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Hands down the absolute worst part about being a young-adult is the fact that you have to wash dishes.  There’s nothing fun about washing dishes, especially when you don’t own a dishwasher. If you end up having to wash your own dishes, chances are you’ll be drying them on your own too. And because hand-drying freshly washed dishes can become a hassle, many of us rely on air-drying them.

With the dish racks sold in stores, air-drying your dishes just became a little harder. Many dish racks break easily, have a poor water-drainage system or aren’t big enough to hold larger pots. With these easy DIY instructions on creating your very own dish rack, you may just look forward to your next dish-washing session. According to Remodelista, a sourcebook for interior design, dishwashers are a home accessory that never quite look exactly how you want them to.

This DIY project will come in handy to students who share their kitchens with other students and just don’t have enough space for all of their belongings.

“The dishwasher that came with my apartment is too small and I wish it was bigger. Even at IKEA, they sell you the standard-sized dishrack and it can’t hold my and everyone else’s dishes.” –Justine Dawes, senior, University of Maryland College Park.



Old shutters



(Power) Drill

Spray paint



Start by spray-painting the shutters with your color of choice to give it a cleaner look. Allow the paint to dry by resting the shutters on the newspapers.

Add the hooks along one side of the shutters, leaving enough space between each one of the hooks.

Use your power drill to begin attaching your shutters to the area you want your DIY dish rack to go. Make sure it’s securely in place.

Now you can add your plates, cups and bowls into the slots between each shutter. You can hang your mugs and pots onto the hooks.


This DIY craft is not only efficient for drying dishes, but it’s chic too. Using shutters instead of your ordinary dish rack gives your kitchen décor a vintage-look. This is just one DIY dish rack technique you can go with, there are many others.

Another DIY dish rack, suggested by the Huffington Post, is the pencil dish rack. Using a cutting board, a drill and about 56 pencils, the Huffington Post’s craft of the day gives off a quirky look to this dish rack.

There are plenty of other ways you can achieve the creation of a trendy dish rack. Whichever one you choose definitely depends on your own personal style, so don’t hesitate to try this with your own personal twist.

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