Sorority Spotlight: Omega Phi Alpha
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In 1953, the National Service Fraternity of Alpha Phi Omega decided to form another organization like itself to help with projects they wanted to do on their campus at Bowling Green State University. From that moment, Omega Phi Alpha was formed. In 1958, classy women at Eastern Michigan University decided they also wanted to form Omega Phi Alpha. Then in 1962, the women at University of Bridgeport in Connecticut formed the third chapter of Omega Phi Alpha. Altogether, Omega Phi Alpha was created as the National Service Sorority in June of 1967. Since then, the lovely Omega Phi Alpha has been formed at 30 different college campuses, which spreads across 18 different states.

Omega Phi Alpha was founded under the three principles of friendship, leadership and service. Omega Phi Alpha focuses on giving service to the university community, the community at large and the members of that sorority, as well as the nations of the world. West Virginia University is one of the lucky campuses out of the 30 to have the opportunity to have Omega Phi Alpha on its campus. College LifestylesTM was fortunate enough to sit down with the fabulous vice president, Lexi Wheeler.

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College LifestylesTM: How long have you been a member of Omega Phi Alpha?

Lexi Wheeler: I heard about Omega Phi Alpha colonizing at West Virginia University during my freshman year. When I heard about it, that is when I decided to join. I am in my junior year now, so I have been a member of Omega Phi Alpha for three years now.

CL: What do you like about being vice president of the sorority?

LW: I really like that I am apart of all the executive decisions that are made in Omega Phi Alpha. I feel I can also give people equal opportunities and be more understanding when girls are sent to my standards board.

CL: How has Omega Phi Alpha impacted your life?

LW: In my life, I always felt like I had more guy friends than I did girl friends. Joining Omega Phi Alpha has helped me get along with other females better. Also, with joining Omega Phi Alpha my friend group has expanded and now I have more people to count on. Lastly, Omega Phi Alpha has helped me appreciate community service a lot more and it has shown me how important it is to our community.

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CL: What do you want outsiders to know about Omega Phi Alpha?

LW: I want others to know that we focus on other aspects than just socializing. This is extremely important to me because I feel that some girls can shape their lives through service.

The sisterhood of Omega Phi Alpha is very special to each and every member. Each day, they continue to help each other out through struggles while also helping the community at the same time!

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Images courtesy of the Alpha Pi chapter of Omega Phi Alpha at West Virginia University.


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