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With the arrival of the month of May, peaches are officially in season. These fuzzy fruits are one of the most precious treasures of summer time; they, of course, are perfect enough to enjoy by themselves, but they also add a juicy and refreshing twist to beverages and desserts. One of the simplest and tastiest ways to prepare a peach in the summer time is to just toss them on the grill and lather them up in a gooey glaze. So after you finish grilling up the burgers and dogs, clean up the grill and get the peaches ready for a classic summertime dessert.


Prep time: 15 minutes

Servings: 4


2 large peaches, halved and pitted

3 tbsp. brown sugar

½ cup honey

2 tbsp. cinnamon

Butter (optional)


Preheat on a grill pan or outdoor grill on medium heat.

Cut your two peaches in half so that you have four separate slices.

Lightly grease the grill grate with oil.

Place the peaches flat side down on the grill.

Heat the peaches for about five minutes or until the outer layer has been caramelized.

Turn the peaches over and glaze the flat sides with honey.

Cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Transfer the cooked peaches onto a serving dish.

Sprinkle on brown sugar and/or cinnamon to finish.

Butter in the center of the pit is also a nice touch.

Peach MID

Never doubt that the earth’s most natural treats would result in some of the most satisfying creations. Grilled peaches are guaranteed to change the way your taste buds think of dessert and fruit in general. When you get tired of the s’mores, give these a try.

Eating grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream, crushed graham crackers and a little caramel sauce is highly recommended. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a sweet summer time dessert during those beautiful, breezy nights.

To all, try your hardest on your final exams. Summer is so close; we can almost taste it, and finals are the last obstacle in our way!

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