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A lot happens in a year. Sometimes it seems easier to focus on the bad, but this year has been filled with so many positive moments. With 2015 coming to a close and the new year fast approaching, College Lifestyles™ looks back on some of our favorite social media moments of the year.

Jamie Brewer Walking at New York Fashion Week

Jamie Brewer doesn’t let her disability define her. This year Brewer became the first model with down syndrome at New York Fashion Week. Brewer is more than her good looks – she’s also showing the world that anything is possible and she is more than her disability. Some people view others with disabilities as being lesser than those without disabilities, but this year Brewer proved all of them wrong.

“It really bothers me when people with disabilities are looked down on. This story shows that disabilities don’t always limit people from following their dreams and doing whatever they put their minds to.” – Jamie Niemiec, junior, Duquesne University


For about a year, anonymous photos of students from East Valley High School appeared with captions encouraging the students pictured. About 11 months after the posts began – 657 posts later – EVHS class of 2015 valedictorian Konner Sauve revealed that he was the one responsible for the posts. He wanted to break the chain of negativity he saw on social media.

“Over the past year I saw a change occur in our school,” Sauve said in his final post. “A positive one, it seemed as though we were more united than we had been in the past.” Sauve also encouraged others to find “bolder ways to express positivity and encouragement in the East Valley community.”


Recently Twitter announced that #JeSuisParis was the most talked about moment of the year on the social media site. Following the tragic events that happened in Paris, France this year, a positive hashtag sprouted from the rubble – #JeSuisParis, which means “I am Paris.” This powerful hashtag unified the world while showing support and solidarity to Paris and those impacted by the events.

“Even though many of us can’t really do something because we are so far away, we can at least show that we care.” – Sophia Caraballo, graduate student, Syracuse University

Target’s Male Plus Size Model

Women aren’t the only people who have issues with body image – men suffer from insecurities, too. This year Target featured a male plus size model for the first time and it helped draw attention to the issue of men’s insecurities. While plus size model Zach Miko may look average rather than plus size to most people, points out that “modeling industry standards and sizing rules are sort of a world of their own.”


Instagram’s Top Hashtag of 2015

It’s a wonderful thing when love conquers all – especially three years in a row. Instagram recently reported that for the third year in a row #love has come out on top as the top hashtag of the year. From good to bad and beyond there is so much to #love in the world and the statistics (over 800,000,000 Instagram posts) don’t lie.

“It’s nice to see something positive coming out on top even with some of the terrible things that happen in the world.” – Jess Nelson, junior, Duquesne University

Incredible things happen every day and many times they go unnoticed. Take a couple minutes to reflect on some of the best things that happened this year – there are probably more than you thought.

Images courtesy of Nora Hurchick.    

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