Campus President Interview: Olivia Hogg, Vice President of Zeta Tau Alpha at Rutgers University
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Meet the vibrant Olivia Hogg from Rutgers University! She is going into her senior year as a Human Resources major. When Hogg isn’t hitting the books, she pours her heart and time into her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha.

Hogg’s positive attitude and dedication landed her the challenging position of vice president of her chapter. Her persistent involvement and dedication to her organization is undoubtedly admirable.


College Lifestyles™: What made you want to join Greek life?

Olivia Hogg: As a freshman my first semester was fantastic, but I knew I wanted to get more involved at Rutgers and meet as many people as I could. Greek life sounded like a good way to do that.

CL: Why is Zeta Tau Alpha a good fit for you?

OH: I was initially drawn to ZTA because of their philanthropy (Breast Cancer Education and Awareness). They had partners with places like Yoplait, the NFL, and Susan G. Komen, and their involvement around campus was awesome. ZTA was a good fit for me because I knew that an organization that did that much nationally and locally and cared that much about helping people would be an organization I would fit into perfectly.

CL: What inspired you to run for an executive position?

OH: As a younger sister in the chapter I wanted to do as much as possible to be involved and so I started out as the Assistant to the philanthropy chair, apparel chair, and helped out the banner chair wherever I could. Those smaller positions made me realize how rewarding and awesome it is to be involved and be able to make change and so I decided to aim a little higher and tried running for an executive position.

CL: What’s your favorite part about being vice president?

OH: I really enjoy being able to see change happening. After three years in an organization you start to see the ways in which it can become better. Being able to be on an executive board with people who all want to better the chapter as much as you do is very cool.

CL: What challenges do you face as an executive member and how have you overcome them?

OH: Being a leader in any chapter takes time, and managing your time and balancing the chapter’s needs with schoolwork and a social life is very challenging. Learning to stay organized and having a fantastic group of friends to help me out when I am stressed is how I have come to deal with that.


CL: What has been the most rewarding part of your position so far?

OH: On the last day of formal recruitment this past year I was talking with a PNM and she told me that I was a huge factor in why she and her friends had decided to rush ZTA. The next day when those girls walked through the doors on bid day I was so flattered and happy to realize that all the passion I have for ZTA had rubbed off onto someone else, and had made them want to be in ZTA too!

CL: How has this position helped you grow as an individual?

OH: It has improved my self-confidence! It’s funny to think about how different I became between my freshman year and now. Now I walk up to people I don’t know and start conversations, and even got on stage to paint in front of hundreds of people for Pi Kappa Alpha’s annual Dream Girl pageant for the MS society two years in a row. These are things I would never have seen 18 year old me doing.

CL: How do you think this will help you in a future career?

OH: The skills learned in an executive position are more valuable than you realize, and they are all skills that companies value. It has also already given me a fantastic network of alumnae nationwide, who also served in executive positions in their chapters and know and understand the kind of skills learned in those roles.

CL: What advice would you give to someone who wants to hold an executive position of his or her organization?

OH: Talk to current executive leaders and even get smaller leadership positions to gain experience. I would also recommend learning to manage your time and making sure that you meet as many people as possible in all organizations! Having those connections with other Greek men and women has helped me immensely over the past three years.

Hogg continues to work hard to achieve greatness for her chapter. The future is limitless for this intelligent co-ed and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next.

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