DIY Fabric Cork Board
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Looking for a cute and stylish way to display your photos in your dorm or apartment? Instead of poking holes in the walls, which most schools don’t allow, why not make a vibrant bulletin board?  

College LifestylesTM is here to help you make this ideal display that is sure to add a nice pop of color to your room.


Unframed cork board


Staple gun

Removable adhesive dots


Decorative thumbtacks


Large frame (optional)


Lay your cork board on the table and measure to the size you want. If you plan on making the board into a different shape, now is the time to outline the shape onto the board. Then use the box cutter to cut the shape out.


Once you have your board cut to your desired size and shape, measure the fabric. Martha Stewart says to cut the fabric about 2 inches longer than the board and place over the shape. Fold the excess fabric over the sides and staple to the underside of the cork, at about 1 ½ inch from the edge. Continue to staple the fabric to the board until you think it is secure enough.

After your fabric is in place you can now add ribbon to the board. Using the glue dots to hold it in place, make a crisscross pattern on the board or make a border on the board. You can also use a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon in place.

Your frame is now complete. If you want, you can place the board in a frame for extra support and border. JoAnn Fabrics suggests putting glue dots on chalkboard clothespins and clips, and  then attaching them to the boards. This helps prevent your items from getting pin holes in them.


Other options for making this board come from Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV.

Better Homes and Gardens uses a tea towel instead of fabric. This idea is clever, especially if you’re hanging the board in a kitchen. If you opt for this method the steps will be the same. Just make sure the towel fully covers the board.

HGTV suggests making a few fabric boards and then painting others to add more of a pop to your room.  By painting the other board, you can then write on them with chalk. This is a great way to keep in touch with your roommate or to make reminders of things.

Whichever way you choose to go with this project, it’s sure to not only make your dorm more colorful, but it’s an even better way to stay on top of things and keep yourself fabulous as midterms roll around.

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Top Image courtesy of Audrey Gardner.

Polyvore sets courtesy of Audrey Gardner.


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