CL Interviews: Andrea Masamba from The University of North Texas
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Andrea Masamba is an extremely busy young woman, but regardless of her schedule she rarely ever says no to a new challenge. Masamba is a junior journalism major at The University of North Texas with a focus in public relations, as well as working for two internships, part of a sorority and vice president of UNT’s National Association of Black Journalists.  When she’s not running around at school she’s hanging out with her friends and planning her big future.

College Lifestyles: What is your major/concentration and minor? 

Andrea Masamba: PR and social sciences

CL: Where are you currently interning?

AM: Dallas Life Homeless Shelter as a PR and social media intern and at UNT Student Affairs as a student affairs intern. 

CL: Why did you choose to pursue journalism?

AM: I decided to pursue journalism out of my love of reading and writing. There is something about being able to share your thoughts by just writing that is so alluring to me; you can be in the same room with anyone in the world by reading something they wrote. I want to be able to connect people through events, social media, stories, etc. 

CL: What are your career goals?

AM: A degree in public relations is just the beginning for me. I see myself as a communications specialist who either owns her own PR firm, works as a consultant or whatever career I haven’t been exposed to yet. I know my purpose is to serve others and I hope to do that as a communications specialist. 

CL: Why did you decide to go to The University of North Texas?

AM: In high school I could only envision myself attending college in the state I was born in: New York. Three years later, I recognize that UNT is exactly where I need to be. I love how UNT is a hub for creativity in the middle of Greg Abbott supporting, confederate flag raising, conservative Tèjas. But long story short, the Mayborn School of Journalism sold me my New York dreams in the fun-size version. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.                                                                                

CL: You’re vice president of UNT National Association of Black Journalists, what is this experience teaching you and how are you enjoying it? 

AM: Being the VP of NABJ is teaching me how to constantly think about how to serve others, if you’re around me long enough you’ll catch me calling myself a mom at least once, and NABJ is no exception.

I value it as my own and something that I want to see thrive and be successful long after I am done telling it what to do. I enjoy learning with the planning of every meeting and being able to bless the members with information that I have attained in my time as a UNT student.

CL: What sorority are you in? 

AM: I am in Sigma Alpha Christian Women’s Sorority. I’m inactive now but still support. 

CL: What attracted you to join a sorority?

AM: I was attracted to the possibility of having a sisterhood of fun girls who aspire to live a life that is in line with the word of God. I had just figured out what it was to truly understand who God is that summer and got baptized so it was important for me to find friends who weren’t just cool to hang out with but also could be my sisters in Christ.


CL: What are your goals for this semester? 

AM: My goals for the semester are to make President’s list for the first time ever. I made dean’s list last semester so I want to strive to get even better this semester. 

CL: Who are some of your inspirations?

AM: Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou and anyone else who redefines womanhood by exhibiting leadership characteristics and striving to be more than average. 

CL: What college advice do you have for incoming freshmen? 

AM: My biggest advice is to get involved in things right away and not to rush these years. Learning is not strictly in the classroom. College teaches you how to lead, how to a be professional and how to manage your time.

CL: What advice do you wish you could give to your freshman self? 

AM: I would advise myself to branch out and join SGA and go to leader shape to make connections with leaders on campus early on. 

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Top and middle Images courtesy of Iyana Edouard & Andrea Masamba. 


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