Fun Things to Do Before You Start College This Fall
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“You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends.” – Tom Petty.

College is four years of your life that will be filled with studying, new adventures, challenges and changes. No matter how much advice you’re given before you go to college in the fall (or spring), you will go into it expecting one thing and experiencing another. You may be in a rush to experience it and finally be “grown up” but as a senior about to graduate college in a week, take it from me. Do not rush through the experience; enjoy every moment of it. There are so many things that you will rarely ever get to do in college that you should definitely do before you get there. 

After I got my acceptance letter to The University of North Texas I realized that I would have to move from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth. I wanted to go to a school away from home but once I decided that I actually was going to do it the thought of leaving my friends and family for months at a time was a bit disheartening. First on the list of things to do before you start college in the fall is:

Hang out with your friends and family as often as possible. 

I know as a recent high school graduate you may feel like you don’t have enough time as you’re packing up and preparing for college, but make the time. Visits home from college will not happen as often as you think they will, especially if you’re going to a school that is a long drive or flight away. But of course you can call, video message or even Snapchat with your parents while in school.

“At college campuses these days, most students are on their cellphones while on their way to classes. In many cases, they’re on the phone with their parents,” said New York Times article “In College, You Can Go Home Again and Again.”


Another thing you should definitely do before you head to college is:

Spend your free time doing the little things you love.

In high school I used to love reading for fun. But now I rarely ever have the time or energy to read a book for pure enjoyment because I spend so much time reading for class. If you like going to museums, running ever weekend, painting or whatever you enjoy doing for fun, do it now! You will not have as much time to work on your hobbies as much as you think you will.

And last but not least on what you should do before college is:

Try new things! 

In college you are going to be pushed outside your comfort zone a lot. In order to prepare yourself you should definitely start trying new things now, especially if you weren’t big into trying new things in high school. In college you will be on your own to make your own decisions, so make smart ones that make you comfortable and happy.

Before I got to college the best advice I got was from my mom. She said, “You’re going to learn more from the experiences you have then what you learn in classes.” Enjoy every moment before and during college; it will all go by so fast. 

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