The Perfect Swimwear for Every Body Type
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Swim and bathing suit wear can be tricky based on our body types. Buying swimwear can be frustrating, stressful and sometimes even cause anxiety. We understand you want to feel as comfortable as possible this summer. Know that sometimes our discomfort has nothing to do with ourselves, but rather the bathing suit we are wearing.

“I always make sure my swimsuits are ones I do not have to worry about how I look in.” -Gianna Cuomo, senior, Iona College

If you have short legs, always try a string bikini bottom so you are not cutting yourself off with a bulkier bottom. If you have a big booty try for a full-coverage bottom, unless you like to show off what you got, then make your bottom more skimpy!

If you have a rounder stomach and skinny legs try wearing a black one-piece bathing suit. Any one-piece of darker colors will look great on you. Many one pieces have gorgeous open-back styles that can be extremely flattering. Look for one-pieces that also include a belt or have an interesting neckline. If you have good arms you like to show off, aim for a strapless one-piece suit.



For those women who have a bigger chest, a halter-top or an underwire bikini top could be very good for you. The halter tops are great because you never have to worry about revealing too much cleavage or busting out- you will be secured and covered.

“Underwire tops keep me safe and lifted throughout the day.”-Martine Campana, junior, Iona College

Funnily enough, just like how halter tops work well if you have a big chest that you do not want to show, they are also good for women with small chests because these tops will hide what you do not have. Tops with ruffles are great for you as well! Love handles can be covered with a high-waisted bikini bottom, which actually look super trendy on almost everyone.

“I love high-waisted bottoms because so many celebrities wear them and they are so comfortable.” –Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola Maryland

Everyone has their own comfort level when wearing bathing suits. As a rule of thumb, cover what you do not like, and show off your favorite assets, and always focus on what you like more than what you dislike.

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