Campus President Interview: Rebecca Mahan of Rutgers University
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Meet the fabulous Rebecca Mahan, president of Sigma Delta Tau’s Beta Tau chapter at Rutgers University. She is a currently a junior studying communications and public relations with a minor in business administration. Her well-rounded college career proves there’s nothing she can’t accomplish.

College Lifestyles™: Did you always want to be a part of Greek life?

Rebecca Mahan: I always knew I wanted to be a part of Greek life because my dad was in a fraternity at Rutgers and my sister was a member of Sigma Delta Tau at Rutgers as well. I saw all of the great things she was doing and all the great friends she was making as a member of Greek life and I knew I wanted to have the same experience when I came to college.

CL: Why is Sigma Delta Tau such a great fit for you?

RM: SDT is a great fit for me because it is a place where you can truly be yourself. Each sister looks different, comes from a different background and has different opinions, yet we come together to form a strong sisterhood. SDT feels like home to me.

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CL: What made you want to run for president?

RM: I wanted to run for president because I truly care about this sorority so much, and I had such great visions of where I wanted to see us. I knew being the leader would be a great way to work toward accomplishing all of these goals I had for our chapter. I also felt like it was a good fit for me because of my approachable and relatable personality and leadership style.

CL: What is the most challenging part of being president?

RM: The hardest part about being president is trying to make 150+ sisters happy. With such a large group, different members want to see different things and it is hard trying to accommodate for all of these things.

CL: What is your favorite part about being president?

RM: My favorite part of being president is getting to see things I work toward positively impact my chapter. For example, when I spend hours helping with recruitment or a philanthropy event and then I see a wonderful result, I feel proud that I am able to help bring success and happiness to my sisters.

CL: How has your position helped you grow as an individual?

RM: This position has made me a stronger individual. I have had to make decisions that not everyone agrees with and stand by them, deal with difficult situations and always make the best out of everything that is put on my plate. It has taught me had to deal with many challenges in the best way possible.

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CL: How do you think being president will help your future career?

RM I think this role will help my future career because it has taught me how to act professionally in many situations. I am constantly doing administrative work and sending professional emails and, I see all of that transferring into my future career.

CL: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be president of his or her Greek organization?

RM: If you put your whole heart into the position, you will be successful. Be prepared to give everything to your organization, but enjoy every minute of the crazy adventure.

Mahan’s genuine passion certainly shines through. With such a motivated and confident personality, we are sure we will see great things in the future.

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Images courtesy of Rebecca Mahan.

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