The Right Shoes for Graduation
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Graduation has finally arrived; let’s walk into the ceremony on the right foot. College Lifestyles is here to share with you all the best shoes to pick for this occasion.

Keep in mind that graduation ceremonies are very long; often they go on for a few hours. Although a good portion of the time we are sitting, our shoes are very important. The one moment we are walking a bit is when we walk to receive our diploma. In this moment, people have their eyes on us, and we want to walk well with good posture and effortless comfort. This being said, do not wear heels that are too high or have a skinny heel.

“Knowing me I would be the girl to trip as she walks to get her diploma. Maybe I should wear flats to graduation!”-Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland


Consider wearing a wedged shoe because wedges and cork are thick therefore are much easier to walk in. Also consider wearing a heel an inch or two lower than you usually would for additional comfort. If you are tall you may even want to wear a cute flat or strappy sandal, so you can really be comfortable since you don’t need to worry about gaining extra height. Many sandals can be found with crystal embellishments or pretty stone details to make them look more formal. If you are having a party after graduation maybe you want to wear flats to the ceremony then change into a good heel for your party.

“I am not very tall, but I hate heels that are too high because I can barely walk then. I also dislike wearing the same shoes to two events that are close together so I always am looking for a new pair.”-Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

The color of your shoe can be whatever you like. Most girls wear white dresses on graduation so you may want a pop of color in your shoe or continue with white and neutral tones. Be different and bold!

“My favorite color shoes are tan because they go with every outfit.”-Gabby Graziosa, junior, Iona College

Congratulations on your graduation. Our team wishes you all the success in your new chapter in life!

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