Meet Christina Farno: Lawyer and Loyola Law School Graduate
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With a required seven years of higher education, it’s easy to think becoming a lawyer is simply out of reach. College Lifestyles™ is here to tell you that’s not true!

Law school and the bar exam are two huge time commitments- there’s no way to avoid that. If you can apply your professional self and stay focused, you’re destined for success!

CL had the pleasure of sitting down with Christina Farno, lawyer and graduate of Loyola Law School. We asked her a few questions to help you understand the demand of law school and how to handle it.

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College LifestylesTM: What was the main motivating factor to help you push through law school?

Christina Farno: My primary motivating factor was the desire to do something meaningful with my life, and to push myself as far as I could go to ensure I am achieving my maximum potential. My biggest fear is failing myself and my family, so I pressed onwards.

CL: How did you make your most valuable professional connections throughout your schooling?

CF: I made my most valuable professional connections by networking and spending a lot of time crafting an interesting and detailed resume. Networking, ultimately, is key…I interacted with the faculty at law school, volunteered, applied to positions on law-school specific job boards and updated my LinkedIn page. There are a lot of people out there worth connecting with who may be interested in connecting with you who have not yet posted a job opening. Do your research, make the phone call and see where it takes you!

CL: How did you keep yourself relaxed while studying for the Bar exam?

CF: To control stress, I did three primary things: (1) Light physical exercise and decent nutrition, (2) confiding in my law school best friend who was going through the exact same process hourly, and (3) sticking to regular study hours. A person is very pressed for time each day while studying for the bar, so I choose to stick with methods I knew worked for my rather than re-invent the wheel. Reinventing the wheel right before the bar exam is a terrible idea. It’ll only cause more stress, not less!

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CL: You’ve passed the Bar exam and are able to begin your career- what now?

CF: Now that I have passed the bar, the first goal is to reflect on my accomplishments and allow myself a few moments in the mental sunlight before I press onwards. Thereafter, it is all about finding the right job. Not necessarily the highest paying job, the first one offered to you or the one everyone thinks you should take. Many years were spent agonizing over exams, making law review, etc. [It's] time to focus on what’s right [for] me, and enjoy the ride.

Farno is an intelligent young woman with a bright future ahead of her. We look forward to seeing her grow as a lawyer and scholar throughout her career.

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