Awesome Alumni: Top 5 Hoosiers Who Made it Big


Graphic created by Sierra Vandervort

We here at CLCS IU don’t have to convince you that IU is awesome; we know you know. In light of fabulous Oscar-winner Meryl Streep recently receiving an honorary degree from the university, we thought we’d compile of list of five of our favorite awesome alumni. From writers and anchors to ballerinas and singers, Bloomington has birthed them all. Take a look at some of these fellow Hoosiers that have graced the campus, and maybe you’ll see your name on here in the future, co-eds.

Suzanne Collins – Author, class of ’85
The notorious author of “The Hunger Games” is probably one of Bloomington’s most popular alumnae. As a dual major in theater and telecommunications she received her bachelors from IU before continuing her career at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. This Hoosier-at-heart studied telecommunications and theater during her time in the Bloom. The IDS archives even have old newspaper articles on her drama career on campus.


Hoagy Carmichael – Musician, class of ’25
While the oldest alumni on our list, Hoagy is the only one with a commemorative statue on the campus. Born in Bloomington, Hoagy earned his bachelor’s degree from the School of Law before becoming the composer he is known as today. He is most known for his tracks “Stardust,” Georgia on My Mind” and “Heart and Soul” during the late 20’s and mid-30’s. Even though he passed in December of 1981, you can still find Hoagy seated at his piano in front of the IU Cinema, most likely with something placed in his free hand.

Ryan Murphy – Television producer, class of ’87
Even if you may not recognize his name, you’ve definitely seen some of this Hoosier’s work on your TV if you live anywhere in the free world. After graduating Murphy went on to produce, direct and write a slew of shows. Just a few are “Nip/Tuck,” “Popular,” “American Horror Story,” “Glee” and “The New Normal.” But before Murphy was bringing our favorite characters to the small screen he was a writer for the IDS and a member of the Singing Hoosiers.


Catt Sadler – News anchor, class of ’77
Sadler was born in Martinsville, Indiana and graduated from IU with a degree in journalism. Before even finishing college she was offered a job by Fox 59 to host a weekly segment titled “Youth Matters.” After leaving Indy and heading for the beaches of Cali, Sadler worked as an entertainment reporter before joining the E! News show with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. She also gets to cover live Red Carpet events like the Academy Awards and the Emmys. Not a bad gig if you ask us.

Amanda Schull – Actress and ballerina, two-year attendance
Amanda Schull is now an actress and professional ballet dancer originally hailing for Honolulu, Hawaii. After she studied ballet at IU on a full scholarship she went on to accept an apprenticeship with the San Francisco Ballet before retiring in 2006. She’s now more famously known for her cameo TV roles in shows such as “One Tree Hill,” “Bones,” “Two and a Half Men” and “Pretty Little Liars” (she played Meredith Sorenson).  Schull was also a member of Delta Delta Delta on campus.

These are just five of the best IU has to offer, and there’s always more to come. Who knows; maybe you could be the next best-selling author, TV producer or real life ballerina. No matter what your future holds you’ll always be a Hoosier. There’s nothing classier than that.


Sierra Vandervort is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow her @the_whimsical. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College LiftestylesTM on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Campus Crannies: Top 3 Shops to Visit in Fountain Square Mall


It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and you can smell that crisp, spring air.  Days like these come few and far between in April, especially after the winter Bloomington just endured.  With the many buildings Indiana University houses, the campus can be called a true chamber of secrets.  From secret study spaces to hidden coffee shops, the many treasures of IU not only stretch to the borders of campus but also reach the town of Bloomington itself.  One of the most captivating places in Bloomington is the downtown square.  Whether it’s for food or entertainment, the historic square is visited frequently by Hoosiers.  College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite IU takes you beyond your first glance of the many stores that populate Bloomington’s square and on a tour to a real downtown gem – Fountain Square Mall.

