Five Fashion and Beauty Trends to Watch for in 2016
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Welcome 2016! Ready to make this new year your most fashionable yet? Good, because College LifestylesTM has all the newest styles and trends to look out for. Get your holiday money and gift cards ready…you’re about to go on a shopping spree.

Lace-up Tops

Introduced to us in late 2015, lace-up tops are now one of the hottest items every girl needs to own in her closet. The trend is evolving into dresses, the sides of mini skirts and heels. You must own this look in some shape or form.

“I just bought a long-sleeve black leotard that is laced up from the top to right above my belly button. It is so risky and hot, but I’m going to wear on a big night out in the city.” –Martine Campana, junior, Iona College


Here is the number one color to look out for in 2016. Burgundy is a warm, deep red. Popular in lipsticks and eye shadows for our new year, burgundy can also be seen in clothing now too. Other hot colors similar to burgundy are deep oranges, tans and browns. An outfit with all these colors combined together will be killer and ideal.

“My friend had this burgundy shirt. It was tight and deep-cut at the top. When I went over to her house I told her how much I loved it, and she gave it to me!” –Giana LaBanca, junior, Loyola University


A little risky, but feathers are definitely coming into play and are seen in the details of tops and dresses. When it comes to fashion, always be daring. When you wear a risky and edgy trend right when it comes out, people will emulate you-watch. You’ll be happy you were one of the first to pull off the look.

fashion trends

Royal Blue

A pretty basic color, yes, but royal blue is actually having a comeback. This color is becoming just as important to the holidays as the color red is, and giving out its festivity for the new year.

Royal Blue is an excellent nail polish color. We will be mainly seeing the color on clothing pieces for the beginning of this new year and winter season.


This fall we saw a lot of suede, but the fabric is now being replaced by metallic. Don’t feel bad. Styles always come and go, as we know, so there is no reason to toss out your suede pieces or feel guilty about falling into the short-lasting trend. There is a reason, though, to spend some of your holiday money…to buy some new metallic pieces.

“Metallic is gorgeous not only for clothing but for eye shadow colors, nail polish and accessories as well. I think anything metallic automatically dresses you up.” –Brittany McHugh, senior, Berkeley College

2015 was full of some great fashion trends so let’s not forgot what 2015 gave us: flare jeans, suede, leather and bulky, wedged heels. We can not wait to see what unforgettable statements 2016 will bring!

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