College Lifestyles™ Speaks to Founder and CEO Shelly Marie Redmond
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Classy. Confident. Chic. That’s the motto of College Lifestyles™. And no one is classier, more confident or chicer than its fabulous Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief and CEO Shelly Marie Redmond. CL sat down with the proud founder of the classiest online magazine for college students to discuss CL’s past, present and future.

College Lifestyles™: What motivated you to start CL?

Shelly Marie Redmond: I ALWAYS wanted to work in media. At the time ‘blogging’ was a new media outlet. Long story short, I went to a conference where I sat in on a ‘blogging 101.’ In all honesty, eight folks were in the class and the guy teaching the course was a nervous wreck. The gentleman sitting next to me was being a, well, jerk, saying this was dumb. That was all I needed to hear to start a blog! Being in my 20s and a dietitian, I knew the diets of college students were a WRECK. I decided to call the blog ‘College Lifestyles’ and ‘report’ on nutrition and fashion!

CL: What motivated you to start the CL internship program?

SMR: I was receiving emails from students all over the country requesting to write! Since I worked in higher education as a dietetic internship preceptor, I used those skills to develop our program.

CL: What is your favorite thing about working with college students on the CL team?

SMR: Students are the ‘heartbeat’ of our team! My favorite – the excitement! I love the energy!

CL: What really stands out to you about college students on the CL team?

SMR: It is no secret we have a pretty ‘intense’ application process – in other words, unlike most online magazines, not everyone can write with us. The students on our team really identify with our mission in their work. It is very rewarding to know we never changed our classy mold.

CL: What has been one of your proudest CL team moments this semester?

SMR: Seeing how folks promote each other’s work on Twitter Tuesday and Facebook Friday! I love seeing teamwork.

CL: What would you say to someone considering the CL internship?

SMR: Apply, apply, apply. Don’t let fear hold you back.

CL: What are your expectations for the Fall 2014 Internship?

SMR: I always expect our class to do two things: (1) Continue to carry on the legacy of College Lifestyles™. (2) Take your work one step UP from our previous semester!

CL: What are your expectations for College Lifestyles™ through the end of this year?

SMR: We have some amazing PR programs taking place!  Can’t wait to see them unfold.

There you have it, straight from Redmond herself! Could you see yourself on our amazing team?

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