Hidden away in the south side depths of the square is Fountain Square Mall.  While taking your stroll down Kirkwood, keep an eye out for the indoor fountain.  This cleverly crafted waterfall stands one story tall, 15 feet wide and serves as the artistic nucleus of the unique shopping center.  As you make your way through the main corridor you’ll encounter more than one architectural marvel.  A large Victorian inspired spiral staircase towers over both the fountain and information desk, connecting all three floors.  If the climb is inaccessible, a stylish elevator will aid you in your exploration of Fountain Square Mall.  Another fabulous feature is tucked away on the third floor, the Fountain Square Ballroom.  Whether you plan on dancing the night away at your friend’s wedding reception or enjoying an informal family reunion, the ballroom’s elegant Victorian feel will ensure a night of merriment no matter the occasion.


What makes Bloomington so unique is the strong support the city and its community have for independently owned businesses.  The downtown area is so full of these shops that it becomes quite the task to visit all of them.  Businesses like these are of paramount importance to communities due to the opportunities they create for locals and inspired entrepreneurs.  The Fountain Square Mall was rebuilt based off that very principle and does just that by housing more than 15 independently owned boutiques, businesses and a variety of service providers. Tivoli Fashions, a women’s designer clothing store, sports some of the highest names in women’s fashion like Eileen Fisher and Geiger.  If you’re looking for high quality women’s clothing, be sure to check out this fashionable shop. Additionally, if you still haven’t found that salon that resembles one back home, look into Elan Uptown Salon. This classy cuttery is designed to satisfy your every need.  Also, if you plan on convincing your man to join you on this adventure, we should also mention that Fountain Square Mall caters to the Hoosier guys as well with The Briar and The Burley, a man-cave that has an actual full-size Ferrari to satisfy their viewing pleasure.  The Briar and The Burley sells anything from leather clothing to tobacco goods, which makes it a must-see for any Bloomington gentleman.


College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite IU hopes you add this classic cranny to your Bloomington co-ed bucket list.  Parking can be hectic downtown so keep in mind that there’s an actual parking garage attached to Fountain Square Mall through a skywalk with a wonderful view.   As usual, CLCS IU wishes you happy hunting.



Drew Eldred is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow him @D1_Eldred. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Hoosier Hostess: Patty’s Party


Throw on your green and grab your clovers, Hoosier co-eds; It’s St. Patty’s Day season in Bloomington. If luck is on your side this holiday, why not throw a special Irish-themed bash for you and all of your fabulous friends? With a little College Lifestyles stalking and some dollar-store runs you can be the Hoosier hostess everyone is talking about until the Fourth of July.

Deck the halls with lovely green galore. Turn your home into a festive space fit for any leprechaun with these DIY St. Patty’s Day décor ideas:

  1. Split peas are your new best friends. These babies can easily and quickly be glued to picture frames, coasters or plastic wreaths. No glue-gun? No problem. Sprinkle them on top of dressers and around centerpieces for decoration on the fly.

CL Tip: Make sure you have access to a vacuum cleaner if you’re going to use these.

  1. Make a welcome banner for your guests with a few cardstock supplies and some creativity. String it across your foyer with a ribbon and some tulle. Viola!

  2. Decorative fabric balls are a basic for any DIY rookie. These are great to fill up glass bowls for centerpieces. Some styrofoam balls, festive fabrics in addition to some pins and you’re in business.

Photo Credit: Cassie Smith

Photo Credit: Cassie Smith

A Hoosier go-to for many crafty co-eds is the dollar store. Be festive on a dime with all the Irish-themed trinkets they have to offer. Just make sure to act fast, your crafty co-ed colleagues will be hunting for bargains as well. If you’re looking for a more complicated DIY you can find all your crafting needs at the Bloomington Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics.

What’s a party without a little munchies? You don’t have to spend a pot of gold to provide the best food any partygoer has seen. For the festive Irish season, you can’t go wrong with anything mint chocolate chip or key-lime flavored, the greener the better. Too far fetched for your taste? Assimilators fear not, even adding a little food coloring to your favorite cookie recipes can pack a punch with party people. This is easily available at Target or the dollar store. The green theme is also a great way to incorporate some healthier options such as kale, broccoli and spinach dip.

Photo Credit: Cassie Smith

Photo Credit: Cassie Smith

If you’re looking to get a little more bang for your buck in the snack department, look for some new and innovative caterers or deliveries. One great way to incorporate green is to order the mint chocolate chip from Baked!. The fun color will add a whimsical twist to your party, and your guests will be forever grateful for these delectable treats. You can also order carry-out from the Irish Lion if you’re looking for a heavier party time meal. Include an authentic Irish ale if your party-goers are of age.

