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From the personal photo collection of Cheyenne Buckingham

From the personal photo collection of Cheyenne Buckingham


Have you been wondering how to take full advantage of your summer? A good way to make sure you jump on every great opportunity is to learn the secrets of classy ladies who are already on the right track.

Rising sophomore Cheyenne Buckingham of Ohio University is a well-rounded journalism major who is already on a one-way road to achieving her goals. She is currently interning at the “Columbus Dispatch,” and she has her own nutrition blog. College Lifestyles™ asked Cheyenne to share some advice for co-eds like you who want to get started on their futures.

College Lifestyles™:  How did you manage to get your internship with the “Columbus Dispatch?” What is your favorite part of working with them?

Cheyenne Buckingham: I was on the search for internships late February and, since I live about 20-30 minutes from downtown Columbus, I thought I would look into potential internship opportunities at the Dispatch! I found the ‘magazines editorial intern’ position under the job postings tab on their website, submitted my resume, did two interviews (one while on spring break in Florida) and the rest is history! My favorite part of this internship in particular is the opportunity to practice writing. I know this sounds basic, but I write pieces weekly for two of the magazine publications at the Dispatch—“Columbus Alive” and “Crave” magazines, to be more specific—and each piece I get to witness hands-on how my voice adapts to the topic. Before doing this internship, I thought I could solely report about topics I was passionate about. Now, I am learning that I can write anything so long as I seek out resources and collect as much information about the subject as possible! It is definitely boosting my confidence as a writer.

CL: What are your goals for the future? Is journalism a major part of that future?

CB: My goals for the future are pretty crazy. I aspire to be a part of the health food revolution that is already taking place. I would love to incorporate journalism into this dream by informing people of how they can shop, prepare and enjoy healthy meals either through writing or broadcast. I would love to be like Guy Fieri from “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” but seek out all of the natural and organic-based restaurants in the US. Publicizing these local places to eat may just inspire more people to clean up their diets for good!


From the personal photo collection of Cheyenne Buckingham

From the personal photo collection of Cheyenne Buckingham


CL: What have you learned from working at the Columbus Dispatch that you think you will be able to use later in your career?

CB: [I am] able to adapt to different editor’s styles and requests. I think it is key to get to know who you are working with. I have always been an open-minded person, therefore, I take criticism as constructive; not by any means offensive. I definitely think that trait will help me in the future, wherever that may be.

CL: What advice do you have for other college co-eds who want to get a great internship opportunity?

CB: Ladies, the best piece of advice I can give is to believe in yourself. My first year of college has taught me a lot of things, the most prominent being to have confidence in myself and my work. How are you supposed to brand yourself if you don’t even love and appreciate who you are? With [a positive] attitude, you can tackle any internship, job opportunity, and obstacle that comes your way.


From the personal photo collection of Cheyenne Buckingham

From the personal photo collection of Cheyenne Buckingham


CL: Let’s talk about your blog and the Drop 10 Challenge you were doing—where did you get the idea for that and how did you start it up? 

CB: On my blog “Dining Halls, Dorms, & Delicacies,” I decided to kick off summer with a week-long Drop 10 Challenge, inspired by the May edition of “SELF Magazine.” So, for seven consecutive days I wrote about the meals I prepared and recorded the workouts I did for all to see in hopes of encouraging some people to join alongside me! I honestly was not even doing this to necessarily lose weight, I was doing it to just feel better physically and mentally, now that there are no exams to fret about. It was a great way to come home—here’s to a healthy summer!


If you want to write, you could start your own blog like Cheyenne. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. You just need a little self-confidence and determination. You can follow Cheyenne on twitter @CheyBuck95 and, while you’re at it, follow CL @collegelifestyl for more classy tips and interviews.

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