untitled #44

For those living in Bloomington or staying at IU over break and looking to start holiday shopping, College Mall’s Target on Third Street is a must-stop. The store is opening at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. So when you’re done with Thanksgiving dinner, head over to Target for amazing deals. Seriously, there is a $79 TV and countless $4 DVDs for future movie nights with your roomies.

For more Black Friday goodness, classy co-eds should stop by the Walmart off State Road 45 where deals start at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. Walmart even has pre-Black Friday deals going on right now including: $199 Samsung Chromebook, which would be perfect for yourself as a student or as a gift for a sibling who’s going to college next year; $79 ping-pong table for your whole family to set up together and play with post-gift-giving; $130-off Beats headphones to jazz up your walk to classes, literally.

Co-eds can also buy something special to wear this holiday season with a little Black Friday shopping at local Bloomington boutiques. For you, fashionistas, out there, Urban Outfitters on Kirkwood will be opening at 5 a.m. on Black Friday with 50 percent off all sale items. Bluetique, also on Kirkwood, will be following its regular hours of 10 a.m. through 8 p.m., but they will be having two special deals throughout the day, which include 15 to 30 percent off deals. And although our third Kirkwood boutique, Pitaya, will be closing early, it will be offering a 50 percent off sale. Plan ahead, Hoosier shoppers.

For vintage lovers, Cactus Flower will be having a special sale featuring 10 to 20 percent off items. For Hoosier runners, Indiana Running Company on North College will be open for regular hours and its social media will keep followers updated on its deals on electronics, apparel and accessories.

Untitled #45

Dec. 1 - AKA: The date of this year’s Cyber Monday – is also a great day to make a big purchase, especially when it comes to electronics and clothes. Co-eds can expect to save up to a few hundred dollars on electronics ranging from cameras and TVs to laptops. Cross items, like that new computer you have been saving for or that iPod you have been dying to get your hands on, off your wishlist from the comfort of your own bed. Cyber Monday is your day to take the paycheck plunge while in your pajamas.

Over the past few years, Cyber Monday has become just as popular as Black Friday, but CLCS IU thinks Monday may be even better. Co-eds can shop and get the same amazing deals as the prior Friday all while relaxing at home with a cup of hot cocoa and leftover Thanksgiving dinner. Could it get any better?

If you are looking for great electronics department doorbusters, look no further than Best Buy. Best Buy (located on Third Street) has not released its Cyber Monday sales yet, however, Hoosiers can subscribe to its Deal of the Day email to be the one of the first to learn about the 2014 sales.

Amazon is also known for amazing Cyber Monday deals in all shopping departments (electronics, clothes, toys, etc.). Between its homepage countdown and pre-Cyber Monday deals that change every day, Amazon is clearly excited. For example, the online store is currently offering 65 percent off cardio equipment and jewelry sales.

Last on the electronic front, Apple will be having Cyber Monday sales, but it will not release the information until the day of. So, co-eds, if you are interested in any Apple products this holiday season, check back on its website early on Cyber Monday to score the best deals.

Nearly every clothing store offers Cyber Monday sales that can help co-eds stay in style. Last year, J. Crew offered 30 percent off the entire store plus free shipping. Free People, known for its unique, bohemian style and high prices, offered a rare 20 percent off sale items. Cyber Monday is especially big at Nordstrom. The store will have savings up to 70 percent on designers like Tory Burch, Wildfox and Nike, and not to mention its sales on clothes that could be great gifts for your mom, sister and best friend.

Whether you are shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or both (no shame, co-eds). Stay savvy and shop smart this holiday season.

shopping bag

Graphic courtesy of College Lifestyles
Polyvore Set by Kelsey Roadruck
Polyvore Set by Kelsey Roadruck
Image courtesy of Canstock Photo

Melanie Metzman is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in journalism and communication and culture. Keep up with her @melanie_metzman. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Campus Involvement: Why Hoosiers Should Join CHAARG


Halloween weekend has concluded, and now many of us are getting excited for Thanksgiving. We may even be feeling that holiday fever with winter break just around the corner. We are already meeting with advisers and even registering for spring semester classes. Before Hoosiers know it, we’ll be halfway through this wonderful year.

While we plan schedules, and carefully avoid Friday classes, it may also be time to consider some new ways to become involved on campus. Hoosiers might also be looking to get back into a consistent workout schedule after the holidays. If you’re looking for something fun, exciting and gets your heart pumping, Indiana University CHAARG may be the perfect, new organization for you.

Many of us, co-eds, are probably unfamiliar with CHAARG, so let us, at College Lifestyles Campus Satellite at IU, tell you all about it.


CHAARG, which stands for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls, is a national organization aimed to ignite a passion in women for health and, more specifically, fitness. It was founded by Ohio State University student Elisabeth Tavierne, and CHAARG has expanded into 14 chapters at various American universities, including IU. IU CHAARG teaches young women that fitness can truly be fun.

“It is a community of college-aged girls who aim to be the best version of themselves and get out of their ‘fitness comfort zones’ to try new ways of working out,” said Alissa Becker, IU CHAARG ambassador.

Becker, a junior from Dayton, OH, became involved with CHAARG her freshman year and has been going strong ever since. Her favorite workout includes any type of barre class, combining Pilates, yoga and ballet. She also can’t get enough of the outdoors and loves any workout that gets her outside in nature.

“I fell completely head over in heels in love with the organization,” said Becker. “I felt like it had my name written all over it. I was still transitioning to the college lifestyle, so I know I needed a support system like CHAARG, and I knew it would thrive at IU.”

IU CHAARG isn’t just about workout out all the time. It’s about finding a community of like-minded women on campus and building lasting friendships.


Workouts are held twice a week, with main events on Monday nights in the Indiana Memorial Union where fitness professionals are brought in from around Bloomington. Small group workouts are held in a smaller setting with a member of the CHAARG Exec leading the workout. This is to ensure that girls form relationships and can get the chance to get to know each other.

And, with 285 members, creating a tight knit community can definitely be a challenge. However, Becker stresses quality over quantity.

“We would rather have a group of extremely dedicated girls who pour their whole hearts into being CHAARG girls, and if that means our numbers grow with it then even better,” said Becker. “Every member has something so positive and uplifting to bring to the table, and I have loved being inspired and inspiring all of the CHAARG girls around me.”

And CHAARG doesn’t just stop at IU. It has a national community to add to the support as well. It even has a virtual chapter for women who do not yet have a CHAARG organization at their own university. CHAARG members can also connect with members from other universities on social media.

“Our main way of supporting one another is through social media, which has been really cool to be inspired by girls all over the US,” explained Becker.

This organization is the perfect chance to meet tons of like-minded Hoosiers on campus who inspire and empower each other. College is all about finding our niche and spending time with those who do just that. Be sure to check out the IU CHAARG Facebook page and website if you’d like to get involved next semester.



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