What’s a party without a little festivities? Hoosier hostesses know how to entertain, and St. Patty’s Day is no exception. Get your guests involved in some green-themed arts and crafts such as paper art four leaf clovers or felt shamrock rings. That being said, don’t push yourself too far; theme-crazed parties can sometimes be overwhelming to guests and come off as cheesy. Not every party favor and conversational topic needs the luck of the Irish. Throw in some everyday party games and a movie or two for the perfect balance between structured and easy-going.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Hoosiers, from everyone here at CLCS IU. Here’s to a pot of gold foil chocolate at the end of every rainbow.


Photo Credit: Cassie Smith

Sierra Vandervort is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow her @the_whimsical. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College LiftestylesTM on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter @collegelifestyl.

Top 5 Hoosier Tips Toward a Productive Spring Break

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Though the weather sure doesn’t feel like it, spring break is only a week away. Whether you are headed to a sunny paradise to thaw out your toes or will simply be relaxing at home, there are definitely ways to stay busy and productive during our lovely week off of the daily Hoosier grind.

Read, read and read some more
Ah, finally, you will have some time to read books that you have been itching to get to. You get a whole week off from art history textbooks and other assigned nightly readings that make your head spin. If you’re going on vacation, kick back on the beach with a great book, a piña colada and get lost in the story for a while. If you aren’t anywhere warm and sunny and amazing, you can still enjoy a book just as much, but some fruit filled sangria might make the cold weather more tolerable. To name a few, some great vacation reads are: “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd, “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold and “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen.

Schedule a few interviews
If you are in the process of applying for a job or internship, spring break is a great time to have an interview, if need be. If you don’t have other plans, let your employers know that you will be around during that week and that you would be available for an interview or even just to meet to talk about the company. It doesn’t hurt to meet a future employer in person for some coffee, or ice cream for that matter.

Photo Credit: - Simon Howden

Photo Credit: – Simon Howden

Volunteer for a week
Spring break is a fantastic time to get some volunteer work in. If you visit the website, you can type in your location and what you are interested in, and a list of potential volunteer positions will pop up. It is a wonderful way to get involved in your community during a week where you may not have much else going on. IU has a website with multiple volunteer opportunities such as tutoring younger kids and visiting senior citizens. Check out the “Co-Curricular Activities” website for a bunch of ideas. It will also make you feel so good inside to know that you spent your time doing something worthwhile that helped others.

Photo Credit: - Tim Seed

Photo Credit: – Tim Seed

Try something new
You have an entire week to do anything you wish. Go visit a museum that you’ve never been to before, pick a dish on Pinterest to cook that you have always wanted to make, find a local band performing near you and check them out one night. Go rock skipping, sky diving, cross-country skiing (since warm air wont likely grace us with its presence). It doesn’t matter what you try, as long as you get up and out around Bloomington. Expand your horizons; it will make you feel miraculous.

And as much as you don’t want to …
Try to get ahead with some of your schoolwork. If you know you have an assignment due sometime after spring break, get a head start on it and you will feel much more at ease. Head on over to The Pourhouse Cafe on Kirkwood or the Fine Arts Library to knock out some assignments before you even leave for break. If you are going to be chilling at home, it may not hurt to get some schoolwork done in addition to all of the fun activities you have already planned. If you are going to be on an exotic island or taking in the sights of the Grand Canyon, disregard this idea and enjoy where you are.

No matter what you do during spring break, make sure you have a wondrous time. The most important thing is to stay safe and healthy. CLCS IU wishes everyone a glorious week and we hope that these tips help all of you classy co-eds make the most out of your time.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Pearl Plotkin is a senior journalism major at Indiana University. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @clcs_iu.

Guys Tell All: Decoding the Hoosier Gentleman’s Text Messages


Relationships can be tricky, especially in this day and age.  Communication is one of the most important factors to a healthy relationship.  As millennials, we picture ourselves as tech-savvy individuals, so the majority of students walking around Indiana University can be seen texting away on their cell phones.  With that being said, communicating with your significant other through text messaging can be quite problematic.  Be prepared to take some notes as CLCS IU brings you a helpful guide on decoding your Hoosier gentleman’s text talk.


