Sorority Spotlight: Sigma Delta Tau
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Photo courtesy of Hayley Grossman

Seven sophisticated women founded Sigma Delta Tau on March 25, 1917 at Cornell University. The women’s fraternal organization stands today with over 100 chartered collegiate chapters and more than 60,000 alumnae members. Members of Sigma Delta Tau work hard to turn friends into sisters, and a sorority into a family. The colors that represent Sigma Delta Tau are café au lait and old blue. Sigma Delta Tau’s symbol is the Torch, which is also the name of its national publication.

The torch contains the three Greek letters, six pearls and a diamond. The motto the classy women of Sigma Delta Tau live by is “One Hope of Many People.”Sigma Delta Tau wasn’t known as Sigma Delta Tau in the beginning. In fact, the name chosen for the organization was Sigma Delta Phi. However, when the founders discovered the letters belonged to another Greek organization, Sigma Delta Tau replaced this title. College Lifestyles™ was fortunate enough to speak with Hayley Grossman, the stylish former recruitment chair of Sigma Delta Tau of the Upsilon chapter at Indiana University of Bloomington.


Photo courtesy of Hayley Grossman

Photo courtesy of Hayley Grossman

College Lifestyles™: How long have you been a member of Sigma Delta Tau?

Hayley Grossman: I joined Sigma Delta Tau  second semester of my freshman year. Now, as a rising senior, I have been a member of this chapter for almost three years.

CL: What attracted you most to Sigma Delta Tau?

HG: What attracted me most to Sigma Delta Tau was the friendliness of the house. Even before rush I always felt like I had a friend in Sigma Delta Tau.  Everyone was so nice and welcoming and it always made me feel at home.

Photo courtesy of Hayley Grossman

Photo courtesy of Hayley Grossman

CL: What are some of your greatest memories in Sigma Delta Tau so far?

HG: I have a lot of great memories in Sigma Delta Tau, but being one of the recruitment chairs was by far my favorite. It was so fun leading the house and recruiting members to love Sigma Delta Tau as much as I do. It was the best experience to see the smiles on the girls faces when they got a bid to Sigma Delta Tau. Another one of my favorite memories was getting both a Greek mother and daughter. I love having someone to look up to as well as being a role model for someone else. “Mom’s Night” for the past two years have been the nights where I gained my best friends.

CL: How has Sigma Delta Tau impacted your life?

HG: Sigma Delta Tau has impacted my life in many different ways. It has taught me how to not only become a leader, but also how to lead your peers. It has taught me how to live with 100 other girls. However, Sigma Delta Tau has impacted me the most by teaching me what true friendship, sisterhood and happiness really is.

Grossman feels that the bond of sisterhood in Sigma Delta Tau is indescribable. That is what makes being a part of this organization in particular so near and dear to her heart.

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Photo courtesy of Hayley Grossman

Photo courtesy of Hayley Grossman



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