Seven Songs to Get You Pumped for Summer Vacation
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For all of you, I’m sure that you all are either finished with finals or just beginning that finals week now, but we’re all awaiting the same thing: summer vacation, except for us graduates who are moving onto a new stage in life. Either way, with summer vacation coming in just a few weeks, this week I thought I’d take the time to introduce, or reintroduce, you to some songs to get you in that summer mood. Most if not all of these tracks can be found on streaming services such as Spotify and other services like YouTube.

A$AP Ferg – “Let You Go”: The infamous trap lord has returned again this year to deliver another album that is definitely not one to miss out on. One of the album’s highlights is this relaxing yet somber track that reveals a whole new side from the man known for bragging about fame and fortune only an album ago. The production creates a breezy, beach feel with a Caribbean flavor that suits Ferg’s scratchy rap tones. Check out this track from the album that Pitchfork’s Kathy Landoli says has Ferg “making this transition from Trap Lord to Hood Pope, attempting to address his congregation of all the perils that come with celebrity.”

Chairlift – “Ch-Ching”: This synth-pop band from Brooklyn delivers another album that is definitely one that is made for driving out on the road with the windows down as you make your way to vacation. Following in the tradition of previously mentioned synth-pop bands, Chairlift created a super fun and catchy track that will be stuck in your head for months to come. Singer Caroline Polacheck’s voice stands out with her catchy inflection on this track full of horns and an infectious sound.

Tennis – “Travelling”: The musical representation of summer itself, this insanely memorable and catchy band is one of my personal favorite bands of the summertime. The husband and wife duo deliver summer tracks that haven’t been this infectious since the days of the Beach Boys. Full of fun piano and guitar riffs with a sunny-style drum beat, this will have you singing aloud with them as they talk about the fun of travelling. Check out this adorable track from the album that Clash Music’s John Freeman calls “an endorphin rush of smart, soulful pop… Warning: listening to this album may cause a serious outbreak of happiness.”

Washed Out – “Paracosm”


Grimes – “California”

Drake & Rihanna – “Too Good”: There’s something about the mixture of Drake and Rihanna that just equals fun and infectious tunes that are made for dancing and the summertime. They did it before on his sophormore album “Take Care” and they do it again on his newest album “Views.” This track definitely has the feel of a nighttime dance track that is perfect for those relaxing summer nights.

Kanye West, Rihanna and Swizz Beatz – “Famous”: While the man is known for running his mouth, his production is always noted for being on point, and this track off of his newest release “The Life of Pablo” definitely carries that summer vibe, carried along by a fun and powerful hook from Rihanna and the fun interjections of Swizz that bring the track alive. The final transition into Caribbean track “Bam Bam” is definitely a fun way to end a track as well. Check out the track that Spin magazine’s Rebecca Haithcoat calls “just lovely.”

I hope that you all have a lovely summer vacation/graduation and that you found something new to listen to or were reminded of something you missed out on!

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