When it comes to communicating, text messaging opens the door to far more interpretation than a phone call. This interpretation can be both helpful and detrimental to your relationship, so remember not over analyze your man’s diction. Now, onto the elephant in the room – shortness.  While texting your significant other, receiving a short response after a lengthy text can both be hurtful and annoying.  Some examples of these responses could be the infamous “K” or even words like “Cool” and “Fine.”   Before you mention that it’s bothering you, consider this first. Is he with his friends?  A guy needs time in the bro cave just as much as a girl needs her GNO (girls night out).  Having friendships outside of a relationship is crucial in maintaining a healthy and balanced partnership.  His shortness could imply that he’s out with his friends and doesn’t want to be rude by sitting on his phone all night.  Shortness can also reflect that he may want some time to himself.  In this case, it’s a good idea to back off a little; you don’t want him to become annoyed each time your name pops up on his phone.  If you find yourself in a similar situation as the hypothetical ones above, keep a few of these tips in mind to prevent an unnecessary argument.  If it’s not something you can generally respond to, try initiating a new topic or take the conversation in a different direction.  If he’s still replies with a “Nice”, “Cool” or even an “It’s/I’m fine,” CLCS IU suggests that you don’t respond until he has something new or more to say.

Texting someone you have feelings for is an everyday battle.  What should I respond with?  Should I text him first?  Why isn’t he texting me?  Obviously, there are various possibilities that could answer all of these questions; however, in terms of a reaction to your confusion, it’s most important to stay true to yourself and to not try to be what he may want you to be. Stay confident.  In regards to messaging him first, CLCS IU encourages you to initiate conversation.  Try to look at it the same way as if you’d buy a guy a drink, it might not be the traditional norm but the notion is well appreciated nonetheless.


It’s good to remember that a smiley goes a long way.  As silly as it sounds, emoticons are actually a good way to tell he’s interested.  Now, we’re not saying that receiving a smiley in a text message is conveying his undying love, but it shows a higher level of interest.

Well, that about does it for CLCS IU’s guide to unraveling the mysteries behind your man’s text messages, but before we let you off the hook it’s important to keep in mind a couple of things before considering the options above.  It’s quite possible that he merely doesn’t like to text message and prefers a phone call or face to face interaction.  It’s also very important not to over analyze; keep it simple. CLCS IU wishes all you Hoosier co-eds love and luck for your spring semester.


Drew Eldred is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow him @D1_Eldred. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Hoosier Hostess: A 2014 Celebration


Well, co-eds, Christmas is over and the New Year is finally upon us.  Although the presents have all been unwrapped and the eggnog has been devoured, don’t put away those party decorations just yet.  And, since your Hoosier holiday party was such a success, now it’s time to ring in the New Year with an even more glamorous New Year’s Eve celebration.  Whether you want to end 2013 with a bang or start the New Year off strong, this CLCS IU guide will help you plan your best party yet.

First things first.  Decide whether or not you would like to have a special theme for your party.  Not only will a theme make your party even more unique, but it will also allow you to really get creative with your wardrobe.  Additionally, it will let your friends have fun with their NYE looks.  Here are a few CLCS IU favorites to help you choose the perfect theme for your NYE celebration.


Midnight in Paris:  Like Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.”  This fine woman could not have been more correct, or more flawlessly elegant.  A Parisian or French theme will truly make your party not only sophisticated, but memorable as well.  Ask your guests to dress to impress for this occasion with evening cocktail attire and high heels.  Seriously, who doesn’t love wearing a little black dress?  Ballet flats also fit the theme while allowing for comfort.  And nothing says fête like a classy Paris-themed NYE soirée.  Bonne Année, Hoosiers!

Roaring 20s:  If you just haven’t gotten enough of that Gatsby craze, then pull out those feathered headbands and flapper dresses, co-eds.  The 1920s was a decade in which women broke away from the previous era’s more restricting fashions and passionately embraced a new, modern style.  So why not embrace the New Year with the very same attitude and attire?  We’re all familiar with the flapper look, but don’t be afraid to be bold with your makeup and accessories.  After all, a girl can never own too many pearls.

