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Whether you’re an athlete or a die-hard sports fan, it can be a roller coaster of emotions during games and your career. Sports are a great way to build a relationship with other co-eds and an even better way to make some great memories.

Professional teams and many college teams have merchandise available for purchase; other teams require you to custom make gear and memorabilia. Whatever route you choose, picking up your team colors and logos can add up quickly. But College LifestylesTM is here to help you save money while you support your favorite team.

Personal Gear

If you are looking for a quick craft to do for yourself or someone special, grab a ball from the sport of choice along with a pencil and puffy paint. Outline their name and number with a pencil or marker and then trace with the puffy paint. Allow time to dry and you have a cute personalized gift for yourself or someone else. If you want to go the extra mile on this one, instead of doing a name and number, on it write words that describe the person and what you like or love about them.

“I think personalized gifts for athletes are a great idea to help commemorate the years they’ve dedicated to their sports. I know when I was an athlete, I used to get personalized gifts with my numbers or name on it, and when I pull them out years later, it helps bring back memories of the things I loved to do and the people who made them special.” - Kristen Kudla, senior, Robert Morris University


Picture Holder

For all those photos you take while at a sporting event, you might as well have a special picture frame or holder them. Find a block of wood and paint it to look like whatever playing surface you like. Once dried, decorate with stickers and other accents. Attach a binder clip to the top with glue and you’re set.

Blanket and Pillow

Breakout those old T-shirts and make them into real comfort items. Sew or even tie your old T’s together and make yourself a cozy blanket, perfect for those fall ball games and a night at the hockey rink. You can also turn an old shirt into a fluffy new pillow case.


“Home” Plate

Fox News in Kansas City did a short segment on baseball crafts in the spirit of the Royals season. One of our favorite crafts they featured was a home plate decorated to represent home. This craft can be done in several ways and changed to suit the person you plan on giving it too.

“It’s a great way to remember where I got my start and where my love for the game came from. I spent some time away from home and when I got back home, it was a nice surprise.”  – Jarrod Prugar, alum, Robert Morris University 

Next time you go looking for something sporty for your room or a gift for someone fabulous in your life, put your creative side to work.  We’re sure you’ll love the end result.

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