Lip Liner and Lipstick Combos to Create an Ombré Look
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One of the most recent make-up crazes has been the ombré look for your lips. This has translated from the technique used on the hair where a darker color starts to transform to a lighter one; it could also be done vice versa. Social media has been filled with tutorials on how to achieve this look and you might think they seem too complicated, but truthfully, it’s easier than dying your hair ombré. The only thing you need to achieve this look is a lip liner or a lipstick. The outside will always be darker and for more precision, lip liner would be good for this, while you can fill in your lips with the lighter lipstick.

Here are a couple of ideas on what combinations to use to create this fun look.


There are probably more than five different types of nudes in the market and it is always difficult to find the one that matches your skin tone for it to actually look like a nude and not like a lighter version of our skin color. Take one of those lipsticks you have bought in an attempt to find your nude and dab the lighter color on the inside of your lips while using a brown lip liner. The trick is to blend it rather than coloring within the lines.


I am a fan of pink lipstick. I think it is playful, cute and delicate, so why not pull an ombré with it. Take a lip liner that is a dark pink or even almost purple and dab it with a lighter rose-like color. The results will be dramatic and anyone can pull it off if they feel playful enough.



If you want to go for an even bolder look for your lips, try using a dark red or even a black lip liner to trace your lips and then using a light red or dark red respectively. The red combination will make it suitable for going out on a date or for a presentation, while the black and red combination will create a more vampy look.

It does not matter if you use a lip liner and a lipstick, two lipsticks, drugstore brands or expensive brands as long as you are confident enough to pull off these stylish looks. If you are unsure, try the nude combination and then make your way to the pinks and reds as you gain more confidence in yourself. But remember that the ombré look might require you to keep an eye on it throughout your day if you want to keep it flawless.

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