Glitter and Gold:  Anything gold and sparkling is the perfect fit for this occasion.  That means it’s time to bring out that metallic gold dress that’s been sitting in your closet for far too long.  If you don’t have a gold dress, vamp things up with your accessories or makeup instead.  Pair a cute black dress or skirt with lots of gold bracelets and glittery eye shadow.  Additionally, this theme does not require guests to dress up in case they prefer to be more comfortable instead.

Set the atmosphere.
When it comes to decorating, go for metallic gold or silver, no matter what theme you choose.  Stop by Party City or the College Mall to find tons of cheap party decorations.  A sparkling gold tablecloth with coordinating black and gold balloons is sure to do the trick.  If you really want to impress your guests, create your very own bubble chandelier for the perfect decorative centerpiece.  And don’t forget the noisemakers and confetti poppers for your guests when the clock strikes midnight.

New Year’s Nibbles
With any NYE party, champagne essential.  Serving champagne will also fit with any theme, especially Midnight in Paris or Roaring 20s.  Stop by Oliver Winery or Kroger and grab a bottle, or two.  Make sure to buy some sparkling juice to provide a non-alcoholic alternative for your guests as well. As always, CLCS IU advises those of age to drink responsibly and in a classy manner; pinky out.


A chocolate fondue bar will also undoubtedly be a hit with your guests.  Just serve it with some fresh fruit, pound cake, marshmallows and you’re set.  If an entire fondue bar is too much, chocolate covered strawberries are a quick, easy and delicious alternative.  Pair the strawberries with an assortment of macaroons for the ultimate Parisian theme.

‘Til the Clock Strikes 12
While you mingle with your guests and nibble on a pistachio macaroon, make sure to have your party playlist going in the background.  Michael Bublé’s “Save the Last Dance for Me” will definitely liven up the mood.  At some point during the evening, hand out note cards to your guests, asking them to write down their New Year’s resolutions.  Then, gather them up and read them aloud after allowing everyone to guess who wrote what.  You can even create fill-in-the-blank cards that read: “The bad habit I want to kick this year is___” or “The skill I want to learn this year is___”.  Finally, be sure to have those confetti poppers in hand when the ball finally drops in Times Square.

Again, at CLSC IU, we encourage those of age to drink responsibly during the holidays.  Stay safe, stay classy and have a Happy New Year.


Natalie Rowthorn is a journalism major at Indiana University.  You can follow her at @nrowthornIU.  To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @clcs_iu.

DIY Last Minute Gifts for Hoosiers


Are you still looking for gift ideas for family and friends on Christmas Eve? Between the time crunch of the approaching holidays and shopping on a limited college budget, you may find yourself pinning like crazy on your Pinterest do-it-yourself boards in hope of finding some “gift-spiration.” Lucky for you, CLCS IU team members have created three Hoosier-fied gifts that co-eds can make quickly, easily and affordably for your friends and family.

Simple Sample Gates
This is a simple DIY gift that can be completed within an hour, at most, with supplies that cost less than $10. You can make these for the average B-Town lover or personalize them for your closest Hoosier friend.


  • Canvas board, stretched canvas, poster board
  • Red and black permanent markers


  1. First, use a stencil or freehand the outline of the Sample Gates. You’ll want to do this lightly so you can erase it later.
  2. Next, begin filling in the outline with Hoosier-specific terms in black marker. This is also a great way to personalize your gift by using terms that have a special meaning to the IU fan that will be receiving your gift.
  3. Then, add a heart or initials of the receiver in the middle of the gates in red ink.
  4. Finally, erase any pencil marks and voila, you’re done. Simply wrap your creation and add a bow for some extra pizazz.

sample gates

Out-of-State Friendship Mugs
There are quite a few methods out there to the Sharpie mug project, but here’s the quickest and cheapest craft CLCS IU tried. You can use any phrase or design you’d like, but we liked this gift idea for a friend who’s not lucky enough to live in the same state as their amazing school. These mugs work the same as any friendship bracelet or necklace, so you will keep the Indiana mug and give the other mug to your out-of-state friend.


