Meet Victoria Upton, CL’s New Professional Development Writer from University of North Texas
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College Lifestyles is excited to introduce the vibrant Victoria Upton, a student from the University of North Texas. We want our readers to get to know her before they soak up her inspirational articles this fall! Here are her genuine interview responses.

Name: Victoria Upton.

College Lifestyles™ position: Professional development writing intern.

Hometown: Red Oak, Texas.

School: University of North Texas.

Major(s)/Minor(s)/Concentration(s): Broadcast journalism with a double minor in women’s studies and marketing.

Organizational involvement: President of the National Association of Black Journalists, member of the Black Student Union and Black Student Experience Ambassador.

I am excited for this semester because: Every semester is a new chapter to me. I’m excited to learn, discover and just branch out of my comfort zone. I’m ready to grow!

My absolute favorite thing about fall is: You get to layer your clothes and be really stylish with the outfit selections. At school we say, “Fall semester is the liveliest semester.”

My dream study abroad trip would be to: My college offers its journalism students a chance to study in London, but I’d really like to go to Africa or Germany. London is still a cool trip though, I’m not complaining!

Vitcoria Upton1ish

My number one recipe for this semester is: Simple: Pinterest. That’s where I get all of my little “cuisine projects.”

My number one DIY project for this semester is: Over the summer I’ve been able to give myself Havana hair twists and box braids without paying someone over $100 to do them for me. Other than that, my mom works for Michael’s corporate office so my life is a DIY project.

My favorite movies are: It’s a broad range: musicals, action films, dramas, biopics and comedies. For musicals I love “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, for drama it would be “Imitation of Life and ATL” for action I’m an “X-Men” girl until I die. I love any movie with Melissa McCarthy and Kevin Hart. The most recent biopic/drama that I absolutely loved was “Straight Outta Compton.”

My celebrity dream date is: Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams or NFL linebacker Mychal Kendrick. They could take me to an art museum or any kind of show and it would be bliss.

I get my inspiration from: The world around me. The millennial generation are “movers” and “shakers,” we have the tools to make change and I like the idea that my words can influence someone to start a conversation that has never been had before.

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My friends would describe me as: “Mama Vic,” that’s my nickname at school. I act like the “mom” of the group. I can be very calm and observant, but I can be fun while still keeping everyone responsible and respectable.

My favorite College Lifestyles™ article was: “10 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Room Clean this Fall.”

My definition of a classy co-ed is: Me. Just kidding. But, when I hear the words “classy co-ed” I think dignified and sophisticated, like they have it going on and they carry themselves well.

I am excited to be a College Lifestyles™ team member because: I’m just ready to learn. I’m ready to learn more about myself and my writing, as well as others and their writing.

Throughout the fall Upton is going to be writing about professional etiquette and how to develop an impressive working portfolio. You can find her articles on the CL website!

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Images Courtesy of Victoria Upton.


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