Date Night: Top 5 B-Town Restaurants You’ll Both Enjoy
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Having trouble finding a restaurant for date night that you’ll both enjoy?  Face it, choosing the right restaurant for a night out with your significant other can be stressful; we’ve all had our moment of indecisiveness at some point or another.  Here are five restaurants you can find around Bloomington that keep it classy and offer a hearty meal to feed both of your appetites.

Chicken parmesan, candles and a sophisticated atmosphere; who could go wrong with that?  At number one on our list we have Bloomington’s taste of Italy, Grazie.  This spiffy joint is a go-to restaurant for the Hoosier couple.  Grazie is located on the north side of the square downtown so it’s not a far walk from campus.  Besides convenience, Grazie has some of the best Italian food Bloomington has to offer.  Whether you’re ordering the chicken fettuccine romesco or the steak frites, you’re bound to find an entrée that you’ll both fall in love with – that’s amore.

Next up, we have a Bloomington signature that you and your man must try – Upland Brewery.  You might have seen Upland’s fantastic beer selection at a local grocery store but make no mistake, their restaurant is equally superb.  Upland offers all the classic pub food along with a vegetarian-friendly section on the menu. In regards to the environment, Upland provides a large outdoor seating area to enjoy this wonderful autumn weather; so be sure to check it out this season on your next date night!


Searching for a taste bud paradise?  Well, look no further because Malibu Grill is right on the square and adds a tropical twist to the everyday steak house.  When it comes to the menu, the food can be a bit pricey, but is worth every penny.  They offer a wide selection of entrees, including various signature meats such as peppercorn-cognac filet and the Hawaiian rib eye.  Vegetarians fear not, Malibu doesn’t fall short when it comes to salad – the signature chopped salad is packed with all your favorite veggies.  Malibu Grill is the pinnacle of the fabulous restaurants here in Bloomington, and is a great choice to celebrate a special occasion.


When it comes to sushi, you either like it or you don’t.  Dating someone who has a love for the stuff comes far and few between, but when it does eating Japanese food might turn into a hobby.  Here in Bloomington, Ami Japanese Restaurant is a student favorite and a must-try for any Hoosier sushi lover.  Ami is located on 3rd street right next Mother Bears, so if you ever head out in that direction be sure to drop in for some delicious Japanese cuisine

Last, but definitely not least, we have a CLCS IU favorite – Anatolia.  If you’re into Fourth Street restaurants, I’m sure you heard of this Turkish gem.  If you haven’t visited this area, Anatolia will be an ethnic adventure that all couples should indulge upon.  Turkish cuisine can be a bit intimidating at first; it’s best to start with something familiar.  Our advice is to go with the pide, which is a pizza-like entrée served with soup and salad.  Anatolia is known for its award winning bread and desserts, so be sure to share a piece of Baklava with someone special; it’ll be an ethnic adventure you’ll both enjoy.

Picking a restaurant can difficult, but we’re sure this guide will be helpful when the time comes to making a hungry decision.  Just remember, here in Bloomington you sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and try something different; be it on Fourth Street or trying sushi for the first time, experiencing something new with your better half can be really fun.


Malibu Grill is a fantastic restaurant to celebrate a fabulous evening.

Drew Eldred is a journalism major at Indiana University. You can follow him @D1_Eldred. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite at Indiana University on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @CLCS_IU.


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