  • Sharpie marker
  • Two plain mugs


  1. First, draw the state of Indiana on one mug and then the state of your friend’s home on the other mug with Sharpie marker. Next, add a heart on the location of Bloomington on the Indiana mug and the location of your friend’s hometown on the second mug. Then, draw a dotted line from one heart to the other, so when put together, they connect.
  2. Next, place your mugs in the oven and set to 350 degrees.
  3. Finally, remove your mugs from the oven after 30 minutes of heat. Add a package of your friend’s favorite hot cocoa or coffee and place them in a gift bag with extra tissue paper to ensure these fabulous mugs don’t break.
    CLCS IU Tip: Place your mugs in the oven as it heats and only remove your mugs after the oven has cooled completely. By letting your mugs heat and cool with the oven, you’ll prevent any cracking in your design.


Cozy in Cream & Crimson
A warm and fuzzy blanket makes the perfect gift, especially in the middle of a frigid, Indiana winter; don’t worry, no sewing experience is necessary.


  • Two large pieces of fabric. The size depends on how large you’d like your blanket to be. (CLCS IU recommends purchasing one piece in cream and one in crimson.)
  • Scissors


  1. First, lay the two pieces of fabric directly on top of each other.
  2. Next, make one to two-inch cuts all along the sides of the fabric.
  3. Finally, tie the cream cuts to the crimson cuts to hold both fabric pieces in place. Because these blankets can get big and bulky, you might save some hassle by simply tying a bow on top with some chic ribbon.

We hope you enjoy these simple and easy DIY Hoosier-fied gifts; we know those receiving them will enjoy them even more than we do. As always, CLCS IU is wishing you safe travels and happy holidays.


Kelsey Roadruck is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow her @kroadruck. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Top 10 Hoosier-fied Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself


This gallery contains 11 photos.

#img#Congrats, co-eds; you can officially cross finals week and traveling home for winter break off your end of the semester to-do list. Now, the fun begins – holiday shopping. As Santa stuffs your stockings, CLCS IU stocks your news feed … Read More

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Guys Tell All: Gift Guide for Hoosier Gentlemen

Indiana Shop

Having trouble finding a Hoosier-fied gift for a guy who bleeds cream and crimson?   CLCS IU can understand the pains of holiday shopping, especially for a co-ed’s significant other. Before going out and blowing all of your hard earned cash MC Hammer style, consider a couple things first.

At what stage are we at in our relationship?
This can directly affect how much you should put into the gift, in regards to effort and money.  You don’t want to spend $300 on a gift early on in a relationship because that can put strain on your partner when it comes to shopping for you.

What’s his favorite IU sport and what players does he follow?
Finding out what sports he’s into and the specifics of said sport can simplify the shopping experience.  Don’t go all CIA agent trying to uncover what he likes because questioning him will give it away. Be clever about it; being subtle is key.

Remember, you’re not shopping for Kim Kardashian.
Guys are simple and they enjoy simple things.  It doesn’t matter how much or how fancy a gift is; it’s the thought that counts.  Put some time and effort into a gift and you’re sure to turn a smile.

The Smaller Gifts

If you’re shopping for a friend or a guy you just started dating the simple, yet cheap route is advised.  One can never own too many shot glasses.  Whether he’s in need of a set or is an IU memorabilia collector, these little suckers act as the perfect stocking stuffers. Additionally, man cave memorabilia can be hit or miss with some guys.  If his apartment is the HQ of Hoosier sports and his buddies are always over watching the game, it might not be a bad idea to get a man cave rug or sport related pin up to officially establish the masculinity of his sports zone.

Man Cave

Don’t be afraid to take a peek inside his closet for a look at his IU swagger.  If your eyes are blinded by a sea of crimson clothing, be sure to be on the lookout for a more original shirt that features an exclusive element unique to Bloomington.  These signatures could include his favorite restaurant; Bloomington is known for its fabulous variety of eateries.  Maybe he has a go-to hot spot in the bar scene, like the Bluebird or Kilroy’s on Kirkwood? Graphic t-shirts featuring these Bloomington locales can be a great addition to his wardrobe.

