Introducing the Fall 2015 Professional Development Writing Team
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This semester College Lifestyles welcomes two fabulous new members to the professional development writing team.

Here is some basic information to help get to know the team members and what these two wonderful people are all about.

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Emanuel Griffin

School: University of Florida

Major: Journalism

Favorite color: Green

Why he’s excited to be a team member of CL: “…Because I have the opportunity to provide fellow college students with information they will use for the rest of their lives.”

Idol: Kid Cudi and Charles Hamilton

Where he sees himself 10 years from now: Living in the Philippines

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Victoria Upton

School: University of North Texas

Major: Broadcast journalism

Favorite color: “Emerald green- like the Emerald city. (winks)”

Why she’s excited to be a team member of CL: “I’m always excited to let people know how they can improve themselves when it’s time to “get the job,” and I’m always ready to learn for myself. This is an area I think I can both learn in and definitely share some tips that I’ve learned already. So I’m just ready for this experience.”

Idol: “Wow, I’ve acquired so many over the summer- more like mentors really. But a constant person I really look up to is my mom. Even when we have our disagreements and feelings are hurt, she still manages to love me, want the best for me and give everything to be my mom. She’s very hard working and still finds the time to give her all to the people and the things she cares about. I owe a lot of the woman I’ve become to her.”

Where she sees herself 10 years from now: “Ten years from now, I know I’ll be debt-free from college and hopefully living and working in New York somewhere. I really want to write or just work for magazines like Essence or Ebony- whether it’s in their writing, media or marketing programs. My big dream is to be on Good Morning America. By that time Miss Robert’s place might be up for grabs, so I better work my tail off. I just want to be happy. Living life and doing the thing I love for pay by then, which is writing and spreading awareness and knowledge through the media.”

We are so excited to have these two co-eds as a part of the professional development writing team here at CL. Welcome to the team Emanuel and Victoria!

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Image courtesy of Rebecca Farno.

Image courtesy of Polyvore.

Image courtesy of Victoria Upton.

Image courtesy of Polyvore.

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