Organization Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity
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Looking to participate in extra community service around the holidays this year? Well, Habitat for Humanity is a fabulous organization to get involved with. Many of our co-eds volunteer in this organization and only have positive things to say about it! This week, College LifestylesTM is here to give our readers a closer look at this wonderful organization.

Here is some background on Habitat for Humanity:

Founders: Millard and Linda Fuller

Founding Year: 1976

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Type of Organization: Christian Ministry Non-Profit Organization

Mission: Build and provide housing for those in need

Number of Affiliates: 1,400 in the United States and 70 national organizations worldwide

Number of families helped: 6.8 million since 1976

Where Habitat for Humanity Builds: 

According to the official organization website for Habitat for Humanity, this organization works worldwide. No religion, race or ethnicity is ever turned down. Habitat for Humanity is working globally to help those in poverty get back on their feet by working to build new homes.  Also, because this is a global organization, it is convenient for volunteers to find a Habitat building project close to home.



Anyone is welcome to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. All you have to do is sign up with your local organization and they will provide you with dates and times that you may come to help build houses for people in need. As a volunteer, you will help construct the houses, gather supplies and support those in need, all while having a fun and rewarding experience. According to the Philadelphia Habitat for Humanity Organization, volunteer days are usually held on Saturday mornings in the time frame of 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This a great opportunity if you are looking to help out your community this holiday season.

Who is Habitat for Humanity Helping?

Habitat for Humanity assists anyone in need by building brand new homes for them. These people in need could be in poverty, lost their homes during a natural disaster, etc. According to the Lancaster Habitat for Humanity Organization, these volunteers have a goal of restoring homes and the community as a whole. The hard-working volunteers of Habitat for Humanity work together to help these people get back on their feet.

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