Introducing the Spring 2016 College Prep/Professional Development Team
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The transition from high school to college and beyond can bring many challenges. Luckily, College Lifestyles™ is here to help! Articles by our college prep/professional development team will help you along the way, whether you’re navigating your first semester of college or your first day at work.


Liz Angarola, Writer

School and year: The University of San Francisco, junior.

Major/minor/concentration: English with a concentration in writing.

Organizational involvement: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Sigma Tau Delta (future).

Something I wish someone had told me my freshman year: I wish someone would have told me that the first semester of school would be the most difficult. There was so much adjusting to do in terms of courses, work and just learning to be on my own. It was a long process, and I wish I had understood that sooner.

Victoria Lind, Editor

School and year: Kent State University at Stark, senior.

Major/minor/concentration: Applied communication with a minor in writing.

Organizational involvement: Tutor at the Kent State Stark Writing Center.

Something I wish someone had told me my freshman year: I wish someone had told me to not be so obsessed with graduating within four years. I overloaded my schedule in previous semesters because I thought I had to graduate on time, and I ended up really stressing myself out. Now that I’m more focused on the journey rather than the destination, I can go at a more relaxed pace, take some courses that I’m really interested in and enjoy my time as a student.

Stick around to see what the college prep/professional development team has in store for our classy readers!

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Top and middle right image courtesy of Victoria Lind.

Middle left image courtesy of Liz Angarola.

About Author

Victoria Lind is a senior at Kent State University Stark campus in North Canton, OH. She’s an applied communication major with a minor in writing and she loves cats, telling jokes, and Project Runway.

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