T-Shirt Collage

The Bigger Gifts

As you already know, the cold weather has just begun and down here in Bloomington a walk to class can get pretty frigid.  Guys value a comfy sweatshirt just as much as girls do although, guys prefer different brands in some cases.  With that being said, official Under Armor or Adidas sweatshirts are a good place to start.  Head on over to Kirkwood and check out the IU apparel shops for some Hoosier outerwear.

Oh, Those Candy Stripes
Basketball is kind of a big deal at IU.  During warm ups, our boys can be seen wearing the notorious candy striped athletic pants. Imagine the look on any die hard IUBB fan’s face after opening up this bomb shell; the Hoosier’s official candy striped pants will have him smiling from ear to ear.

Official Jersey
Now depending on the sport, an official jersey is a great gift idea for any avid IU sports fan.  ‘Tis the season for IUBB so, be on the lookout for home and away jerseys that feature IU’s star players.  IU’s apparel store is located right on the corner of Kirkwood, you’ll be able to find jerseys for players like Will Sheehey (#0), Noah Vonleh (#1) and Yogi Ferrell (#11).  The jerseys will run you around $50 so bring some cash.  A tad farther down Kirkwood you’ll find the Indiana Shop. Both Cody Zeller and Victor Olidipo’s NBA jerseys can be found inside.

That about sums it up for CLSC IU’s gift guide for Hoosier gentlemen.  Remember to be creative and genuine with your gift giving.  On behalf of CLCS IU, happy holidays.

jerseys collage

Drew Eldred is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow him @D1_Eldred. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.

Bloomington Boutiques: Holiday Gift Shopping at The Book Corner


‘Tis the season for hot chocolate drinking, gingerbread house making, snowman building, gift giving and tinsel tossing. Now, aside from all of the holiday glee, there is always the added stress of what would be a good present for your mom, your uncle or even, if you’re feeling friendly, your next-door neighbor. It is time to return to the classic gift of buying someone a book. Yes, you read it correctly, an actual, bound book with pages that flip and text that you can’t enlarge.  Say “No way” to Kindles this year, say “Toodle-loo” to that Nook and give a real book a try. There is nothing better than sitting down by a fire with a nice, new copy of literature and opening it up to the pages that sometimes smell of wheat. Where is a great place in Bloomington to go for such a gift you ask? The Book Corner, of course. It is located on the corner of Kirkwood and Walnut and it is the cutest, little bookshop you ever did see.


The Book Corner has all types of reads for all ages, including a great kids section. In addition to a great selection of books, there are racks of magazines with every title you could imagine. They have shelves of the current bestsellers, or if you prefer, the old bestsellers as well. It is a quiet, quaint place and one of the few genuine bookstores in Bloomington. I bet you’re wondering, “What am I going to get for my friend who really loves nature?” Don’t you worry; The Book Corner has fabulous photography books ranging from under-the-ocean photos to spectacular places around the world. Additionally, there are books about fashion, design, art and even art history. Not to worry, these aren’t the boring art books that you would read for class, but rather they’re interesting and beautiful photo books. The Book Corner cookbook section is absolutely fantastic for the foodies you know. They have an abundance of cookbooks about many different types of cuisines. There is even a book solely dedicated to macaroons for crying out loud. A cookbook makes for a wonderful gift for anyone because college students need to learn how to make good food too you know.


Maybe a book isn’t your thing? Well, guess what. They even have a shelf of beautiful picture calendars. Start someone’s 2014 off right with a great calendar they can hang on their kitchen wall and smile because it’s from you. You can also purchase a great journal for someone who loves to write. These are both inexpensive and thoughtful presents that really show you care.

If you need to get a gift for a child, The Book Corner has some great options including puzzles and vivid kid’s books. Take the iPad out of the toddler’s hands for a while and give them a great read, such as “Good Night Moon” or a Dr. Seuss classic. Once they’re older they’ll thank you for giving them a book while all of their friends were drawing on a screen with their finger.

So, give it a go Hoosiers, CLCS IU dares you. Take a stroll down to The Book Corner and surprise someone with a book they would love this holiday season. There is even a gift-wrapping station in the store so you don’t have to worry about making it look presentable. With all of the new technology, a book has become a forgotten treasure to give and we believe it’s time to bring it back.


Pearl Plotkin is a senior journalism major at Indiana University. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @clcs_iu.