How to Decorate Your Bathroom
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decoratebathroom_coverphoto Decorating bathrooms can be tricky, but classy bathroom decorations do exist. College LifestylesTM is here to tell you how to decorate your bathroom and about a DIY project to help with decoration. We are here to help you realize that a bathroom can be just as chic as any other room with the right decorations.

Your Own Beauty Products and Jewelry

Using your own beauty products and jewelry as decoration is the cheaper and innovative option. Take advantage of the items you already have for bathroom decorations and your beauty products and jewelry will be organized as well.

“I have a lot of product–hair, makeup, bath, etc.–and while I’d love to have it all organized in a closet or separate room entirely, I can’t. I decided not to use typical decor and use what I use regularly instead. I have my statement necklaces hanging on my wall and pretty products or bottles around as decoration. By keeping my “clutter”–hair ties, bobby pins, random tweezers–behind closed doors in a cabinet, the large amount of product doesn’t look unorganized.” – Jacqie Brooks, senior, West Virginia University



Decals and Window Gels

Decals and window gels are a great way to dress up any room. In the bathroom, you can put them on the walls, mirror or even on tile. With decals, you can get any look that you want, whether the decal is nature-oriented, a quote, sports-oriented or just fun patterns. If you put some on the mirror, use window gels, which are decals for glass surfaces, and put them in the corners or other parts of the mirror that you don’t use as much; this will also give the mirror a border and make it more fun.



Shower Curtain

Shower curtains don’t have to look horrible; get a stylish one or make your decorative shower curtain. Here’s one way, provided by “HGTV,” to make your own, using a ribbon to make a border on the curtain.


  • Plain, white shower curtain
  • Scissors
  • Fabric ribbon
  • Washable fabric glue


1. Cut the fabric ribbon into four pieces to fit the way that you want it for the border on the curtain.

2. Glue the edge of one fabric ribbon onto the curtain in the place that you want it. When it dries, gently tug on the ribbon to see if it is place. If not, glue the excess parts of the ribbon that are not glued down.

3. Glue the rest of the ribbon down onto the curtain. Press it into place to make sure it holds.

4. Repeat steps two and three for the remaining three ribbons.


Decorating your bathroom in a theme is fun and will look great. Choose any theme that you want including beach, nautical, rustic, elegant or tropical. Pick shower curtains, vanity organization, posters and any other item you use for decoration in that theme.

“I love themes! Imagine laying in a bubble bath with candles and fun lighting after a stressful day. It’ll be the perfect way to relax!” – Kat Anthony, junior, University of Florida

“I love themes. I’ve always wanted a beach-themed bathroom, and now that I have my own place, it’s becoming a reality! Shower curtain and towels in shades of blue, plus a picture of an anchor hanging on the wall and a wooden sea turtle statuette just chilling. I’m looking forward to adding some more beach-themed decor!” – College LifestylesTM Managing Editor Debra Schreiber

With these decorations, you will have a chic bathroom that is all your own. Whether you want a theme or just a few decorations, hopefully these tips have helped push your creativity forward. Have fun decorating your bathroom and creating your own design ideas!

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